• NocturneDream

    This is really, really sad and pathetic. What a way to fall into obscurity.

  • Rokmoninov

    Is there anything stopping him from going back to Atlus? It makes me sad to hear about great developers ending up like this.

    • malek86

      The fact that he left the company in the first place, means he’s unlikely to want to go back there.

      • Rokmoninov

        Yeah, that’s true. I always hear about developers leaving and starting their own companies for whatever reasons, but I hardly ever hear of any going back.

        • ElAbuelo69

          Keiji Infaume, the boob lover from Tecmo and now this guy

          • Rokmoninov

            Wait, when did every single guy leave Tecmo?

          • ElAbuelo69

            Lol, then I shall refer to him as “the boob addict”

          • malek86

            You forget Mikami too. It seems pretty much every big japanese company of the 90′s lost some important members with the turn of the century.

          • Pedro Furtado

            Let’s not forget Sakaguchi himself

    • DividedSeraph

      The massive backlash after Nocturne’s failure. Maniacs was made to repair the damage as I understand it. It’s sad, because he was a legend(Soul Hackers, Persona 1/2, SMT1/2, allll him).

  • Strain42

    I do wonder how he feels about leaving now. I mean he left right before MegaTen started getting really huge in the west.

  • princepeach

    I really appreciate this update. The longer he’s been gone from Atlus, the more the SMT Universe games have moved away from what really drew me to them in the first place.

    Here’s hoping he stays in games for a while longer.

    • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

      Agreed. Okada’s presence is sorely missed.

  • Zero_Destiny

    Monster Kingdom: Jewel Kingdom …….. Wow, that’s quite a mouthful.

    *ah-hum* on a more serious note though– man that’s sad to hear. Happens everyday, developers slip right through the cracks. It’s not the happiest aspect of the medium and something we try not to dwell on, but it sure is a common thing you may notice when you go looking for someone.

    Well wherever he is now, and whatever he’s up to, I just hope the man is enjoying it.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      Wait a minute, now that you point out the name, I’m pretty sure it’s suppose to be Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner lol

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