Pokemon World Championships Schedule Revealed

By Ishaan . April 2, 2014 . 2:02pm

The Pokémon World Championships are coming up soon, and The Pokémon Company has outlined how the event will work.


Prior to the World Championships, over 30 different countries around the world will host National Championships. Some of these locations include:


  • 2014 Pokémon German National Championships: May 3–4, 2014, in Bochum, Germany
  • 2014 Pokémon UK National Championships: May 24–25, 2014, in Manchester, England
  • 2014 Pokémon Italian National Championships: May 31–June 1, 2014, in Milan, Italy
  • 2014 Pokémon Canadian National Championships: June 28, 20414, in Kitchener, Ontario
  • 2014 Pokémon US National Championships: July 4-6, 2014, in Indianapolis, Indiana


These nation tournaments will provide Pokémon X and Pokémon Y players and Pokémon Trading Card Game players with an opportunity to earn an invitation to the 11th annual Pokémon World Championships, which will be held in Washington, D.C.


That event will take place at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. from August 16th – 17th. More information on the event schedule can be found here.

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  • AuraGuyChris

    How can the card game be more popular than the video game? Must be the money cost…

    • AkiraScare

      More ppl can afford trading cards…..

      • kaotron

        I’m pretty sure TCG’s(pokemon, yugioh, MTG etc) are very expensive. A few booster packs and starter decks sound cheap at first but most average players spend way more that it would to simply buy a 3ds and a copy of x/y.

        Especially for the harcore tournament players, I wouldnt be surprised if they have decks worth over $300.

        • AkiraScare

          That does make sense…. :/ just hadnt had trading cards since i was a kid so i couldnt remember (^_^)

          • kaotron

            i’ve never bought tcg’s before but I heard about how expensive it can be to build a good deck

  • kaotron

    meh, I’ve never been big on the TCGs and I always hated the “competitive” pokemon metagame because it’s filled with the same overused teams over and over.

    • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

      well that is why its called the “Meta”… only the brave and the foolish(genius) can break the meta

      • RinaDawg

        TEAM OF PICHUS AND JIGGLYPUFFS! *battle shriek*

    • RinaDawg

      What’s with the quotes around competitive? People work pretty hard, some not as much as others, to make unique teams.
      I don’t know when or where you’ve been looking but I haven’t met as much cookie cutter teams as you seem to describe. Yeah, the first few months within the game people use the same strong pokemon for free winning feelings, but it’s changed recently. I’ve seen lots of players experiment lately and I think it’s pretty sweet this time. :T
      And even if you do meet those few copy paste teams, it’s soooo fun sweeping them with Slurpuffs. Oh gahd it’s like syrupy cottony bliss.
      I need to make a team of Slurpuffs… What were we talking about again?

      • kaotron

        There’s two main things I dont like about the metagame:

        1) The tiers: some pokes are useless while others are overpowered, that’s why out of the hundreds of pokes out there only about 5-10% of them are ever used by the metagame.(i know about smogon rules but they do not exist in the game so even if you have an NU team you’ll still be put up against a team of legendaries)

        2) The luck factor: the “skill” of this game is pretty much knowing the basic mechanics and predicting this over glorified rock-paper-scissor battle. And no matter how “skilled” you are, a critical will land, or you will miss an attack with 95 accuracy while your opponent can spam fire blast and hydropump forever

        Imo, using high tiers is pretty much the godmode of this game and it gives no challenge(unless facing an equally uber team) and I dont know how somebody with a team of ubers can feel satisfied by winning on easy mode.

        but I dont care for this game all that much, after I beat the e4 and played on battle spot for a few weeks I got bored of it and traded it with a friend for Fire emblem awakening.

        • RinaDawg

          1) That’s why you’re bringing a team of six/three instead of one-on-one. Some Pokemon need more teamwork while others can work solo. People who can pull off making a crappy pokemon work are the best competitively because these are the kind of people that already know what these legendaries are gonna spam all day. Dual screens exists. I always pack that on my NU/UU teams because they’re 1HKOd. :U
          2) Luck is luck. I hate it sometimes, but that’s life. Gotta make battles exciting somehow. xD My Slurpuffs could tank Scizor bullet punches if they didn’t crit half the time, but I’m not complaining much, because I do have the option to block crits, I just don’t wanna bother wasting a moveslot for it. That’s the risk I’m willing to take, just like with less accurate moves. It was your choice to gamble, so if you don’t wanna deal with gambling, you use more accurate moves.

          If you only played for a few weeks, then I don’t think you should go around talking about your generalizations about the metagame. Because most of the time they’re not right. Metagame changes over time, and unless you’ve been active in it, you don’t know what it’ really like. You’re not making the metagame any better by letting ubers crap all over your face and then quit, not even bothering to change your lineup. I thought the same about MegaKhan, but I didn’t quit, and now I deal with those ubers with NU Pokemon. But gosh, did I get irritated when you said you quit. :/
          And now you’re talking about the metagame like it’s some kind of mess when you just didn’t bother switching around stuff or UNDERSTAND(edit: maybe you did bother to understand but, meh, you said you didn’t care much, so I supposed you didn’t) it better to deal with it.

          tl;dr You didn’t try hard enough. Now you just sound a bit whiny with outdated, shallow generalizations that disregard the people who actually work hard to challenge opponents with their own strats and UU pokemon. :(

          • kaotron

            1) know about team support, I’ve seen enough of the cookie-cutter teams and strategies to know that a poke doesnt have to be an offensive sweeper to be broken alone, just look at skarmbliss and dual screen are almost as common as weather teams, batonpass teams and trick roomers.

            2)because I miss so much I only use moves with 100 accuracy, so that means that i’m so paranoid that this game is gonna troll me that I’d actually use surf over hydro pump or waterfall over the gen6 crabhammer.

            Every poke has counters it’s just that OU poke’s have less counters. I’ve built UU/NU teams too to counter things megaMawile&khan and even legendaries and after that it got boring.

            I played online in the previous gens too, I actually looked at how the online battles have changed after the bank has opened and I dont see the evolution of battles that you’re talking about other than the old ubers exclusive to previous games being more common now.

            But honestly, this is just a pokemon game, I dont play this game too seriously to win all the time, I just play to have fun and I dont understand how someone can have fun running the same bullet punch scizor, speedboost blaziken/scolipede, skarmbliss(or there equivalent) all the time. It’s like playing street fighter online with everyone else using Akuma when there are over 30 other characters.

            If someone actually enjoys hours of grinding, egg hatching/rng manipulation just to ultimately play a more detailed version of rock-paper-scissors then it’s to each their own I guess..

            I read a comment on some forum before that said it’s funny how the ingame story tells you “it’s wrong to treat pokes like tools” & “there’s no such thing as weak pokes” but in reality the game rewards you for breeding and catching until you get the right nature/effects,IV etc. Base stats are uneven, some abilities are broken while some are useless and some purposely have cripplingly awful movepools.

            should I blame the players who want to win so badly that they make unoriginal cookie-cut teams instead of their favorites(mix of tiers) or should I blame gamefreak for making them so unbalanced?

            the metagame is super repetitive and it doesnt use as much skill as most fans of the game would like to admit. the games mechanics are out dated and unbalanced but gamefreak refuses to change it.

          • RinaDawg

            Ugh… I don’t wanna bother writing out a huge list of counters for all these OU Pokemon. Some people just don’t want to compromise to deal with them, and that’s their own fault.
            I see the repetitiveness on Battle Spot the most because 3v3 demands more aggressive plays. That’s why I play with my friends and on PSS where 6v6 allows more freedom. I see monotype teams lately, and other stuff that I don’t feel like spelling out because I think this isn’t going anywhere.

            I breed for perfect Pokemon. I like to play competitively and poke fun at cookie cutters. It doesn’t get repetitive for me because I like to use something new every now and then like all normal type teams or use all them pinkums to try to win against those ubers. But that’s just my experience. I don’t get butthurt when something doesn’t go my way, I just compromise and challenge. :T

            Your opinion’s yours. I just felt insulted because some people work real hard yadda yadda and you don’t seem to acknowledge the level of prediction players put in game. I agree the gamefreak doesn’t seem to care much about balance, but some players do, and they put in effort to keep it balanced like Smogon. That’s why I disagree with you about the metagame not requiring as much skills as fans like to admit. I think it doesn’t get as much credit as it deserves. Watching this guy on youtube play mindgames on his opponents using a pachirisu is so cool and stuff like that happens in game more than you seem to acknowledge. People pay more attention to bad things than good, so of course these guys don’t get mention as much as garchomp sweeping a bunch of NU than a Kricketune sweep.

            But whatever. I can’t change how people think. Just defending the people I respect tis all.

          • kaotron

            sure, why not. I think you have the wrong idea of what im trying to say, I’m not bashing the players, I’m bashing the whole mechanics of this game. I was just trying to say that it is super unbalanced. Imo, smogon helps as much as it can but a lot of people hate smogon and ignore their rules. while claiming that nintendo’s “official” rules are better for some reason.

            nintendo rules are stupid, they do not even acknowledge tier difference even though they know that some pokes are blatantly stronger than another. the only rule they have is no lengendaries. So weak phione is banned but garchomp can keep sweeping. They also allow you to spam whatever cheap tactic smogon has banned like driz+swiftswim and evasion clauses(because minimize/double team is annoying and only has a few counters and it would be annoying to prepare a counter for it.)

            I used to play competitively last gen, I lost count how many hours I put into the game(80% was breed grinding, 20% were actually online battles). They tried making fairies to balance the broken dragons, and resist fighter and they made grass type immune to spore powders(which helps with annoying breloom’s and sneargles)

          • RinaDawg

            Oh! I totally agree with you on how gamefreak is handling the competitive field. I was so disappointed when the last world championship (or 2 years ago? hmm..) was won by some guy spamming spore. VGC doesn’t seem to encourage fair play like not making your opponents whole team sleep. But it’d look wrong on GameFreak’s part to make a Pokemon only to ban it/its moveset later.
            I’m glad that you’re not bashing the players. I was confused about whether you were referring to the players or mechanics of competitive. It was a really good discussion, and really made me think about why I play competitively in the first place. :D

            Sorry if I sounded like such a douche. I really wanted to let people know that Slurpuff, Kricketune, and Pachirisu are OP. xD

          • kaotron

            tbh, almost every metagame is like this, sooner or later most players will end up choosing the best options in order to win rather than their own personal setup.

            But I guess nintendo doesnt like changing their formulas and maybe adding rules will turn a lot of people off.

            This also happens in the fighting game meta where only a few characters are overpowered and TCG’s like yugioh and magic the gathering where out of the thousands of cards only a few deck types are useful but in TCG’s they actually officially ban things that are too cheap.

    • SlickRoach

      Which is why I use NU/RU teams, contrary to popular belief it’s still possible to have fun in that niche. Plus, since NU tier is the biggest you don’t see the same tired Pokémon all the time!

      • kaotron

        yeah, tiers battles only work when both players agree to use a certain tier or on an online battle simulator. If you play on battle spot it pretty much 3-on-3 ubers 24/7.

        when i used to play my team was mostly made of UU&NU using overused like scizor and garchomp made the game too easy.

  • Sweet, pretty darn excited for this. Can’t wait until June 28th, 20414. What is that like 18400 years away? Totally worth the wait

  • James Enk

    they should make a digital TCG

    • Taylor Greene

      They have one.

      • James Enk

        Yeah i mean a more modern one and with the high popularity of HS and other similar games it will draw a lot of attention if done right

    • AuraGuyChris

      They should make an anime revolving solely around this card game and make the monsters virtual.

      And for whatever reason, have some sort of evil dark connection to North American tribes of the past.

    • CozyAndWarm

      I miss Pokemon TCG on the Game Boy so much. They should really make another TCG game.

  • Learii

    sound fun but no thx

  • Valter L. Ferreira Junior

    That Mercator world map…

  • Raltrios

    If I could go, I would. This generation is my first time trying out competitive breeding (because they made it so easy – thank god), and I’d love to test my skills.
    I’m not one of those people using cookie-cutter teams, either. I mean, I can’t help it if I need a Tyranitar or something to round out my defenses, but I like my Crawdaunt, my Darmanitan, my Arcanine, my Roserade… you don’t need a Rotom-W or Talonflame to have fun with the game.

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