Dragon Age: Inquisition Release Date Confirmed, Pre-Order Deal Available Now

By Viet Do . April 23, 2014 . 10:59pm



Update 10/10: New code now available for Inquisition pre-order at 15% off! Details below.

Yesterday BioWare made the big October 7th release date announcement for Dragon Age: Inquisition. The third installment of the RPG series is purported to be a lot more open-world both in choices and action, a happy contrast to its predecessor Dragon Age II. Since the announcement Inquisition has started appearing on numerous retailers for pre-order, but the nice Wednesday surprise is that there is a working coupon at Green Man Gaming for pre-ordering digital copies of Dragon Age: Inquisition.



Update: Also available is the Digital Deluxe Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition on the Origin Store, though there’s no discounts on it yet.


While my memory of the series is spotty at this point (Dragon Age II was three years ago, and Dragon Age: Origins is coming up five years), like most fans I’m happy that select characters such as Morrigan will be making a return. Plus, the fact that BioWare will deviate from the lineal snooze fest that was Dragon Age II has been welcoming news (those re-generated dungeons drove me mad).  While I probably won’t jump on the hype train and will keep my personal expectations low, Inquisition is a title I’ll be checking out this Fall, if only to find out what the Warden has been up to.


On other PC deals for the week, if you’re up for a pre-order bargain on a game without such a distant release date, Dark Souls II releases on Friday for the PC. There you’ll find a 25% off coupon code slashing the price from $49.99 to $37.50. That’s actually $22.20 cheaper than you’ll find the Xbox 360 and PS3 console versions of the game, which released on March 11th last month. Other deal picks this week includes The Banner Saga for $13.40 (Steam key).


Midweek PC Gaming Deals


Game Title MSRP % Off Sale Price
Dark Souls II $49.99 20% $40
Prototype Pack $69.97 75% $17.49
The Walking Dead: Season 2 $24.99 33% $16.74
Blackguards $39.99 60% $16
The Banner Saga $24.99 46% $13.40
Kerbal Space Program $26.99 52% $12.95
Max Payne 3 + Season Pass $34.98 85% $5.09
Torchlight 2 $19.99 79% $4.24
L.A. Noire: $19.99 79% $4.24
Blood Knights $14.99 75% $3.74
Torchlight $7.48 50% $3.74

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  • harmonyworld

    I’m the only one on the hype train for this…..
    choo choo~

    • Warboss Aohd


      • TrueDefault

        So hunky and horny!!


          (DAT CHEST HAIR)

          • TrueDefault

            Imagine rubbing your hands against it… or your face.

    • Eilanzer

      after the second game…hummm…i will keep my hypemeter in order.

      • Suki

        This. I’ve learned my lesson after Dragon Age 2 and didn’t even bother with Mass Effect 3. Bioware Games stopped being a day one purchase after I played through Dragon Age 2.

        • harmonyworld

          I actually liked ME3 and DA2 tho….

          • Emsa

            I would rate ME3 higher then DA2, but even ME3 was a dissapointment in regards to the feeling it left me with after having finished it. I rate DA2 at 2/10 and ME3 at 5.5/10.

          • harmonyworld

            I don’t really rate a game on it’s ending or story for that matter, for me it’s how I feel while playing it
            If it’s fun, it can be the dumbest shit on the planet, I’ll still love it :3

          • Emsa

            Wow, that’s very different from how I rate RPGs. I wouldn’t rate a game on it’s ending and I didn’t type that I did. I guess you thought I hated ME3’s color coded ending, but I didn’t. But rating an RPG on it’s story is the most important thing of all.

            Depending on what I play I’m after different things. If I play a racing game I couldn’t care less about story, and then control would be the most important. If I play a strategy game, then gameplay would be the most important.

            But a RPG is all about the story. I don’t care if the combat is strategy, action or turn-based. I can forgive quirky combat systems, crappy UI’s and reused art assets. But I can’t forgive a writer that makes the gamer not feel invested in the character and the world, and even less a writer that tries to create sentimental attachment with badly executed depressing event that just end up leaving distaste and dissapointment.

            When I play an RPG I follow the story and character developments from beginning to end with little care for the other parts (to some extent), and I judge an RPG by the feeling the story leaves me with when it’s finished.

          • SerendipityX

            Just gonna chime in here and disagree. IMO If RPGs were all about story, honestly I’d end up hating the genre. Storytelling in RPGs is usually a hit or miss kinda thing for me but if it has great gameplay, (i.e. FFX-2, Lightning Returns, pretty much most Square Enix games, Tales of games, then I can pretty much overlook bad storytelling and characters b/c the games are just fun.

          • Emsa

            I enjoy stories and interactive stories executed well is what I love in RPG’s. It’s not like I’m ever gonna hate books with good story just cause it doesn’t have any gameplay, and for the same reason why would I ever hate a RPG with a good story for having less then stellar gameplay? And even I enjoy good writing, it’s not like I’ll forgive anything when it comes to controls or menus, I’m just more forgiving for those kinds of errors then I am of bad writing.

            And for the games you mentioned, I did dislike most of those, although I actually enjoy most of the Tales of series. Graces had a really bad main character though.

            While I certainly like a good story my needs aren’t that difficult to meet really, after all I’m an anime fan as well and if I can enjoy anime with it’s usually crazy stories, I can’t be that hard to please. It’s just that DA2’s writing left that bad an impression with me.

            I like stories. They can be complicated or childish or silly or dark or romantic or scary. I like all kinds of games, and all kinds of RPG’s. jRPG’s, MMORPG’s, CRPGS, Western RPG’s. I’ve played A LOT of JRPG’s and it’s not like those actually try to be masterpieces in the story department.

            What made DA2’s story bad was the cheap writing. The writer tried to force feed a sentimental attachement to the characters and the world, but it was badly executed and the world was to static to respond to such writing even if it was good.

          • SerendipityX

            I enjoyed DA2’s writing and certain moments were decent (my memory is fuzzy but there was a moment with Fenris at end of his arc, that was particularly good) but that’s probably b/c I was a newcomer and I never played DA:O. But everything else you’re spot on about.

            Like you I play RPGs of all types, makes up most of my gaming collection actually. I’m usually more forgiving of bad writing, if the potential is there (since my imagination usually runs wild with ideas of what could have been). And also I tend to keep my expectations particularly low when comes to videogame writing.

      • harmonyworld

        I am someone who actually loves the 2nd game and loathes the first one

        • Emsa

          Part of the “problem”. They aimed it at a different demography by making it more mainstream and alienated a large chunk of their existing fans. There’s nothing “wrong” about people liking it, but their existence doesn’t excuse the fact that it was bad practise to make a sequel so different in feel and execution from the original.

          • harmonyworld

            Well, apparently this new game will have a mixture of stuff for the new fans and the old
            leaving in the action gameplay while also having strategy as well
            so maybe this game will make the old fans happy too~

          • Emsa

            I wasn’t really bothered by the combat changes, although I did prefer combat in DAO. I play A LOT of games after all, from all different genres, and I like both strategy and action and turn-based. I was bored with the world and the generic dungeons and boring character developments and thought the writing was, well, crap to be honest. The writing is what was lacking the most in DA2 for me. And I don’t have any problem with dark fantasy, considering that I love The Witcher series as well as read plenty of fantasy books including dark fantasy. The writing in DA2 gave me a “cheap” feeling, and it’s the writing I’m most worried about for DA:I.

            I doubt DA2 recieved such a bad reputation just because of lack of strategy elements or some over-head camera. No one I know even used the top-view camera in DAO. The overly expressive combat animations feal silly and unnecessary though.

          • harmonyworld

            Yeaaah, I didn’t like the rehashed dungeons either~
            I don’t know about the writing, I’m an idiot, so it’s was probably just simpler for an idiot like me to follow~ :3

    • Hawks

      You’re not. Even if it’s just DA2 with larger and more varied environments I will be more than happy.

      Plus watching some of the gameplay vids of that keep siege and the desert areas, I get a distinct feeling at least some of the developers are Witcher fans.

  • WhyWai

    this game is for PC only?

    • harmonyworld

      doubt it~
      PC version is probably the just coming out first is all
      I assume it’ll eventually be out on the ps4 and xbone

    • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

      No, the PC and PS4 version both come on October 7th. PC just gets preorder discounts often.

      • WhyWai

        good for us who don’t have a PC.

        • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

          Well games on PC are typically $10 cheaper because games are made on PC’s first. The $10 extra you pay on consoles, is really for the labor of porting it so to speak. Take that and there are often digital download discounts, this makes playing games on PC a win/win. I got Dark Souls 2 on PC for $37.50, and it comes out tomorrow. Plus it has a free collectors edition through Steam.
          I play on console too, but mostly for exclusives.

  • Emsa

    I’ve played through Dragon Age: Origins soooo many times, have easily gotten over a 1000 hours of playtime from it. But DA2 was not my cup of tea, I didn’t like the story or most of the characters, and the world seemed really devoid of life and uninteresting. Played throught it once and tried to start on another play-through but didn’t even get half-way on the second one before the boredom and dislike overwhelmed me:(

    Not gonna get hyped for any BioWare game until they release something that leaves me satisfied afterwards, the way ME1&2 and DA:O did, and not leave me dissapointed or bored like with their latest bunch of games, SWToR, ME3 and DA2.

    1998 – 2010 (Good Games Era)
    Baldur’s Gate series
    Neverwinter Nights series
    SW: Knights of the Old Republic
    Jade Empire
    Mass Effect 1&2
    Dragon Age: Origins

    2011- Now (Bad Games Era)
    Mass Effect 3
    Dragon Age 2

    • Eilanzer

      i can´t agree more with a post my friend.
      Not only that was the “Good Games Era”…But still is the BEST era in general for great games, based on good writing…Not money and milking like is today ¬¬
      How i miss games like Planescape Torment Ç_Ç

  • keithmaxx

    PS3 or Wii U version too, please.

  • hazelnut1112

    Dragon Age: Liquidation is looking like a wonderful train wreck. How will they top Dragon Age 2 in terms of low quality everything?

  • Mordina

    Yay! Can’t wait! I have to replay the two older games in preparation for DAI :3

    • TrueDefault

      I’m just gonna use Dragon age Keep and make perfect saves. Already played them too many times.

      • Eric Harris

        same here, but I am gonna replay Origins as I got toward the end but didn’t beat it. Plus I need to remember the characters/lore. .

  • TrueDefault

    Mine, now!!

  • lordsofskulls

    i dont like that their is a “Blood Knight” game that doesnt look good >.> out their.

  • Kornelious

    Sweet, I can’t wait for this game, I have faith that it can make up for Dragon Age 2. This and Shadows of Mordor……October is the month of the westens lol XD

  • fairysun

    It can’t be worse than Dragon Age 2, right?

  • Eric Harris

    I can’t help but be hyped for this. LOVED DA:O, skipped 2, and it looks like they learned from their mistakes and developed this game for a good long time.

  • Origin Key… Does that mean it wont be on steam? Humm Maybe I’ll just hold out for Amazon digital version.

    • Pretty sure it’ll be an Origin only title given EA is the publisher. But there’s been exception.

      • Humm That is true. Hoping they at least sell it on Amazon. Thank you so much for answering!

        • Yup pretty sure Amazon will carry it. No big pre-order deals though, usually you’ll get some $5 credit thingie. I’d wait for other stores such as GetGamesGo, GMG, etc if Gamefly isn’t your liking.

          • Gah! I forgot about GMG and Gamefly! Thank you again~ I will definitely be heading over there.

  • subsamuel01

    Will probably wait till reviews come out for this. Trailer looks amazing, but it looked great for DA2 and we all know how that turned out.

  • berserkerRRC

    the character design in this looks pretty bad IMO. FFX Lulu + meth addiction

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