Special Gengar And Scizor Head To Pokémon Centers In Japan

By Eugene . January 24, 2014 . 12:01pm


Everyone who plays Pokémon wishes they lived in Japan, just because the game constantly gets free stuff thrown into it. The latest news is that players who visit any of the Pokémon Centers in Japan during February (From the 1st to the 28th) will get Gengar and Scizor for Pokémon X and Pokémon Y while they’re at the store.


005 006

007 008


Gengar will come at level 25, and with the skills Night Shade, Confuse Ray, Sucker Punch and Shadow Punch.


009 010

011 012



Scizor will also be at level 25 and comes with the skills Metal Claw, False Swipe, Agility and Fury Cutter.


While you’re at the center, they’ll also give out O-Powers to help your new little buddies. You might as well hang around for awhile as well, as which Pokemon is given out changes between the two every hour from when the stores open till they close. Or you could, perhaps, just go at around the 45minute mark of an hour and get it done quickly so you can avoid the below:

014 016

015 017


Now here’s the real reason why they’re giving these out to players—new goods will also be available at the centers! Called the Pokemon Petit series, they include all sorts of stuff ranging from clear files to pens and memo pads. And stuffed toys, and cups, and towels and… yeah. A lot of stuff. These prominently feature Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie, the three starter Pokemon for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y.

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  • Outside of the fact that it’s a special place for a distro…there’s really nothing special about the Pokes you get. You can get those moves just by leveling them normally like that.

    Now the swag you get otherwise, on the other hand, do want.

    Gotta see if a bud of mine stationed in Japan can get by at some point next month…

    • Scarlet_Devil_Slave

      They usually have good stats and/or hidden abilities. Some even come with special items.

    • Hunts Rattata

      They’re both trade evolutions, so that’s kinda convenient I guess.

  • VenerableSage

    Completely agree on the “Japan constantly gets updates and special events and we get significantly less” thing, though less “wish I lived in Japan” and more “why hasn’t Nintendo of America gotten off of their rear and made these easily available yet”.

    I mean, seriously – just look at the number of Holo Caster messages that North America has and compare it to how many Japan has. (4 to 27, just for the record – yes, they’re not all for distribution events, but the point still stands that, just like the games’ release date, these kinds of things should be Worldwide also.)

    • Wodki

      at least NA gets more than europe

  • This is great for new players! I already have both with perfect IV’s and the moves/ability they come with aren’t really anything special so this doesn’t really concern me, but yah, Japan always gets special promotions because they’re the people who made the game.. Still wishing they would just do another mega Pokemon Wi-Fi distribution for Swampert and Sceptile or some sort of event through Wi-Fi

    • JoJo_718

      SPOILERS a mega evolution for Latios and Latias was leaked alongside the three event legendaries SPOILERS END.

      • Eh..lol, they’re not that appealing to me. I’d rather something that isn’t a legendary and more on the competitive side, since most of the Mega’s are OU.

  • konsama

    I wish i could get my hands in the Froakie mug and 3DS bag. DX

  • natchu96

    I’ve seen on of those Centers before while in Japan over the holidays and frankly there were so many kids there I felt to uncomfortable to go close . . .

    Lucky them though.

  • What I’m upset about is why the Pokemon Center here turned into just a Nintendo World store years ago. As a kid it was my dream to go to the Pokemon Center, but now I really will have to make a trip to Japan to make that come true. As it is now, for cute Pokemon merch, I just buy from ebay and pay heavy shipping, but I’d really love it if they reopened another Center here in the states.

    • Pekola

      This so much. When I was a kid, the pokemon center was such a big deal to me and I wanted to go so badly.

      Years later and I still want to go. Lol. Japan gets all the good stuff.

  • Pekola

    Japan gets all the good Pokemon stuff even though X and Y sold really well here.

    Not only that, they go and make everyone happy by releasing worldwide, but then poop the bed by derping PokeBank.

    As if it wasn’t bad enough, Japan can already access it. As if they didn’t already have over 5 times the amount of Holo Caster Promotions, as if they don’t get nifty Pokemon centers.

    Seriously, why do they give skimp out on giving us special promos and nice goodies? Honestly, the Pokemon given out aren’t THAT big of a deal, but it’s cool to have real-life things that support you playing the game and being part of the pokemon community.

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