Legacy Of Kain Shooter Gives Early Access To Classes With Paid Founder Packs

By Eugene . April 2, 2014 . 4:50pm


Square Enix’s Legacy of Kain vampires-versus-humans third-person shooter Nosgoth has announced new “founder packs” available for players to purchase. These packs offer you in-game credit that’s as much as (if not more than) the price you’re paying for on top of other goodies. If you’re interested in how the game plays, there’s a gameplay video above which also includes the new mode Siege and our thoughts in our hands-on over here.


Developer Psyonix have promised that the free-to-play title will be doing something similar to Valve’s Team Fortress 2 by offering no pay-to-win style weapons or abilities for the two sides. Instead, what you’ll get are side-grade options. Think Crossbow A that fires faster but weaker, or Crossbow B’s longer winch time with a real punch as a comparison.


Players are either humans or vampires, and maps are played in a best-of-two where both sides will swap once and compete on total kills. The vampires are meaner, faster, stronger, and if this were any other game could be best described as hackers (They even see through walls, the undead buggers) but have to get in close for the kill. Humans are left to fend for themselves with medieval crossbows and swords and other such nearly-useless implements of war.


The founder packs range in price from $19.99 all the way up to $134.99, and offer various in-game perks alongside the equivalent in-game currency. On the higher end of the scale, for instance, you’ll be able to pick up exclusive founder skins for the vampire Reaver class as well as immediate access to classes such as the Scout and Sentinel to play around with. They’ll also come with chests to unbox which will give more options in terms of weapons and abilities for you to add on to each character class.


The game is currently in closed beta, and the developers have promised to continue to update it with more classes, maps, modes, and all the other sorts of doo-dads and gee-gaws. If you’re interested in a founder’s pack you can also head over here.

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  • Landale

    So, I’m looking at the site and I’m confused as all hell. Dumahim are swift, silent, and smart? Turelim are the tanky ones? Zephonim are telepathic? What Legacy of Kain games did these people play before this?
    Zephonim were the spider vampires, they were the ones who took humanity’s greatest weapon and turned it into their nest, they’re the ones who’d qualify as “swift, silent, and smart”. Dumahim were the clan that was pure brute force, not Turelim. Turelim were the ones who had telekinetic abilities, the only clan you could reasonably apply telepathy to as well. Will the Melchahim be swimming around while the Rahabim steal and wear human flesh when they get added?

    • persona_yuji

      If they had played any of the Legacy of Kain games, I doubt that making a Third Person Shooter out of this would even be on the drawing board when the first discussion about the game happened.

      • Landale

        It’s certainly strange, but not completely out there. Even the Razielim being present wasn’t something impossible, sure Raziel assumed they were gone but every time the question on them came up whoever it was decided to go all cryptic and never really answer his questions.
        But this, this is just insane. Taking all but one clan and presenting it in absolutely no way alike what they become is just incomprehensible.

        • Crepit

          They’re not “absolutely no way alike what they become”, sorry. Turelim were the biggest and physically strongest vampires seen in Soul Reaver, and Dumahim were originally weapon masters who lost much of their power after they went feral. Zephonim are the stealth class of the game and their deceptive, psychologically-oriented attacks are well supported by Soul Reaver’s mythology.

          • Landale

            I don’t recall anything claiming Dumahim were weapon masters, nor that they lost any sort of power. They were scattered when their own pride and self proclaimed invincibility left them so full of themselves they didn’t see the attack coming that “killed” Dumah and ended up forcing them to retreat.

            Turelim were large yes, but didn’t really do damage beyond what Dumahim could do and definitely went down easier. Their big thing was their telekinetic attacks.

            If the Zephonim are a stealth class in Nosgoth, good. That’d be a step in the right direction. That’s not how the site is describing them though. “Their devious personalities have come to manifest themselves in accursed supernatural abilities enabling them to assault the enemies’ minds directly, making them see and hear whatever a Deceiver finds most useful”. That doesn’t indicate stealth at all, that indicates, if any mechanic, interface screws.

          • Crepit

            The Dumahim were described as experts in weapon combat by Daniel Cabuco in 2012. They obviously couldn’t wield weapons against you in Soul Reaver, having lost their minds and become feral. The game is set hundreds and hundreds of years before that time.

            Again, Turelim were described as the physically strongest vampires by Daniel Cabuco in 2012, and they actually DO withstand more damage than Dumahim in the game.

            Zephonim have backstab and possession abilities which revolve around staying undetected. Mind powers are also acceptable even though the Zephonim of Soul Reaver didn’t have them as this is set before the vampires turned into the savage and mindless scavengers of that time.

          • Landale

            Never stated or alluded to in any game, never stated or alluded to in any game, and apparently claiming that the vampires’ powers bounce around to whatever the hell whenever the hell. But the Razielim stick close to what Raziel had before this apparent rapid change in all vampires but also manage to somehow rapidly match up to what you’d expect in the Soul Reaver era.

            They can try to explain this shit away, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contradict everything we know about the clans while having them match up quite well to clans other than what they say they are.

          • Crepit

            Dumahim are the only clan still wearing armor in the original game and even while mindless, they have makeshift clubs grafted to their arms when the other clans just use claws or telekinesis. Raziel actually says “these foul scuttling beasts could not be kin of our high blood” telling you they’ve degenerated very significantly since his death. Once again, Turelim were both larger and stronger than Dumahim when you actually go and play the game. Even the Soul Reaver manual says “the most powerful vampires in Nosgoth are the Turelim”.

            Daniel Cabuco designed the clans for Crystal Dynamics in 1999 and he was explaining this “shit” in the context of Soul Reaver. It’s not some made up retcon. You’re basically saying the guy who created the vampires isn’t qualified to define what they can do in this time period, sorry but I don’t think that makes much sense.

    • Happy Gamer

      Im such a fan of the game and this game made me do a sad face. I wish Amy Hennig would visit the series again now that she is free but i doubt it.

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    >Square Enix’s Legacy of Kain vampires-versus-humans third-person shooter

    the description alone is already a turn off.

    • Altin

      There is not a single word in this description that has any kind of good premise.

      • Fox

        I dunno. I really liked the third, fourth and fifth.

        • Altin

          Got me there.

  • subsamuel01

    This is why you loose money Square, you make games no one asked for or wants. Instead of a traditional Legacy of Kain reboot you give us a generic 3rd person shooter. Maybe there are people out there who like the game, but lets be honest this game will probably fail and Square will blame consumers for not buying it.

    • Landale

      The genre isn’t so much the issue I don’t think, not the big one anyway. The biggest issue would be disregarding so much lore in a series when it’s main draw it’s story.

    • Actually I don’t think anybody asked for a reboot either. Why sully the original when you can always expand the universe with a fresh installment?

      • Landale

        This isn’t even a reboot. It’s set between Raziel getting thrown into the abyss and coming back out. They had the chance to expand on it. It even looked like they would, like there would finally be an actual answer as to what happened with Raziel’s clan rather than him jumping to conclusions and Melchiah and Kain giving him non-answers to his questions about them.
        I can’t really trust that they’d do that now, not if they can’t even get the clans and their specialties right.

        • I agree with you, I’m just saying that even IF they did it, I’m tired of rebooting all the beloved old franchises for the new generations. Instead of actually expanding them, we only see a ‘fresh’ take. I prefer a crappy sequel over a reboot/remake any gorram day. As for Nosgoth… I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

    • Fox

      How this usually works is that a developer makes a game, and a publisher forces them to make it within an existing IP so they can use the old name for the brand recognition.

      IE some guys had a cool idea for a third-person shooter, and Square Enix said, “We’ve got the license to Legacy of Kain and aren’t doing anything with it, slap it on your game or it won’t sell.”

  • Jadfish

    Incoming speculation:
    They were probably making a full Legacy of Kain game with a multiplayer, but then Tomb Raider, Sleeping Dogs and Hitman: Absolution “tanked” (due to unreasonably high sales expectations) and Square Enix had to cancel that game.
    The multiplayer is probably getting thrown out there with free2play shop elements to try and get at least some money out of that whole endeavour.

    • Ferrick

      not sure about the former, but from the looks of the beta, the latter seems to be quite accurate, with the cash shop being at blacklight retribution’s level of BS

  • fairysun

    Wait, WHATTT???
    a. Legacy of Cain
    b. Shooter
    Pick one.

    Bring back my jawless hero.

  • Christinapigeon .

    I’m not sure about this game at all. I played the original games for the story lines, which i still love and still play. I am not a fan of first person shooters just my personal preference. I would of like the game developers elaborate on the story line as do many of it’s other fans. I kind of P.O that they are spending all there money on making a crappy spin off. I want to see what happens to every one!!! I have not been waiting 11 years for this.

    • Christinapigeon .

      Sorry about the typos I was caught in the moment.

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