Unlock Atelier Ayesha Plus’ Fantasy Costumes And The Ability To Change Characters Anywhere

By Sato . March 17, 2014 . 12:12am


Gust previously announced that Atelier Ayesha Plus will have Bravely Default-like battle animation speed adjustments which can be unlocked through “Album Missions”. 4Gamer gives us a closer look at the Album Missions, and a look at a bunch of new costumes for Ayesha, Linca, and Willbell.


Ayesha’s costumes:


Filtz Lady


016 017 


Night Blossom


018 019


Pinky Doll


020 021


Willbell’s costumes:


Crimson Flower


022 023


Magical Swimmer


025 024


Checker Girl


027 026 


Linca’s costumes:


Chrysanthemum Bloom


029 028


Dark Valkyrie


031 030 


Rose Amazoness


032 033


Additionally, here’s a look at some of the headgear accessories:


037 036 038 039 040 041 035 034


In Atelier Ayesha Plus, there will be “Album Missions” that will grant you various bonuses for completing them.


042 043

Each album image will have nine panels, which can be acquired by meeting certain conditions like getting Ayesha’s alchemy level to 10, or making certain equipment.


013014 012 

The Snow Breeze, Urban Cat, and Wonder Girl costumes are just some of the many you’ll be able to acquire by completing pages in the album. In addition to costumes, you can also get things like “combat animation increase,” “party change anytime,” and “free battle mode” by taking on the Album Missions.


Atelier Ayesha Plus will be released on March 27, 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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  • In the end, handheld version will come out as the superior one, huh?

    • Slayven19

      Yes but it will also sell the least in the west at least. More people have a ps3 and don’t want a vita so the extras to them won’t really matter anyway. As for me I’d double dip because I don’t mind playing the atelier games twice.

    • Xerain

      Being as I own two copies of Totori and Meruru, I’ve started skipping the PS3 versions. I just hope TK doens’t drop teh ball on this one.

  • Slayven19

    I really love that Chrysanthemum Bloom and Dark Valkyrie. They may be pallet swaps of other costumes in the game but it goes to show you what a color change can do for a new look. I kinda wish the Chrysanthemum Bloom was her regular color scheme.

  • Nitraion

    As always TK, As always…
    you just gained title…
    “Gamer seducer with 3d virtual girl” *_*
    Well i haven’t played Esca and Logy yet… i bet they will give vita version too….

  • Rio Raze

    Look at Linca’s Customes…. @[email protected]!! Hgghghgh… Ok, put on my list…
    Hopefully they will keep bringing this kind of games more on PSVita…

    • Fsteak

      Hnngh! That embarrassed look in the Rose Amazoness! My boner can’t take it!

  • Adam Zaorski

    Anyone knows when will it come out in the EU/US?

    • chibidw

      It’s not even out in Japan yet. Also, we don’t even have Rorona. I wouldn’t expect it out any time soon, if at all.

  • DyLaN
  • Victor Wesker

    “party change anytime”. Even in battle?

  • gangrelion

    Wait a sec! Did Ayesha reallly grow older at this CG above? Not just on age numbers like Rorona, but on appearence as well?

  • leingod

    The aspect I look most forward to, is the ability to do battle freely without time constraints :D

    (…and that Rose Amazoness costume)

  • XiaomuArisu

    Thats what I call good costumes!

  • Fsteak

    This is nice and all, but what about costumes for everyone else? They’re always focusing on these three. I know Ayesha’s the lead, and that Willbell and Linca are VERY popular, but I want me some Regina goodness! What about Odelia and Marion? Costumes for them would be nice!

    Hell, I want to play dress-up with Juris and Keithgriff! MIB costumes, anyone?

  • Göran Isacson

    Those are some adorable damn outfits. Also, boosted up battle speeds are ALWAYS very much welcome, yes. If this is the only thing which Bravely Default brings to the table of new JRPG’s, then it will have done God’s work.

  • otakumike

    Linca + neko ears = Art

    Ayesha is the only Atalier game to date I have platinumed. It was genuinely fun and I hope they localize this version.

    Oh and Escha & Logy deserve some love for making everything so accessible and convenient. I love all the improvements.

  • Learii

    they all look so good <3

  • Audie Bakerson

    Got to love Flitz Lady/Urban Cat.

  • Monterossa

    localize it and TAKE MY MONEY!!

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