Build Your Own Home When You’re Not Fighting Or Looking Pretty In Black Desert

By Eugene . April 11, 2014 . 2:02pm


The steady feed of features in Black Desert is being slowly released by developer Pearl Abyss. In the latest video, we get shots of the various things players can partake in such as crafting, the auction house, mini-games and even crafting your own home.


The in-game systems for guilds and players to get sucked into—guild-on-guild castle sieging—looks like it will be supported by the myriad number of activities and quality-of-life systems. There even appears to be a economics graph and the ability to affect non-player villages near the end of the clip. If you pay attention, it also appears like your character is playing with the child in one part of the video, which could be the Intimacy system players have to partake in when they arrive at new towns to earn the trust of citizens.



Making a house, too, looks like it could give even western titles like Everquest Next a run for their money. It doesn’t appear to be instanced housing, but something built out in the wild world itself with some crazy in-depth options. Other activities include corralling horses as well as more mundane ones such as crafting. There is also cow tipping milking. Using your left and right mouse buttons.


Black Desert’s next closed beta is expected to start from April 22nd and will last for three weeks on PC.

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  • Jungo

    They’ve been talking a lot about how they don’t want instanced scenarios, everything is the same world, but… I’m always worried about long term longevity there. What if the world gets too crowded?

    • decus

      It won’t. Or rather, they seem to want it to be about wrecking other people’s houses and protecting your own, making a town of NPCs love your guild more than others, etc. If I had to guess, this might be why they’re translating it into english as well before even getting a publisher for anything outside of korea, so east asia and/or americas can play too with different time zones.

      Otherwise it’d just be poopsockers breaking everything at night or while everybody else is at work, when stuff is unguarded. If the horrible enemy AI in the last video is any indication, unless they hadn’t even started working on it yet, they probably want guild PVP to sell the game. Maybe with other non-guild NPC-camp factions available to raid or protect everybody’s stuff.

  • Eilanzer

    true successor of UO? …hummm maybe…time will tell…

  • meiam

    I always roll my eyes when they talk about instanced housing, cause if I wanted to do that I’d just play sims, but actual housing in the real world now that’s interesting. Hopefully there ready for the player to make there dickhouse in dicktown in in the country of dicktonia. I for one am all for that (they could just have different server where in some they police what player can build and in the other they can do whatever).

    • Kari

      sims online

  • Nyaaa, I want~

  • Kornelious

    ……This game exxels in so many aspects! This could just possibly be the MMO of the generation!……….Whenever it comes out.

  • Steven Higgins

    More points for this, but I still like the class system in ArcheAge better. If I can run them, I’ll probably play both if they’re F2P. But if this allows you to combine skill trees from 3 different classes, then this one may just win.
    But then ArcheAge has the player-controlled Court system, which allows you to become a pirate. GAH, I hate decisions!

  • Kai2591

    This game…keeps getting better and better!
    The amount of activities! Such complexity! and house building!
    If it’s true that its not instanced housing, then that’s simply awesome.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a marriage system at this rate lol.

    • Thatguy

      Looking at Gameplay Video above, i would say, that marriage system is piece of cake to the team.

      Game is looking good. I’ll keep my eye on it.

      • Kai2591

        lol yeah piece of cake indeed haha~

        • Thatguy

          Well, i’ll be surprised if there won’t be marriage system.

          I mean… come on! This game has cow milking. Cow. Milking. And you can tame wild horses.
          Oh, well, i’ll play that game just so i can be cowboy, created in dat character maker.
          But if i can have cowgirl (he-he), this game will be my favorite MMO.

          • Kai2591

            I’ll go for Catgirl aww yisss

  • darke

    Well there’s Goat Simulator and various Farm Simulators; so having a Cow-Milking Simulator game seems reasonable.

  • Judgephoenix

    Milking a Cow Confirmed I am sold…..

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