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Dish Out Fire And Pain With Elesis’ Two Classes In Elsword

By Eugene . April 6, 2014 . 3:29pm


As reported last week, Elesis from KOG Games’ Grand Chase is Elsword’s older sister in their online brawler Elsword. We now have more to see, with a trailer for Elesis’ first job class.


As Elesis gains levels, she can either choose to specialize as a Pyro Knight or Saber Knight at level 15. As a Pyro Knight, Elesis has a little more room to maneuver as a hybrid fighter/mage, with her claymore attacks for up-and-personal fighting and fiery death with magic at mid-range. Her skills lean a little more towards area-of-effect burns that can affect multiple foes even as she closes the gap on them.






Her other specialization is the Saber Knight. This version sees her focus more of her strength into mastering that big sword she wields, with the ability to crack right through even the toughest armors and deal tons of damage.


PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-27-22-12 PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-27-49-71

PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-27-56-58 PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-28-12-57

PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-14-34-68 PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-16-48-07

PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-17-13-54 PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-17-52-97

PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-18-21-94 PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-18-34-65

PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-23-47-57 PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-24-05-17

PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-19-37-83 PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-20-08-14

PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-19-11-79 PotPlayerMini_2014-03-28_17-26-03-06

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  • Luckeh

    they should just use her grand chase jobs

    • jinkusiraga

      KOG wanted to make her play different from that purposely, mostly due to a different backstory.

      • Luckeh

        I just don’t like these new classes o;

        • Bobby Jennings

          Understandable. KoG likes to do new things if possible and seeing as how Elsword’s system is much different from Grandchase’s(Characters usually dont change weapons, they just add secondaries in Elsword, GC they change weapons)it would only make sense.

          • Harvey Tejada Loto

            the new characters in gc called ap char dont change weapon they only change techniques

          • s07195

            Hmm, I guess that makes sense… Still liked the different choices in weapons in GC. ;)

          • Bobby Jennings

            I did too. I really did.

    • Thelastgunstar

      I agree. Here, she’s a copy of Elsword, concept wise. In GC, she has single sword, spear, greatsword and dual swords.

      What’s really messed up is her advanced job, the one that advances from Saber Knight, is shown with a greatsword in her cut-ins and such. However, the actual character model wields a sword no larger than any of her other jobs.

      Nit-picks and all, but yeah, they could have done a lot more with this character. I can only hope her 3rd job isn’t based off of Elsword’s Infinity Sword job…

      • Bobby Jennings

        They’ve actually shown a picture of her 3rd job. It’s called Shield Knight.

        • s07195

          No wait, really? I was hoping it would be the GC job classes. (-.-“)

          • Bobby Jennings

            How could you still be hoping on that? Both Saber Knight and Pyro Knight are nothing like her GC classes.

          • s07195

            Well, I am a GC player. :S
            Since she’s the only character who exists in both GC and ES as a playable character, I just thought: ‘Could it be?’ since there’s still a third job class.

          • Bobby Jennings

            I understand. I used to play GC too. Joined around the release of Grand Archer. Played until the KRElsword beta came out and just moved onto it. I just enjoyed dungeoning so much in the game.

          • s07195

            Hmm, if it’s that fun, then I guess I will try it then… (though maybe not on NA servers, probably HK/TW or maybe even JP)

        • Thelastgunstar

          Wow…that’s unexpected. Should be…interesting.

          • Bobby Jennings

            Indeed :D

        • Ferrick

          though is this info real or not? because of the day this info was released… i’m not entirely sure

          • Bobby Jennings

            Yeah you got a point with that. But if it wasn’t KoG would have just announced that it was April Fools.

            But they’re actually going with it still so I think it’s true.

          • Ferrick

            well who knows, but i guess the shield will be like elboy’s cornwell, aka its not changeable

          • Bobby Jennings


  • harmonyworld

    I picked Pyro Knight!
    Pretty awesome skills, but her default skills are more powerful already~

    • Tinye

      I don’t know which one to choose but I think I’m leaning towards the Saber Knight

      • jinkusiraga

        If you want a mix of lots of fire damage and mob control-ability,

        Pyro Knight might be more your speed.
        If you want to bash through everything with raw power and like a large amount of health and physical defense, you might wanna try Saber Knight.

  • Mind0105A

    I recently (two days ago) made an account in this game. I didn’t know about it until I saw a video here in the message board. So far the game is fun and I’m doing the Saber Knight quest now. I still consider myself noob though, because there is many things I still didn’t understand yet.

  • Rihawf

    Oh, KOG milking more from their own games? Guess they ran out of ideas.

    • Bobby Jennings

      Not at all. Add’s pretty beastly.

      Just google him.

    • s07195

      With even the Taiwan server for Grandchase closing down in May, I’m at least glad there’s a GC character in the game so I can try use her as my main when I do get time to try out Elsword.

      In fact, I kinda wish that her third job class line follows her GC one. :/

      I just can’t forget how fond I am of GC, though I must say I was never really good at it.

  • …You mean people still play this stateside?

    I mean I did way back a few years ago but it grew stale rather quickly…

    • Tinye

      Lol like new players maybe? probably gained some popularity when it hit steam last year.

  • I’ve never played this, but I’m liking how her Saber Knight class sounds. Just plowing through enemies with pure strength lol

  • Bobby Jennings

    I capped her in KR Elsword already(Grand Master) so I won’t be using her in NA. Too lazy and they have yet to fix the EXP tables.

    • Ferrick

      exp tables have been changed a few patches ago

      • Bobby Jennings

        Yeah, I know. They still aren’t KR Elsword’s EXP tables though. They’re still worse and it still takes forever to reach 70. :/

        • jinkusiraga

          They are the same as the KR EXP tables though. I’ve gotten my Elesis to the low 50s in less than two weeks with only some moderate playing. My friend got to the 40s on the first day.

          • Bobby Jennings

            They aren’t the same. There’s a chart somewhere that compares all the current EXP tables. KR’s is vastly superior still. NA just adopted TW’s EXP table and kept it moving.

            It’s no doubt they’ve improved the tables from how it used to be, but it’s not KR’s. not yet.

            Honestly there was crazy EXP events on the first day so I’m not surprised. My friend got to lv 46 that day.

            I got Add to lv 70 in the first week of his release. Of course I played excessively (Played until I ran out of stamina)the entire time.

        • Ferrick

          ah, yes you’re right, i just saw the table and it’s the same for some levels and beyond 19 are all different

  • Harvey Tejada Loto

    elesis is hot in elsword still love the gc style

  • Zerreth

    Played both GC and Elsword for a while. Kinda sad Elesis’s Savior class isn’t in Elsword, but then again, they decided to change canon ever since they stopped the GC comics (and boy did Grand Chase change when they did…).

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned yet that Saber Knight looks like Saber from Fate/extra. Or perhaps many already made the connection and simply didn’t want to address it assuming someone else already did?

    I for one, found it amusing.

    • Bobby Jennings

      It’s been said since she released in KR.

      Also it’s due to GC being owned by Netmarble and Elsword being owned by Nexon that they had to scrap the original story they had in place.

  • Learii

    just what the class I like to see

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