Soul Sacrifice Delta Story Trailer Shares A Peek At New Scenes And Monsters

By Sato . February 6, 2014 . 2:44am


Keiji Inafune’s updated-but-not-a-sequel version of Soul Sacrifice, titled Soul Sacrifice Delta, features new grotesque monsters, a third faction, and more co-op elements. The above is a look at the upcoming game’s new story trailer.


The trailer starts out with the following narration:

“Have you ever wondered… how many times we’ve been us?”

“Eternal recurrence. The world was destroyed… and it’ll be forced to repeat once more.”


After giving us a look at some of the new scenes and monsters that will be included in Soul Sacrifice Delta, the trailer ends with the narrator saying, “From this point, it’s your story,” which those of you who’ve played the first game will most likely understand. (especially if you got to the end!)


As mentioned in our previous report, those who pre-order the game will get additional costumes as seen in the above image. The limited edition “Soul Sacrifice the Art if Magic” comes with illustrations, extra short story, original Soul Sacrifice anime disc, soundtrack (10 tracks) and a guest artwork by a certain popular artist.


Soul Sacrifice Delta is slated for release on March 6 for PlayStation Vita in Japan, and it’ll also include an early access ticket for the upcoming demo of Freedom Wars.

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  • MaximDualBlade

    ok… I’m getting worried… I hope the localization announcement comes a month or less apart from the release date. Please

    • TheExile285

      Wouldnt worry too much. We might not get it right away like we did vanilla SS, but we are getting it for sure.

      • MaximDualBlade

        April would be such a sweet spot. I can almost taste it. I can wait without exploding until may

  • neocatzon

    I hope western release get the same limited edition, really interested with the short story and illustrations.

  • Troublehalf

    I never finished the original Soul Sacrifice. Got sucked into MH3U instead. Perhaps it is because in SS, you’re forced to kill stuff otherwise you simply don’t have the magic power to deal damage.

  • DragKudo

    Everybody ready to cry again? The trailer is making it seem like the canon hero was female. hmmm
    I’ll call it a sequel it seems to be extending the story.

    • TheExile285

      I feel like this game adds too many core gameplay changes to be called an update but we will just have to wait and see.

    • Lucky Dan

      It’s sequel to the story if you played through the game. She died for our sins. Otherwise they’ll have to make the first game canon. It seems the story follows through the same parallels as Madoka Movie: Rebellion where they gonna reset the world again.

      • DragKudo

        What?! Sotiara? The first game will be canon. This game is just extending the story. Showing us things we didn’t see. I believe they were referring to the Nameless hero’s story when they say reset the world.

        • Lucky Dan

          Well we can’t say until its released but the game seems to be another world reset like the 3rd Madoka movie. The person with the arm is still Magnasaur or Merlin, at the end of the game the Arm Magnasaur had transferred to you with all his memories etc, so the world hasn’t changed at all just a different start.

          I don’t think the 1st game is canon you watched the 10th episode of Madoka right? It will be similar like that the curse of the chalice will still remain till they get rid of it or some crap like that similar in vein what happens if I do this and this differently in another timeline.

          • DragKudo

            Never watched madoka, too moe, but look at it like this the game is a remake of the first game but yet a sequel like persona 3 fes or 4 golden. They are the same game as their originals ,but they extend the story and give us more information on their specific world.

            Magusar is the name of the evil that was absorbed by the nameless hero, something that has repeated itself millions of times. At the end of the first game she asked will my fate be the same as his and those before him.

            She would find a way to break the loop ala joining Grimm faction and killing the gods who started the whole thing.

          • Lucky Dan

            If you can get over the moe, you’ll see the parallels between the 2 and where the influence comes from, or better yet read the wiki :)

  • Furu Chi

    All this time I thought SSD is a sequel to SS. Thanks for clearing that up.

    • Lucky Dan

      How come I’m feel like I’m actually playing Madoka Movie 3: the game?

  • Land of Green Pasture

    That Sortiara story made me tears shed… heck…. I think it has a beautiful story in general..

    • TheExile285

      I was surprised at how entertaining the story ended up being

      • God

        Yeah, i bought the game based solely on gameplay but the story moved me as few others have…

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      SS’s story in general was better than most actual JRPGs. Not because of the grim and violent but because it was tragic yet relatable. Even the side stories of Sorcerers of Avalon [in particular Carnatux’s which I found endearing, if not noble by the end] were enjoyable to read. The music accompanied everything perfectly which only helped with immersion~.

      • Land of Green Pasture

        indeed, I’d like to see the connection between characters in
        SSD though… sure SS’s story per character is awesome but somehow it lacks the connection between them

      • Earthjolly


        When Illecebra tricks a man and turns him into a monster and you sacrifice him then she turns the mans wife into a monster as well and you save her then they are reunited through the sorcerers arm and the mans soul tells his wife “Live on.”

        That shit right there depressed me to no end.

    • tubers

      I wish it was more fleshed out.

      The Sortiara chapter felt abrupt. It could’ve had more impact.

      • DragKudo

        What would it had to have done to impact you? I really want to know.

        • tubers

          Flesh out their story and interaction.. Maybe at least 2 full chapters instead of one.

  • cyberkinghardy

    Ohhh for Pete’s sake. I want to use those underboob costume

    • TheExile285

      You need a new pic. Stop posting this >.<

      • cyberkinghardy

        haha does it bother you that much?

    • Land of Green Pasture

      please don’t tell me from which anime it is

    • Kaien

      nope, nope, nope


      • Kumiko Akimoto

        please tell me

  • Clairis Cannon

    I’m so gonna play this again, and cry all over my vita

  • KuroNathan

    I wonder how restoring black rites would work in the squeal lore wise? Are you still reading the story of a sorcerer or is the stuff actually happening to your body?

  • vileBrenman

    Soul sacrifice is my favorite vita game I really hope we get this soon.

  • Lemski07

    Ive sold my ss to get this. I hope they got jap audio

  • Goufunaki

    Hopefully a NA release gets these same items. I’d definitely preorder for them.

  • MrRobbyM

    I want gender equality for those costumes. Meaning the male needs less..

    • I wonder what the chances are that the female outfit was inspired (to any degree) by Kill la Kill

      • MrRobbyM

        I’d say it definitely was. They’re both really similar.

      • Kumiko Akimoto

        I hope so

    • DragKudo

      Just shows how much insecure the guys are. But i believe you can customize your own clothes.

      • It was a joke; he does that often.

        • DragKudo

          i know

  • Getting the limited edition cause of the anime

  • konsama

    Those preorder costumes looks really cool, i hope they won’t take too long to localize this.

  • CervantesPR

    Better than monster hunter

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