Toradora Anime Getting Blu-Ray Premium Package With Hardcover Artbook

By Eugene . March 12, 2014 . 3:38pm

Toradora fans should be happy with this. NIS America is releasing both Standard and a Premium edition English dubs of the Toradora anime come July 1st in Blu-Ray. The Premium version comes with all 25 episodes, a special 32-page hardcover art book and a collectible slipcase to store the DVD/Blu-Ray in.


The art book will feature an episode guide alongside character and relationship info. Each episode can be watched in either English dub or in Japanese with subtitles, in case you prefer one or the other.


The series stars Ryuji Takasu, a high school student whose genetics left him with a delinquent’s face. And no good kid wants to hang out with someone who looks like that. Fortunately, one of the few who don’t flee in terror from his bad boy looks is Minorin, his one twue wuv. To steal her heart, though, he teams up with Taiga “The Palmtop Tiger” Aisaka. Aisaka’s in love with Ryuji’s own close friend, leading them to an alliance of convenience to steal the heart of the ones they truly love. Or maybe not.


In addition to the show, the DVD/Blu-Ray will pack in four extra mini OVA episodes, extra clips, TV spots and clean versions of the opening and ending sequences.


You can pre-order the series at NIS America’s store here. It will release July 1st.

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  • doubleO7

    Wow, NISA’s first anime dub! Good for them. I already own the first of the subbed premium sets, but I may have to pick this up.

    Now if they would just go back and dub The Princess and the Pilot, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • Zero_Destiny

    The dub trailer if anyone is interested:

    • DragKudo


      • AuraGuyChris

        Or Lucien Dodge.

        • DragKudo

          Johnny voices Kitamura

      • Maximiliano García

        First Thing I thought after hearing the voice of taiga was: “MGRGRGR!” with Edea haha

    • Pdugna

      dude….NIS I like they localize things and stuff but cmon this whole damn trailer was most of the show….

    • Learii

      I would

  • TheExile285

    Great show and the PE is day one for me.

  • X_Bacon

    Oh god, I need this!

  • Ouch, 100$… not that I expected anything less. Guess I’ll just get it for Christmas at the end of the year.

    • enl100

      Thank god I’m a senior…graduation present!

  • ThomasTruong

    An non overly-long NISA case that will actually fit on my shelf? Sorcery!

  • Servant BerserCAR

    One of the best romantic-comedy anime. Really recommended.

    っ◔◡◔)っ ♥

  • Herok♞

    Awesome they are finally doing dubs, that is the one reason I haven’t bought their stuff yet

    • Nah, for me personally: Zero regrets buying Hanasaku Iroha’s 2 Premium Edition Box sets. Worth every penny for that show and planning on doing the same for their Nagi-Asu release whenever it gets a release date.

      But yeah, great to have an english dub, trailer voices sound real good and infinitely better that any of Sentai Filmwork’s dubs. Definite buy :O

      • Lynx

        -infinitely better that any of Sentai Filmwork’s dubs.

        I dunno.

        Break Blade sounds way better than this and I didn’t like who they picked for Rygart. Hell, the Persona 4 anime sounds better.

        It might be the context but a fair amount of scenes they used in the trailer really sound awful, especially in terms of the main leads.

        • Yeah Persona 4 was actually quite good. Break Blade is an awesome show but im biased since I cant stand ayres in lead roles (Rygarts VA btw, which i can totally understand why you didn’t like it XD) when his voice lends itself perfectly and i mean real perfectly for COMEDIC types and shows of similar material.

          • Scarletmoonwish

            I enjoy his role in Night Raid 1931. It was a more of a comedic nature but it fit with his character pretty well. I was kinda surprise the picked him to voice rygart as well, hope they picked someone else if the decided to dub the updated version.

    • SerendipityX

      I bought their Natsumes Book of Friends sets with no regrets but I’m definitely preordering Toradora on principle alone extras + dub is auto-buy.

  • ZEROthefirst

    I was afraid that NIS was going to do an Aniplex USA price, you know the ridiculous and rip-off $150+ for 13 episodes thing they like to do (or $350+ for “import” titles). Instead the prices are cheaper than most Funimation releases and around the same price as Sentai’s stuff. Anyways looking forward to this.

  • Anime10121

    God I’m SO glad I waited before buying the subbed only releases! One of my favorite anime ever and I’m definitely jumping in!

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    How is this show? I’ve only played Toradora Portable (Thanks translation teams!) and it’s pretty good.

    • DyLaN

      Haven’t watch it, but reception of the anime/LN is good frm what I’ve seen.

    • Anime10121

      Best rom/com EVAR, is a fairly accurate statement :P

  • This was an excellent show. So many feels. Do want! =^_^=

  • chroma816

    A $100 dollars isn’t too bad – the Lain boxset was $80, and I bought that. I might just buy this nice edition of the greatest love story ever told.

    Now if only the Monogatari series releases in the west weren’t almost 200 dollars…

    • Hashim Kutbi

      It’s more than 300 dollars if you’re going to import each volume. And IMO I don’t think dubbing the Monogatari series will be an easy task. I think cutting the costs and releasing it subbed only will be great.

      • Anime10121

        To Aniplex, cutting the costs and making it sub only would only save us about $20…

  • Raltrios

    Much as I’d love this, they need to fix Shakugan no Shana first.

    – First season? All 24 eps for $40-ish. Cool, bought it long ago.
    – Second season? Two 12-ep DVDs for $60 each. Are you freaking kidding me?
    – Third season? See second season. Mother of god.

    I can’t buy anime if it keeps being this expensive. It’s more pricey than entire western TV series bundles now. I get that we’re a smaller audience and a lot of people need to be paid, but I can’t handle this. Freaking Haruhi’s second season costs twice as much as the first, and that’s with Endless Eight – essentially the same episode eight times!

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Huh? Shana isn’t NISA.

      And you can pretty regularly find those last seasons on AMZN or RightStuf in the $30-35 range.

      And be careful when complaining too loudly about the pricing. $30? That used to get you at MOST 4 eps on a VHS tape.

      • Raltrios

        My bad. I assumed the localization team was the same since they were both JC Staff productions.

        And I can’t use Amazon because I don’t have a credit card, nor do I want one.

        • NinaBright

          Are 15? Do you not have a bank account? Just use your debit card. It’s the 21st century.

          • Anime10121

            I’d never recommend using a debit card for ANYTHING online (direct access to your cashflow for hackers without anywhere near the legit amounts of payment protection is not good :/), but yeah, credit cards are good to have…

        • Anime10121

          Do you live in America? Because if so, I’ll never understand some peoples adversities to using a credit card (and trust me, me being an African American male in the south, I run into a LOT of people who think the banks want to own their lives by giving them a credit card). Credit cards are not some be all evil that will put you in debt for the rest of your life…

          They are and will be extremely helpful throughout your life as long as you handle your money correctly. I personally use ONLY credit cards for everything, and instantly just pay them back with my checking account. So I never have finance charges or any “extra fees” and I also get the benefit of building up my credit (which is something you NEED if you live on your own and plan on buying a car/house/furniture/any big ticket item).

          tldr; This is the point I’m trying to make, credit cards can be a blessing, as long as you watch your money and dont overspend…

          • Raltrios

            No, I live in Canada, work a part-time job, and will soon be leaving home. I have a decent amount in my bank account, but I can’t afford to take risks at the moment. I’ve no experience in this sort of thing, so I’d rather keep away from potential debt.
            What you said about building credit intrigues me, though. Could you elaborate a bit more?

          • Anime10121

            Dont know exactly if it works 100% the same in Canada, but here’s a very summarized version.

            You build credit (which is basically your financial “trust level”, and depending upon how “high” that trust level is, will determine how much banks/creditors will lend you in your efforts to buying a high dollar item such as a car/house.

            What I do, and have in essence done since I became 18 and got my first credit card, was never overspend to the point where I dont have the cash in my banking account to pay it back almost immediately, and considering many credit cards dont have annual fees and only charge you for accrued balances that remain on your account for over a month, and I never let the balances stay on for more than a month, I never get charged any extra fees. And in turn, building trust with the banks and anyone else who needs to see that I’m good for paying back loans.

            You can also build your credit through cell phone contracts (not prepaid), buying furniture on a payment plan, paying rent on an apartment on time (though most times you’ll already NEED decent credit in order to get your own apartment) amongst other small things. But considering you’ll be new “building credit” the easiest way is just to get a credit card with a small limit of around $300-$500 and making sure you never spend past your capabilities to pay it back.

            Building credit is crucial to living a steady life as an adult, and as long as you own your own finances and dont let your finances own you (basically, dont get carried away and think that a credit card is “free” money), you’ll be fine and wont have “debt” (at least until you start purchasing big items like cars or houses, which until you pay them off ARE debt owed to the bank that lent you the credit/check to buy them) :)

            And yes, this is a summarized version :P

          • Raltrios

            Thanks, that’s really helpful. And you can’t build credit from a regular bank account, because it’s all your money anyway, right? As things are I’ve only got a savings account, so there’s no way to build credit ratings just by maintaining my minimum balance or anything, correct?

          • Anime10121

            Nope, a checking and/or savings account builds no credit at all because its all your money, so nobody really cares if you handle YOUR money correctly or not :P

          • Raltrios

            I see. Thanks for the info!

      • moogle.nine

        Semi-on topic- I also recall these higher prices, haha. I spent $20-25 per episode for Ah My Goddess and You’re Under Arrest ovas on vhs. :(. And don’t let me forget that $400ish Kimagure Orange Road laserdisc set from Animeigo… I thought I’d hit the jackpot by the time Slayers came out. 3-4 eps for $20? Heck yeah. Plus Slayers rocks.

  • landlock

    Ah! this explains why MVM recently licensed Toradora! for the UK didn’t think they’d do a sub only release.

  • artemisthemp

    Nice looking LE :)

  • Kalis Konig

    Pleasantly surprised! However anime sets have gotten much more expensive then I remember them being in the past. I’ll stick with hulu and crunchy roll for now. It’s a really nice set though.

    • Anime10121

      Yeah, they unfortunately have risen so much that this kinda release is considered a bargain :/

      Its unfortunate, but I’ll pay it, Toradora was just that good. Not many shows I can say that about…

      • M’iau M’iaut

        This actually ends up cheaper than the original set which was 2 at $59.99/each as I recall. It was the show that made folks go ‘damn’ when NISA announced they were bringing it over. I doubled up the first time, so I can’t see myself grabbing again.

        Yes, it is that good.

        • Anime10121

          Yeah, we’re just spoiled on what used to be Funi’s 30-40 bucks for a complete 26 episode show :P

          I’m so glad I waited! I was always gonna buy this show like I was Clannad (waited til the season sets dropped to about 35 a piece before jumping in), just so glad I can get it now with an actual good dub too :D

  • nathaniel

    does anyone here know if the NIS store charges for preorders immediately?

    • Anime10121

      Nope, they charge you when they ship, HOWEVER they do initiate a preauthorization charge the moment you preorder, so you have to make sure you have the money/credit in your account when you buy/preorder…

  • NeptuniasBeard

    I usually HATE the violent Tsundere types. But Taiga’s actually kinda alright. It helps that the series is awesome in some other ways

  • hawk222

    Just as soon as I start watching the subs, they announce a dubbed version. Unbelievable… (I’m not saying I like one more than the other, but if it’s dubbed, I have an easier time multitasking while I watch it, you see?)

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