Guilty Gear Xrd’s Latest Footage Shows Bedman in Action And More

By Sato . January 31, 2014 . 1:32pm


Arc System Works recently held a special BlazBlue and Guilty Gear web radio show, where the Ragna the Bloodedge voice actor Tomokazu Sugita and others brought series creator and composer Daisuke Ishiwatari on as a guest to talk about the next generation title, Guilty Gear Xrd –SIGN-.


You can view the video here:


During a brief Q&A session, when asked which song he had the most trouble making, Ishiwatari answered “all of them!” and then added that a specific track was “Still in the Dark” from Guilty Gear XX.


One fan asked if he’d like to increase the number of characters in his games, to which he answered, “Yes, I’d like to completely increase it.”


Before talking about Guilty Gear Xrd –SIGN-, Ishiwatari provided a short introduction of “what is Guilty Gear?” He shares that the idea of creating the game came from thinking that it would be cool to have a fighting game that featured superhuman-like characters seen in anime and manga going at it.


When asked what Guilty Gear Xrd will be like, Ishiwatari explains that, up until now, the series has had several games with minor changes, but Guilty Gear Xrd is being made to be a game that can show a new generation the fun of Guilty Gear and fighting games, and for this reason, he’d like to release a completely new title.


Up until now, Ishiwatari has worked on 2D fighters, but after giving it some thought as we enter the new generation of consoles, he asked himself how he could give it a fresh new take, and the idea of making Guilty Gear with 3D graphics came to mind.


While he is working on making the game using 3D graphics, he also mentions that one of the parts Arc System Works is focusing on, is to stay true to their roots and not make it look too different, which is the reason why it still looks as close as it gets to a 2D fighter.


At the 34:30 mark of the video, we get to see some new footage showing Guilty Gear Xrd –SIGN- in action, starting with the into animation of Sol Badguy and the new character, Bedman. As the fight goes on, we see that Sol retains a lot of his older moves, but still falls short against Bedman’s hectic rush.


Bedman is always sleeping, so he doesn’t actually speak, but goes on an outburst of words for his victory animation (to which Sugita jokingly says that nobody ever talks as much in a fighter). According to Ishiwatari, Bedman can only speak in his own dreams, so what we’re seeing is actually what’s going on in his head.


At 35:45 we get a look at a different angle of Sol hitting Ky, as a way to show how exactly is the game in 3D. We also get to see I-No and Millia from a lower camera angle, followed by a look at some animations and instant kill clips of Venom, Chipp, Potemkin, Faust, May, Zato=ONE, and Ky.


Finally, at 40:48, Ishiwatari shows us the latest footage of Guilty Gear Xrd, featuring a scene from Ky Kiske’s story. Ishiwatari explains that it’s how we’ll be seeing all of the character’s stories in the game.


Guilty Gear Xrd –SIGN- is slated for release later this year for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, with the arcade version launching this spring.

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  • z_merquise

    Thanks for providing those details, Sato. I guess this is the same one that I saw last time:

    • Göran Isacson

      Nnnneat damn animation. I am definitely a fan of what I’ve seen so far, and am quite intrigued by seeing that Potemkin still has his regular face underneath the helmet. Wonder why he’s still wearing it then…

      • Military regulations maybe? It’s part of his uniform so he’s required to.

        • Göran Isacson

          Could be true, yeah. I guess that they finally got a tailor to sew him up a uniform, but I kinda giggle at the thought of giving Potemkin a helmet when his skull alone can probably absorb most conventional firearms BETTER than his helmet.

  • Demeanor

    Need Jam and Dizzy liek, nau! XD

    • mikanko

      Dizzy’s kinda frozen in carbonite, and Jin’s plot hook is essentially being the Princess Leia to her Han Solo. I suspect she won’t be available in the first iteration of this new game, or at least till that gets played out.

  • Tonton Ramos

    I hope Daisuke stay true to his words about increasing characters on the console versions…

  • MasterScrub

    I really hope by the time it comes out on consoles they have all the characters from XX.

    • mikanko

      Is nice to hope, but kinda super doubtful at this point. Right now there are 14 characters (2 brand new) with arcade release around the corner. It’ll be a mistake to expect 8 more characters will be added by console at the end of the year. That’s not even counting characters like ABA or further potential new ones.

      • MasterScrub

        Oh right, I forgot it was coming out on consoles this year. Yeah, nevermind.

      • Aisha Lee

        Right now we only have 13 playable characters ( I don’t think Valentine was announced playable yet) and there still a chance to get a good chunk of the remaining characters from accent core (capcom manage to get 6 more characters added to the console version of SF4 after the arcade version, don’t see why Arksys can’t pull that off.)

        • mikanko

          Valentine is in the game from what can be dissected from the most recent trailer. I don’t think they’ll have her as a boss only since these days that seems like pretty big waste of assets.

          Chrono Phantasma getting 4 character for console from what initially hit arcades seems about the most extensive an update ArcSys has made in that much time, and that’s with a game that’s been out a while. GG is going to need more work just in the new game systems/overall balance department, which is probably a good thing.

          Baiken, Johnny, Jam, Anji, Bridget, Zappa, Dizzy plus others, it’s just inevitable that a good handful of people will be losing their mains, so might be wise to curb enthusiasm/look forward to learning someone who’s actually in the game.

          As someone who really only dabbles in the game, and only with Robo and ABA I’m expecting I’ll have to. =|

          • Aisha Lee

            Thing is we don’t really have a concrete date for when this is going to hit consoles (we just know that it be somewhere in 2014) along with that creating 3D models is easier to manage then 2D sprites (UMvC3 actually manage to get 12 characters into a update within the same year that MVC3 was released, where as we got 3 characters in a span of a year after the BBCP arcade release.) and with this game managing to get 14 characters with in 10 month, It shouldn’t be too much of a task to get the remaining 13 from Accent Core say around late november through december of this year.

          • mikanko

            Can’t really compare the amount of time from Capcom games, even if Marvel and SF are both outsourced they both have more money going into them. Not to mention pressure from higher ups/licenses expiring etc.

            I can’t see ASW rushing dev on characters all that fast. That’s largely just not who they are as a fighting game developer, and Kokonoe jokes aside they do work pretty extensively on balance and tuning before adding each one. I believe that is likely where a decent amount of the dev time with new characters comes from.

            3d models -are- easier to deal with, which is why BlazBlue already uses them in their animation process, saving a ton of time from what it used to take in the GGXX days.

            GGXrd has been in development a lot longer than 10 months as well.

            If you like Capcom comparisons Marvel 3 was in development for almost 2 years before they made the game public in 2010. ;p

          • Aisha Lee

            Yeah I can see that but at the same time most of the characters already announced for GGXRD retain a good chunk of their original moveset with probably a few minor tune ups like easier inputs, damage output, and the speed on which most the attacks come out. The most balancing I can see right now is the new specials, the redesigned clash, and the biggest one Bedman. As for the development of GGXRD, the same can be said on much work has been made into the game we haven’t seen yet (take for example the GG pachiko that was released, within the game where character designs and sketches of Dizzy, Jam, Bidget, Johnnny, Zappa, etc along with other characters like Sin, Izuna, and the Senate(the robot like guys in trenches that were seen in the arcade opening), along with scenarios that tie into Xrd (like the revival of Zato-One). We could have others characters in there alpha state as we speak. But this is just me being overly hype, don’t paid to much time into it.

          • mikanko

            Hehe, fair enough. Just still think it’s wise to exercise caution for too much optimism. I get semi-tired of “no xyz character, do not want” posts that’ll likely occur on this and other forums regardless of who winds up in. If this game comes out in November for PS3/4 with 16-17 characters I hope people aren’t too surprised.

            No Robo Ky items for Faust was the first telltale sign that my favorite pimp robo likely won’t be there, so have had time learning to cope!~

          • Aisha Lee

            Yeah I get where your coming from. So far not a single character I played has been announce for this game (Dizzy, Jam, Baiken, and Johnny) but the new game itself kind of makes up for it, so I’ll be ok with either outcome.

    • Astrotrain

      That is not going to happen.

      • Why would anyone downvote you? Realistically they can’t put all the characters in one go.

  • xe7en

    I bet Bedman doesn’t have wakeup options…

  • Tom_Phoenix

    ….Bedman……Bedman……Bedman……..Bedman………Bedman, Bedman, Bedman……Bedman, Bedman, Bedman…….Tararararararum, BEDMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

    • Eder García


  • Astrotrain

    Oh man, I hope they don’t take the MK9/Injustice route for story mode in the console version.

    • Richard N

      Really? You prefer the visual novel style of Blaz Blue?

      I dunno, I kinda like NRS style of story mode for fighting games. Lot more cinematic and engaging, but I’m fine with either or. As long as we don’t get the bullshit that Capcom tries to pass off as a story in every single fighting game they’ve ever made.

      • Astrotrain

        Yes, I prefer visual novel style for story mode. The problem
        with NRS story modes is that you are just watching a movie (taking a few breaks to fight some rounds.) In my case, I didn’t feel that I accomplish anything when beat those story modes, at least with visual novels you have to make the effort of reading, and isn’t that what video game are about? work your way to the end, not just sit there and watch cinematics.

        • Richard N

          I… can’t really get behind that way of thinking. I don’t think reading should be counted as much of an effort or atleast no more of an effort than watching people talking and running around and fighting eachother.

          Sure, NRS style is watch, fight, watch, fight some more, but BB is pretty much the same idea; read a little, fight, read, fight, be confused. I mean you have to work your way to the end in both case via fights, unless you just throw it on easy and breeze through it.

          Also, question; do you generally not like cut scenes in video games as well?

  • Karl Josef

    wishing for a vita version >.<

  • Hinataharem

    Is it crazy for me to want all future fighting games to look like this

    • Mugiwara

      No. They would be a lot better. o/

  • Vash bane

    I suck at fighters but I like GG…I am torn here T.T

  • XiaomuArisu

    DUEL 1!

  • colorblindnightmare

    Potentially stupid question, dk I need a login ti watch stuff on nico nico?

  • Lelouch Vi Britannia

    I’m so pre-ordering this game when it’s officially announced for NA release.
    Guilty Gear Xrd > USFIV.

  • Narrator 1

    I know the vast majority of people are looking for everyone from XX to return, but I’m personally looking for the Guilty Gear 2 characters. From a story perspective, it’d be weird to not have at least Sin showing up, given that the boy is… well… the son of Ky and Dizzy and a protege of Sol. It’d be almost as jarring as Adelheid not being playable in King of Fighters XIII.

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