Nintendo Denies Developing Mini-Games For Smartphones

By Ishaan . January 28, 2014 . 8:30am

This week, Japanese business publication Nikkei reported that, on January 30th, Nintendo will announce that they plan to release mini-games on smartphones to serve as promotional demos of their console titles.


Communicating with Engadget, however, Nintendo have denied that this is the case, stating: “Nikkei’s article contains information previously stated by Mr Iwata during past press conferences, including statements which relate to Nintendo’s willingness to make use of smart devices to promote our products.”


“However,” the statement continues, “during such past announcements Mr Iwata has also stated that Nintendo’s intention is not to make Nintendo software available on smart devices and as such, we can confirm that there are no plans to offer minigames on smartphone devices.”


Now, one must keep in mind that Nikkei have a near spotless record when it comes to reporting Nintendo’s near-term plans, and Nintendo have a habit of denying these reports, no matter how true they are. At this point, all that’s left to do is wait until January 30th to see what the company has planned to turn its console business around.

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  • I guess this really is the case. If Nintendo is outright denying it instead of giving a business statement of “we don’t comment on rumors and speculation.”

    I mean, yeah, it could be a case of them covering things up cause people shouldn’t know yet, but it does come down to picking out the business stances from the honesty– and it sounds like they’re pretty serious on this. If they do announce minigames, I’ll be kinda surprised.

    • They denied they were releasing a DS Lite one day before announcing the DS Lite. :P

      • Enzo

        I believe they also denied to making a remodel of the 3DS shortly before they announced the 3DS XL.

        • James Beatty

          Some aspects from the 3DS XL were incorrect like the specs. I imagine the nikkeiarticle is somewhat correct with some inaccuracies (like the mini game and demo thing)

      • This is true, but this is what I mean by “picking out business stances from honesty.”

        I mean, let’s admit this, Nintendo’s the kinda company who, like any other company, doesn’t enjoy their plans being revealed by sources they aren’t authorizing, or saying themselves. It tends to be nightmares for companies like that when things get leaked, so regardless of whether this is true or not, Nintendo is either gonna put a stopper on it, or they’re gonna ignore it.

        Of course, it doesn’t help when there’s literally two days before they’re expected to start detailing their 2014 plans.

  • grayson gee

    Called it.

  • Guest

    So, they denied the mini-games but not the demos? An denied by who? NoA?

    I really think a tie-in app, as someone commented in the other article, make sense but straight-up demos, not so much.

    Let’s wait for their actual strategy, hopefully it’ll adress not only the marketing front, but somehow making 3DS and Wii U more desirable products for the mainstream market.

    • Thing is, they never said demos. It got mentioned on other sites that the article itself /never/ used the Japanese word associated with actual demos.

  • Pdugna

    Guess we are going to see in a few days no matter what.

  • there IS a God

    • Morningstar

      And yet Pokebank isn’t released.
      Where is your god now?

  • Kazekage Gaara

    So… there going to be a Direct or something?

    • subsamuel01

      They have an investors meeting tomorrow, so I think we might have a Nintendo direct or some sort of news to talk about the companies future.

      • keithmaxx

        Direct to investors it is, then.

  • subsamuel01

    I feel sorry for Nintendo, the 3DS is great but the Wii U is in such a bad position I don`t see what they could do to turn it around.

    • Arrei

      Wasn’t the 3DS in just as bad a position before it hit its stride, though?

      • subsamuel01

        It was but that was because of the ridiculous pricing and lack of games. Even with the 50$ cut and games like Super Mario 3D World the Wii U barely managed to ship units. Mario Kart 7 managed to turn around the 3DS so hopefully MK8 and Smash bros can do the same thing for the Wii U.

        • Namuro

          Then that’s it! It just needs more games like the 3DS!

          Hopefully, Nintendo can cart out enough games to attract consumers in 2014.

          • Judgephoenix

            Agreed but if they haven’t said anything at this point the development time for most of Nintendo games is far from now. Remember they have to make sure their games are tested, tested, tested. Not tested, glitched, Day one Patched, Patch Bricks Console, Fixed during next DLC, forgets game makes sequel. Anything else I am forgetting XD?

          • Namuro

            That’s the thing, isn’t it? Nintendo tends to make “quality games”, and quality needs time.

            Heck, even something as little as a minor update for a smartphone game can take up to a full week of testing…and it can still end up buggy as hell.

        • Arrei

          The thing is, it wasn’t just Mario Kart 7 that turned around the 3DS. On top of the price cut, it needed a consistent supply of good games available for the system to convince gamers of all creeds to pick one up. The Wii U’s received the beginning of those good games, but not even close to the kind of support that rocketed the 3DS out of its hole on a ship made of money. Many of the games people with a Wii U or who are planning on eventually getting one have yet to come out, all we’ve really had are Pikmin 3 and Mario 3D World.

          • subsamuel01

            Nintendo literally just announced that their going to liscence out their IP to 3rd parties like Hyrule Warriors. Maybe not this year, but 2015 the Wii U might start turning around when more games come into development.

    • James Todd

      smash bros might help

  • Eder García

    so the pattern is: someone leaks, Ninty denies, and then Ninty confirms?

  • Obviously. I think that “report” was just BS. If anything, Nintendo would only make companion apps for existing games like the Pokedex app. You know, like a character/level database for Smash Bros, item collection index for the Super Mario games, track maps/guides for Mario Karts 7 and 8 and maybe an item/boss database for The Legend of Zelda games. Things like that. But then again, I’m not Nintendo, so I can’t say anything for them…

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Thank gaming gods

  • Kari

    this is bad if Nintendo needs to comment on rumors and speculations then the end …

  • Well, it’s pretty obvious they wouldn’t confirm it. Like many companies, Nintendo announces what they’re doing when they want to, and will deny it right up until that moment.

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