Smartphone Side-Scroller Soul Hearts Stars A (Literally) Foxy Lady

By Eugene . April 4, 2014 . 1:31pm


Neowiz Games, the publishers behind DJMax, have a new game for smartphones titled Soul Hearts. In their promotional movie, which 4Gamer reported on, we get to see the side-scroller in action.




Players can control their character in a 2D, side-scrolling environment that kind of reminds us of Odin Sphere. The above video shows off three of the classes—swordswoman, archer and kung-fu master, and you’ll unleash skills by tapping on the buttons on the right while playing.


It seems you’ll also be able to take on bosses in co-operative modes such as a giant spirit fox or a dapper cowboy. Soul Hearts is intended for the Android for now.

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  • tubers


  • TheAnswerisback

    This looks exactly like Muramasa. I mean I’m not hating or anything, anything like Muramasa is an instant buy for me but can someone explain if this was by the same dev team,creator etc?

    Even the map with those little cottage village buildings looked like it was directly ripped straight out of muramasa. I’m usually the last to say a game is a rip off and usually give it a chance but this is so evident.
    But if they gave this a Ps Vita port I would let it slide ….seriously if the aren’t sued by then they should port this

    • Arcana Drill

      Nop, the developers of muramasa are vannilaware, an amazing 2d studio, they are working on Muramasa rebirth dlc now, and their last game was Dragon Crown (ps3 & Psvita). Their other games are odin sphere (ps2), Grimgrimoire(ps2) and the non localized princess crown (ps1). Cant recommend odin sphere and dragon crown enough,

      • TheAnswerisback

        Yeah I’ve played Dragons crown awesome game but I enjoy vanillaware games a lot I just never got around to playing Odin sphere I played Grand Knights on the psp that was really good as well. So hearing Vanillaware has nothing to do with this game is surprising

      • persona_yuji

        *cough* Princess Crown was originally on the Sega Saturn and was later ported to the PSP, albeit it was a strange port. Strange as in the aspect ratio wasn’t changed, instead of changing it to widescreen they kept the original Saturn resolution.

        • planetofthemage

          I would definitely recommend avoiding Princess Crown at first — it definitely doesn’t have the smooth feeling of Muramasa. If you want to see the roots of Muramasa and Odin Sphere, it’s okay, but you’ve been warned: it’s clunky.

          • persona_yuji

            I’ve played Princess Crown and even it isn’t as smooth as it’s successors, I still think that it’s a solid game on it’s own rights.

  • Surf

    Looks kind of cool. But… their no even trying to hide the fact its inspired by Muramasa. Even some of the attack animations are extremely similar.

    • Mar Mar

      The background too. My eyes almost melted when I first played Muramasa on my Vita. Truly Marvelous!

  • GibbRS

    Android eh? I wonder if it’ll work on the Fire TV with controller support. That would be fantastic.

  • I’d like to hear why they think a game like this wouldn’t be profitable on 3DS/Vita if they released it on eShop/PSN.

    • tubers

      I guess they’d rather risk it with hundreds of millions (if not a billion already) of iOS/Android than a 5-7 millions of PSVs.

      If it doesn’t meet their expectations for iOS/Android, I guess they can release a not micro-trans version or as a modified PSM game.

      • I didn’t just say Vita.

        • tubers

          Sadly, the 3DS isn’t in the hundreds of millions either.

      • fernando jimenez

        maybe you are right but from that 5-7 hundreds of millions that you claim, what porcentage of them have spent a cent in a game???
        in my house there are 7 people with phones and none of them have bought a game for android in their entire life…
        in the other hand there are 3 people with consoles and… you know where im going…

        • tubers

          Some don’t “spend” but i’d assume that some are bombarded w/ ads and the developer gets some revenue. It’s a different business strategy.

          I was merely trying to post a possible reason to the original question’s “why they think this..”.

          How bout you formulate a different answer then as to “why”?

          • smashimi

            I still say the phone is unbeatable for bite-sized gaming that involves little to no story. I’d happily pick this up for a couple of dollars for the convenience of having a mini game on the phone. I doubt the devs wanted to go balls-to-the-wall in terms of development for this game, so putting it on the Android market was probably the best bet.
            I don’t know, I could be wrong. All I know is I want it.

    • Sakurazaki

      I’m probably wrong, but I haven’t seen a console Neowiz before. Arent they more on Korean mobile games?

      • I’ve actually never heard of them until now. I know the DJMax series is on PSP/Vita so I just assumed they released games on traditional platforms.

  • Mnstrzero00

    Yeah, they totally stole the background art from Vanillaware. I would sue them out of existence if I was VW,

  • MrRobbyM

    That is straight up inspired by Muramasa.

    • TheAnswerisback

      Inspired is not even the word my man

  • persona_yuji

    Oh huh…hey there Muramasa. Didn’t see you there, what are doing on Android? What about the Wii and Vita? You hanging in there?
    Huh? You’re not Muramasa?
    Well, this is awkward. Didn’t know I was on the “inspired by” lane of video games. Welp, hope I don’t see you on the “balant rip off” department, I heard that place is filled with all kinds of strange things.

  • ztype

    Looks pretty awesome..oy just mobile controls though can be so hit or miss. Hoping for a port to 3DS or Vita

  • DarthSithZero

    Inspired in Muramasa!??!? It’s EXACTLY like Muramasa just look at the backgrounds, to me there’s no difference.

  • Raw

    Looks really cool, but nonetheless, feels like an utter Muramasa clone. Which is a good thing.

  • Go2hell66

    Wow vanillaware call your lawyers

    • TheAnswerisback

      Lol that’s what I’m saying I’m starting to think its some late april fools prank

    • Ric Vazquez


  • BlackC#Bro

    I almost defended this because I wasn’t paying enough attention when first looking, but this goes far beyond “inspiration.”

    That’s exactly a scene out of Muramasa. Obviously Muramasa didn’t event side scrolling action games but when you just blatantly copy the town and art style from the game one has to wonder…

  • ShootThatWay

    Muramasa-like indeed.

    At the end of the video I couldn’t help but notice the player’s health reached zero while fighting the man with the hat. The trailer thought it could distract me from that fact but I was too observant.

  • Skeptika Crediblus

    Now everyone wants to be Vanillaware. Sheesh!

  • SlickRoach

    Hmm, where have I seen this environment before…?

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