Kingdom Hearts III And KH 2.5 HD Remix Are Being Developed Simultaneously

By Spencer . December 24, 2013 . 12:41pm

kh3 Kingdom Hearts III doesn’t have a release window, but the Osaka team is developing the next mainline game in the series now. They’re also working on Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix at the same time, Tetsuya Nomura explained in a Famitsu interview.


Kingdom Hearts III evolves on the Free Flow Battle system from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. This was used as a base for the Attraction Flow battle system, which Nomura says will give boss battles a lot of personality. The keyblade will be able to transform into different objects aside from guns.

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  • Not anything really new, but good to hear anything KH related.

  • GaiunxWolfenX

    i hope the add online to the multiplayer of BBS XD although i doubt it T.T

    • IS | 桂木

      Hopefully there’s another Q&A for the fans to ask about that

      • Given that those fans don’t ask stupid questions…

        I’m still facepalming at the guy who asked SE about Lightning’s armpit…. wtf?

        • Richard N

          It’s a growing fetish.

          • Seizui

            I love your current avatar that goes with that reply.

        • Now Im curious. What was the exact question and what was the answer? lolololol

    • Altumn

      I actually think it will be, how else are you supposed to play it? Local wouldn’t work right.

    • Why does this game need multiplayer?

      • GaiunxWolfenX

        BBS has a multiplayer component that is pretty fun to play, also winning on said mode gives you medals which can be exchanged for nice items and deck commands, for me it was the second coolest feature of the BBS, the first one was Aqua and the overall story of the game XD

  • AkiraScare

    just dont rush in making the game… so that we get the best KH(^_^)

    • AuraGuyChris



      • AkiraScare

        WOOHOO!!!enough time (hopefully) to have a MASTER PIECE!!!

      • 2015 is more realistic.

        This game has been in development since late 2009; you know when the Versus XIII news blackout hit? Nomura has mentioned that a few times this year as well.

        PS4 and Xbone development times are a lot shorter than PS3 and 360 as well, couple this with the fact that Nomura promises one Kingdom Hearts title a year and does not want to remake KH 3D…there’s no way it won’t be released in 2015 at this point.

        • EX+

          Honestly, I think KH3 will be released in 2016. Unless SE wants to release FF15 and KH3 in the same year. I can see FF15 being released in Japan in late 2014 for Japan, due to the fact that most of Nomura’s work seems to be finished for the game.
          I think it’ll go like this for the new current gen:

          Final Fantasy XV – 2015
          Kingdom Hearts III – 2016
          Final Fantasy XV-2 – 2017
          Final Fantasy XV-3 – 2018
          Kingdom Hearts IV – 2019

          By 2019, we’d most likely have the PS5, but SE wouldn’t abandon the consoles that fast. Especially since they’d feel the need to get at least 2 console KH games on the PS4 and Xbone.

          Then I guess they’d go onto FF16 on the PS5 at some point (call me a Nomura fanboy, but I hope they make some more FF15 on the PS5. Of course, make it a much smaller priority compared to 16, but it wouldn’t hurt to release FF15-4 at some point).

      • Pekola

        2017? Don’t be hasty.

  • Slickyslacker

    The “evolving on DDD’s battle system” will not cease worrying me. As the next mainline KH title, its combat system should not at all be as simple and trivial as DDD’s “free flow” style. If anything, it should be an improved permutation of KH II’s magnificent ARPG gameplay.

    • Herok♞

      Free flow was my favorite battle system in any of the games, it offered freedom and a new way to play and fight, while it was fun second games battle system really isn’t anything to write home about in my opinion. except Drives those were pretty cool

      • Slickyslacker

        Well, admittedly, based on the one trailer (we’ve seen thus far) that showcases combat, I’m not disappointed. Still, jumping all over and onto buildings as in DDD doesn’t appeal to me.

        • Nomura said Sora’s mobility is much higher than it was in Final Form in KH2, that’s all we know about the gameplay and his ‘growth’ abilities.

          However, Attraction Flow are attacks and methods of mobility that are user activated events — It’s already been revealed that this has replaced Flow Motion. Some boss battles will have exclusive ones, while some Attractions will be available in normal battle.

          Siliconera has an issue with taking bits and pieces from these interviews and articles and only posting a portion. The rest of this interview went into this, they didn’t bother to say that though.

          Here’s what Siliconera left out:
          • You can choose the “Attraction Flow” ability according to the enemy and location. I’d like to mention in particular, boss battles have the richest ones. It is a system that has evolved from Flowmotion and it is a vital part of KINGDOM HEARTS III.

          • There are various amazing transformations of the Keyblade such as guns.

          • We’re planning it should be used as some sort of gimmick.

          Attraction flow has replaced Flow Motion in it’s entirety, and it’s meant to be a gimmick, rather than a necessity.

      • OathkeeperSoraXIII

        The free flow was one of my least favourite battle systems. There was way too many times in the fight against (SPOILER) Young Xehanort with Riku (SPOILER OVER) where I’d dodge then end up grabbing onto a pole and randomly start swinging around on it and die…or dodging then end up wall jumping. I liked the concept and it looked flashy and cool but it got in the way after a while. For me anyway.

        Eventually it got to the point where danger wasn’t even an issue as I could just endlessly wall jump until cure was reloaded. KH2 and BBS felt like the most natural and responsive battle system imo :)

        • Slickyslacker

          Like I said, combat in DDD is just entirely trivialized by being able to leap onto the pinnacle of the nearest building, or what-have-you. Don’t get me started on Balloon spamming, either.

          I absolutely love the design of BBS (yes, even the command deck), though it appears as though the usual abilities will return in its stead, for KH III (that is, the command panel from II). Which is probably better for such a huge, mainline title.

          • OathkeeperSoraXIII

            The only reason I didn’t mention Balloon spamming is since it was entirely optional to use that. You’re right though it’s a very broken technique. You could beat the superboss with that move alone D: My main point is that when the same button to dodge is the same button to activate the flow motion controls it became a problem when near anything that would activate it.

            I actually really liked BBS deck command system and also the melding system. Wasn’t the command panel just there as a placeholder for the time being? I’m not bothered if it isn’t since I equally like command panel too. It makes me wonder if the MP gauge will be coming back then.

          • Slickyslacker

            Flowmotion is an impressive and attractive concept on paper, but its execution just went completely awry.

            Well, everything that’s been showcased is what Nomura eventually wants to achieve, but I suppose that the traditional KH command panel still isn’t set in stone for III. I like the command deck and melding function in BBS (though not in DDD, of course), but I’d much rather see KH II’s interface return.

          • Command deck is a mobile battle system, Nomura wants to provide a rich console experience. Expect the combo and ability system to return for the bulk of the combat.

            That aside, Kingdom Hearts III is said to be a “Summation” of all systems and mechanics up until this point.

            Would you be against Combos and abilities for button mashing fun, while the Command deck controls sleights and the like? Oh and the return of MP is a must.

            That’s my ‘ideal’ battle system for Kingdom Heart’s III

          • Slickyslacker

            A combination of the two seems odd, though it wouldn’t be unfun or non-traditional. I agree that the return of MP is mandatory, though it’s difficult imagining a fusion of the mobile games’ command deck, and the console games’ button-mashing interface.

          • You can…you know…deactivate Flow Motion.

            I did, and it makes the game feel so much more grand in scale that it does with Flow Motion.

          • OathkeeperSoraXIII

            Unaware of that option, I’ll check it out when I next play through the game

      • Agreed on the Free Flow part, sometimes when I come back to older KH entry I miss moving faster with Flowmotion, espcially since KH II doesn’t have a dash/dodge ability to move faster which leads me to disagree on the Drives on KH II, I hated to obtain basic abilities like High Jump, Glide and Dash/Dodge via mastering Drives.

    • EX+

      It’s really a mix of both.
      You can expect all the good things from KH2, BBS and DDD for this game.

  • brostar

    I hope Kingdom Hearts 3 wraps up the whole current story. So maybe the next one can start a new story with maybe Sora again or a new universe entirely. The last KH game I played was II. I really enjoyed it. Gonna pick up 2.5 to finally play BBS. And then try and find KH 3D. Which seems to be pretty rare right now.

    • Kingdom Hearts III is the end of the Seeker of Darkness Chronicle and will have bits and pieces that lead into the next title. This has already been stated several times within the past year.

    • Byron Kerrison II

      I know this is late but… KH3D is rare? That’s a surprise.

      • brostar

        Not sure about NA but in Europe it’s pretty rare. Priced at £42 for me here. Average handheld game goes for £29.99 at launch excluding Fire Emblem Awakening which was £32 I think. KH3D costs more than your average triple AAA PS3/X360 game now which are usually £39.99. Shame Square never bothered to put it on the eshop.

  • Xehanort, get ready to dance your last tune.

  • Ferchenko

    let’s hope they are RELEASED SIMULTANEOUSLY

    • Nice Boat Quatro

      I doubt it. A HD port takes less time to finish than a new game. Besides, releasing two games from the same series at the same time is not a good tactic

      • Ferchenko

        Dude who cares whether it’s a good tactic or whatever, I want to play games, the more games there are, the better. Do you work for SE or something? XD

  • Samsara09

    Those guys deserve a medal.I never saw such dedication and devotion.Because I am sure they are also somehow contributing on XV’s development,even though it is not their game and another team is responsible…

    • I don’t see how Osaka team can be helping a team that is centralized in Tokyo while they; as their name implies, are in Osaka.

  • Byron Kerrison II

    Honestly did not like the Flow System. I hope they improve, though, I’m sure they will.

    Also, if this is the case, since we are suppose to get a KH game at least once a year, would we possibly see a release around 2015?

    • Attraction Flow has entirely replaced Flow Motion and is meant to be more of a Gimmick than a necessity. You need not worry about it.

  • Pekola

    Osaka team delivers.

    Main team….well, please be excited? Lol.

  • Johnnyxt

    wow, this is ridiculous. KH3 was developed alongside FF13Versus (Now FF15) years ago and now it has to be developed alongside KH2.5 by the same studio again…

  • Red Harlow

    They need to release 2.5 for 360 as well in that case. seriously would love to play it with a 360 controller and earn achievements. :D

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