Monster Monpiece English Screenshots Emerge

By Ishaan . January 21, 2014 . 12:59pm

Idea Factory have shared a batch of English screenshots for Monster Monpiece, which they announced for release in North America and Europe earlier today. You can view the screenshots below and further details on the game in our previous report.



monpiece_02 monpiece_03 monpiece_04 monpiece_05 monpiece_06 monpiece_07 monpiece_08 monpiece_09 monpiece_10 monpiece_11 monpiece_12 monpiece_13 monpiece_14 monpiece_15 monpiece_16 monpiece_17 monpiece_18 monpiece_19 monpiece_20 monpiece_21 monpiece_22 monpiece_23 monpiece_24 monpiece_25 monpiece_26 monpiece_27 monpiece_28 monpiece_29

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  • The screens look pretty, and the gameplay looks intersting.

  • otakumike

    Sorry comrades…I am too weak..

  • konsama

    With censorship or not, the rubbing thing is still too much for me lolz cuz it doesn’t just stay in your screen. xD Think i’ll pass on this one.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Looking good. Might get it when it comes.

    • The censoring is a bit much, but I’m still getting it simply because I want to play the game.

  • Kayhil Dimas
    for anyone interested in what was supposedly censored. Not my link by the way found it on gamefaqs.

    • Junko Enoshima

      Well….it’s not that hard to see how Rafflesia got censored.

      • Because she looks yummy? Lol

      • Cazar

        I’d disagree considering she is the most “adult looking” out of the bunch. There have been many western M rated games that have shown more than that.

        • Junko Enoshima

          The tentacles are a bit much, though.

          • Cazar

            Those are her own tentacles and they aren’t even touching her. I don’t see how the tentacles make a difference.

    • Sentsuizan_93

      DAT Pegasus… *_*

    • ivanchu77

      A loli holocaust, as expected -_-

    • The Mau Shibau and Goblin, yeah, hard to argue not taking that out of the game.
      I think they could have left in a couple, though. Cockatrice and Tengu aren’t the most risque images I’ve seen in a game.

    • konsama

      I actually pictured something much…varied when i read kraken lolz.

      So much lolifest now i can see why they censored them, nd tbh i would feel quite uncomfortable with dem pics in ma game, But that pegasus and Fia…

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      I’m not a fan of censorship, but I’d rather see them going this way than have their game lapidated by reviewers who chastise an entire game for some loli drawing~.

      • AkiraScare

        They are going to lapidated for being sexualized like most japanese games(TT_TT)

      • Crazy_O

        This is going to happen anyway – Try to realease it anyway, or talk to the developers to release it in Japan with an option to change text into english.

        I mean Europe’s rating for that game is 12+, if it’s only sexy pictures, it might even stay 12+ unless there is gore.

    • Sentsuizan_93

      But seriously, not much room for argument over Mau Shibau, Goblin and maybe Rafflesia. Phantom and Tengu could have stayed. Cockatrice too. And maybe DAT Pegassus…
      (Thanks otakumike :P)

      • Kayhil Dimas

        I agree with what you said I mean fia might have work too but honestly I’m glad the game is coming over at all. censors aside i’ll definitely pick it up day one.

        • AkiraScare

          yeah me to :( with much sadness…

      • otakumike

        Dat Pegassus, you mean.

        • Sentsuizan_93

          Ah. Thanks for the correction XD

      • Raltrios

        Maybe it’s just me, but Vampire, Phantom, Death Scorpion, and Fia seem fine. Hell, there’s nothing really bad about the Kraken either from what I can tell, as it’s not particularly lewd.

        Maybe my years of anime have desensitized me.

    • HellMuT

      I don’t see anything wrong with those that needed changing.

    • Leon_Tekashi

      Yikes…I don’t mind these at all but *looks at the media*.

      Media: We forbid it! It can increase rape and pedophilia!

      Me: *Facepalm* Jeez, it’s just a game! -_-;

      • AkiraScare

        Yeah and the us over exposes high school/ middle school girsl just look at all the shows (0_o)

    • AkiraScare

      I like all except…. Phantom… why she get kicked out?!!!! she has decent boobs

    • Cazar

      Wait what? I didn’t know Fia had a fourth evo. Time to start playing again.

    • Kornelious

      Loli’s…..that seems about right, lol.

      But how long is it gonna take for people to realize that we’re big kids now that can handle stuff like this >:(

    • MasterScrub

      You know, I can understand cutting the loli stuff, but… you touch the girls with the touch screen to power them up, I don’t think anyone buying this game is gonna be offended by Rafflesia’s tits.

      I will never understand the Western logic of ‘Murder is fine, boobies are evil and will corrupt innocent adults’

      • AkiraScare

        Thats the same way i think killing people brutally is ok but touching?!!! a demon and all HELL breaks Lose!!!

      • Landale

        I’m looking at Rafflesia, and I think I can see why they’d do it. It’s not the tits, it’s the fluids, the color, and the location. Taken out of context, and maybe in it, but for now we’ll say out because that’s how most things that cause shit storms are taken, you have what appears to be a woman bleeding excessively from her chest and crotch. You take that out of context image, you present it to a culture that goes into a mass bloodlust at the mere thought of sexual violence against women, even if it never actually occurred in the situation that provoked the thought, and you have one hell of a horrible situation on your hands.

        • hng qtr

          Couldn’t they just recolor it then?

          • Landale

            They could. But that’s merely my assumption on the reasoning over that one. The assumption is logical, but not necessarily accurate.

    • Saphiren

      Holy shit it´s a game for a niche audience. Why censor this? Because children will play? What about the rating system?

      Or even, if you think that the game’s wrong, why you just DONT BUY IT? I can’t comprehend.

    • Callonia

      Hmm so my favorites in the removed bunch is Fia and Cockatrice.
      Rafflesia reminds me of Alleyne.
      Mau Shibau, I like.

    • Wondering_Zero

      Now keep in mind that the abilities behind these cards are still available, at least that’s what IF said in their statement, but the images themselves were censored.

      I almost cried foul when I heard about the censorship, but looking at the images above I can understand why some of those were censored. Phantom, Tengu, and maybe Pegasus and Cockatrice could have been left in tact. Though this is coming from someone who’s read a lot of manga, so some of those images are par for the course. To the average consumer this might be more skin then they can handle.

      On another note, some of the artwork is really good. I like the style of the Bahamut card because the colors just pop. Reminds me alot of the Puyo Pop Fever art, probably the same artist.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        So you can still get the 4th phase uhhh stats(? haven’t played so i don’t really get what phases do yet)

        • Wondering_Zero

          From my understanding getting them to later phases gives them higher stats, or boosts like attack and health. Not sure if they are permanent changes myself since I haven’t played the original, nor looked into more info about the gameplay itself.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            Ahh ok makes sense, well no having to break their clothes to get to those phases is kind of a “excuse for fanservice” plot point not that I think thats bad

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Poor lolis

    • Radprofile

      Hmmm… not sure about it, some pictures seems to have some issues, not the quality expected for a game like this one, sample, that vampire picture, have some serious problems in anatomy, easily noticeable, looks more like a fan art than anything else. The phantom one have weird feet also the Tengu one…

      So nothing really valuable is missing?

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        I don’t think it being anatomically incorrect has anything to do with the censorship

        • Radprofile

          I never said that, I’m just saying is not big deal, at least these pictures don’t seems to be a big “loss” if they were removed from the game due the censorship, because seriously, some looks really off, I could expect a bit more quality, coming from a game like this.

          That’s why I have doubts about if these ones are really the ones censored. Or maybe I’m missing something and the images in the game are part of some sort of contests, and some fan arts or stuff like that will be added to the final product?

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            No they posted the remade versions on the ideahouse fourm, some of them anyways.

      • KuroNathan

        agreed, what’s the the vampire’s head and death scorpion’s everything? I’m not too hurt over what was removed

    • cyberkinghardy

      That’s why they shouldn’t bring this kind of game to NA, no matter how demanding they will be.

    • BlueTree

      Sometimes scraping the culture from a game makes it that much more obvious that something is always lost in translation. That these aren’t just a matter of “making it english.” I’d never actually buy this game, but I think it raises interesting discussion points.

    • I see a Mota’s art here, how sad, if he drawing a more oppai girl then his character had remained intact… Seriously, that type of censorship make me think that a flap/petanko or loli-like girl can’t be in sexuality situacion, and that make me mad, because, I’m loli-like xDDD (I have 19 but I like a 14-15 years old … is horrible xD )

    • Learii

      I guess English version cards will look different then those then

    • luckgandor

      I’m stunned that Fia’s getting censored.

    • Shippoyasha

      It just looks like girls enjoying being in bathing suits. Amazing variety with the guest artists as well.

      Serious, when did bathing suits become such an awful thing? The western media is raising the bar way too high on what is an ‘acceptable’ level of sexual fun. And what’s really scary is that many people are buying into the media brainwashing.

      • It just looks like girls enjoying being in bathing suits.

        If that’s all it looks like to you, I feel like you need to step out into the real world sometime. Anyone with a little bit of common sense could tell you why these cards were taken out of the game.

        You can argue all you want that it’s censorship, that you don’t like it, that society is full of prudes… whatever you think the case is. But the fact of the matter is, a lot of the images above are disturbing, primarily because a lot of the girls look very, very young.

        They’re not “having fun” in bathing suits, they’re exhibiting themselves. And no one in their right mind would want people to think that they were encouraging this in whatever fashion.

        It’s very easy to dig up the usual tired “western media” arguments, but guess what? It’s your extremely niche tastes versus what the rest of the world thinks is acceptable. It’s not a “western media” thing, it’s a “human behaviour” thing. Most people would cringe at those images, with or without the media saying anything about it.

        • Pinkemon

          Yeah…I was about to mention how baffled I was at all these people not getting this. I know these aren’t real girls which means that no real girls are being harmed by this, but they’re still very obviously and intentionally drawn to look very underaged(Not just 17 or something like that) which most people would find creepy as fuck for obvious reasons. I imagine they literally wouldn’t even be able to sell this if they kept it this way. (Though I’m not entirely sure on that. I’m guessing someone who knows about legal stuff could tell me.)

          • That’s the problem with a lot of people that are fond of these games. Sometimes (or most of the time, really), they just tend to forget that the rest of the world exists.

        • Shippoyasha

          I don’t think it’s fair to paint it like these illustrations are painting any picture of real human behavior. That is the whole point with anime stylings. And I am not sure I agree media isn’t at least partially to blame for the perpetuation of a certain ‘sales standard’ to things. It is so prevalent that most people who don’t give a proper thought just go with the media standard. The convenience factors a lot into it.

          And I am not sure you have to jab that ‘the rest of the world exists’. That is the whole point of a niche game for a niche audience. Super young looking anime characters aren’t a real sticking point for me but I think it just goes into a weird territory where some real life values keeps clashing with something that goes for pure fantasy aesthetic as most anime moe styles go.

          To be clear, I think you do have a point, it’s just that it seems a bit strange whenever we discuss game characterization and there seems to be instances where the characters are held to some real life standard. While the point of many anime styles seems to be as unrealistic as possible. I am not trying to say places like Siliconera tends to view things that way, but in media and forums where non anime fans just don’t know to ascribe anime to be pure fantasies they are.

          • I posted a really long reply to someone else regarding this same subject just yesterday, so I’m going to copy/paste that here, since I think it addresses what you’re saying, too.

            Fictional violence isn’t considered to be as harmful as something like this because violence in real life is harder to pull off. Just because millions of people play Call of Duty doesn’t mean that they’re all going to grab guns and begin shooting people in the street.

            However, sexualization is different. Sexual urges are far more susceptible to being influenced by external factors. People develop new fetishes all the time. And this, in my opinion, is the concern. That, if one continues to promote underage sexualization, society is eventually going to begin to accept it until it reaches a point where something that was completely inappropriate is suddenly considered okay.

            That’s the concern. That’s why people are more careful about sex. It isn’t about people being prudes, it isn’t about the western media sensationalizing it. It simply grosses people out, and they don’t want it to eventually be considered “okay”. I think a lot of the educated modern world is happy enough to admit that they like having sex.

            Also, I think people do recognize that discussing sex and its consequences, even in entertainment, can be beneficial. Look at this report for reference:

            So, you see, it’s not simply a matter of people being prudes. There are valid concerns as to how entertainment can shape society. Kids learn from entertainment more than they learn from anything else. Just as an example, I’ve heard a lot of people say they grew up to be good, generous people because comic books taught them that it was cool to be good.

          • Shippoyasha

            The thing is, anime ‘sexualization’ is so stylized, so fantasized and so obviously UN realistic that it’s just impossible to ascribe them to some real life standard. Little anime girls acting like adults, having curves, having colorful eyes and hair, it’s just so decidedly unrealistic that I just think it’s hard to equate it to real kids. Fetishes are just fetishes. It has no real impact considering the vast majority of people will never go acting out upon it. It really is not that different from people who are heavy into violent or crazy fiction but would never dream of acting it out. One interesting paradigm is how the explosion of internet porn has led to way less sexual deviancy and crime in America and in many European nations. Despite some really crazy porn even involving loli characterizations in Japan, it’s still considered one of the safest nation to raise a child in. I think both sexual and violent content can be good in the way that they can satiate the consumers’ urges and to keep them in the fantasy.

            Another thing with anime characters and ‘under age’ sexual element is that they practically cross into moe or just visual/cuteness appeal. I honestly look at these pics and it just looks cute to me more than full on sexy. Even if someone finds it to be sexy, as long as they have the sense to know it’s pure anime escapism, then there really should be no problem. This idea that anyone would act out ‘fetishes’ and to become REAL LIFE predators is seriously, egregiously off base to me. It doesn’t normalize anything considering that it’s still considered fairly niche as a sexual attraction go in Japan, which had loli entertainment for decades. And I don’t think we can just rule out the prudishness factor because I suspect it is, at least for the western entertainment industry. When violence is waved away as being inoffensive but girls in bathing suits (not even doing anything sexual at that other than their bodies being simply shown off) is considered potentially dangerous, I think a good case can be made against that. Even going beyond the age discussion, western media definitely has a prudishness issue considering even harmless bikini level stuff is considered a strict taboo and age-rating-bumper while something like having crime drama with a lot of deaths, shooting and even sexual assault scenarios (Law and Order SVU) at 8 or 9PM is considered family or prime time TV entertainment. It’s just a total hodgepodge there. Even movies have long since phased out sexual appeal in most movies to meet the golden PG-13 rating and even the most serious movies rarely have sex scenes anymore (because it tends to get attacked as ‘smut’ even when the story demands it.) while nobody bats an eye at the billionth crime/war drama and people actually praise them for being quality, even award-winning entertainment.

            The entire ‘these girls are being exhibited’ thing irks me too. Because these ‘girls’ are just drawings. I would have a major problem if we’re talking about real people being exhibited forcibly and such, but we are talking about pure anime fantasy escapism.

            “It simply grosses people out”, well, I can understand if it does. But I would like to think these games, made for a niche audience that appreciates Japanese niche aesthetics with a firm understanding of anime characterization escapism should have been kept intact for its own audience, not worry about what people who don’t understand or refuse to understand the culture has to say about their gut reaction, equating anime designs to some real life fetish. Maybe I’m leaning far on the sexual freedoms stance but even if someone has a fetish, I don’t really consider it dangerous. If someone had a certain inkling to be attracted to a certain age type, then they likely won’t be stopped from feeling that way regardless of stimuli from one game. Not to mention vastly riskier content are still floating around in the net anyway.

            ” Kids learn from entertainment more than they learn from anything else.”

            To be fair, kids shouldn’t be playing something laden with fanservice, or at least the parent should decide if their kids are mature enough to know what escapism entails (keeping fantasy away from reality strictly and teaching kids that there’s more to life than what entertainment can teach us). The game ratings systems and the parents should be the filter through which kids experience videogames. I don’t believe in videogames being the nanny for everyone. And I still can’t fathom how a girl in a swimsuit is supposed to be damaging or changing someone’s world views. I’m pretty certain any kid curious enough about sex has already done their due research with far more risky content than girls in bathing suits.

            While I may disagree with your point of view, I can understand where the worry comes from. It’s not like I don’t sympathize either. Real crime and real criminals need to get their due justice absolutely. But I feel the issue tends to lean too far on the ‘unsubstantiated fear’ side whenever Japanese media tends to push for crazy anime stylings, purposely pushing for high fantasy and yet we somehow end up on how it impacts the real world. I just think that’s a very huge disparity.

          • Fetishes are just fetishes. It has no real impact considering the vast majority of people will never go acting out upon it.

            This is not true in the slightest. Movies impact people’s sexual likes and dislikes. Porn impacts people’s sexual tastes. Hentai manga and anime do it, too. Virtually everything that you’re exposed to has a bearing on what you like and don’t like in your day-to-day life, and sexual preferences are no exception to this rule.

            Yes, people aren’t going to play Monster Monpiece and then suddenly turn into pedophiles. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m saying that, over time, if one allows content of this nature to become commonplace, it will begin to warp the perception of society at large, over a period of several years.

            That’s why rules exist. That’s why laws exist. To preserve decency, especially in an age where it’s so easy to be indecent.

            I honestly look at these pics and it just looks cute to me more than full on sexy.

            Then I honestly think you’re just very different from the rest of the world and you’ll need to learn to accept that. Because most people would look at these characters and think, “Ewww.”

            On the subject of Japan… it’s not a question of Japanese media. You make it sound as though people have some sort of vendetta against Japan when that isn’t the case. The simple fact of the matter is that a lot of the things that disturb people do happen to come from Japan for whatever reason.

            And here’s the problem: the more of this stuff that Japan puts out, the less people will take their games seriously. It’s been a long, hard road for Japanese developers this past generation, and if it weren’t for the efforts of companies like Atlus and Nintendo and From Software and PlatinumGames and Capcom, Japanese games would not be looked upon as kindly as they are.

            In the context of just videogames, I really do feel that companies like Idea Factory and Compile Heart have a responsibility to be careful with what they put out in the west during this period of recovery for Japanese developers.

          • Shippoyasha

            That is the thing though. Fetish is a fetish. You have said before that people won’t dream of acting out violence through violent media, right? I don’t believe it’s that way for sex either. ESPECIALLY for sex considering so many studies and questionnaires recently show that people in the modern world tend to be under-sexed than anything. Maybe fantasy is enough for many people and there seems to be a direct correlation of risky behavior and the prevalence of erotic material in an unexpected manner in that people generally see less of a need to do risky behavior in real life if they already can see those things in entertainment.

            “That’s why rules exist. That’s why laws exist. To preserve decency, especially in an age where it’s so easy to be indecent.”

            To be fair, it’s not like I’m saying it’s decent to lust after little kids or act out on it. That’s probably the furthest thing I’m defending. It’s more that somewhat risky, borderline entertainment can afford the ‘risk’ without actually being risky. I mean, I’ve read a lot of books having some abhorrent, outright sexually-dangerous topics even at a young age and many are even praised for being literary classics. Stuff like independent movies and novels already have an iron clad ‘it’s just fiction’ defense going for them, but with games, we keep running into a ‘it’s a slippery slope to real crime’ and I think that’s extremely unfortunate at best, outright malicious at worst.

            “You make it sound as though people have some sort of vendetta against Japan when that isn’t the case. The simple fact of the matter is that a lot of the things that disturb people do happen to come from Japan for whatever reason.”

            I don’t really think that’s the case either, but sometimes it really does seem to come close to that. Mainly the thing is how Japanese entertainment has always had teens in exotic, dangerous, erotic stories. It doesn’t coincide with the stiff, rote and boring everyday Japanese life sensibilities and I think that difference is important in just how the culture can distinguish entertainment as escapism and keep it a safe, healthy distance away. The reason why so many anime has risky sexual content is precisely because it is risky and it is beyond the boring daily life. Not that it would leak into real life. Even at that, Asian culture tends to be less touchy with the topic of nudity as a lot of Eastern Asian nations including Japan is a public bathing culture. I even grew up with bathing in unisex places and a lot of people don’t have a problem bathing with total strangers or family members even nearing or past adulthood. A lot of family friendly entertainment has bathing scenes (it’s not only for pure titillation as some people may think it is), and people can poke fun at sexual things a lot even in variety television. I guess the threshold for sexual entertainment that doesn’t cross into porn is very high in Eastern Asia. That much I can attest to.

            Just saying, I don’t really hold it against people who may be creeped out or just don’t get how Japanese entertainment and people can enjoy risky material. That I perfectly can understand and actually empathize with. It’s a different culture after all. Just saying, I think these entertainment can exist in a place for the otaku and not be presented as something that must be accepted by everyone. Hence why I feel it is a niche target and one that can stay niche for its (and everybody else who don’t have the same values as the Japanese or don’t want to know or understand it).

          • I don’t agree with some of the things you said, but we could honestly go back and forth on those all week, so let me just address the point about niche games.

            Personally speaking, I spent a large chunk of my teenage life growing up on visual novels. I’ve dabbled in just about everything from Divi Dead to Bible Black to Sagara Family to EVE: Burst Error to Nocturnal Illusion. I’m sure anyone that’s even vaguely aware of Bible Black knows how disturbing it can get at points.

            But here’s the thing—no one makes a fuss about those games. Yes, Rapelay was singled out at one point in time, but that was a rare instance. You don’t see people going after games like Saya no Uta and Kara no Shoujo, which are not only immensely sexual, but also immensely gory and mentally disturbing.

            Here’s why: those games exist in a very different environment. Those games very clearly set themselves apart from other games by not only being on PC, but more importantly, by giving themselves the AO rating or 18+ rating and then just going wild. They don’t pretend to be like “regular” games, which is why people don’t treat them like regular games. They’re their own thing and that’s totally cool.

            But then you have companies like Idea Factory and Compile Heart that insist on trying to bring those similar sexual elements into the realm of regular games and co-exist with them. That isn’t going to fly, and it isn’t just because people are offended by them. It’s also partly because they’re trying to pretend to be something they’re not. They’re selling primarily on sex while sitting on a platform that people traditionally buy for more polished, more interactive experiences.

            This is why Neptunia gets a hard time. In the minds of most people, those aren’t good games. They’ve had awful framerates in certain instances and a load of other problems on top of that. A large part of the reason they sell the amount they do is because of the fanservice and pandering aspects. And this is what upsets people—that these companies are setting a bad example by saying, “Hey, we can make bad games and sell them on T&A!”

            Yes, they may not sell very much, but that’s besides the point. The point is that this is very much the intention: to sell a game on pandering and sexual fantasy, and people aren’t comfortable with that thought because they don’t want other developers going down that same road.

      • Landale

        Bathing suits aren’t the issue. They’re also not present at all in a few of these.
        The issue is culture mostly. While there are multiple signs to physical maturity the one most people fixate on is breasts, which are pretty lacking in a lot of the girls presented above. Pair that up with poses that obscure any other possible indications, or images that just outright do not have these indications, and you’re left with stuff that’s rather uncomfortable and questionable. Rafflesia doesn’t fit into that, but I detailed below a pretty good reason that image would be excluded as well.
        A couple of the images I do admit I can’t see why they’d be removed, but for the most part it’s all fairly understandable.

    • ChiffonCake

      …yeeeeah, I can definitely see why some of these were censored.

    • Yan Zhao

      Well good to know Im not missing out on much, just the lolis as expected. At least they kept the sexy girls intact, hah.

  • “Begin rubbing!”

    The goblin and gnome are too cute! I’d rather boop them than rub them though…

  • shadowind

    I have to admit I like the logo for the English version and I can’t wait to buy this when it comes out in a few months time.

  • Slickyslacker

    “Fertile Land 3-Pack”. That isn’t at all suggestive.

  • AkiraScare

    NO LOLIS (TT_TT) just Oppai (TT_TT) …. ill still buy it cause its compa/if (TT_TT)

  • DarthSithZero

    I don’t care about the censorship, I’ll play the game because it looks good not because I want to fap.

    I just hope is not summer release, the spring just started.

    • AkiraScare

      Dude who is going to fap to this you can rub the vita with just one hand (0_o) or can you?!!!

      • It’s not as hard as you think lol =P

        • AkiraScare

          *try*….. the SCREEN!!!! (0_O)

      • Lalum

        I can think of something to rub the screen with, hint hint nudge nudge.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    Deliciously censored. No thanks.

  • SetzerGabbiani

    Love Rafflesia’s design. Not a fan of lolis; I likes mah oppai, but if the gameplay is solid, why not enjoy it? I’m not one to judge.

    • AkiraScare

      But thats the thing why only oppai lovers get what they want?!!! Loli/petanko lovers need something to love to…

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    I guess the censorship isn’t that bad unnecessary and pointless yes but at least the vita has another good game on the way.

  • Some user might misunderstood and think that IF removed the cards in tthe game. This is not true since if i’m not mistaken the censored cards is still IN the game, it just one of their level image that were removed. For
    example card A reached level 4, but instead of changing to their level 4
    (naked XD) image, the card still remain in level 3 image but their
    stats will be that of a level 4.

    • Aesma

      That’s fine. If you can’t see it, then it’s Art. If you can see it, then it’s just mere perversion.

      Well, I was afraid that the cards will be all gone, but if it’s only removing one level art of them, then that’s good enough for me.

      …though I’m still traumatized by If My Heart had Wings….

    • shadowind

      Thank you for explaining how this is going to work although I wouldn’t be surprised if some people are still going to complain about the mild censorship in the game!

  • Eric Harris

    I really wish this was a physical release but I understand why it is not. Just wish IF could guestimate a small amount to print so the faithful among us (those that buy just about every Aksys, Xseed, NISA, and Atlus game) could add this to their collection.

  • GameTaco

    I’m sure someone has mentioned it by now, but I love how incredibly tame these screenshots are. Like it’s just a cute card game with good art and an all-girl cast. Even the rubbing and “suddenly, underwear” that follows is pretty safe (compared to what else is known, censored and otherwise). A casual reader not specifically looking for the perviness probably wouldn’t even notice the one “evolved” card appearing in a deck in one of the screenshots. Checking the website, I see that it’s simply described as “moe.” A fair compromise, I suppose.

    IF and CH are pretty much trying to be the polar opposite of Marvelous and their handling of Senran Kagura. You could say that efforts to appear this conservative *rub* me the wrong way.

    That said, maybe that’s part of the plan. They know that we already know what the main draw is; the hard sell is going to be convincing both those in the know about MM and those *not* in the know what the gameplay is like. If that’s the goal, then I have to admit the presentation is actually excellent. The illustrations and font choices are highly appealing on their own. Is it worth ~$40, barring censored content? …Perhaps.

    I see I already have one downvote, for whatever reason. Ah well. Flame away. Apologies if I hit or danced around a sensitive subject that I confess I don’t fully understand.

  • Gigan22

    The following was posted over at the Idea Factory International forums. It gives a more accurate number of images we’ll be missing. It also clears up the confusion of whether the cards will be removed entirely(which they aren’t).

    “Dear Jacob,

    Thank you very much for taking your time to contact us!

    answer your question, the number of censored cards are about 40 cards out of approx. 350 cards. So, more than 300 cards are intact from the original images. Please note that none of the stages, ability/stats and
    Monster Girls character has been cut off, but replaced these higher
    level monster girl images with the “less exposing” lower level version
    of the corresponding monster girls.

    We hope this will make your concern clear

    Again, thank you VERY much for your kind support!!!

    Idea Factory International, Inc.”

    For me, I’m quite torn on whether I want to buy this censored version. I do wish to play the game and support more localization of these niche Japanese games. (Who thought this was ever going to be localized? I mean really.) However, I am against censorship in any form. I suppose it’s a lose lose on everybody’s part. If we don’t buy it because we don’t support their choice of censorship, than it harms sales and potentially the localization of other niche games we would otherwise want. If we buy it regardless of the censorship, than we betray our own view on censorship. I honestly think Idea Factory are shooting themselves in the foot. I commend them for even attempting to bring the game to the West, but censoring it is clearly going to cost them many sales.

    I still think someone’s idea of unlocking them via dlc is a good option. It wouldn’t even need to show on PSN. The people who want the uncensored images could go to Idea Factory’s website and somehow get a PSN code to get it. Win win for everybody. People who want it get the uncensored version. Idea Factory doesn’t lose sales, and they don’t need to worry about backlash from people randomly buying the game and finding the “too risque” images. (though some of the images removed are quite tame)

  • Godspoken

    The Rafflesia card is disgusting. Others, whatever. I’ll be getting it either way like I do every IF game.

  • Adam Zaorski

    I like card games, and I can overlook all the japanese erm…peculiarity(don’t care about censhorship on this one, even tho I think it’s always bad). But is this game any good? Since the mechanics etc. seem nice.

  • Kai2591

    such arguments.
    much debate.

  • kthanxyousuck

    No offense to the people that are against censorship but I have a problem with your “it’s for a niche group so leave it be argument”. There are some people who don’t follow games that aren’t localized and won’t realize they are fans until they see the game in their country. So saying that people who are getting the game decided that a long time ago is a narrow minded way of thinking and you’re assuming that only anime lovers can enjoy a game like this.

    I like Japanese games, but not enough to import them. I don’t watch anime or read manga. The most Japanese thing I’ve ever watched is Pokemon. Majority of these games I realize I like I don’t know they exist until I’ve seen them when localization is mentioned and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I had never heard about Senran Kagura Burst until Xseed was localizing it. I looked into it and got it and liked it. I’ve never seen the series, or anything related to it. So saying that they can’t try and gain new fans through localization isn’t entirely true. Now of course I know this is probably even more of a niche group than Senran Kagura since you could bypass most of the stripping if you wanted but it’s possible that they could gain new fans.

    Saying things like American’s need to just accept Japanese culture is extremely opinionated. And I’m sure Americans can say the same for why games like COD and GTA don’t sell nearly as well as they do here, Japanese just needs to accept American culture. See how that works? You’re basically saying that YOU have accepted Japanese culture, so everyone else should as well. I don’t believe the people that like these pictures are perverts. I believe they are a fan of Japanese art so it’s more standard than shocking. You can’t be shocked by something you’ve grown accustomed to. But imagine if you had never been into manga or Japanese art styles and was seeing this for the first time.

    From the cards that were posted, some of them didn’t seem bad but the Goblin is a little disturbing to me. From an American view, I will say I was surprised that a lot of the characters have small boobs, since we’re use to seeing the oversized boobs in Japanese art and the flat chest actually makes me think of them as younger than they might be because it contrasts most of what I see in Japanese art.

    I’m not looking for arguments or anything, just trying to offer you a perspective from a casual gamer who looks into all games to see if I might like them and doesn’t belong to a specific game group. And I’m a chick.

    • Göran Isacson

      This is a reasonable and well formulated opinion. Now watch it get completely ignored in favor of people wanting to type angry at each other (or in some cases just type things out, period), alas.

    • Haganeren

      I don’t really see your point… I mean, yeah, I’m European and I’m quite sad to see when Japanese don’t care about Tintin or Asterix, they aren’t interested in our culture. I would have been more sad if Tintin is said to lives in Tokyo.

      But it will not bother me that much since I don’t really care what Japanese read. So of course, I will say a lot more “We need not to touch to the games in order to make it fit in our culture !”, it seem a lot more logical that way. Maybe it’s because American or Japanese, in either case it’s not a French culture so I don’t really care and prefer to have the right culture with the right product. Localizing a clearly sexual oriented game for western market and make it… Less sexual is a little weird for me…

      … oh, i don’t really think it’s not a game for “pervert”. It’s not sold everywhere even in Japan. It’s a niche game even in this culture.

  • I’d rather 40 / 350 be censored than the entire game itself.

    Also the implication that small breasts equates to someone being young is inflammatory bullshit. I’ve known 25+ year olds who are flatter than an ironing board and no taller than my 16 year old sister.

    People everywhere are of difference in size and shape, stereotypes like that have no place in the modern world and need to die.

    • Landale

      I agree that the implication is bullshit, but the mindset does exist and is pretty rampant. “If it’s not meeting a certain look, then it’s either a child or hideous.”

  • I’m not easily offended, but some of these to me are even a bit much. Sheesh.

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