This Week In Sales: The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z To The Rescue

By Ishaan . April 16, 2014 . 1:01pm

Period: The week of April 7th – April 13th (2014)

Top-seller: The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z (PS3) – 142,433

Nintendo 3DS sales: 6,271 | Total sales: 9,464,214

Nintendo 3DS XL sales: 17,291 | Total sales: 5,945,452

PlayStation Vita sales: 24,078 | Total sales: 2,701,690

Vita TV sales: 1,220 | 105,261

Wii U sales: 5,512 | Total sales: 1,703,208

PlayStation 4 sales: 13,034 | 519,773

<< Last week’s software sales chart

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Last week saw another drop in hardware and software sales across the board for the second week in a row, following the introduction of an increased consumer tax in Japan. Saved from this fate were two games in particular—The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z, which was released last week, and Yo-kai Watch.


The new Super Robot Taisen game was released for PS3 and Vita, and helped the latter platform avoid a dip in sales for the week. Together, both versions of the game sold 270,669 copies in total, illustrating once more that Bandai Namco’s lengthy list of anime and robot licenses are the company’s biggest asset.


Meanwhile, Yo-kai Watch sold another 33,833 copies last week, and is now at well over 700,000 copies sold. A sequel, Yo-kai Watch 2, is in development for the Nintendo 3DS, and will be released this Summer in Japan.


Finally, Electronic Arts released Titanfall in Japan last week, and the game was met with a rather poor response. The game sold a mere 10,478 copies on the Xbox 360.


The top-20 software sales chart for last week is as follows:


Lw Tw Title Weekly Sales Total Sales Sys. Publisher
New 01. The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z 142,433 New PS3 Bandai Namco
New 02. The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z 128,236 New PSV Bandai Namco
03. 03. Yo-kai Watch 33,833 720,220 3DS Level 5
01. 04. Mario Party: Island Tour 28,114 285,987 3DS Nintendo
New 05. Shin Chan: The Storm Called The Kasukabe Boys Film Star 16,409 New 3DS Bandai Namco
New 06. Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters 14,468 New PSV Arc System Works
02. 07. Samurai Warriors 4 13,552 206,066 PS3 Tecmo Koei
04. 08. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes 11,005 190,036 PS3 Konami
New 09. Titanfall 10,478 New 360 Electronic Arts
New 10. Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters 8,469 New PS3 Arc System Works
07. 11. J-Stars Victory Vs. 7,461 164,418 PS3 Bandai Namco
05. 12. Just Dance Wii U 7,164 25,567 WiiU Nintendo
12. 13. Kirby Triple Deluxe 6,987 547,360 3DS Nintendo
06. 14. Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F 2nd 6,333 121,071 PSV Sega
15. 15. Pokémon X and Y 6,020 4,029,314 3DS Pokémon Co.
13. 16. Fossil Fighters: Infinite Gear 5,951 136,033 3DS Nintendo
10. 17. Pro Baseball Spirits 2014 5,609 96,485 PS3 Konami
14. 18. Samurai Warriors 4 5,369 74,165 PSV Tecmo Koei
08. 19. J-Stars Victory Vs. 5,353 139,875 PSV Bandai Namco
11. 20. Dark Souls II 5,286 325,463 PS3 From Software


Sales data acquired from 4Gamer and Media Create.

  • Six

    Vita means life.

  • JonathanisPrimus

    “Finally, Electronic Arts released Titanfall in Japan last week, and the game was met with a rather poor response. The game sold a mere 10,478 copies on the Xbox 360.”

    I wouldn’t say that. Titanfall is the seventh game since the start of 2013 to push 10k units in its first week on 360 in Japan. The best seller in that period was GTA V, and that only debuted with 23k.

    • Kaien

      Sarcasm detected

  • AkuLord3

    Something is wrong with the top part (at least top seller) or something. Great stuff with SRW and Yokai-Watch.

  • KingGunblader

    “Top-seller: Mario Party: Island Tour (3DS) – 47,106”

    Last weeks’ top seller?

  • Masa

    was going to wait for a price drop but ended up
    buying it on the weekend, cost me $86.98 (ps3 ver)…………oh well! xD

    • darke

      Don’t forget the extra $20 you can spend on DLC! :P

      It’s getting a little ridiculous nowadays…

  • Z3

    “Top-seller: Mario Party: Island Tour (3DS) – 47,106”

    “New 01. The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z 142,433 New PS3 Bandai Namco”

    • Fixed! I forgot to update the top-seller from last week’s post.

    • darke

      That’s an adorable image. What’s it from?

      • Ferrick

        Shokugeki no Soma

        • darke

          Ah, yeah, the food-porn manga; I knew I recognised it somewhere. Nice art, but I could never get into the story.

  • Son of a Smooosh

    Damn, Youkai Watch has some sturdy legs…
    Really hope it ends up getting localized.

  • Tokyo Twilight – 14,468 units (Vita), 8,469 units (PS3). I wonder how many were shipped in total, for each?

    Great to see Youkai Watch doing well. I need that game over here. Jinmenken FTW!

  • Too bad they dropped the ball on so many aspects of srw z3.1.

    • Slickyslacker

      Let’s hope 3.2 corrects everything…animations and dimensions, most of all.

    • Lynx


      When you say that, you should at least list some.

      Aside from FMP’s animation and some Wing units like Deathscythe (really, they should just used Alpha 2’s choreography) it’s not bad at all.

      The story and crossovers are fantastic too. I think they might be topping W for me, such as the entirety of CB the Movie and Chou Ginga’s debut.

      Unless you’re one to complain about 2D maps.

      • 永次

        Poor animations, no dynamic kills, no combination attacks, 2d maps, without good map attacks, low quantity of units, a lot of series from Z and Z2 were dropped (Zambot 3, Xabungle, Daitarn 3, God Sigma, Gravion, Turn A Gundam, Gundam X, Aquarion, Dancouga, Overman King Gainer, Eureka 7, Baldios, Getter Robo G, Mazinger Z, Grendizer… (these last 3 were dropped in Z2…), the new series in Z are not what the fanbase wanted (classic anime like God Mars, Baldios… and we get Evangelion, FMP, EVOL (EVOL…)…*).

        * When I’m talking about the fanbase, I’m talking about the real fanbase, Japan, not the 5 guys in west who loves this saga.

        • Lynx

          -no dynamic kills

          It has a lot.

          -no combination attacks
          Dynamite Explosion and Graperl Combination.

          -2d maps

          -a lot of series from Z and Z2 were dropped

          And will most likely return.

          -the new series in Z are not what the fanbase wanted
          [citation needed]

          • s07195

            Hmm, I’m still hyped for it (gonna play it after getting back to HK) but a few things I’ve noticed on streams are long load times and an extreme difference in sprite animation quality. I didn’t see that many DK’s this time around.
            I probably got spoiled by OG2nd with the 3D maps (first SRW I’ve played with a 3D map…) but you just kinda expected more considering it’s the final chapter of the Z Saga. :S
            There’s probably nothing to complain about the story (I’m really looking forward to this aspect, so long as there isn’t much of the ‘Zero got saved by GN particles’ and ‘Euphemia is actually OK’ kinda writing in Z2…
            Do they mention secrets like saving Anew in Z3?

          • 永次

            Yeah sure, you can go to 2ch and read all the complains about Z3.1 itself. Or better, you can play Z3.1 like I’m doing.
            But yes, as s07195 said, the story is good.

          • Lynx

            Again, citation needed AKA when you make a claim, post evidence of said claim. I have GameRobo bookmarked and normally visit at least twice a week. I haven’t seen any complaints.

            I think you’re referring to 2chan as well which isn’t all that important when it’s the Japan equivalent of 4chan. Seriously, its a very niche board.

          • It’s one of those cases that once again proves that people prefer to complain about bullshit instead of just enjoying something(still can’t get over people complaining about 2D maps, because /THAT’S/ what matters in this series)~

          • Nice Boat Quatro

            Hey, can I ask you about Char’s Counterattack in Z3? Is Char the true villain from that storyline. I thought Z2 retconned that,

        • iamtehultimatepwnage .

          yea unfortunately the animations are often a step down from saisei-hen unfotunately, which is pretty sad if you consider that this game is for psv/ps3….

  • Ren Yuumei


    • Ferrick

      WE CAN FLY! HEY!

      • Reiswindy

        Motto motto >_>

        • Sentsuizan_93

          MOTTO MOTTO!!!

  • otakumike

    Such sad numbers for everything. :/

  • sd28

    man the sales this week are almost as bad as death scythes animations in z3

    • bassgs435

      that’s because they blew the friggin’ budget on TTGL

      • GuntankIsBestTank

        Get in line TTGL, Quanta had the best animations.

      • Mugen555

        No, it was Zeta Genion Gai, Nu, Coldarl, and Bulgarydog that steal the budget

  • Hey, I think those Vita numbers are nice. Especially compared to all the other hardware sales.

    I love my Vita. Let the games keep coming!

  • GuntankIsBestTank

    Whoa, the Vita beat the 3DS for once.
    And why are there so many deleted comments?

    • Six

      Because the Vita beat the 3DS for once.

    • MSJ

      you pretty much answered your own question right there.

  • Herok♞

    Sales numbers for Consoles are really low across the board, I really see no need to make a big deal that Vita sold 2000 more units than 3DS when everything’s sales dropped including the Vita. This really is making a big deal out of nothing, if sales were higher than normal I would see the cause for celebration. But the only thing that happened was Vita maintained its old selling rate for an extra week. So can someone tell me the cause for celebration? Also if the Vita numbers are really low next week, when there is no new game for it, I really don’t want anyone to be surprised. One last thing to keep in mind is the 3DS dropped 8,000 units and it still sold about as well as the Vita.

  • psycho_bandaid

    Even though Titanfall has really low numbers I am surprised they actually brought it over. An online-only FPS on the XBOX360 in Japan? I am shocked they got to 10,000 units.

    • Prepping for the future. Respawn and EA have said that future Titanfall games likely will not be exclusive to Microsoft, so it makes sense that that would want to start building a fanbase for it now, since Titanfall 2 will very likely be on PS4 as well.

      Call of Duty and Battlefield have both managed to gather respectable fanbases for themselves in Japan, so it makes sense that EA would want Titanfall to do the same, even if it isn’t going to move as many copies as it would in the West.

  • Renaldi Saputra

    SRW sure brought up Vita sales
    and its sales on Vita is one of top first-week PS Vita game sales

  • ishyg

    Wow, so Vita outsold the 3DS this week, unheard of for me. Mech games make good money, it seems.

    Man, console sales suffers all around. I don’t know if it’s mobile stuff or Japanese people just don’t have enough time inside the house.

    Natural Doctrine is not on the top 20? That must hurt.

    DAT Yokai Watch though. Nice going for level-5.

    Hey Ishaan, do you think that Titanfall’s low sales can be attributed to the fact that there’s really not much X360 users here, or that they are waiting for the X1 version? I think Media Create doesn’t follow PC sales, and I haven’t seen it either, but is the PC version released here in Japan already?

    • Titanfall’s low sales can be attributed to the fact that the 360 software market in Japan is more or less terrible at this point.

      My best guess is that it’s either apathy or people simply having traded/sold/put away their 360s over the years and picked up PS3s instead. It’s probably a combination of both, actually.

      There was a time when multiplatform games managed to a little more than they do now on the 360, too, but in the last half year or so, we’ve really seen the platform split become much more 9:1 in favour of the PS3, since that’s the leading home console in Japan.

      Ultimately, for most Japanese players, it’s just more convenient to own and play games on a PS3, since it gets multiplatform titles as well as exclusives from PlayStation-centric developers. Sometimes, it means missing out on Microsoft exclusives, but it’s a small price to pay when everything else you want is on a single platform that you already own.

      • ishyg

        I haven’t seen much Microsoft exclusives the past years though, so I see where you’re going for when you say it’s more convenient to own a PS3. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the matter.

        • Yeah, Microsoft have definitely eased up on the exclusives in recent years, but at the start of the last generation, they made some pretty big contributions to bringing Japanese developers up to speed with HD consoles.

          They provided Square and Namco with a great deal of support, they funded Mistwalker, they gave smaller developers like Cave and 5pb. a platform on which to establish themselves and create a following.

          (5pb managed to take advantage of that and grow from it. Cave, unfortunately, did not.)

          • ishyg

            What’s Mistwalker doing currently? Haven’t heard any news about them in like several years already.

          • Wish I knew. We should get in touch with them to find out, although they’re probably still squarely rooted in mobile development.

          • ishyg

            Mobile? That’s new to me. Haven’t heard of that, guess I should check their mobile offerings. Thanks! And I hope you get some interview out of them, know what they’re up to and stuff.

          • Senka

            I thought the Xbox did well in Japan, though not as well as the PS2 of course, and the Xbox 360 did decently for the first half of its generation, right? Was that due to this support?

            Think there’s any particular reason why this kind of support in Japan dried up? Now it’s gotten so bad the Xbox One isn’t even being released there for now.

          • I think Microsoft basically lost interest in supporting Japanese developers when they saw what little difference it was making in the region. That’s more or less why the exclusive support dried up.

            That said, they have been hinting at Japanese exclusives for Xbox One, so that should be interesting to see.

          • Senka

            I didn’t realize it was that weak. That’s a shame but not really unexpected. And here I thought just a couple of popular series like [email protected] and CAVE shooters could get the momentum going. :P

            It almost seems weird that the Japanese market wouldn’t embrace both Xbox consoles because I thought many younger Japanese find Western stuff exotic and cool…but maybe only when they assimilate it for themselves?

            I guess when there were familiar options in the form of Nintendo and Sony they weren’t so willing to try something “too” foreign.

  • Can’t wait to get my copy of The 3rd Super Robot Taisen Z at the end of the month

  • Göran Isacson

    So giant mecha and yokai sell well in Japan. I’d be surprised, but I think I left that reaction in the basement with my other faces.

    Wait. Shit you didn’t read that I have a face collection. Got it? Good.

    Anyhow, MGS is almost approaching 200K sold. Wonder if they consider that a success, or if it’s another one of those megabudgeted games that they thought would have sold 500K by now. Unlikely considering it’s just a single area, I know but you never know with game companies these days. They could really be that shortsighted. Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters seems to be doing okay for fairly new and obscure title, Dark Souls takes QUITE the plunge and Titanfall is sort of… there. At any rate: how well has Dark Souls 2 sold compared to the other games? Is this plunge from the charts pretty much according to plan, or a bad thing?

  • MSJ

    soooo, Mikono is actually a pilot this time in Z3?

    I havent played game yet, but would be nice if you could mix and match instead of going by some pre-determined pilots like Z and Z2 did <<;

    ehhhh, who knows… maybe Z3.2 we'll get EVOL and original Aquarion team.

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