• Adrián Alucard

    Please Namco, don’t let Dark Souls die with GFWL, release a patch

  • DesmaX

    Does Ds1 still uses GFWL?

    The game will be worthless if it still does

    • Zypharium

      Yep, it still uses GFWL. As long as they don’t release a patch that removes this garbage, I will not play it.

    • http://watercrown.info/ Ryusui

      We’ve got word from Bamco that they’re “looking into a solution,” which I’m assuming for the time being is fancy PR speak for “go **** yourselves, all of you.”

      Though it’s still more than Capcom’s promised for Dead Rising 2, which has basically amounted to a hearty laugh in all our faces.

  • James Enk

    Can anyone tell me if the game has any technical problems right now?

    • Adrián Alucard

      The game works perfectly, I’m still playing (making time until DS II is released)

      If you want to play in HD, download the DSfix (max resolution is 720p, and it looks terrible, the patch improves the graphics)

      • James Enk

        My pc only does 720p, so will it be ok?

        • Ferrick

          should be fine

          • James Enk

            Nice,ty for the answers

  • Abend

    anyone bothered by the fact that is the penetrator from demon’s souls

    • Triplicity


    • Solbenzern

      i’m very annoyed in fact…

  • http://gamesero.wordpress.com/ Arla

    I bought it for $5 a while back and even with the DSfix it’s still an awful port. I would recommend anyone interested to wait until Namco Bandai removes GFWL. I know it hasn’t been confirmed that they will, but they’re already working on removing it from Ace Combat and they’re looking into it for other games.

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    So DS veterans, is it worth starting with this, Demon’s Souls, or should I just jump directly into DS2?

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