Trails of Blue Evolution Reaches Vita On June 12th In Japan

By Ishaan . March 24, 2014 . 8:30am

This week’s Dengeki PlayStation magazine in Japan reveals a release date for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Blue Evolution—June 12th.


As detailed in past reports, the game, which was originally released for PSP and is being ported to PS Vita, will include full voice-acting for its main story, rearranged music, updated visuals, new Vita-specific mini-games and a new animated intro.


You can watch an older commercial for the game here.

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  • kaotron

    yep…another game that I will probably never see localized in my lifetime.
    at least bring over trails of flash…

    • At least, I can hope that if someone brings it over, they’ll use a more appropriately fitting term than ‘Flash’ for ‘Sen.’

      • kaotron

        yeah, flash does sound kinda off…

        • It’s more than just “kind of.” The whole concept behind “sen” is the “flicker of light” that comes from quickly drawing a weapon. An example of a character who used the term ‘sen’ a lot can be found in the name of the moves used by Kenshin in Ruroni Kenshin.

          Using “flash” doesn’t work at all for an English translation, due to the fact that the meaning intended is not the first thing that comes in mind, or goes with the implication found in the term.

          There’s also the fact that it took playing through to Ao no Kiseki to define the actual contextual meaning of ‘Zero’ in ‘Zero no Kiseki,’ which is a necessity in trying to translate the titles and proper terms in these games. You can translate something exactly according to dictionary form, then later on context brings in a new ‘in-game usage’ of that term to force you to translate it.

          A good example of this is ‘rengoku’ showing up in FC. ‘Rengoku’ translates, literally as ‘purgatory.’ It even comes up again more than once in SC. ….but then 3rd defines it into something else entirely because of the in-game context meaning behind the word.

          • kaotron

            well sorry(my jap vocab sucks), but it seems like it’s one of those words that’s usually lost in translation and makes something else completely like some of the translation fails I saw in valkyria chronicles.

            I get that flash sound really lame in comparison to the actual definition of sen but titles are usually the least of my worries when it comes to this series..

          • No need to apologize. It’s the reason why we try to teach people the meanings- “sen” isn’t a common use kanji either, so it isn’t generally taught.

            But the thing that most of us comment on with it is if they can’t bother to see the loss of context (like contextually, ‘Ao no Kiseki’ should be referencing ‘Azure’ – something like ‘Trails of Azure’ instead of ‘blue’ since that’s a proper term in the series as well now) – then when it comes to things that are being translated in the news, there may be other issues there, too.

            Udon did this with the Kiseki characters book and that translation ended up becoming a travesty. They translated proper terms into the sentences without realizing they were translating aliases and codenames and it kind of ruined the translations of the phrases.

          • kaotron

            man, translated a game this long must be a nightmare for the people working on this thing since it’s script is literally in book size length. i’ve noticed that a some jrpg also have things like cultural reference, language puns/wording/rhyming/haiku that come of as weird and awkward in english when translated poorly..

          • That’s par for the course in translating Japanese. Japanese is an extremely context reliant language, too.

            And those scenario books I took a photo of ages ago that was pasted in another comment don’t even show the NPC dialogue. That’s just the main scenario and side quest text.

          • Pyrofrost

            I would expect that it would probably be Shimmering, Shining, or Gleaming. Something of that nature.

          • Possibly! That’s actually leaning to something more appropriate. But considering the nebulous nature of the word, I’d almost wait until Sen II comes out before deciding on a title for Sen.

            Then use the whole story’s context to come up with something that’s appropriate for the titles, yet fits into the constraints that have been set for the series titles in English, as well.

          • Pyrofrost

            We shall see what the future holds then. I’m guessing Falcom will have Sen 2 planned for Oct~Nov-ish. What do you think?

          • I would *normally* suspect Sept, like usual… but Kondo’s hint was “when the weather gets cool.” –so it probably is a little later than then. I think Oct-Nov is a good estimate at this point.

            Maybe we’ll learn more this weekend. They’re doing another event on Saturday.

          • Pyrofrost

            I will be looking forward to it!
            Man, there are going to be lots of games to be expected for 4th Qtr 2014 and 1st Qtr 2015. I’m thinking my wallet is going to be in tears.

          • My wallet is already crying. I’m a sucker for figurines, which means I need all five figures from the Ao Evolution boxes. D: Chara-Ani’s got one that has all 5 for just short of $200. ;;

          • Pyrofrost

            Ouch, I see what you mean concerning that :(
            I guess I’m lucky in so many ways on this (if you want to call it luck), It’s pretty much gotten to the point that I don’t have room to put all that stuff up anymore. So that keeps down my need to snag lavish collectors editions and such. xD

            I would still like to get that kind of stuff, but I think I’m going to wait till I decide where I’m going to permanently base myself with my career once I graduate. At that point I will be at a place that’s completely mine, and I won’t be restricted to keeping all my paraphernalia in my “game room.”

          • JeremyTMH

            Ordered 2 of that set… crying wallet?… i think my bank is crying…

        • Grr- hate disqus. I edited a LOT of stuff to my comment and now it seems to have disappeared. :( It’ll probably show up in a bit.

          • Pyrofrost

            Yeah, disqus is silly like that, some times your edits will just show up slow :p

          • I was considering on running disqus on my page, once upon a time… but I decided against it, since it would’ve been too much work.

            I’m kind of glad I did at this point.

          • Pyrofrost

            Yeah, I see what you mean.
            There are good things about Disqus; but it also has lots of issues, from what we are discussing to threads not even being willing to load. It can be a real mess.

            Btw, out of curiousity, are you also Floofy?

          • Yeeeah, disqus seems to have become a huge mess over the past half year or so… so its disadvantages definitely outweigh the advantages in my eyes at the moment.

            I am! I’m just using my website’s name in disqus and the profile links into Endless History from it.

          • Pyrofrost

            Ah, I thought you were.

            I sorta decided to go ahead and actually follow you, aside from following Endless History since we both have a love for Falcom and JRPGs. YEAH! m/

            At the same time, I was a bit worried; because I didn’t want to freak you out xD

          • I don’t mind if you follow me at all! :D The more the merrier. <3

          • Pyrofrost

            Woooooooo! :p

    • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

      Localizing games of a saga out of order makes no sense whatsoever. You want to see this game localized some day? Buy Trails in the Sky FC and SC when it comes out later this year. People express a lot of desire and want for these games, but sales of Trails in the Sky FC for the PSP proved that, predictably, not every person who /localizeplease actually buys the games~.

      • kaotron

        I’ve heard that AO is a sequel/spinoff to sky so knowing the story is needed to understand what going on. I’m not so sure if trail of flash relates to sky as well though.

        and there’s many japanese dev’s that dont get to localized all of the games in their series but still move on to their newer games. Just look at the tales series for example, destiny 2, rebirth and veperia ps3, they didnt get local but they still moved on to gracef and xillia etc.

        btw, I already have FC for my psp and I’m waiting to get SC(whenever that thing comes out).

        • Juan Manuel M. Suárez

          They are all part of the same Universe, they are all under the shadow of the Ouroboros group. Events are referenced, characters are referenced [hell, Olivier is featured in Sen no Kiseki]. Comparing Tales games to the Legend of Heroes is…just not going to work. Sorry, but the complexity of Falcom’s work is way out of something like Tales of’s plot~.

          Whether we like it or not, this is a grand tale and every part of it is meant to be played / read in order to enjoy the next installment and so on and so forth~.

          • kaotron

            I was just using tales as an example of another jprg that series that has trouble getting local. I’m not really comparing the story writing of tales and trails because it’s obvious which one does it better. Even though I’m a tales fan I mainly like it for it’s battle system other than that every thing else isnt all that special to me.

          • MrTyrant

            But Tales lately isn’t getting much trouble coming west. The older ones and the ports for vita or spin off seems troublesome because the main new games take priority.

          • kaotron

            yeah, i really wanted to play the remake of hearts and innocence, for now Im just glad that zest got confirmed localization before release so it probably wont take another few years like it did with the xillia games.

        • Pyrofrost

          All of them are in the same universe, they are connected, and they are telling different parts to the same overall story. You need to play the previous entries, and you need to play these moving forward into Sen and Sen 2.

          The only actual spinoff in the Kiseki series, that you need zero knowledge of the previous entries to play, is Nayuta no Kiseki.

          • kaotron

            yeah, I remeber seeing this pic for the first time, that second chapter has the biggest script out of the three. no wonder it’s taking this long.

            this must be driving the translators insane…

          • Pyrofrost

            Yep, and even later this photo was released.

          • MrTyrant

            They neved did one for the newest installment because I want to know their scrip size.

          • As I said to Pyro, I’ve got two bits of conflicting data for the script size of Sen no Kiseki, both from trustworthy sources, so It’ll be difficult to come up with one.

          • kaotron

            zero has aprox 4million jap characters?! wow, and I thought that the 2nd chapter was insanely long.

            man, so even if all of the trails had confirmed localizations tomorrow it’d still take over a decade to get the current ones…I guess this is why some jrpg fans just gave up and started studying how to read this stuff.

            i considered learning how to read but after hearing about the multiple alphabets and characters I gave up instantly…

          • MrTyrant

            Zero was shorter than Ao and Sen no Kiseki even.

          • kaotron

            really? the pic above said that it has a bigger script that the both of them, maybe it’s just a lot of grey side quest with a shorter story mode then(that or the count was off)

          • Yeah. The big problem with Zero and Ao is that Crossbell is small enough that you have access to ALL of the NPC’s at almost all of the time in both games.

            Whereas Liberl is a “larger” (I say this lightly, since they are still tiny) country and is able to be broken into ‘regions.’ This forces the game to only change the NPC dialogue in one region at a time.

            In Zero and Ao, the same NPC dialogue changing mechanic happens- except ALL of the NPC’s change throughout Crossbell most of the time.

          • MrTyrant

            I remember Dudley and the reporter girl going around everytime. In one we see Dudley near the police station and suddenly he changes to shopping because he needed something. Funny because characters in your party talk with them about those little changes instead of just hearing the npc telling you. It’s very interactive in that way.

          • kaotron

            so a lot of the dialogue scripts are npc cycles?
            and zero has alot less to explore than sky..oh well

          • JeremyTMH

            Sen is also being limited to ‘regions’ and the npc dialogue changes is limited largely to Tristia. Of course as events change in each chapter the npcs all say different things as well in each respective chapter’s locale.

            The script length feels almost between zero and ao if you ask me. If you factor in the books however I say its closer to Ao or slightly larger.

            Sen II should be much larger. If you factor in that you will have ‘free roam’ for the towns you gain access to, 20 over character events (assuming Falcom fulfils their 20+ playable characters tease) and of course a story starting near the end of Ao’s timeline.

          • (As a note, since I’m kicking myself now for not putting my name on them, would it be possible to link back to my site when referring to both of those images? :D)

          • Pyrofrost

            Sure, I will edit it in. I didn’t even know it was from your site xD

            I had it passed off to me from a friend. So I would flash that pic anytime people would bitch about localizations and XSEED concerning this series, like they knew what the hell they were talking about. :p

          • It’s all good! I just want to try to use those pics to draw more traffic to my site now. I’ll probably remake the one you linked, since I think I can make it look nicer and more readable.

            (and stick my site credit on it, too! xD)

          • Pyrofrost

            Not to mention you have another game to add now ;)

          • That’s a good point! But I actually have conflicting data on said “other game” – both are trustworthy sources that have given me wildly different numbers for Sen’s script size.

            I might do some exploratory work to find out something a bit more accurate to be 100% sure.

          • Pyrofrost

            That’s definitely a good idea!

            So are you considering waiting for Sen 2, to re-release your chart; or do you plan to do so with the addition of Sen, then do another in the future with the addition of Sen 2?

          • I’ve not decided yet.

        • “and there’s many japanese dev’s that dont get to localized all of the
          games in their series but still move on to their newer games.”

          This would be because many developers don’t develop with the intention of directing to two different markets. They’re developing for Japan, and if the games get localized, then that’s usually on the localization team- not the original development team.

          • kaotron

            ok, you’re right, technically its the localization team not the dev’s(like atlus and persona)but I think you get the point that I’m trying to get across here..

          • I think my point was missed, though, rather than pinpointing to the localization on the comment- the reason why Japanese developers don’t really pay much attention to the English speaking markets is because they’re developing for their markets in particular.

            It’s kind of the same fiasco that happened with Microsoft trying to market the XBox in Japan. The Xbox was developed more for the mannerisms of the English speaking markets- but according to reports I’ve seen, they didn’t really have an understanding of the Japanese market at all- and as a result, it likely damaged their product and made it harder to sell there.

            Japanese developers don’t have an understanding of English speaking markets, and instead of trying to force their product on our markets themselves, they just develop for Japan. If someone wants to localize in English, then they may be approached for it, but otherwise they don’t really work to focus on more than their own local area. This is because globalization is expensive and requires worldwide knowledge, instead of an understanding of the marketing for their local region.

          • kaotron

            what i hate the most is that jrpg have a super niche market outside of japan so companies are skeptical about localization because they dont know if it’ll get a profit while a lot of people in the the west are obsessed with first person shooter war game clones.

            I’ve heard that the 360 didnt sell all that well in japan either compared to the ps3. I sometimes talk to gamer friends irl who dont usually play jrpg’s and most of them stereotype most of them for being too generic/formulaic/anime-ish/alway centred around teenagers etc which is pretty sad that they dismiss some good game without giving them a chance..

          • That’s because some companies (I’m looking at you, Square Enix) can be disappointed by the sales when a game that still broke 3.4 million sales in its first month (Tomb Raider).

            This is what the AAA industry has done. JRPGs are *lucky* if they break 100,000 in sales. From an investor’s standpoint, would you rather release a game that will probably be around 100,000 (or much less) in sales? Or would you want something that goes into several million copies sold?

          • kaotron

            this may sound a bit hipsterish but the main difference is that the final fantasy is(like you said) a AAA title and a super mainstream game so gamers both young and old and new to the series know about the 15th final fantay game even if they didnt play the first ones.

            at this point I pretty much detest squenix not only for their milking tendencies but for making that awful 13 trilogy when they could have been making better and real games.

            I remember a while back a game called xenoblade chronicles was miraculously localized but as a super niche jrpg it was very rare and hard to find to the point where evil gamestop sold single used copied for $80+.

          • Granted, I think milking the XIII series is more Square-Enix giving Toriyama unchecked free reign and Toriyama’s unhealthy obsession with his waif- I mean, Lightning.

            But this big problem is more than just Square Enix. Call of Duty: Ghosts managed to rake in one /billion/ dollars on its /first day/, and Grand Theft Auto V brought in $800 million on its first day.

            The Gamestop thing is because Gamestop funded the localization of Xenoblade, IIRC. Or they were involved in it- as a result, only Nintendo and Gamestop could sell it.

          • kaotron

            yeah, I always wondered what was with that guy’s obsession with lighting. I dont know anyone that likes her character, even feminist hate lightning and she supposed to be a “strong female lead”.

            And now the sqenix fans believe that the almighty Nomura is their only hope and are still waiting for XV:black leather boyband edition to come out while hoping that KH3 wont take another decade while getting also getting milked spinoff’s, remakes, final mixes, HD collection etc.

            yeah, i hate rehash milking but I guess as long as 10 year olds keep buying call of duty 42:dog edition they’ll keep making it.

            and I guess the heads of gamestop knew how bad people wanted to play the game but it was pretty dumb of nintendo not to fund the localization of xenoblade since they would’ve got a big profit. the wii was already known for being so easy to hack that even a toddler could do it, Gstop selling a single game for 80+ just convinces people to pirate.

          • Izzeltrioum

            Boyband edition? Hah.

            The Last of Us SE Edition actually. Some scenes from the last E3 Trailer look IDENTICAL to a certain part of Uncharted 3.

          • kaotron

            what a coincidence I once told someone the exact same thing. I like the new action rpg thing they are trying out but the movements/crouches and maneuver around really resembles other previous action games like uncharted. when I told this to a enix fan they said I was stupid for comparing a jrpg to a 3rd person shooter…

          • Izzeltrioum

            XV aims to the cinematic experience, I’m sure of that. I seriously just want SE to go bankrupt. Their stupid decision-making schema just make them the worst videogame company in existence. Just let other more skilled Jrpg devs to dominate already! Honestly, their “Fall” was what everyone needed. The perfect chance for other avid jrpg designers to make their appearance.

            From the previous XV’s E3 Trailer you can pinpoint the use of dynamic camera angles and KABOOMs–very Uncharted 2/3-esque; being a Xbox One title doesn’t help either, as they have the dudebro and militar FPS audiences to pleasure. It’s obviously that FANBOYS/SE Drones will defend it till no end as it’s the remaining thread-of-hope of their beloved franchise that Dragon Slayer made possible. Their GOD Nomura is everything to them. They are like the COD kids of JRPG–they pleasure themselves with every newer KH/FF boxarts, games still sell and games barely innovate gameplay-wise–just graphics. Other less known JRPG franchises struggle with fresh algorithms for Battle System mechanics and stuff, but are barely recognized.

            Kihgdom Hearts (First Baby’s ARPG) just no longer appeals to me. Granted, nothing from Square Enix (Except publishing Watamote in Japan) is worth my time anymore. Finally. Bravely Default was PUBLISHED by Square Enix. They did NOT help with the programming in any form or method. IF only Enix remade all of Quintet JRPGs (Gaia series) then I might give them a chance.

            And, of course–it’s my mere opinion.

          • kaotron

            yeah, it’s pretty sad, SE is one of those companies that’s in an abusing relationship with their customers becuase SE knows exactly what games their audience want like some of the classic remakes or a TWEWY sequel for example but instead we got a horrible ff13 trilogy that took up a whole console generation and FF4 was remade for the hundredth time.

            everytime I look on XV and KH3 forums it seems like most believe 100% that the game will be a masterpiece and worth-the-wait because the “legendary” NOMURA is behind it.

            I used to love KH…when I was elementary school. it’s pretty sad that after KH2 we got nothing but spinoff’s, remakes, directors cut/final mixes, and now HD collections. This level of milking rivals COD for crying out loud but the fans adamantly defend every bit of it because apparently the “spin-off’s” are canon to the main story. I used to be a fan of kh but it seems like the storyline is purposely convoluted and filled with plotholes and time skips just so the devs can make another spin-off “that’s canon to the story” explaining what happened.

            what annoys me about SE is not only their horrible business practices but that they like to cock-tease their fanbase by announcing games that wont come out for another 5-6 years(if lucky). Just look at KH3 it’s pretty sad that they had to brag about it now being IN DEVELOPMENT with a gameplay trailer that wont even be in the game.

            I wasnt big on gaming news back then so I only found out about XV when it was called FFversus back in 2011 while most fans knew about it and are still waiting since the time it was announced in ’06.

            imo, SE doesnt want to make games they want to make pretty CGI movies because that seems to be all they’re good at nowadays.

          • Izzeltrioum

            Ha! I see a pattern here. Actually, I loved KH2 back in Middle School. I’ve seen a lot of people’s initial workshipping attitude towards KH started during the Bullying scholar phase no. 1; Most of them, however, are girls (You should figure why),
            So we can asume KH is an inmature series, aiming for inmature audiences; For those avid, though, get to open their eyes, and explore other franchises. At least that’s what happened to me–I got to joy myself with other more dedicated, effort-invested JRPGs that translates as pure nirvana of the genre itself (SE-free). I was also a Squaresoft-praiser back during their golden age, but I moved forward! Unlike most people with they nostal-cyclejerk with Chrono Trigger, FFVI/VII and -Insert Enix/Squaresoft title here- (Except Gaia series. Published by Enix, developed by Quintet–they were godly). Hell I wished I played YS instead of Secret of Mana back then.

            FF, on the other side, just needs to stop. Its golden age is over. They need to accept they aren’t part of the meta side of JRPG anymore. As I said in my previous post, SE’s fall was what everyone needed. I thank Toriyama Motomu for making it possible. Thanks to him, other developers got the attention they deserved.

          • kaotron

            yeah, it’s no surprise that kh3 has a lot of people who are still fans in their 20’s now.

            this may sound a bit hipsterish but I also try to avoid most mainstream tripleA games and FF is one of them. I never understood the obsession with FF7 though, i guess it must be seen nostalgic rose colored glasses to be enjoyed because tbh that game didnt age well at all and even as a game of it’s time it wasnt all that great either(but for some reason ff7 of all ff has the most annoying fanbase that refuse to admit how overrated it was).

            and the fans kept begging for a ff7 remake so badly that square for some reason trolled them with a “demo” trailer and pretty much extorted them saying that if they support them and buy their recent awful games like(ff13-3:waifu returns) they may(?) get ff7 in a few decades which is insane.

            i also want squenix to die so a real game making company can take their place but unfortunately they have a huge brain dead fanbase that will buy anything with the FF logo on it. If they name ff13 “generic linear sci-fi world adventure” it wouldnt even sell a quarter of what it did.

            and it’s kinda funny how most gaming companies would kill to have a game title with a huge fanbase(like many of square’s games outside of FF) but instead sqenix gives the middle finger and makes decisions like dlc cliff hanger endings for a trilogy nobody wanted..

          • Izzeltrioum

            Wasn’t the other way around? GTAV sold over one Billion on its first days.


            And the FF13 trilogy was due to the “Cinematic Experience FPS give” approach Toriyama used. People must forget FF! There are betters jprgs out there (Trails, for example).

          • It could be the other way around. The article I was referring to had it the way there, however.

            And I agree completely that there are better JRPGs out there than the Final Fantasy series, but FF7 kind of skyrocketed it into the ‘mainstream’ line, so to speak.

        • kaotron

          also, the trails series is know for having very VERY long scripts that make it harder/longer to translate and it doesnt help that each game relates to each other so someone new to the series playing the most recent one will probably get lost.

          a relevant example is conception, which never got local but concept2 did but fortunately it’s a standalone game..

          • Pyrofrost

            Well, you can feel better knowing that in a recent live stream Kondo said that FC to Sen 2 will cover less than half if the intended world and story. (This is according to a friend of mine in Japan who watched the live stream. He is a fellow falcom fanatic).

            Needless to say, Kiseki is going to be pretty drawn out, like One Piece, for example.

          • I remember the stream. It’s actually that Kondo said that they’ve not even mapped out half of the Zemuria continent yet– but I don’t believe that they don’t know where they’re going.

            In the same event, Kondo said that they had already planned Sen when FC was done. They just decided to go to Crossbell first, and to go to Crossbell, they had to fill in gaps with 3rd.

            …and I believe it. From FC, to Sen, we’ve only seen the western most nations of the Zemuria continent.

            As far as we know, there are nine nations: Liberl, Crossbell, Erebonia, Calvard, Remiferia, Leman, Ored, North Ambria, and Alteria. (Technically, though, Alteria is a city-state.) Then eastern Zemuria is a lot of unorganized villages and cultures that really don’t have the clear-cut national boundaries you find from central to western Zemuria.

          • Pyrofrost

            Ah I see, thank you for giving more context :3

            And seriously, can you imagine how many more Kiseki games we can be given here. ERMAHGAWD! <3

            Just thinking about this excites me xD

          • Not a problem! I also think the most shocking thing is how BIG the story is if we have this many countries going into play with it now, too. D:

          • Pyrofrost

            Yeah, I know what you mean, hearing all this stuff about it surprised me considering the previous sagas were kept pretty short xD

          • Guest

            (psst. Another delayed edit, as I see the mistake I made, and forgot about another couple of nations. xD)

      • Guest

        also, the trails series is know for having very VERY long scripts that make it harder/longer to translate and it doesnt help that each game relates to each other so someone new to the series probably wont get what’s going on.

        a relavant example is conception, which never got local but concept2 did but fortunately it’s a standalone game..

  • Kaien

    SC intensifies

  • Pyrofrost

    Preorders are open on this as well. Go get it, importers~

    I have mine locked, and I can’t wait ^_^

  • Rio Raze

    ok, save June 12th while playing sen no kiseki,,, this series is one of my favorite from legends of heroes.. really miss crossbell and SSS crew… :)

    • I do, too. I enjoyed Sen, but I don’t think it was as good as Zero and Ao were. The Crossbell cast was absolutely amazing.

      • ogopogo

        Sen would have been amazing if you can pick whether you want to go with group A or B for each chapter, but then that would almost double the length of the game so I guess it’s asking too much. As it is though, there’re simply too many characters and we don’t spend nearly enough time with all of them to get the kind of attachment we got for the Sora or Zero’s cast.

        • I think we might have that opportunity to really get to know them in Sen II. Kondo’s already confirmed that they’re going to allow more free travel throughout Erebonia in Sen II.

          That, alone, makes me hyped for the game. :D

  • dark-kyon

    hoping for a asia release with eng sub,dont care for lack of story progress,i want to play a psvita legend of heroes clear what this game and sen no kiseki never gonna be out in the west.the psp games do not have mass appeal to do good for xseed and the review of the first one was average so is more what sure what legend of hero S.C is gonna be the last one in the west.

    • But this is a continuation of another Trails title that’s already on Vita as well. Zero no Kiseki Evolution came out two years ago. It would be very very stupid to release Ao no Kiseki before Zero no Kiseki, since Ao’s the true continuation of Zero.

      • dark-kyon

        this game for sure gonna be out in asia region how did zero no kiseki,my guess is what the chinese version can get englIsh sub how did sword art online HF.

        • JeremyTMH

          The script for SAO is atrocious. If you played the PSP version, with HF just a remake, reskin of that…

          I spent the last 20 floors with no more added story, just climbing floors and bashing monster skulls in, most of the story ended in the first 15 floors, then only continued in the last few floors after a long boring vacuum.

          The remaining ‘script’ if any is just broken sentences when you ‘talk’ to other npcs, flirts with the girls etc. That’s it.

          HF just adds the hollow area, maybe changes the story a little, adds more systems and reworks the horrible battle system from the psp version.

          There is nothing much to translate.

  • Izzeltrioum

    Just the thought of listening The Azure Arbitrator perfected…

    Sorry, gotta clean the screen.

    • hahaha Perfected? I don’t know. I can’t imagine how it can get any better than it is now. xD

      And I’m eager to see how it turns out.

      • Izzeltrioum

        Sheesh! I’m being optimistic. I KNOW for sure it can’t be perfected, buuut–only Falcom can do it. If it’s by a little margin…

        I’m confused right now to be honest.

        • I do agree- if anyone can make that song any better, it’s DEFINITELY Falcom. :D

      • MrTyrant

        I want an arrange of Unfathomed Force. I really loved fighting Uroboros and Sigmund with that theme. Everyone remember others but that theme sounded really fitting, menacing and cool.

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