Elsword Brings Big Sis Elesis Home From Another MMO

By Eugene . March 31, 2014 . 5:02pm

Settling debates I never knew existed, two similar—but different—free-to-play online RPGs Grand Chase and Elsword are answering the question on whether a character in each are related. Spoiler: Yes they are.


Big sister Elesis from Grand Chase 2D is making her way back to her homeland of Elrios and her little brother Elsword, from the 2.5D brawler MMO Elsword. Both Grand Chase 2D and Elsword are from developer KOG Games.


Elesis ScreenforJANGOElesis ScreenShot (1) Elesis ScreenShot (2)Elesis ScreenShot (3) Elesis ScreenShot (4) Elesis ScreenShot (8) Elesis ScreenShot (9)


Elesis is a new playable melee character for Elsword who uses flame-based attacks and a mean two-handed claymore. Her style of combat follows the “Chivalry” system, which is an additional bar that fills up and allows for managing a new type of resource that makes her stronger when swappin’ between attacks.


Elesis ScreenShot (10) Elesis ScreenShot (11) Elesis ScreenShot (13) Elesis ScreenShot (14)


In Elsword, players can level up and change job classes as they progress through the game. Elesis, for instance, can advance from Saber Knight to Grand Master, or choose to follow the path of a Pyro Knight that will unlock her Blazing Heart class.


Elesis ScreenShot (15) Elesis ScreenShot (16)ElesisPoster

Elesis Line Art_mmorpg Elesis LneArt_1

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  • Ni ~Algidus~

    The six years that I played GC while having her as my main were worth it, difficult as hell some times but worth it. I really want to get back to the Elsword and all, but i just can’t take how KOG and nexon works anymore and I also dislike my country’s elsword community a whole fucking lot.

  • Jettythesunfish

    I love Elesis! I haven’t had much interest in Elsword but I still enjoy playing with my Elesis in Grand Chase.

  • I need to get around to trying Elsword. I have it downloaded, but haven’t launched it once. I hesitate committing to online games. I need to get over it and just jump into one.

    • Tinye

      It’s fun, it’s pretty easy to get into. The art is great, it’s not a game you can play for a long time imo but I love the art style for sure. The combat is pretty darn fun as well. I just don’t see too much depth and a little too much emphasis on a crafting system that isn’t that fun to use.

      Casually – it’s a gem

      • Bobby Jennings

        Trust me, it has a lot of depth. :)

        • Tinye

          Probably personal preference in what depth is but I think I’ll have to agree with you that it does have a lot.

      • mojack411

        That’s exactly how I feel about the game. I started playing when… jeez I don’t even remember the character names anymore except Elsword, Eve, and Raven… When gun-buster dude came out. I played as a wind sneaker and absolutely loved the PvP. Eventually the game kinda became a grind, though, and I hated how if you wanted to make your character look halfway decent you had to be lucky enough to have a full set of armor or pony up some cash. The crafting system’s failure rate also seemed way too low even for a F2P MMO imo. I wanted to try other characters but I also didn’t want to start all over to get anywhere decent in PvP

      • natchu96

        Well, if the point of games is to have fun I think being a casual gem is more than enough to sell it!

        Some people like the high-end deepness in combat systems, other people just want to beat things up with flashy moves of mass destruction and overkill, no?

    • s07195

      Same situation with Mabinogi and Elsword. I used to be really into Grandchase… now, not so much (the Taiwan and HK servers are down/will go down soon anyways) and I’m wondering about whether to start again with Elsword…
      For Mabinogi, it was a recommendation, but I haven’t played it once. The last time I played an online game was PSO2, and that was way back in 2012…

      • natchu96

        I have the sad fate of being closest to the Taiwan/HK servers and being terrible at reading Chinese T_T

        Kinda awkward when I’m better at reading my second language than my first isn’t it . . . I really need to get over that so I can actually play games like this.

  • Bobby Jennings

    Been playing this since the korean beta started. Elsword is simply a masterpiece.

    Glad to see that you guys are covering it too. :)

  • KuroNathan

    Holy crap I remember grand chase and for the longest while (till now) I thought elsword WAS grand chase cause I was an elesis player O.o

  • s07195

    WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- *mind blown*
    I couldn’t get any but the first five characters in Grandchase unlocked, so I used Elesis a lot… she was Elsword’s sister after all?

    • Bobby Jennings


    • I can’t see the resemblance either. lol

    • natchu96

      Quote from wiki page:
      “Elsword, an ambitious yet hot headed young swordsman, trained by the leader of the Red Knights, his sister Elesis.”

      As far as I know that’s been there for years.

      Only resemblance seems to be red hair, swordsmanship skills, and a penchant for shooting fire at people.

  • Anonymous

    I´ve played GC for 4 years and I´m sad to see ntreev end like this and seeing what your favorite MMO has become in those years…
    Maybe I should try pick up Elsword again for Elesis´ sake

  • NightzeroAX

    I’ve gotten to level 58 with her and so far she’s an ok character. (Just started Elsword 2 weeks ago)

    • s07195

      Do you play a lot, or is it just easy to level up?

      • Easier now than before, anyways. The game was recently patched with an revamped exp table.

        It’s still a pain to level your characters past lvl 60+ though, albeit less painful.

        • s07195

          Does it also rely on paying real money a lot?

          • DawnWolf

            Money isn’t required. There is cash shop which sells several things; exp medals (50% faster leveling, can get a 15% version and 30% version for free), pets (you get one for free through quests), fluroites (a get out of jail free card if you break an item while crafting), avatar items (basically skins, they let you prop them with sockets to increase your extra stats (attack speed, movement speed, crit, etc.), useful but not needed), job changes/locked skills (all can be got through free quests), B-slot (lets you freely switch between 8 skills instead of 4, most useful item in the shop imo), and ice burners (basically gambling for better looking avatars with decent set effect at a dollar a pop, not much better than normal avatar except the weapon which gets 2 prop slots instead of 1).
            ^Everything relevant, most of which can be got for free if you’re willing to work for it. Infact you can get Avatars and Ice burners for free too if you know how to play the ingame currency market (aka reselling items -> make lots of ED -> buy Ice burner/avatar items off the board for ingame currency).

          • natchu96

            The real question is: is the exp medal boost going to cut enough time from your level grinding that you could actually be doing something productive and earning back the money you spent on it?


          • If can so long as you make the time to grind before it expires. Some items in the Item Mall have seperate durations under different prices. Buy a 50% EXP Boost Medal for 1 day for 120 K-ching ($1.20). Get it for 7 days for 700 K-ching ($7).

            Exp boosts can also be stacked, BUT only from one different exp medal to the next. You can’t put two 15% boost medals in your inventory and get 30% exp out of it, for example.

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