Square Enix Will Answer Your Final Fantasy XIV Questions This Weekend

By Ishaan . January 21, 2014 . 12:25pm

Patch 2.2 for Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is in the works, and details on the patch will be shared in a live “Letter from the Producer” presentation this Saturday, January 25th.


Producer Naoki Yoshida and and assistant director Hiroshi Takai will be on hand to discuss the game during the presentation. They’ll give viewers a peek at three pieces of content that will debut in patch 2.2:


  • The Coming of Leviathan – The next primal in the game
  • Ruins of Amdapor – The ruins of a lost civilization
  • The Binding Coil of Bahamut


The two will also answer questions about the upcoming PlayStation 4 version of the game. Additionally, you’ll be able to submit questions for them to answer. You can find out more about the presentation at this link.

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  • Looking forward to Leviathan =^_^=

    • Erikdayo

      Same. And I happen to play on the Leviathan server. :P

  • Jorge

    I STILL need to get one of my characters to lvl 50

    • Neophoton

      Likewise, albeit I only started a little over two weeks ago.

      • Jorge

        I’ve been playing since I got a launch copy…I’m just soooo bad at leveling characters! I’ll get there eventually.

        • One word, man: Levequests.

          Also, two words: Duty Roulette.

          • Jorge

            So. Much. Tedium. But I guess that’s expected with an MMO. Especially when you don’t know anyone else that plays and you’re mostly on your own.

          • Getting your first Class to Lv. 50 is incredibly easy. You just have to stop doing sidequests too much, since they make you spend too much time. Simply do your Main Quest > Class/Job Quests > FATEs > GC/Levequests.

            Main Quests take top priority, followed by doing the quests for your main class/job. FATEs are always happening, so always try to participate in those whenever you can while you do the Main Quests and the Class/Job Quests. Levequests guarantee you with a lot of EXP, but those have to be done in moderation. Always save those for when you are building a new class and/or whenever you have a maxed out Rested Bonus!

          • Jorge

            How long until your Rested Bonus is maxed? Sometimes I’m in a sanctuary for weeks at a time!

          • Actually, there is no Cap. The “maxed out” bit is more meant for when the EXP bar for your current level is fully covered with the rested bonus. It will steadily grow each day. In fact, if you start using a maxed out class/job, the rested bonus will not decrease, but instead, keep on increasing until you start using another lower level class/job!

          • Jorge

            Which means I’ll basically have this bonus for an eternity MUAHAHAHAHA

          • Sure! Until Squeenix nerfs it eventually. They probably won’t, but who can say?

    • artemisthemp

      Same and get ready for Lightning Returns event in Febuary

  • Spirit Macardi

    I’m mainly curious about possible new classes/jobs. So far jobs seem mostly pointless as their own thing, since only one class in the game actually offers more than one possible job that can be accepted.

    Like right now the only job a Gladiator can get is Paladin, which makes you a more able tank. What if there was an additional one though that would make you more ideal for DPS or the like?

    It’s a great MMO so far, don’t get me wrong. Probably one of the best I’ve ever played honestly. It just needs some more options and alternatives for the player.

    • I’d call it inevitable. No doubt Gladiator will get a DPS-oriented “Dark Knight” Job akin to FFXI. And I know someone who’s psyched at the prospect of Red Mage, just for the AF. XD

  • Kornelious

    Just two words….DUAL SWORDS!! Oh and personal housing would be nice to :)

    • Two More Words: Dual Guns!

      • Christopher Nunes

        I second this along with Dual Swords! Dual Wielding heroes for the win! ^_^

    • Ferrick

      ninja class will definitely use dual blades

  • Ferrick

    dark knight, red mage, and the other classes tyvm :)

    • Those are most likely Jobs instead of classes.

      • Ferrick

        woops, mixed it up abit

        • Well, mix it up a bit more! What do you think would be the Class Combos to build up for getting those jobs?

          • Ferrick

            dark knight: Gladiatior (or a two handed greatsword basic class) 30, Thaumaturge 15

            Red mage: Fencer (was also announced as a planned job) lvl 30, Conjurer or thaumaturge 30

            Ninja: ???

            Corsair: Fencer lvl 30, archer lvl 15

          • Ninja is always “Thief + Black Mage” in the old games. Is the Fencer class the same as a Thief class? I’m not sure, really.

          • Ferrick

            i’m honestly not sure, but rumors say that it’s almost like gladiator, except that it uses rapiers and no shield

          • Fencing is more used in games like a Master Counter/Parry Class. What will it bring to us?

          • Ferrick

            red mage ? :D (since red mage is depicted with a rapier most of the time)

          • Don’t forget the Feathered Cap! NEVER forget the Feathered Cap!

    • I want Samurai =^_^=

  • Christopher Nunes

    When I first saw the screenshot I was thinking they were adding dating/marriage into ARR already! A little disappoint it’s not the case, but I can’t wait to see the next update with the next Primal boss!

  • Göran Isacson

    That white mage hanging out in the background. Forever Alone, only him and his chocobo.

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