Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth Videos Show More Of Its New Characters

By Sato . January 31, 2014 . 3:30am


Earlier tonight, we got a look at Persona 3’s Ken Amada and Koromaru in chibi-form for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth. Atlus also gives us a closer look at the two new characters Rei and Zei, who’ve both lost their memories, in their latest character introduction videos.



Rei’s video starts out with her telling Zen to not go inside, because there are “scary things” in there. She is then seen telling him that she wants to return with everyone else, and urges him to go back with her.


Rei is known to be a bit of a glutton and shows it when she says that she’s hungry now that she feels relieved. Once they all find their way out of the labyrinth, her wish is to go out with everyone to eat a bunch of foods like okonomiyaki, candied apples, cotton candy, and more.


While she is often seen asking other characters if unknown words to her are foods, and offers them a bite of her corndog, she is actually frightened in the mysterious labyrinth.



Zen is a bit more on the quiet side compared to Rei, and while both of them have lost their memories, he’ll still do anything it takes to protect her. In the video he shows his care by always making sure Rei is fine, and he even stands up to Teddy by asking if he insulted her.


In the middle of the video, he says “People have multiple sides to them; however, that doesn’t mean I’ll be accepting of them,” so it seems  like it won’t be easy having him open up to the other characters of Persona 3 and Persona 4.


At the end of the video, Zen says that he was looking for something in that world, because Rei was crying, and he couldn’t find that “something”.


Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth will be released on June 4, 2014 in Japan for Nintendo 3DS.

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  • BitBoy

    Praying this makes it to the EU this year… :p

    • As much as I want to join you in that pray, unfortunately it doesn’t matter how much you pray. It won’t save you. Much like other Atlus titles, this game is destined not to hit Europe before 2016.

      • BitBoy

        I don’t think it’ll be 2016…I hope…maybe Q1 2015. It seems to be taking ATLUS slightly less time nowadays…if SMTIV comes out soon i think theres hope, and Conception as well hasn’t taken ages, and that’s much more niche…

        • I hope so as well, but most JRPG’s take a couple of months to a full year before releasing in the US. It all depends on the company and how popular the series is. And even then, it could take a few more months for the game to hit Europe. It’s my impatience (and the ridiculously long delay to SMT IV) that tells me 2016. But because it’s Persona, though, the best bet is really Q1 2015 like you said.

          • Jero

            My guess is autumn 2014 for NA and spring maybe summer of 2015 for Europe. They’re bringing conception ii so why not persona that is their most popular brand.

  • Saphiren

    Just finished Persona 3 a few days ago…
    Now I want a 3DS :

  • Warren

    welp…either someones going to die or disappear, and im not talking about Makoto or Shinji. (wink)

    • Guest


      • Warren

        If you don’t know about it now after 8 years of it being out, then you deserve to be spoiled.

        • Guest

          8 years? Are you high?

          • Dansar

            It’s a few months away from being 8 years with the Japan release.

          • Guest

            Gee. Have I been Japan this whole time? It came out in October 08 where I live. Not that this justifies a major spoiler that could easily be covered up.

          • Warren

            Point is its out anyone who wanted to play has played it. If it took this game for you to decide to play then its your fault. Any noobies shouldn’t even care about this game yet until they beat the featured games since they’ll be lost anyway.

          • Guest

            It’s quite possible I only beat P4 and was considering getting P3 closer to Q’s release date. Or maybe I’m just learning about the franchise now since it is the first entry on a Nintendo system. You are being awfully presumptuous about who is reading these articles.

          • Dansar

            I do agree that the spoiler should be covered up, but they weren’t wrong in saying that it has been out for around 8 years now.

    • Guest


    • Slayven19

      How do you have a negative 2 in the up votes?

  • Earthjolly

    Teddy has to be beary careful around Rei and Zen

  • Given the game’s pedigree, I wonder if an Etrian cameo wouldn’t be too far fetched. I wouldn’t mind having Ricky tag along

  • Jero

    I’m guessing this game will have you love that little girl and at the end she’ll sacrifice herself along the cast memories to get them out. It will be very sad and I’m sure gonna cry. So yeah, there are plenty of ways this game can be canon.

    • chroma816

      Don’t remind me of the entire, like, last 3rd of P3 and all that went on. The writers definitely know how to write a tear-jerker.

      That said, Q looks pretty light-hearted so I’m sure nothing will be that tragic.

      • Jero

        I don’t know, look at Rei’s trailer or the scream in mitsuru’s. We’ve only seen characters introductions but I’m sure this game will have a sad twist towards the end.

  • grandchief

    This game just keeps looking better and better, although I’m curious about the butterfly trapped in the webs, Symbolism or Philemon…?, now I’ll just have to get the game.

    • God

      The butterfly is the physical form of philemon, a being that exists between dream and reality, concious (?) and subconcious (?), so my gues is that philemon’s physical form being trapped represents how they are trapped in a “dream” world, or somehting along those lines.

  • Slayven19

    I love the music in rei’s vid and I’m still waiting to hear that release date this year. Hopefully its like SMTIV release date in the U.S.

  • Adrian Duran

    Seems like Moe… I mean Zen, has the same problem I do with eating

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