These Were December’s Best-Selling Games In The U.S.

By Ishaan . January 16, 2014 . 11:57pm

The top-ten best-sellers in the U.S. during the month of December should come as no surprise. Call of Duty: Ghosts led the pack at the #1 spot, with Battlefield 4 at #2. Naturally, Grand Theft Auto V, too, was among December’s best-selling titles.


Rank Title System Publisher
01. Call of Duty: Ghosts 360, PS3, XBO, XBO, Wii U, PC Activision Blizzard
02. Battlefield 4 360, XBO, PS4, PS3, PC Electronic Arts
03. Just Dance 2014 Wii, 360, Wii U, XBO, PS3, PS4 Ubisoft
04. Madden NFL 25 360, XBO, PS3, PS4 Electronic Arts
05. NBA 2K14 360, PS3, PS4, XBO, PC Take 2
06. Assassin’s Creed IV 360, PS3, PS4, XBO, Wii U, PC Ubisoft
07. Grand Theft Auto V 360, PS3 Take 2
08. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 360, PS3, 3DS, XBO, PS4, Wii U, PSV, PC Warner Bros.
09. FIFA 14 360, PS4, XBO, PS3, PSV Electronic Arts
10. Skylanders SWAP Force Wii, 360, PS3, Wii U, 3DS, XBO, PS4 Activision Blizzard


What is notable, though, is that Pokémon X and Pokémon Y appear to be missing from the top-10 list. The NPD Group did note, however, that both Pokémon titles would have made it into the top-10, were it arranged based on sales on a single platform. Meanwhile, Nintendo’s slate of Mario titles is nowhere to be seen either.

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  • Something tells me that NPD Group really needs to re-evaluate how they organize their lists…

    • chibidw

      Yeah, let’s organize it like how Club Nintendo organized their best of 2013 list, where Pokemon X/Y crowd out SMTIV because Nintendo lists X and Y as two separate games on the top 10. :P

      • Pff, more I’m saying they probably should consider things like this to be by system. Games being multiplatform are really obviously crowding up that top.

    • Lucky Dan

      I wouldn’t worry about it, it’s only America based sales but Global sales would probably look similar but a few exceptions.

    • Anime10121

      This IS the change…

      They use to give FAR more detailed charts to the public, but unfortunately changed it to this dreck of a chart :(

      They used to do top tens by platforms and top ten all platforms…

      • Really? That sucks. I mean, yeah, this is shorter and to the point, but the current climate of how systems and multi-plats are really calls for something more detailed. Only figures, huh?

  • Thatguy

    Sad to see these sales list. Oh, well, at least Lego made it. And i think AC4 and GTA5 is interesting game.

  • hazelnut1112

    Very sad to see Madden and Call of Duty high on that list.

    • Lucky Dan

      It just what sells in America, stock standard yearly shooters COD, BF series + Sports games (Fifa in Europe Madden, Basketball in America and NHL in Canada I could be wrong.) + the yearly ass creed and now it looks like the yearly just dance and yearly skylanders. I talked to an employee on WOW and they said Skylanders is now a yearly release since its so popular with the children on top of COD.

      People buy these games cause they enjoy these games and the companies don’t change them at all. They just want a similar experience they can enjoy with their friends online.

      What’s the most surprising in this list is FIFA I never new Amercia was soccer mad. If anyone would likely explain how FIFA and Soccer is popular in America and how I would like to know thank you in advance.

      • SourPatchParent

        FIFA is actually really fun even if you don’t like soccer.

      • Aspenharls

        Honestly, I think they just enjoy playing FIFA. I’ve heard from a few people that it’s a pretty good game.

      • 하세요

        Gotta remember that America is a melting pot, so many that come from other countries buy it. Even though America is more known for football and basketball, there’s still a very huge soccer fanbase. It’s a worldwide sport, not just “everywhere but America.”

      • Alberto Maytorena

        FIFA is super popular in latin america.

  • Tonton Ramos

    Then all hope is lost AGAIN! at least GTAV made it in but not that we expected… Mission Failed! :(

  • Go2hell66

    no suprises here…

  • ivanchu77

    Wow, what a terrible list

    • Go2hell66

      looks exactly like last years list

      • FivePointedTheStar

        I’m sure it’ll look exactly like this next year, too.

    • Hound

      Wasn’t Ghosts a backwards leap for CoD releases, Battlefield 4 crazy buggy, Madden 25 released with few promised additions (such as better sideline interactions), and Assassin’s Creed 4 displayed at E3 with a demo where the game gets buggy and crashes?

      And it doesn’t effect the charts at all.. I’m exasperated.

  • Slickyslacker

    What the hell kind of a list is this?

    • Lucky Dan

      It shouldn’t of been surpising to you at all period.

      With the launch of Xbox One and PS4 the top games were according to this order on both systems.

      COD:Ghosts, BF4, Ass creed IV (Blame K-mart for shortening the title) and various Sports Games. Then the exclusives if your lucky !!!

      Though I’m surprised that GTAV stood up against jaggernauts even though it was released on 2 systems.

      • Slickyslacker

        Eugh, I’d like to see fewer rehashed FPS’s and shovelware, even on monthly charts such as this.

  • Just Tim

    Not surprised. :(

    This just shows how heavy marketing can lead to an impending oversaturation. Just look at the Top 2: both FPS games.

  • anthony apduhan

    Let’s just hope the best of luck for Metal Gear Solid V Ground Zeroes and Phantom Pain…

  • Shippoyasha

    At least NBA2k14 is another solid entry and looks shockingly good on the PS4, AC4 Black Flag is a total reinvigoration after the major disappointment of AC3 and Battlefield 4 is pretty solid. Lego games always pretty good and GTA5 being solid. Shame there were no black horses in that list.

    Also somewhat shameful that NBA2k14 and Battlefield 4 are both riddled with major bugs that can kick players out of the games.

  • Brandonmkii

    Hey friends, don’t forget the difference between opinions and facts ;)

    • Brandonmkii

      Boo, downvotes. I’m just a kind slime trying to keep the peace :c

  • CH3N9

    GTA V & Assassin Creed IV, see no problem there. Surprised to see the other games on the list, especially LEGO.

  • Warboss Aohd

    If any of you are surprised by this list, i gotta ask;


  • KnifeAndFork

    This list is not kawaii enough. Lacks moe

    • Hound

      Quick, everyone buy Cooking Mama 4 or something!

  • joe yabuki

    If gta v was released on all console it would be no.1

  • Göran Isacson

    Welp, Codfield ruled the roost. Ain’t anybody surprised by that. Lego and Skylanders selling like hotcakes, equally unsurprising… biggest surprise here being FIFA. Yanks liking PROPER FOOTBALL soccer is news to me.

  • awat

    people of america should play more JRPG ,always shooters on top of the list Xx’ well thats what the majority of the american citizens like the most i guess..

    • 하세요

      The whole “should” thing kind of irks me. I have many friends who are into FPS/Action who have tried multiple JRPGs but simply did not enjoy them. It takes awhile, there’s tons of dialog and some require grinding. It’s not an appeal to everyone.

      I bet if Japan had a chart with nothing but JRPGs in the top 10, no one here would bat an eye or say “Japan needs to try out some Shooters!”

  • Masa

    what an awful top 10……….one game i enjoyed on that list, it’s a game i never expected to like, AC4 Black Flag, great gameplay , characters and story, its also a title Japan is looking forward to, there was an article on kotaku.

  • Ferrick

    isn’t this the same list as the one few months ago?

    • xAtKx

      Lego went in while Disney Infinity went out everything else the same except for placement.

  • Anime10121

    smh, rarely any variety or change in these charts :(

    Come on America, shake it up a bit!

    • James Todd

      some americans fear change that’s why some of us are ignorant and hypocritical

  • Kaitsu

    I was surprised for a bit, then I remembered Pokemon X and Y are separate.

  • ギャビン

    GTA got staying power, it’s the only game on the list that is not available on every platform under the sun.

  • Kornelious

    No suprises here…..unfortunately :(
    I am not proud of my country :(

  • That list is god-awful. Of course, I’m not surprised. ‘murica and all that.

  • Kevin Schwarz

    In defense of OUR market, I can say, COD Ghosts isn’t a bad game, sure it has the bad rep of any CoD, but it deserves to be there, also Madden isn’t that bad, just because it’s Madden doesn’t mean it has to be bad, I just think Just dance isn’t good enough to be there, but again it’s not about my tastes, it’s about how well they sell.

    I know there aren’t “kawaii” or “moe” games about little girls or little boys saving the world or dancing…

    • Thatguy

      In offense to whoever market it is, i can say, it’s really bad, that same game with little changes rule the top charts sales.
      Like, if next year there will be top 10: COD: Ghosts 2, BF5, Madden 26 etc, then it will be disaster. Because there will be no reason for experiments. Just make new FPS, new Madden and all is good. Throw new ideas into trash bin, because they don’t sell.
      I really hope for something, that will surpise this swamp, called Big Market. And for next year – new surprise. etc.
      Oh, well, sorry for typing about my little world, full of rainbows.

  • ElAbuelo69

    Isn’t that the reason they are hated? They’re easy to make and milk millions of dollars, and they do not offer anything new to videogames at all. They are carrying the flag and doing a bad job at it. I think CoD wouldn’t get as much fire if it wasn’t as popular as it is.

  • ElAbuelo69

    Well I hate them for that. I think they are guiding the industry towards that practice. IMO, they are being irresponsible, all in favor of greed. They are a company after all, so I get it, but still…

    Edit: I haven’t bought a single CoD in my life by the way. Just played them.

  • leingod

    Not surprising at all, but still sad.

  • Altumn

    Im guessing since it is December’s list they must be gifted games (the majority), and I can see a lot of these going to 7-12 year olds. Kids who get games from parents, aunts, and grandparents for the Holidays. Looking at it like that, I can see this list making sense.

  • Are NPD numbers still relevant with digital stores everywhere? I’m pretty sure Steam sales and the like aren’t counted in the numbers. Blizzard probably sells a bunch of their games right from their own store digitally as well and aren’t counted. I mean the fact that they don’t even show the actual sales numbers anymore are telling. If you look at what Steam lists as their best selling games right now, none of them are even on this list.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Sports, FPS, and a few younger demo games thrown in…depressing list, though not unexpected. I haven’t played a single game on that list, though it’s interesting that a Football (Soccer) game placed in the US. Assassin’s Creed is the only game I would even think about playing. I see why Japanese companies are increasingly hesitant to release their titles in the west.

  • ElAbuelo69

    When did I say I have played every single one? I’ve only played MW, MW2 and Black Ops.

    Secondly, they are NOT bad games. I also never said that. I don’t consider them 10/10 GOTYs either, but at least a solid 8 or above.

    Third, I suppose you are right. But why rehash every single year? Space out your releases, try to innovate inside your genre. Yes maybe CoD will never be about aliens n stuff, but they can still innovate. They are in a comfort zone of yearly releases that rake in lots of money. And I find that comfort zone to be hurting the whole industry, specially its tendencies and image.

    Gaming is way more than “american soldiers killing all other nation ppl (specially “terrorists”)”.

  • Just Tim

    As for the annual Madden inclusion, the ONLY time I’ll EVER buy Madden is if Tom Brady is on the cover or THE MAN HIMSELF is back where he belongs.

    If only this cover were real…

  • Ed Reiher

    This list makes me sad to be American.

  • Attribule

    Funny to see the typical “hurr hurr, expected this much from murica!” comments when other regions get similar lists to ours. It’s a western thing in general, not just a US thing, and don’t forget that.

    The difference with the western societies is that they “outgrow” “childish/nerdy” content. This is a key difference between Japan and the west. Japanese are far more likely to stick with goofy and childish franchises, whereas western society starts moving away from those aspects around mid-to-late teens and onward. The ones who stay attached are now part of a niche community despite what they want to believe.

    It’s like how popular a child’s movie is when you’re a child, but then you grow up and statistically you want to watch other, more mature movies instead — assuming you don’t have kids and whatnot that force you to watch the childish stuff.

    RPGs/JRPGs and whatnot have ALWAYS been niche outside Japan, no matter what region you’re in. NA? EU? Niche. Doesn’t matter. Most of the content from Japan doesn’t appeal to the majority of the rest of the world and never has. That’s why you constantly have Japanese companies scratching their heads over what sells or how to sell things in the west. The west =/= US only, it’s means all of the west.

  • LDM

    With the majority of the US market dominated by 21-35 “Bros” and loud 15 year old boys, this list does not surprise me sadly. However, the biggest surprise on the list is FIFA 14; then again, I been noticing Soccer is getting more popular in recent years.

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