Dark Souls II Pre-Order for PC Shows Up at 20% Off With Digital Bonuses

By Viet Do . March 6, 2014 . 3:00pm


Bam. Prepare to praise the freaking sun. Oh that’s a tired used meme? Fine. While previously the release date for the PC version of Dark Souls II was unconfirmed, it has now been set to April 25th, a full month+ from the 360 and PS3 version.


Update: 5/29: It’s been some time now since Dark Souls II released on PC, but the deals are only getting better. Check here for the latest Dark Souls II deals


But for us PC gamers, we’ll be getting some sweet higher resolution texture, enhanced frame rates, plus some digital goodies if you decide to pre-order. Best of all? Discounts are available! Here’s all the best Dark Souls II deals we’ve found thus far:


For North America:




Note: Steam key at GMG is offering all the pre-order bonuses listed below. Apparently in Japan different retailers are bundling different weapons for the pre-order bonus, but my Japanese is spotty at best, so you can read about it yourself here.


Pre-order Bonus for Dark Souls II on PC:


10 early access weapons and shields (pics of all of these are below).


  • Black Flamestone Dagger
  • Black Flamestone Parma
  • Yellow Quartz Longsword
  • Yellow Quartz Shield
  • Bound Hand Axe
  • Bound Wooden Shield
  • Homunculus Mace
  • Homunculus Wooden Shield
  • Transgressor’s Staff
  • Transgressor’s Leather Shield


Plus these digital extras:


  • Original game OST (35 tracks)
  • Official Dark Souls II artbook in PDF format
  • Complete Dark Souls II digital comic book


I’m usually not a sucker for weapon skins but some of these do look sweet (except for the homunculus mace and shield, that looks kinda nasty):


darksouls2-yellow-quartz-longsword-shield   darksouls2-transgressor-staff-shield

darksouls2-bound-axe-shield   darksouls2-homunculus-mace-shield

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  • Skeledon

    I’m guessing the PC ver. won’t have a box release? :[

    • You know I actually haven’t seen it anywhere yet. Amazon, etc. No boxed collector’s edition or black armored edition. Hmm. Wondering if Namco is going full digital distribution for PC.

    • Ngolem

      People seem to have been having trouble finding one for NA, but there are black armour, collectors editions elsewhere.

    • MrRobbyM

      Two contradicting comments. Hmm. Can’t seem to find a physical PC version anywhere either. Sucks since I own both DeS and DaS in their limited edition versions. But still, can’t beat 40 bucks for a highly anticipated new release.

  • TheRealMalek

    Is G2A a serious website ?

    GMG is really a great site, but never heard of g2a…

    • Honest opinion: Yes I believe so, otherwise we won’t be linking to them as a potential place to buy games (since we can’t exactly link to every CD key site under the sun). Now that doesn’t mean they are 100% perfect in customer service etc. though.

      I actually pre-order Titanfall at G2A myself so will see how it goes.

      Lastly, they are large enough now to sponsor relatively large charity events driven by some relatively big gaming YouTubers > https://www.g2a.co/

      Anyways, anyone can make a pretty site so at the end its up to you to decide to buy or not. But G2A has definitely come a long way since I spotted them a few years ago (the site looked like yet-another Russian CD key site)

      If you’re going to buy, I always recommend buying with a credit card from a bank with favorable service/support for chargebacks, when all else fails.

    • digitaldevil0

      Bought Thief for 19.99 euros from them a few days ago. They are legit.

  • MrRobbyM

    Welp. That settles it. Will rent the PS3 version and will take advantage of this deal for PC.

  • Skeledon

    There’s a box version of the CE in the official Namco Bandai store: http://store.namcobandaigames.com/store/namcous/en_US/pd/productID.298424600/sac.true#.UxkZLvldXh0

    I don’t think they sell the regular boxed version since when you search it up in the store, the title has “Steam key” right beside it.

    • Ah thanks for that. Was not seeing this anywhere else.

    • MrRobbyM

      To be clear, the collector’s edition it doesn’t come with a disc of the game but a Steam code as well.

  • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

    Saw this on Cheap Ass Gamer Facebook page this morning. SOLD! Worked great!

  • Fox

    GMG is 49.99, not $40.00. With the 20% off code, it’s 39.99, which is also not $40.00.

    • Oguri Murasaki

      you tripping or something? or just plain out trolling…

      • I’ve edited the post above from $40.00 to $40. Just to fix it for him. Heh.

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