Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Gets Awesome Fan Art On Miiverse

By Eugene . March 6, 2014 . 5:01pm

The latest batch of winners for Nintendo’s Miiverse Art Academy illustration contest are in! The theme was to cover The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, with the judge being none other than Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma himself. The grand prize winner Shobon’s entry is above. It’s worth noting, but every art piece you’ll see here was created in Art Academy: Sketchpad.





Aonuma said narrowing down the winners was “really hard”, but the Gold, Silver and Bronze winners were eventually settled on by both him and the development team based on the skills presented by the artists, their artistic expression and creativity.




Because Aonuma’s a boss, he also got to give away awards to the art he personally liked. It shouldn’t be too tough to see why the above from user Dani’s Triforce eye pic won alongside others.




If it isn’t clear that Art Academy is surprisingly robust, you can also check out the Art Academy Sketchpad development team’s picks above in the “Art Academy Favorites” category.




And because Aonuma was clearly enjoying himself by the end of it, he also included a list of extra awards to those who didn’t quite follow the theme but deserved special mentions as well, including an amazingly well-drawn Majora’s Mask. You can see more of the special mentions here.


Congrats to the winners, and take note! The next contest is already on! Animal Crossing: New Leaf is the next game to get the treatment, and the theme is “The Four Seasons of Animal Crossing”.


You can read more about it over on the Miiverse here, and it’ll be judged by director for Animal Crossing Aya Kyogoku. The contest runs from February 21st till the 16th of March Japan time, or when the thread hits 1000 entries.

  • HershelLousyton

    Coincidentally I just beat A Link Between Worlds. Ignoring its horribly disappointing final boss, it’s probably my favorite of the handheld Zelda games.

    • Laer_HeiSeiRyuu

      Yuga’s gonna snip you in your sleep yo

    • Serge

      Heroe mode make everything better, but yes, it was dissapointing.
      Also, go and play Minish Cap right now.

      • HershelLousyton

        I have, I’ve finished every handheld Zelda game.

        • Serge

          You just broke my heart.

          • Iunno, I understand why someone would think Minnish Cap is the winner, but the Oracle games will always beat it out for me. I found MC to be incredibly easy.

          • HershelLousyton

            I think both are great games, and if it’s any consolation Ezlo > Rovio.

    • I’ve been disappointed with every final boss since Majora’s Mask (and yet I love Majora’s Mask as both a game and a boss). They’ve always been awesome and fantastical, but I felt like I could have beat every final boss from Majora onward in my sleep on the first try… kinda sucks some of the thrill out of them despite them being otherwise amazing.

      • thomby

        Someone has really high expectations, I guess. I personally really enjoyed the final boss. It was a lot of fun.

        • Or I could say you had really low/no expectations? lol, well just because I’m disappointed with some aspect of a final boss doesn’t mean I didn’t otherwise enjoy it to some extent (which I already establish, actually). I’m telling you, I haven’t been afraid to lose to a final boss in a Zelda since OoT and the games before it… because I just haven’t lost to any of them even once, not even close. That just takes some of the thrill out of a boss fight for me. I enjoy getting a sense of a real struggle. I like having to be surprised and killed only to retry and find a way to get past it. Maybe I’ve just been spoiled…

    • Göran Isacson

      While I haven’t played EVERY handheld Zelda ever, I’d say I like it well enough to say it’s the second best. Still more fond of Links Awakening, but this is seriously cool.

      Question tho, what about the final boss disappointed you? Was it a story-related thing (in which case perhaps we shouldn’t be discussing things what with spoilers and all) or was it a game-play related complaint? I thought it was pretty challenging, even if the first half was more interesting and challenging than the second. I mean, as far as bosses in that game go it was FAR from the easiest.

  • Is it bad I like almost all of these more than the declared winner? It just seems super boring to me. :/

    • Senka

      Yeah, seriously. It’s not THAT funny or creative. I don’t have any artistic talent, but I would never be able to take these contests seriously if I did. Too often this kind of crap happens.

      Create something amazing like http://storage.siliconera.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/br03.jpg and then lose to something that’s just very dry, pale humor? It’s pitiful. Oh well, maybe the criteria for the contest was to create something amusing rather than high quality, and he just happened to be in a good mood when looking at her’s. And in the end, art is all subjective anyway… I guess. :P

  • Christopher Nunes

    I’m more intrigued in getting Art Academy Notepad now, if people can make these amazing pieces and share it on Miiverse I would like to do that too! ^_^

    Not the best artist, but I’ll see what I can make!

  • Kazekage Gaara
  • This totally would have been a flipnote 3DS competition if they had released it by now… btw, what happened with that? I thought the last thing Nintendo said about it was that it’d be released in late 2013?

  • MaskedHero99

    Toon link is the best

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh… yyyeah, I gotta admit that I honestly find most of these artworks more impressive than the nr 1. True, nr 1 has an understated elegance to it, but as far as detail or imagination goes some of them blow it straight out of the water. but eh, maybe that’s the point: nr 1 is a picture you can go back to and look at again and again and it never really gets tough on the eyes or too cluttered. But still, that collage of arranged characters, or that Hyrule-themed lunch… thumbs up to those guys.

  • Gilgamesh2025

    Oh, that’s pretty cool! :)

  • Snorlaxation

    Pretty damn sweet.

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