How Capcom Brought Street Fighter X Tekken Characters Into Ultra Street Fighter IV

By Ishaan . April 11, 2014 . 1:01pm

Four of Ultra Street Fighter IV’s new characters are out of Street Fighter X Tekken, right down to their character models and moves. Street Fighter X Tekken is a very different game, though, and plays nothing like USFIV; and so, Siliconera caught up with assistant producer Tomoaki Ayano to ask about how Capcom went about bringing those characters over into Ultra.


“We started by rebuilding those characters in much the same fashion as their Street Fighter X Tekken incarnations. The easiest change to explain is that we added Super and Ultra Combos,” Ayano replied.


“Also, since Ultra does not include a system equivalent to Street Fighter X Tekken’s Cross Rush, there will be some combo recipes that won’t deliver the same result that you may have grown accustomed to in that game and their general play style will feel a bit different.”


He continued, “There are also plenty of tweaks under the hood that might not be obvious at first glance. For example, most moves in Street Fighter X Tekken could be used for air combos, but the parameters have been adjusted to suit the play style and rule set of SFIV this time around, so only certain specific moves can be used in that fashion. Getting more technical, the whole method by which hit boxes and hurt boxes are applied and adjusted differs between SFXT and SFIV, so those have been changed in all instances, whether a character is standing, crouching, or jumping, etc.”


“There have also been a host of changes made to move properties, frame data, and the like that will allow for new combo opportunities. I encourage users to experiment with these characters to see what is now possible.”


Feedback has played a big role in Ultra Street Fighter IV’s development, and has influenced the changes that have been made to a number of the game’s characters. I asked Ayano if he’s noticed any differences in the kind of feedback from players in Japan and players in the West.


“Speaking broadly, Western players tend to make requests in relation to combos, while Japanese players often focus on the parameters and frame data of individual moves,” Ayano replied. “One thing all players have in common, though, is a desire to play something unlike what has come before. I think the battle balance we’ve achieved meets this goal.”


Ultra Street Fighter IV will be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 this June. A PC version of the game will follow in August. Pricing and other details can be found here.

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  • Suriel Cruz

    Nothing like a reminder that ‘ULTRA Street Fighter IV’ is a “Copy & Paste” of

    ‘Street Fighter X Tekken’. *sigh*

  • AkuLord3

    “Street Fighter X Tekken is a very different game, though, and plays nothing like USFIV”

    Not true in a way, it has different systems and mechanics but its not that different from playing SF4 (yes SF4 in a WHOLE not just the first game). Like Blazblue and P4 Arena, different but not really.
    ANYWAY Copy/Paste jokesGO!

    • Pinwheel

      They’re similar, but they’re absolutely different. SF X T focuses on a much faster pace than SF4 does, and there’s a tiny bit less focus on spacing and footsies and more on combos and tagging in and out.

      Playing a character in SF4 and then playing the same on SF X T gives you a very visible difference about how many things don’t apply because the mechanics are very different.

    • Emezie Okorafor

      Half the SFxT roster does not exist in SF4. That’s like 27 characters out of 55.

      Some entire fighting games don’t even HAVE 27 characters TOTAL.

      To say that SFxT is “not that different” from SF4 basically ignores the fact that half of the massive SFxT roster is brand new.

      Also, anyone who’s played both games for more than 5 minutes can tell you that SFxT and SF4 play almost nothing alike other than d,df,f+P throws a fireball.

      • Death Metal

        You’re making it sound like the 2 are different in a Street Fighter – Mortal Kombat comparison. SF4 and SFxT are not that much distinct from one another.

        • Kaihedgie

          Except that they are. The only thing that’s similar are the models. Everything else is completely different. Some people got burned for playing SFXT like it was SFIV, in fact

          • Death Metal

            Sorry, but to me that’s more like your opinion than a fact. How come we have both experienced the 2 games and still have witnessed different “facts” about how the game plays? ;)

          • Kelohmello

            It’s a matter of perspective. For someone who doesn’t really care about the fact that there’s a large number of new mechanics in SFxT (tagging, combo chains from lights to heavies, Cross Assault, Cross Rush, Switch Cancel, chargable special moves, special chains for the tekken side, the list goes on) it probably doesn’t seem like much of a difference. For someone who’s familiar with the games though, yeah, all those system mechanics make a huge difference. Of course, fighting games are designed with all this stuff for the sake of the people that actually care in the first place.

          • Rafael Budzinski

            …that’s the difference between casual and competitive players. To say the two are almost the same just sells you as a casual player. The mechanics and the pace of the two games are completely different, resulting in different ways of playing them. Of course, the special moves have the same input, and the moves are overall the same, but it plays completely different. Of course, except if you’re a casual player spamming hadoukens all day long.

          • Death Metal

            “To say the two are almost the same just sells you as a casual player.” It’s not like that’s a problem – not to me, at least. You may be right in terms of the different perspective of the “casual” and the “competitive” players. But to assume all “casuals” keep “spamming hadoukens all day long” just because they don’t spend their lives counting every damn frame of every move of every character in every fighting game could even cost you your match. You may not know or care, but there’s a universe of players between your assumed casual and competitive ones.

          • Lumibelle

            I don’t think Rafael was trying to insult you, he was just saying that casual gamers and SF fans may view both games differently. Which I agree with. I’m pretty good at SSFIV, but it took me a while to get used to SFxT’s mechanics because they were slightly different. The mechanics are similar, but the timing is a bit different, SFxT is slightly faster and is a little less demanding than SSF4AE in terms of combo strings and timing. If you played both games you’ll notice that some of the moves work differently as well. I noticed because my main is Juri and I noticed that her attacks have less range in SFxT than they did in SSF4AE, these changes are obviously not limited to Juri alone and this is just a minor example but I’m sure you can see my point. Also YES something like that is a big deal and does affect how each character works against another, so it’s not as simple as copying and pasting as some of you may think.

          • Rafael Budzinski

            …exactly. Playing seriously, even the slightlest difference is a big deal. Even the Arc System’s brawlers, which tends to be similar one to another have considerable differences. So, it’s not as simple as “copy & paste”. And with SFxT and SF4, these differences aren’t that small.

    • katamari damacy

      They use the same MT Framework engine, so porting models should be ridiculously easy. the difficulty would be the timing and hit frames balance. But pretty much for every SF4 release, they re balance characters anyways, so it’s about as much work at that really.

  • D. Collins


  • MrJechgo

    I can understand rebalancing the characters, adding ultras and focus attacks and such… but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t that hard to port 90% of the SFxT models into USFIV.

    I mean, if ONE guy managed to port Rolento into SSFIV AE BEFORE Capcom even announced USFIV, that should tell you how easy it looks like.

    • Ninjagoon

      But how long did it take this one guy? Its not about if one or many people do it, its about how long it takes, does it work without being broken, and does it fit into the game. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way but please atleast brush up on the development of video games a bit. Its not as easy as you make it out to be to even port characters from one game to another. Its nothing like with sprites.

      • MrJechgo

        I said that it seemed “easy”, but that’s regardless of the time it can take. An easy task can be long if there’s a lot of stuff to port. If both games are running on the same engine, porting characters shouldn’t be that hard. Same goes with stages.

        • Ninjagoon

          Thats the thing, Its all about time. The difficulty in game development is making sure you finish the game in time. USF4 was announced last year. They want to finish it before Evolution 2014. They had about one year for development, a low budget, low target audience, on “old” hardware but they did have fan demand. Many things must have affected their decisions for stage and character selections, but I don’t fault them for their choices because honestly they did their best with what they got.

          • MrJechgo

            Then again, for how long was USFIV planned after SFxT? If it was planned shortly after SFxT being released, then they could have gotten the time needed to be in line with their schedule.

          • Ninjagoon

            from what i’ve read, they were done with SF4 after AE 2012. After Combofiend became the Capcom USA Community Manager, he helped bring the balance suggestion to Capcom. From what I understand after that, development started early last year like around January or something.

    • Kaitsu

      It was said that the SFxT was running on the same engine as SSF4 anyway.

    • Kaihedgie

      Did he port his moveset? Or just his model?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Can you please stop being a provoker? Getting old, especially when you then run to the OT for protection/support.

        Heart-to-heart here, Sir. This behavior needs to stop and mean right now with this post. The chances are over, we have discussed the issue til the cows come home.

        And the barn door is about to close.

        • Kaihedgie

          I was only asking a question here. I wasn’t trying to antagonize

          I know you’re well tired of my behavior about regarding some people’s feelings about Capcom and I am just as vexxed. I’m not sure how to deal with this issue and simply ignoring it won’t do any good. At most, I try not to resort to ad homenim attacks or personal insults when confronting people, no matter how fervent my approaches are.

          I only go to the Open Thread to address my feelings, I’m not doing it for protection because there are people there who are just as nasty towards me in there as they are anywhere else.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Look below in this very thread — others have already broached the porting question with the original poster and he has responded. Jechigo did not ignore the issue once he had made his post. There is no need to deal with the issue further.

          • Kaihedgie

            Ninjagoon only asked for a timeframe for the work put into it. Again, I’m not trying to antagonize or provoke anyone. I was only curious about this porting statement

  • Jadfish

    If they were simpy copy-pasted into USFIV they would be the most broken characters in the entire game. All their normals would do 30/60/90 damage and they would be able to chain together combos like it was nothing in comparison to the rest of the cast.
    Taking models into the game is only the first step in making them viable. The hard job is making them fit and balancing them.

  • Janrabbit

    I think people severely underestimate the game development process. Sure, Capcom had model’s ready from SFxT to bring into USFIV but to simplify the process of building up the characters to fit into USFIV’s play-style (which is totally different from SFxT) as a simple copy pasta job is small minded and disrespectful toward the developers. Also why is re-using assets even seen so negatively? I’m looking forward to seeing the SFxT characters in USFIV because they are all awesome characters and I didn’t enjoy SFxT anywhere near as much as I enjoy SSFIV:AE2012 and the same goes for the maps (I loved cosmic elevator). £10 for 5 characters, 6 stages, new online features, new game mechanics and a complete re-balance is complete value for money so I really don’t understand what’s with all the negativity.

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