Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F Performs On Vita In March

By Spencer . February 5, 2014 . 1:59pm

Sega announced they will release Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F for PlayStation Vita in March. The PlayStation 3 version is out now. Interesting trivia tidbit this is the opposite of how Sega released Project Diva F in Japan.


Japan got the Vita version in August 2012, but had to wait until March 2013 for the PS3 version. Sega published the PS3 version in the West in August 2013 and the Vita version is finally coming in March 2014.

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  • pimpalicious

    I could see myself playing this on the Vita if I like the gameplay. Not a huge vocaloid fan but I don’t dislike them. Now to try the PS3 demo(which I assume would be a good indication of if I’ll like it on Vita or not).

    • wyrdwad

      It’s the same game, yeah — though I like the Vita version significantly better, solely because I find using the touchscreen for the star notes to be a far superior (and more accurate) experience than using the analog sticks. (The key to touchscreen-swiping in Diva f is to alternate thumbs!)

      YMMV, though. And however you choose to play it, it’s an awesome rhythm game.

      • pimpalicious

        I’m not that experienced with rhythm games so figured this is the one to try with all the good things I hear about it.

  • LM009

    yay my 4th copy of same game

  • nathaniel

    definitely buying this. hope that diva F 2nd gets localized too.

    • Arrngrim

      All sources point to yes, if they’re localizing the PS Vita version of Project Diva f now…Sega must have realized Miku’ism has caught fire in the NA region (as well as the rest of the world!)

      • Land of Green Pasture

        took them long enough…

      • artemisthemp

        Hopefully this time EU will get a psychical release (Talking about F 2nd).

    • Yan Zhao

      This. I liked the first and 2nd looks like a big improvement.

  • Well, i need this! Major vocaloid fan! i will share this beautiful game with everyone on the train! (A)

  • buddyluv324

    Day 1 purchase!

  • Kayriss Wins

    Looks like this is gonna be a regular thing now, moar Miku in the west MOAR! I got this on PS3 but Idc I’m getting it again!

    • kthanxyousuck

      On the PS blog they mentioned the vita version will have diff trophies. So even more of a reason!

  • Altumn

    I want this, but I’m confused. Whats the difference between this the PSP version and whats the F 2nd one. Are there three games? And do they all have different songs?

    • Laith Rem

      PSP version is inferior in everything obviously. F 2nd is a sequel to this one.

      F has no repeated song from the PSP games while 2nd does.

      Also PSP has Project Diva, Diva 2 and Extend so those are three games.

  • Dsvkb

    I already got and beat the Japanese version months ago, so no buy from me sadly. Would be different if it was a physical release like the PS3 version though.

  • 하세요

    Awesome, but I’m afraid it may be too late for many Vita users. Everyone I know with a Vita has already imported it.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Name you date SEGA and I’ll platinum this. Again. :D

  • Good new’s for me!
    …bad new’s for my wallet…

    • Tyler Beale

      Exactly. I posted this on the PS Blog, and I’ll say it again.

      First, there’s BlazBlue Chrono Phantasma. Then, there’s Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD (which I’ll be getting on the Vita…), and now, Miku on my Vita. All in March. $160 down the drain. (I’m getting the LE of BBCP, unless Aksys surprises us with a Vita release).

      Now if only Sega of America would actually start giving a shit about its other franchises…*ahem*Phantasy Star*ahem*Valkyria Chronicles*ahem*.

    • Arrngrim

      Haha, agreed, especially after buying both versions of the JP original release and 3 copies of the PS3 NA release…

  • I didn’t got the PS3 version because I was interested on the PS Vita version only, being a Rythm game makes me feel like playing it on the go, like when I’m no the bus or on the car, traveling and obviously on my house, when I’m lazy to get up. I’m glad we’re finally geting the portable but… WHY ON MARCH!? My wallet is already on problems due to other 7 games (yup, I have pre-ordered 7 games D:) and today I discovered Drakengard is coming out on March and now this!? :C

  • Luffink

    Ok, hard question. Project Diva F had new songs and costumes that weren’t in Vita’s Diva f, but were made available via DLC. Do we know if this western release will have that extra content already? I think Tengaku was one of those extra songs.

    I already have the japanese version of Diva F, but maybe I’ll buy Vita’s european version

    • JMaster3000

      Google said that we are getting the DLC songs too but Sega didn’t.
      And the trailer didn’t had any DLC songs, Tengaku is 27th song in the game.

      Now going through the trailer it says over 30 songs, Vita version had 32 songs.
      Checking the PS3 version trailer it says that the game has 38 songs which is 32 songs from vita version + 6 DLC songs.

      Cause they are hiding how much songs it has i’m thinking its gonna be 32, without DLC songs. Thou i might be wrong or maybe the game is gonna have 38 songs like the PS3 version.
      It says over 30 so nobody knows.
      And if they don’t add the extra 6 songs then we are gonna get the songs later as DLC, for free or paid, that’s the question now.

      Don’t be surprised if the game gets less songs thou that would be pretty stupid move from Sega if they didn’t include the songs cause it would hurt the sales of it. Some people wouldn’t buy the game cause of it but as a fan of vocaloids i will buy it with or without DLC songs.

      • Luffink

        I agree, it would be a stupid move at this point. Let’s see what they say

        • JMaster3000

          Hey, Sega renamed the Vita game from f to F which means that all songs are coming, that’s what i think.

  • JMaster3000

    Capital F= PS3 version
    Small f= Vita version

    I’m pretty sure someone said that before when F came in Japan ;O;

    • rekka_zan

      AFAIK in Project DIVA F 2nd, SEGA has abandoned the use of different Fs and just use capitalized F for both versions. So well… I guess it’s not a big deal now.

      • JMaster3000

        Yeah it seems it is, and i guess that means all of the PS3 songs are coming to the Vita game.

        • rekka_zan

          And to avoid the sense that Vita version is inferior.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Hope the DLC is included on cartridge. Otherwise I may finally cave and get PS3 version. But man are Rhythm games perfect for mobile.

    • NeoStrayCat

      Actually, the US/EU release of Vita PD-f is digital only, no retail release. >_>

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        I don’t mind either way, I’ve been mostly digital since the PSP Go came out. in 2008 It was a smart move since 95% of of my PSP games work on my Vita.

        • NeoStrayCat

          I see, whatever works out for consumers/gamers, I guess. :3

        • icecoffemix

          This also got me thinking of buying more game in digital, since it’d ensure compatibility for future sony’s system (may not necessarily be handheld).

          If only the account system in Vita isn’t so retarded…

      • nonscpo

        Digital only that’s super, guess I’m not picking this game up, would have loved to try it out hopefully there’s a demo

    • Tyler Beale

      Sad to say, but…DLC not included. Though it’ll be released the same day.

      • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

        Might just grab the PS3 version then, unless the Vita price plus DLC is the same on Vita.

  • Michael Richardson

    YES! Totally getting this when it comes out.

  • Tyler Beale

    Seeing that video of Urbandonment has me thinking….

    …Miku as Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed DLC!! (Including the non-PC versions – Pretty please, Sega?)

  • Sega: Here comes the Miku game; it releases March!
    Everyone else: … March… …. … ?
    Sega: Just March. :>

  • PersonaSpace

    My TV has a pretty annoying input delay to it, so I’m glad to be getting an English version of the Vita version. I already imported it, but just playing the game in English is worth double dipping (or triple dipping counting the PS3) for again. I may dislike Sega’s lack of localization, but at least this is something.

    • TheAquacharger

      Why not use the ingame options to adjust for input delay? It’s what you’re supposed to do for all music games.

      • PersonaSpace

        I tried that. The TV is pretty bad.

  • Pandakids09 .

    Sweet! God finally the Vita is catching on and getting more games over here!

  • Tenabrus

    yaaay finally a good rythym game coming out for Vita (in the West anyways…) This raises my hopes that Persona 4 DaN will be released here as well.

    • xzeldax3

      DJMAX Technika Tune is a great rhythm game!

  • Zazon Zenzy

    I played the Japanese version and… It’s a blast. I like the new scratching mechanic and the game gives a dangerous level of addiction (as well). Thank God the game doesn’t need you to read properly.

  • They had me at Play anytime, anywhere. *sigh* There goes more money.

  • JMaster3000

    Welp, Paid DLC, 32 songs, its confirmed on their blog.

    We’re also happy to confirm today that we will be bringing over the DLC that many have asked us about: the Snow Miku 2013 DLC, the Extra Character Modules Pack, and the Extra Songs pack will all be available at launch in March. We’ll be announcing details on pricing for these, as well as the full game, here on the SEGA Blogs soon.

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