BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Reaches Europe Next Week As A Download

By Ishaan . April 18, 2014 . 9:30am

BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma will be released for PlayStation 3 in Europe, Australia and New Zealand next week, Arc System Works have announced.


The game will be released as a download title via PlayStation Network.

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  • Nas

    The Horror…

    well I guess I need to import.

  • EQeE

    Well, it’s still better than Zen United. It takes them years to release a videogame. I actually got used to this digital copy policy. PSN sales are awesome.

    • Stephen Mc Devitt

      So that’s why people don’t like them. I hope SOMEBODY gives this game a physical release in Europe. Perhaps Koei?

    • British_Otaku

      Rather wait a while and get a retail + limited edition release than wait a bit and get a barebones digital release… Or at the least, there is a lower chance of me supporting a quick but inexcusably digital release over a late but physical release with all of the bells and whistles with at least a decent reason for us to wait (Devil Survivor 2).

    • God

      What about people who don’t like using credit cards? Those are screwed.

  • Crevox

    RIP Zen United

  • ivanchu77

    Well, at least we didn´t had to wait nearly an entire year like it happened with persona….

  • Tenetan

    Disc isn’t region locked for those who trully want it on a disc ( Unlike Persona 4 Arena… ) it’s not hard to import. So overall this is good news I say. already grabbed the Download version from US PSN here myself ( I live in Europe )

    • Mr_SP

      You mean “Persona 4 Arena”, not Golden.

      • Tenetan

        Err whops that is correct.

    • Then what of the fans that wanted a proper LE?
      For example, I got the LE for Calamity Trigger, Continuum Shift, CS: Extend, Persona 4: Arena (YES, day 1 EU £45) and Arcana Heart 3.

      The only reason I didn’t import was because of the trend going about lately with including PVC extras, I personally was hoping to see Europe get treated equally, and also get a similar LE, in otherwords, importing is pointless now because standard editions are so stripped back nowadays, it’s just not worth it unless a good LE is around.

      So nope, I’m not importing, and I’m not getting the digital version, I’ll just read up on the story online or something because this bullshit is unacceptable, and if people have a shred of sense, they’ll not give in to a digital purchase to feed the fuel of a possible trend…

      (EDIT: I also already have the game via JP PSN, since it was the cheaper route at the time, so it’s not like I can’t play and enjoy it, I just really don’t like this digital only trend spreading more)

      • Tenetan

        You can still get the Limited Edition? Sure you will need to import it as well but there is nothing who stop you.

        The good thing is that the mayority of the games isn’t region locked, in fact all but Persona 4 Arena. So your freely able to buy the titles you want from anywhere. Bigger issue it is with systems that’s region locked ( I’m looking at you 3DS )

  • Neppygear

    Yet another European digital-only release for an otherwise completely retail game THIS IS JUST THE BEST YEAR EVER.

    yeah no fuck this I’m going back to my original plan and importing bye

    • Crevox

      Don’t know why people hate digital so much. I imported mine months ago by downloading it off of PSN. It’s so much easier not having to switch the discs, in addition to having faster load times.

      • A lot of people still like having physical copies of everything and if they cant have it they get extremely angry about it.

        • landlock

          I can understand that. If there’s a english physical version avalible that’s the version I”ll be buying without a doubt.

      • TrueDefault

        Just as you like digital, we like physical copies. People have different opinions, is that so hard to understand?

        • Crevox

          No, I just don’t hate physical. That’s the difference. People hate digital for some reason, but I don’t hate physical. I get whatever is easier/cheaper/whatever for me.

          I don’t understand the *hatred* for digital that is resulting in the amount of butthurt shown in this thread.

          • TrueDefault

            With physical copies you can just lend to friends and all. And with my hard drive keep getting filled up by PSN games, its’ easier just pop it in and play. I also like to display my games too.

            Plus, compared to EU, US gamers have both purchase options so people can pick whichever they want. It’s just unfair.

          • Don’t worry bro, Im with you and I know exactly that feeling, I love all the types digital and phisical Of course bouth have goods and downsides, but like you said, digital is just more convinente, portabale, usfull, long run compatibility with any future system. Imagine each time I go to my home country by plane and need to carry my ps3 and games along… when I can just bring my head and login in a friends ps3 for that vacation times and have all my games there with me, right? :3

          • landlock

            depends if you plan to play them in the future like say 10-15 years time? I know I do like I’m playing Snes games right now. Not sure you’ll be doing that with digital games.

          • And if I do, what’s the problem? :)

      • Romored

        The thing is we got all the other games in a physical edition. Why should we get the last episode in the series with just a PSN release? It’s really unfair and a smack to all their loyal fans who supported the European releases.

        • Crevox

          It’s not the last episode in the series, and I don’t believe this ruled out a physical release. It’s just coming out on digital extremely early compared to usual EU releases taking much longer.

          If it’s not coming out physically, yeah I guess it sucks if that’s what you wanted, but you still get to play the game. Does that not matter?

          • Romored

            They said that Chronophantasma is likely the last canonical episodes in the storyline, as far as I remember.
            Anyway no, ASW USA announced just the digital release, they said nothing about a “future” physical release. Which means they didn’t even scheduled it (they’re an American company, after all, they have not the means to directly publish games physically in Europe). Maybe, and just maybe, they could decide to give Zen United the rights to publish the game in a physical edition, but how such a decision could make sense? All those who want a physical edition would already have imported it from America.
            The game is what matters, yeah, but I tend to avoid digital releases. I find lots of disadvantages in them. And from a collector’s point of view, if you have all the other games in special edition, it’s a huge letdown not being able to put the following episode next to them.

          • Crevox

            He said the blazblue story is like 80% complete or something. It’s not done, especially after playing it I can say it’s not done.

            My personal opinion is that such “collector” feelings and needs for physical copies are meaningless. The point is the ability to play the game, which is provided. Regardless of that, I understand there is a desire for a physical release, but people should still be happy they’re getting the game at all. Instead, they’re just whining like children that they didn’t get the game the way they wanted it.

          • Romored

            As you say, it’s your opinion.

            What really is disappointing is the huge difference in how American publishers are starting to treat the European market. This is just the last case of a trend that seems to be spreading like crazy.

            BBCP is already the fourth or fifth game, this year, that is being released with a physical/special edition in America, and as a digital-only game in Europe (the others being Conception II, Mind Zero and Drakengard 3).

            We European fans are being treated just like the bottom of the heap. I don’t think I can be happy of such a situation.

          • Crevox

            “We European fans are being treated just like the bottom of the heap. I don’t think I can be happy of such a situation.”

            No, you’re not being treated in such a way. The company is releasing their product in the designated territory with their best interests in mind. For one reason or another, they decided that a digital release (at this time) was the best way to go about it. That is their marketing strategy; they are not going out of their way to “treat you like the bottom of the heap.” To put it that way suggests that they harbor some sort of ill feelings/intent toward the region, which is obviously not the case.

          • Romored

            No one asked them to do it, honestly.
            Why not leaving that task to the European publisher that have handled the series since the beginning? BlazBlue has been published in EU by Zen United since the very first game. Why has ASW (USA, not the Japanese branch) decided to to this right now?
            And I could say the same to Atlus and Aksys, too.
            If they really want to publish their games in Europe, they should open their official European branch and offer at least the bare minimum that other companies can offer. Just like NISA does.
            It’s a matter of prestige, continuity and respect for their customers.

          • Crevox

            They could’ve done it for any reason. Again, we don’t know. Either way, it’s clear that you don’t understand. Prestige, continuity, and respect are important, but they’re not going to release a game in a territory knowing full well it won’t turn a profit. Business comes first, and they chose this method because it works out best for them.

          • Romored

            This is like the 4th/5th time you say that “we don’t know”. I’m not that stupid, Crevox, I see what you’re talking about.

            And I think it’s you that don’t understand what I’m saying. American companies ought to NOT have anything to do with European publishing, if they don’t have a local presence in that specific region. If they want to publish games in EU, they should open their nice European branch and work on par with the other publishers already existent. American companies have no other way to publish a game in Europe than by digital delivery, if they don’t have any sort of presence in that specific market. That’s what I’ve been saying until now.

            So no, I don’t believe you when you say “they chose this method because it works out best for them”. They chose this method because it was the only one they could use. The real question, here, is: why ASW didn’t wait for Zen United to come telling them “we will publish BBCP in Europe!” like the other times? What I’m thinking is that they thought “let’s publish the game in Europe ourselves, in DD-only, so even if we don’t sell that much we will gain pretty much the same thing as if we let someone else sell it anyway, and we’ll do it in much less time than we did with the previous episodes”.

            On a second thought you’re right, this method really works out best for them. But it’s also very disrespectful for all those fans that supported the previous games by buying them in a physical edition. And just shows how greedy they really are. They use the fact that in this way “European gamers will be able to enjoy the game just a little later than American fans, instead of several months later!” as an excuse, but I’m pretty sure that the real reason is that I explained above.

            I don’t think I have much more to say on the topic.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Folks, going to ask this line of talk end as well. Nothing is being furthered with the discussions now.

          • shadowind

            Are you really that dumb? So us European gamers should be grateful that we’re getting treated like dirt by the likes of Atlus and ASW just as long as we get releases here in digital form…

          • Crevox

            There’s no need to resort to insults, and I’ve reported your post.

            It’s subjective that you are “being treated like dirt.” Simply because you feel that way doesn’t mean that’s the case, nor is it their intent.

          • shadowind

            That’s a bit rich coming from a immature cretinous moron like yourself who can’t accept the fact that gamers in Europe are sick and tired of being treated like dirt by the likes of ASW and Atlus!

            And in any case, if I remember correctly, you were insulting others who were poking holes in your stupid opinions and arguments on the supposed benefits of digital only releases in Europe, so I guess that makes you a hypocrite…

          • MrSirFeatherFang

            This is no longer a conversation about the topic at hand… both of you are just insulting each other now. This ends here. Both of you have said what you wanted so please move on.

          • Astrotrain

            No, it’s not the last episode. Mori said with Chrono Phantasma the story is 80% completed.

          • shadowind

            I would have bought this game if it was in physical form in Europe, but if AS doesn’t think that my money is good enough for Europe to get a physical release, then fuck them, I’ll spend my money elsewhere!

      • Neppygear

        Er, basically, the digital format is hideously unrealiable. Your library can’t be imported to the PS4, for one. If something grave happens to PSN or your account, then said library may just go down with it, too. If you’re going somewhere with the game, then you need to activate all your crap on another system instead of just having the disc. Games get taken off the various stores all the time, too. If I hadn’t bought Fate/Unlimited Codes in time…

        Perhaps most importantly, to me, is that I don’t feel like I own the game if it’s just a digital copy. When Project Diva F got announced for a retail release in America and digital-only in Europe, I wasted no time pre-ordering the disc version. imo, a game collection is not a bunch of downloaded files. It’s boxes, discs, cartridges, limited editions, etc. and everything that comes with that. I could buy BBCP digitally, but it would just feel like a big-ass demo to me. I have Atelier Meruru Plus on Vita digitally, because that’s the only English release it ever got, and it definitely doesn’t feel as real a part of my collection as, say, Persona 4 Golden or Dangan Ronpa.

        Point is, I rather would have waited several months for a physical release rather than settle for yet another digital-only slap in the face, which is why I’m just going to import the disc now. I refuse to support this farce.

        • Crevox

          Your downloaded games stay on your HDD regardless of what happens to PSN or your account. The only thing that could cause you to lose them is if your HDD breaks, which is no different than your disc breaking. As for wanting to play the game somewhere else, yes, that’s probably a concern, but there’s still ways around that. It can be considered a minor inconvenience to many to simply take your PS3 with you, or just your HDD. Activating your account and the titles on another console is ill-advised, though doable; afterall, you can have any title you download from PSN on two seperate consoles.

          As for your second paragraph, I’ve heard the same thing many times from people; I have a friend that told me the same thing. He wants something tangible. I, personally, could not care; I want to play the game, and the game I will play. I do not need some sort of physical object to attach said software to, or to feel like I purchased something. I wanted the game, and I’m playing the game. Cool. There is no need to place value in a piece of plastic (disc case) or a box, because simply put, that’s all that they are. Regardless of that statement, it is simply my opinion, and everyone is of course entitled to their own, and I can respect people wanting something physical or tangible for their money. It’s just a preference thing.

          By all means, you being a consumer, import the disc if that is what you desire. You can’t get mad at Arc System Works for taking the marketing strategy they felt most applicable. Based on whatever information they have, they felt this was the best choice, and to say they’re wrong is just foolish. They know what they’re doing, they made a choice, and you have no right to tell them that their business strategy is wrong when you don’t have enough information to come close to making that call. Sure, you can try to convince them, but throwing a fit and boycotting buying their product as some others are doing is not the way to go about it. Your initial reaction is, honestly, a fine example. You are understandably upset, but that’s not an excuse to lose your cool, especially over something so simple (at least, to me). There are many positives to this situation (example, actually getting the game many months before you normally would have) beyond the initial negative view.

          In the end, to me, it’s about the game. You are being given a way to play the game. That’s what matters (getting to play the game), and it disappoints me that people nowadays have gotten so stingy to the point where they won’t play the game they want to play simply because it didn’t come exactly how they desired.

          • Neppygear

            ASW aren’t digital-onlying thing because it’s a “business strategy” or what “they feel is right”. They have no physical presence in Europe, so it’s the only option they -have- if they were to self-publish. Same with Atlus and Conception II. All this is is them being too lazy/cheap to get a third party, like Zen United or NISA, to publish this shit for them.

          • Crevox

            So you’re saying that in their opinion, it’s going to cost too much for them to get a physical publisher because the game won’t make enough money in Europe? That sure sounds like a choice of business strategy to me when it comes to delivering your title overseas.

          • Neppygear

            Uh, these games have sold just fine in Europe so far. Why do you think Zen United brought over every single BlazBlue game physically on every platform with limited editions? Hell, they even brought over Arcana Heart 3, possibly the most niche 2D fighter out there, on both PS3 and 360, with like three or four different limited editions.

            I’ve bought every BlazBlue LE from them, even the massively delayed ones. I’m not settling for this just because ASW didn’t feel like approaching Zen United with the release, in which case we totally -would- have gotten this physically.

            All I can think of is that maybe the ridiculous disaster that was Persona 4 Arena’s European launch finally caught up to them.

          • Crevox

            Again, we don’t know. To say we know more about the marketing, publishing costs, and more than they do is folly. They could have any which reason not to do it, and we may never know said reasons; however, regardless, when it comes down to it, they felt this was the better choice for them. They made this decision in their best interest, because they felt it was the best decision, for one reason or another. They are a business, and their goal is to make a profit; they seem to think this is the best way to do so.

            You’re welcome to try to tell them that they’re wrong, but know that you are a lone person trying to convince a large business of tons of people that they are all wrong and that you know better than they do how to market their product.

          • Neppygear

            I’m not telling anyone that they’re “wrong” or that I know how to market this shit better than they do. Are you even reading what I’m posting? I just feel this entire situation sucks because I, as in me, (and doubtlessly many others) feel that physical copies are better. You’ve said that you don’t care about the whole collector angle, so of course you wouldn’t understand. I’m annoyed by this trend of American publishers self-publishing digitally because A. I prefer physical copies, and B. my storage space is really finite.

            If this feels like the right move to them, then that’s nice. But I’m not going to support a release that gives just the bare minimum while others get the whole package. If this means they give up on the Euro market entirely, then that’s just too bad. I’ll just import away.

          • Crevox

            The point is that there is no need for hatred toward them. They are not doing it to “screw you over” or anything. They are not doing it because they feel like they need “the bare minimum.” Like I said, if they hired an actual publisher to do a physical release, who knows, maybe they won’t actually turn a profit due to the costs. We don’t know. If that’s the case, it would be pointless for them to even do it. The point I am trying to make is to actually look at it from their PoV instead of just seeing “digital release” and flipping a table at them for it.

            As I’ve said before, in summary, the situation is what it is. You’re welcome to be upset by the outcome, but there’s no need for such extreme negativity and rude remarks. Take it as is, make your decision on what you’re going to do, and/or possibly even provide proper, constructed feedback to the company instead of a garbled mess of anger. The stupid decisions made by others are even worse (boycotting the product entirely) but that’s them. Nothing constructive comes as a result from your initial post.

          • Neppygear

            I am trying my best to be rational about this, when, aside from maybe my initial post, was I extremely negative, angry, or rude? I really wanted to get this and Conception II physically, which has now been made harder and more expensive for me. I am not super happy about this. This is all I’m trying to express. Did I miss the memo saying that everyone has to always accept everything with smiley faces?

            Bottom line is, America is getting these games in both physical and digital forms. They have the choice. We aren’t given a choice at all, unless we import, and it could have been completely avoided if ASW and Atlus hadn’t decided to self-publish. If this is what they felt was right, then okay. But if they really, actually cared about their European fanbase, which does exist, then they would have made the effort to get a third-party to publish for them. (Like Atlus did before with NISA. No idea what made them change their minds, since Persona 4 Golden was very successful.)

            Please pay attention to this next bit:
            I do not like these decisions because they impact me negatively and go directly against what I, a consumer, want. I’m not speaking of anyone else here, it’s great and fun for people who like digital copies, yippee skippee for them. I think I should be allowed to say “no, I do not like this” to something I don’t like on an online thread.

          • Crevox

            All of your posts, along with the other posts in this thread, are toned with negativity towards the company. Even regardless of that, your initial post is literally just a illogical expression of rage.

            Yeah, America is getting them physically and digitally because it makes more sense to them for that specific market, apparently. For Europe, they felt that wasn’t the right way to go. And yeah, maybe they could’ve gotten a third party to publish for them, but again, it may have been too expensive or didn’t make sense for them to do so for one reason or another. There could be a bajillion reasons why they didn’t, and automatically defaulting to “they must hate Europe or don’t care about the fanbase” is pretty lame, to put it lightly.

            By all means, express your dislike. As I’ve said before, you should be welcome to do so. However, expressing a post made entirely of negative emotion with no constructive thoughts at all, with just rage, doesn’t do anything for anyone. It’s not going to change the situation, and it’s only promoting that negativity to more people; and most important of all, there’s no reason to hate the company for their decision. Your initial post is just immature and pointless.

          • Neppygear

            Your endlessly condescending replies are much more infuriating than any video game release. I’m going to be negative somewhere else now.

          • Crevox

            “your posts are condescending because you are telling me what I did is wrong”

            Okay then. Have fun adding more negativity to this great community then, I guess. If you feel like that’s what you want to do.

          • Neppygear

            WHAT DID I DO WRONG? All you’re doing is treating me like some endlessly whining child when I’m expressing an opinion that, perish the thought, does not match yours. Yes, there’s such a thing as those, isn’t it crazy?

            If this is what ASW feel is the best thing to do, then that’s good for them. I do not like it. End of. That’s really all there is to it.

          • Romored

            I know this is useless, Neppygear, but can I say that we think exactly the same things? I wholeheartedly agree with you in everything you said.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            @crevox:disqus I’d let the discussion continue because it had seemed like the was honest attempts at communication between the passion. I do hope that with this break in the timeline, that we have moved on. Thanks.

          • Crevox

            I appreciate your understanding.

          • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

            Not everyone has the luxury of enjoying digital-only stuff, Crevox, Don’t forget that. Digital has a long way to go.

        • on the other hand, while owning a retail version, u will never be able to play it on a “playstation 5” or a “Ps-Vita2”, plus wen ever you go anywhere u must carry the full box or the tinny card with u anywhere.
          While I just need to bring my vita anywhere, or “take my account” anywhere in the world, login and play. :3
          Sorry thats just me, but I prefer portability/handy/convenience/multyplataform to a shelf full of dusty a nice to look bunch of box’s and plastic that only work on a console of the past.(Excluding LE’s of course.)

          • Neppygear

            Standard PS3 boxes are hardly debilitatingly chunky…
            And PS3 game downloads aren’t playable on PS4. So, that’s not really a valid point.

          • Yet* but they will.
            Lets see after PlaystationNOW what will happen, maybe sooner then what we expected. :)

    • landlock

      Ragnarok Odyssey ACE is next. :(

  • SirRichard

    I sincerely hope this isn’t the start of a trend.

  • Go2hell66

    Im done with Zen…

    • Romored

      It’s not Zen’s fault. Zen would’ve given us a physical release. This time, ASW is publishing the game in Europe themselves.

  • Romored

    As an EU fan who bought all the European special editions of all the games in the series (save CS2), saying that I feel completely fooled by this decision is an euphemism.
    Way to go, ASW. That’s how to treat your loyal fans.

  • Radical Dreamer

    I won’t buy this digital release and I won’t import it either. I’m done with that company that don’t give a **** about me. And BlazBlue is my favourite 2D fighter but I can’t accept and support this policy. I wanted to play as Izayoi so bad…

    • Crevox

      If you wanted to play the game, you wouldn’t let such silly things get in the way of it. Seriously, who cares what medium you’re playing the game on? This is beyond childish, it’s incomprehensible.

      • Radical Dreamer

        As chidish as it may seems to you, a person/company who feels like it’s a good idea to treat me like a second rate customer doesn’t deserve any respect nor support from me.
        I also care about the medium since we are talking about PSN. The reason why I purchase digital games on Steam, and why I don’t on PSN is basically the same : the price (and storage issues).

        • Crevox

          That’s your own subjective view, that you’re being treated as a “second rate customer.” That is not their intent in the slightest, and to continue to make such dumb accusations only proves how childish you are.

          Digital prices are usually cheaper than physical; never seen them more expensive at least. Beyond that, I have tons of games on my PS3 that I bought a long time ago and I’ve never even had to clean out the HDD. Even if I had to do that it would be no issue, considering I can easily just delete something OR get another hard drive. There are tons of positives to digital that you just seem to ignore beyond that.

          It’s fine to like physical over digital, but acting like a child about it is a waste of everyone’s time. Arc System Works is not out to screw you over, nor do they want to. Proper feedback would be to request a physical version from the company, contact them and verify whether or not you’re getting one, or at the very least be mature about this. Stomping your feet and being all butthurt to the extreme of not playing the game you want to play gets you nowhere on any front; it’s simply illogical.

          • Radical Dreamer

            “There are tons of positives to digital that you just seem to ignore beyond that.”

            Absolutely, this is why I play almost exclusively on PC since a year (save for a few games on PS3 and Vita), because I despise digital games more than anything…

            “Digital prices are usually cheaper than physical; never seen them more expensive at least.”

            I.. don’t think you’ll find many who’ll believe you on this one.
            I will stand corrected of course if you can’t find games such as AC IV Black Flag Standard Edition, South Park and GTA IV cheaper than 69,99€, 59,99€ and 24,99€ respectively (EU PSN prices) anywhere else.

          • Crevox

            The only reason you’d find physical cheaper is because retailers discount them over time and have sales. Digital platforms such as PSN usually won’t provide those discounts so you pay standard price. Steam is the obvious exception, but lately both Sony and Microsoft have taken to holding their own sales as well.

            On launch though, I don’t think so. I think they’d be the same price or the digital cheaper (even if it’s just by like $10). Just depends on the title.

          • Wappuli

            Even on launch the digital versions are usually more expensive than disc versions.
            I think the only times when I have seen digital as cheaper is when there was a sale on PSN. But even still, most of the times when there’s a sale on PSN, the price of disc version has also lowered so much already that it’s still cheaper.

          • Crevox

            Like I said, it just depends on the title. :)

  • Previously, I stated if Europe didn’t get the Rachel Nendoroid for an LE of some kind, or a viable LE, I’d instead opt the US version – which is kinda pointless now, since Rachel should be long sold off I’d assume.

    ((this is only on the assumption that EU don’t get a physical release))

    If this is all we get, then I’m calling bullshit. I’d be happy to wait 9 months for a European physical release and extras, rather than have a much sooner released digital only version. I hate to admit, but developers that are resorting to digital only for certain regions to save money,whether it’s intended or not, they’re making a mockery of their fanbase, and setting a bad example.

    I’m sure there are more than plenty of fans around here, as well as in and about Europe that have got the LE’s for Calamity Trigger, Continuum Shift, and Extend, and maybe even their lesser received releases like Arcana Heart 3 and the heavily belated P4A . It would be a damn shame to see the cheap route taken, when fans have been this dedicated to them in the past.

    To me, this could also be taken as making assumptions of the fanbase, “they’ll get the game, so they should be happy” – But just be aware that if you go down this route, ASW, you will most definitely lose a lot of respect

    Though, I do honestly hope to hear more soon, I apologise for throwing all my eggs out of the basket, but this is something that not just ASW, but other developers should be more aware of, digital isn’t always the best way.

    ((this comment was copy/pasted from my other comment via Rice Digital))

    • Tenetan

      No you can obtian it from most retailers, it’s easy to find and in stock. Example you can still easily get it from Amazon granted they usually have nasty shipment as well still carry it.

      • Romored

        I don’t think the problem is the fact that you can import. The problem is that importing a version from another continent is not going to support in any way the market you live in. Lacking support means less and less localized games, making publishers think: “why should we publish games in Europe, when they’ll all import them from America?”.
        So no, importing is not a good solution, if you want to support a localization.

        • landlock

          Depends if they listen to the feedback of there fans that they want a retail release in the future.

  • RawrWata

    I feel hated just being European.

  • Hagaren

    Being European fans of Arcsys games is painful.
    Guess I’m importing this…

  • Astrotrain

    What happened with this BB Chrono Phantasma localisation?
    The North American version was released with almost 6 months of delay, with less content, translation errors and issues with the items in the Limited box (not mentioning the censored art box). And now Europe is not getting a physical release? What the hell Arc System Works?

    • Tyler Beale

      Wait, what issues did the Limited Box have?

      *rewatches radio show until about 8 minutes in*

      …Ohhh, I see.
      Also, Rachael seems to be hard to keep together…

  • Not like they had to release it at all but people are going to complain regardless.

    • landlock

      Since a lot of people are importing it doesn’t really matter eitherway to said people now.

  • Haganeren

    The only thing i’m concerned if i import my Blazblue copie from America is how i can get the supplementary character they will most likely include. (I don’t know about them, i didn’t spoil myself)

    What should i do…

    • Neppygear

      You’ll just have to make an American PSN account. All you need for that is an email and a legit address. (you can just take one from the back of the box, I use Sega’s for my account)

      • Haganeren

        Hmmm ok, thanks for the advice

  • landlock

    Since this was rated by PEGI by Arc System Works rather then Zen United or whatever this was always going to be the case. :(

  • Demeanor

    This game deserves far more! (I’m from eu btw)
    So REALLY glad I imported dat LE with the Rachel nendo :D
    And this is also one big reason why I love Sony consoles, no (mandatory) region locks.

  • French

    just import it and buy a digital copy as well lol

  • Guest

    Will Terumi be available? Kokonoe too? I really don’t care if it’s digital or not, I just wanna have Terumi and Kokonoe. Are they included? If not, will they be available on PSN too?

  • sakiu

    What so wrong about digital only games in Europe?

    Price..I want to see our dear American friends paying 50-60 euro for a digital only game :)

    The same thing happened to drakengard 3, preorder costs wooping 50 euro on PSN and on top of that its English and French only. Makes me think that Europe was never part of the plan and the game was only made for US/Canada market, and then throw as a bone to Europe villagers…

    Anyway, I got the game since its JP release, would buy EU but only on disk, so I’ll be skipping on this :S

  • Aaron K.

    Will Terumi and Kokonoe be included? If not they better make them available for download or I’m gonna be pissed. It’s already bad enough they’ve been so lazy that they can’t give us the damn disc.
    I don’t care whether if have it physically or not, when it boils down to it. I just don’t want to miss out on two of my favourite characters in the series made playable just for living in Europe. -_-

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