Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost DLC Brings Acguy And Z Gundam

By Sato . February 26, 2014 . 3:01pm

Namco Bandai’s latest wave of downloadable Mobile Suits will be bringing us Acguy, Z Gundam and the RX-79 Gundam Ground Type in Mobile Suit Gundam: Extreme Vs. Full Boost for the PlayStation 3. Famitsu shares a closer look at the new challengers.


Acguy (with Haman Karn)

Cost: 2000


Acguy will have all kinds of close ranged sliding attacks, along with jump hits to go with its repertoire of tricky movements. It’ll also have combos that calls out for assistance from escorts to help beat down enemies.


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As shown in the above images, Acguy will have different kinds of attacks, making it one of the more versatile Mobile Suits in the game. It may look cute, but as they say, looks can be deceiving!


RX-79 Gundam Ground Type (with Shiro Amada)

Cost: 1000



l_53042fcf322a2 l_53042fd16c815

Using its 100mm machinegun and 180mm cannon, the Gundam Ground Type excels at both close and long-ranged combat, with a cost of only 1,000 to boot.


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l_53042fdb213b7 l_53042fca918b9

l_53042fcccf2e2 l_53042fd66cf42

The main cannon’s shot is actually pretty fast, so it makes it easy to aim for a devastating blow. The machinegun isn’t as strong, but it has the ability to change directions while shooting, so reading your opponents’ movements while shooting it will be a key to using the weapon.


Z Gundam (with Roux Louka)

Cost: 2000



The Z Gundam specializes in attacks that do heavy damage with many ways to shoot down opponents. It excels in mid-ranged combat with its ability to manually reload and shoot three shots at a time.


l_53042fc3ae09e l_53042fc38738b

l_53042fc4097c3 l_53042fc433f75

l_53042fc2dd2a4 l_53042fc3d6522

It also has a dummy balloon in the shape of a rock that makes opponent Mobile Suits’ assistants aim for it instead of you.


The grenade launcher can shoot two shots at a time, and the Z Gundam can even throw its beam rifle, without having to waste a bullet. Its special attack is strong enough to take out just about any opponent in one shot.


All three Mobile Suits will be available for 400 yen each, as part of the game’s third wave of downloadable characters, which will be available for download on March 5 for PlayStation 3.

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  • 永次

    Acguy and Z Gundam are in EXVS since 2011. You will pay the pilots and the little changes in both suits but Acguy (piloted by Akahana) and Z Gundam (piloted by Kamiiyu Bidan) are in the game.

    • evilkaz

      *Kamille Bidan

      And I’m glad I wasn’t reading that wrong. I’ve got EXVS here and I’d be horribly annoyed if they took out Zeta or Acguy to just have them as DLC. Glad this wasn’t the case.

    • DaiRaiOh

      Considering this Acguy is worth a full 1k more, I’m guessing it’s gonna be a bit different from the base kind

    • Brion Valkerion

      Yeah you would just be paying for a different pilot artwork/voices and a somewhat re-balanced character to use.

      No problems with this dlc type imo, definitely for the hardcore Z Gundam fans, like the rest is for w/e series particular fans.

    • Lynx

      I’m pretty sure this Acguy is going to have some sort of different move set as its worth about 1k more.

  • Freakmasta

    Wait, when was Haman blonde? She looks so weird. And newtype pressure Acguy will just make you change your pants.

    • Kaihedgie

      She was apparently wearing a disguise

    • VaunaMann

      Must be during that episode where she hide along with the hostages and later rides an Acguy..

      man, I like the idea of having female pilots and all but why pay for the same MS that are already in the game? It’s not like the pilots do anything game-wise.

  • Kaihedgie

    So basically…they’re just pilot swaps. Okay

    • DaiRaiOh

      The Ground Type is new to EX and the Acguy has a big cost increase and probably has a good amount of changes to go along with it

      • Kaihedgie

        The Ground Type was an NPC in EXVS’ trial mode and none of the screenshots imply it’s doing anything different than what the Ez8 was doing.

        Oh believe me though, the DLC isn’t going to get anymore diversifying with this. Ez8 is getting a pilot swap as well

        • DaiRaiOh

          I’m aware, but being an NPC means absolutely nothing. More so considering the NPC version fought worse then the Vs Next version which was impressive considering the Ground Type was just trash in that game

  • s07195

    I’m actually glad with this kind of DLC, since it lets me pick out what I really want. :) Also, since they’re pilot swaps, I won’t have any problems with not buying them like in EXVS where all the DLC units were different, and legitimately pick the different ones like GN-X III.

  • Lynx

    Totally worth it just for Blueberry Yogurt.

    I mean, worth it for Roux.

    • Dynami


  • Closet_Ninja

    eh this DLC is meh right now. looking forward to Marbet, and that rock throwing Zaku.

    • Kaihedgie

      That would be Doan’s Zaku II

  • Shuryou

    Is it just me or does Haman Karn look way too much like Ramba Ral’s wife Crowley Hamon?

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