Jotaro Kujo’s Combos In JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle

By Ishaan . April 11, 2014 . 12:01pm

The latest gameplay trailer for JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle features a presentation of Jotaro Kujo’s most effective combos in the game. You can watch the combo rundown below.



JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle will be available on April 29th in North America and April 25th in Europe.

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  • Jesse

    There’s also a video for Jean Pierre:–6REU

    I guess they had to change “Polnareff” to “Eiffel” for one reason or another. Doesn’t really matter much to me. =P

    • SlickRoach

      I don’t get it either, since he was Polnareff in the previous game. Also in the Jotaro combo I’m a bit concerned at the 30 sec mark though, seems like an exploitable infinite, I hope not.

      • Bobby Jennings

        It isn’t.

      • KyoyaHibari

        They fixed wall loops, they end after a certain point and the scaling discourages constant usage as well.

        • SlickRoach

          Thanks. I knew the Japanese version had patches to fix infinites so I was a bit concerned about the Western version.

    • Robgoro

      The music in this video sounds a lot like Thunderstruck…?

      • Sperium3000

        It’s intentional. There are nods to classic and not-so-classic rock songs all over this game’s soundtrack.

    • Hamuko

      There’s a video for all character combos. The game has been out for ages.

    • Scipio

      Man screw copyrights, they are such bullshit, it’s just a name!

      • Sperium3000

        Hear, Hear.

  • KyoyaHibari

    It had slipped me all this time for some reason despite being one of my main complaints, but the Western release should have a combo challenge and true tutorial mode to properly learn cancels, BnBs and such. The learning curve is a bit steep unless you really touch on everything with a character.

    • MaximDualBlade

      thanks for the heads up. That will make me try to discover all different combinations (y)

    • zzzSleeping

      You need tutorial in a fighting game?

      • KyoyaHibari

        If there are unique systems that are altered manually, then there should be. The game has 3 kinds of cancels to incorporate into combos, and it hardly demonstrates how to utilize them properly, more specifically for characters as individuals. Learning move properties, active frames, etc all benefit in helping to formulate combos, and the game doesn’t really provide much of a starting point, it’s like: “Here’s the characters, here are their moves. Have fun figuring them out.”

        • zzzSleeping

          Personally i consider figuring out the combos and mechanics for yourself one of the things that are characteristic of fighting games.

          “Here’s the characters, here are their moves. Have fun figuring them out.”

          I see no point in a fighting game holding your hand to teach you what you should figure out yourself.

          There is enjoyment in figuring out all the combos of the characters you play by yourself.

          Ofc that is me that is and what i am used to. But i find most tutorials in most games unneeded.

          Nowadays you see games telling you press -> to move right and are treating you like you are retarded.

          • Hentailover

            You can look at it like this… or you can look at it from a standpoint of people that aren’t into fighting games already and if you mention FGC to them they will ask if it’s some kind of government service. Imagine them going online and getting utterly wrecked by things they didn’t know existed, that other side didn’t even figure out but probably read on some forum in a character tutorial. Nobody says the game should babysit you through everything, but explaining you the basic mechancis, like cancels, certain most basic BnBs just to give you the overall idea of how combo physics even work in this game and for certain characters, that can all be very helpful to people that do not watch EVO yearly and would probably ask “Who’s Justin Wong? That dude from Hangover? Or wait, I don’t think that’s his name”…

            Do we really need fighting games to stay as this elitist genre with unforgiving learning curve and absolutely no good entry point?

          • zzzSleeping

            You do have a point i did not see it in the way of new players.

          • KyoyaHibari

            Well yeah but fighters are different from other genres. Don’t get me wrong, I agree wholeheartedly about the anti-“holding your hand” notion which is rife in a lot of games and is also why I love the Souls series a lot, but fighters are a lot more demanding and meticulous, and if you have no idea of a character’s playstyle, some of their assets, move properties and all that, it is exhausting to do trial and error with each and every move if you don’t have somewhere to start. When people get into a character and are properly informed of their style and key setups and all that, it makes branching combos clearer so you can delve into your own stuff and expand. There are a wealth of combo possibilities within most fighting games and individual characters themselves, and it’s not like every single one is laid out to memorize, there’s still plenty of exploring to do, it’s just that having some ground to start with gives you a bit of opportunity. For example, a combo challenge series for a character may have a recurring string in there somewhere, so you are given a little bit of knowledge there. The disparity and gap between spoonfeeding and withholding too much information is usually a quandary with every approach of things, so it’s good to have at least a little bit to start you on the right foot. Dark Souls 2 for example shows you where to go at the beginning simply by showing a light source which you should innately assume to head towards for safety for example, that’s enough in that game. In King of Fighters XIII on the other hand they provide combo challenges where I can extrapolate a few small threads into something my own, something as miniscule as following a heavy double kick with a light flick kick with Kyo helped me figure out this sweet little combo I made by myself. It showed me a little Kyo BnB and from there I could use it in making my own combos.

      • Demeanor

        Ever played Blazblue? I’m going through the tutorials in Chronophantasma and they are really awesome:
        – topics are grouped together in a smart way, from the basic stuff to the advanced mechanics
        – every section is clearly explained and you have a set “challenge” to complete in order to see the lesson in action, plus you can repeat the challenge until you’re confident and tell the game you want to go on
        – lessons are explained by part of the game cast, and they also provide some comic relief :D
        – aside from the tutorials you have combo challenges to complete, and they too serve as learning material to see what kind of combos you can string together.
        I learned a TON of stuff, both general and specific to the game itself, and that knowledge will surely help me to enjoy the battle system more and to experiment while using the characters (looking for fatal counter moves, revolver action paths, possible combos using instant canceling etc).
        Many recent fighting games are putting a lot of effort in tutorials, like Skullgirls, Tekken Tag 2, DoA5U and BB.

  • D. Collins

    The demo is great! I love playing as Ceasar Zeppeli

  • Hines Green III

    Man I can’t wait for this came…..I mean game.

  • Byron Kerrison II

    That combo lasted about 30 secs. That’s ridiculous. Maybe it’s because of the number of hits…

  • Vash bane

    lol thanks to the demo I now know not to get this. I know it had no training mode to help but the game seems to have quite the curve depending on the character and their style of play. ironically I like stand users but I have no idea how to use him, I like hamon users but I can’t seem to set things up without spamming , and here is the ironic part I dis-like dio but he was the only character (out of them) that I could remotely use :/ just cant get the muda muda thing to happen often lol.

  • 永次

    Why the fuck they wrote Jotaro Kujo in the west-version? His name must be Kujo Jotaro since his nickname is JoJo because (kuJO JOtaro), in america, europe and the other west countries will call him RoKu? Seems like a stupid thing but it is not. Well, but after see things like Father Pucchi (my god…) or Gold Wind (Requiem) (mother of god…)…

    • I didn’t even know Jojo was called Jojo because of his name ordering. I just associate him as Jojo because all the other character calls him Jojo .


    • Herok♞

      JOnathan JOestar they aren’t touching there

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