Batman: Arkham Knight Trailer Introduces The New Batmobile

By Ishaan . March 4, 2014 . 8:40am


Batman: Arkham Knight has been officially announced for the PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and is being developed once again by Rocksteady, the studio behind Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. A trailer for the game can be viewed above.


Batman: Arkham Knight will feature the return of the Scarecrow, who will unite other villains including the Penguin, Two-Face and Harley Quinn, in an attempt to destroy Batman.


As previously reported, Batman: Arkham Knight will take place in Gotham City, and will allow you to drive the Batmobile.


Batman: Arkham Knight will be released in 2014. The Batman: Arkham universe is also getting an original DC animated feature this year.

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  • xe7en

    “and is being developed once again by Rockstead” that’s all I needed to hear. Sold.

    • Superior Spider-Man

      ::Prays for Kevin Conroy and MAYBE Mark Hamill… really prays for Mark Hamill::

      • KingNigma

        Conroy already said he was involved in this before AO was even out. As for Hamil…. do really need him/Joker back again?

    • subsamuel01

      The last Batman game being made by them, also the last in the Arkham Trilogy.

  • That’s an interesting looking Batmobile. It’s like a cross between the Tumbler and the Tim Burton Batmobile. I swear, I could almost hear the Danny Elfman theme blaring while he was tearing down the street.

    Also, the character design changes are interesting. Is it just me or does Bruce actually look a little like Ben Affleck?

    I feel like they gave him Affleck’s chin and a few of his other features. Meanwhile, the costume appears to borrow elements from The Dark Knight. The ears are shorter and the cowl is much more angular and defined, just the way it was in TDK.

    • subsamuel01

      He looks a lot like how the Character model in Arkham Origins looked for Bruce Wayne, just more realistic.

    • KoRLumen

      The Danny Elfman theme was exactly what was going through my head as I was watching that haha (I was watching without sound… in class)


    • Ric Vazquez

      That’s exactly the first thing I thought, he so freaking looks like Ben Affleck

  • SpardaCastle

    “being developed once again by Rocksteady, the studio behind Arkham Origins and Arkham City”

    You mean Arkham Asylum?
    Was wondering if we get to battle Hush in this game.

  • AlteisenX

    Playing as Harley Quinn shall be excellent x]. Wonder what they’ll do with Joker if it takes place after Arkham City though…?

    • Superior Spider-Man

      I miss Joker and Talia… I’m sure Ra’s got back up.

    • subsamuel01

      Joker’s probably not in this game, especially with what happened at the end of city and Mark Hamill retiring.

    • They’ll probably just replace him or something. Joker is cool and all, but he doesn’t need to be the main focus of everything.

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      Scarecrow. Did you not hear him in the trailer, ya know, at the VERY BEGINNING?

  • DesmaX

    If it’s Rocksteady, then it’s cool. Definitely picking this up one day, loved Arkham Asylum and City

  • idrawrobots

    Wow I might actually play this because it’s not ugly.

  • subsamuel01

    Apparently this is the last Arkham game, guess they weren’t planning on Milking the franchise.

    • The last Arkham game, probably, but I doubt that’s the last we’ll be seeing of Batman games. Money is too easy to ignore, so they’ll likely continue it in some other form.

      • subsamuel01

        As long as their not milking the Arkham universe I’ll be satisfied. I wouldn’t mind a Batman Beyond game or another Batman game with similar mechanics in a different universe.

    • CartmanKusanagi

      It seems like this is Rocksteady’s last game. I’m guessing WBM will keep milking the franchise with more Origins type prequels.

    • So, I guess there’s no hope for a Batman: Arkham Beyond…

  • Wake

    What a bunch of Croc. Those Two-Faced Jokers screwed the Wii U! Things like these are the Bane of every Wii U owners existence! Do they expect us to just Hush up? This is complete Anarky! Catwoman Catwoman Catwoman.

    Joking aside, I’m so excited for this game, and we’re getting it in 2014!

  • Mr_SP

    Well, that’s two games I want on PS4. Not that it decreases my PS3 backlog, any…

  • wahyudil

    If they can change the 3D movie into a full feature movie like polar express or Animatrix

  • Azure Flame

    With the new batmobile, we will finally get the true batman experience.

  • Demeanor

    What… what was that awesomeness?!
    But the real question is… was there any gameplay and/or actual game graphics at any point in dat trailer? O_O

    • monkey king

      Obviously not.

  • hazelnut1112

    So will this mean that Rocksteady will start working on that rumored TMNT game?
    Would love to see that actually happen, even though the rumor was debunked with the news. I still want it to happen dammit.
    Still, this trailer looks really damn good, looking forward to it. Suck that there is no Wii U version.

    • subsamuel01

      TMNT rights belong to Activision, and Rocksteady is owned by WB so no way its happening. If anything they might just create a new game all together, or tackle another DC hero which would be amazing.

  • I love how Thomas Wayne’s quote about not wasting the wealth on “fast cars, outrageous clothes and pursuit of a destructive lifestyle” is ironic and appropriate at the same time. It’s oddly specific and hardly subtle, but still.

    Also, I wonder if DC have any plans to make movies of their superheroes entirely out of 3DCG, like in the trailer. It looks really good.

  • subsamuel01

    This is the last Batman game from Rocksteady, hopefully they tackle another DC Superhero *cough* Superman.

    • Guest

      A Wonder Woman game could be… godly!

  • MrJechgo

    So…is it a sequel to Origins or to City?
    I’m glad to see a 4th (and final ;_; )Arkham game. However, here are the things I hope they fix/add:
    1) Batmobile segment/free driving: 99% confirmed, but would like gameplay
    2) MORE villains: can we get every villain from every Arkham plus new ones here? If it’s the last game, end it with a bang!
    3) Additional playable characters as part of the story: Robin, Nightwing, Batgirl (depending on which version they can use; New 52 acually fixed her paraplegia) Batwoman and Catwoman could all be added to the story.

    • monkey king

      Arkham =/= new 52

      • MrJechgo

        Well crap… That’s what you get for taking Injustice into canon…
        Ok then, Batwoman (Kate Kain) it is then ;)

    • It’s a sequel to City.

      • MrJechgo

        Thank you ^_^

  • Göran Isacson

    All I ask is that if this is the end of the Arkham series, can we PLEASE get Robins or Nightwing or Batgirls or… well, just have them represented in some way? That’d be neat.

    • monkey king

      Cassandra cain would be holy shit good, and since shiva was in origins and david cain is an easter egg, I’m hoping for at least some sort of challenge map playable cassie.

      • Göran Isacson

        Man can we ever hope.Then again, having Cass in combat would be easy mode, the prompts would be HUGE and appear like five minutes before the punch even started.

        • monkey king

          Hah very true.

    • Valtiel Ikari

      I just want Jason Todd as Redhood, since Injustice passed out on the perfect chance, let him at least have a talk to bats, all I ask!

  • thezeeman1982

    I hope everyone i know and love is in good health on this games release date because I’m not leaving the house!!!!

  • thezeeman1982

    New Bat mobile looks realistic but still has that comic feel also, they did a good job

  • Blaz

    Bruce did most of what his dad said, too bad the “fast cars, flashy clothing and destructive life styles” promises couldn’t be kept.

    • XiaomuArisu

      Thats the joke ;)

      • Blaz

        I think you’re missing using your idioms. For there to have been a “joke” it would have needed to have been funny. That trailer was all serious.

  • psfam

    Nice trailer, can’t wait to see some gameplay.

  • Vash bane

    wow … why don’t they just make a cgi movie if it looks this good?

  • Excited for this but sad it lost support for “other” plataform(s). It is expected though.

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