Compile Heart Teases An "Intense Announcement" On Wednesday

By Spencer . April 28, 2014 . 10:37pm


Compile Heart, the developer of the Neptunia series and before that Record of Agarest War, teased an intense announcement for April 30. The tweet came from Idea Factory’s Twitter account since both companies are under the same umbrella. Idea Factory handles otome games and the Neverland games like Spectral Souls and Generation of Chaos.


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  • Firion Hope

    So many game announcements lately from everyone and it’s not even E3 yet. Loving it

    • Manny Being Manny

      Well, its not like many of these smaller Japanese companies or niche localizations would be bothering with E3, anyway. Its not the demographics they’re going after.

    • These games aren’t going to get announced at E3. Thats just for the mainstream stuff.

  • fyi1191

    Meanwhile, Siliconera teases us with that image of Neptune.

    • DanteJones


      • Keko

        Purple Heart*

        • DesmaX


          • MasterScrub


          • M’iau M’iaut

            Some kind of record here. 5 different posts with 5 different names — and not one of those is ‘waifu’.

          • alixraen


          • Pipe

            Are you actively trying to decrease the quality of discussion here now?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Just playing along with a thread that is only slightly off-topic.

          • s07195

            You’re like one of those guys on Youtube saying: ‘Finally, a video with no dislikes!’
            Someone’s gonna do it if you mention it, man. XD

      • Demeanor


  • Earthjolly

    Siliconera the video game announced for vita

    In all seriousness. Hopefully a new Vita EXCLUSIVE for the West

    • God

      Why EXCLUSIVE to the west?

      • Earthjolly

        Shut up god, you dont exist

        • God

          You are entitled to you opinion, but on the other side, for reasons completely unrelated to your comment, your life is gonna suck from now on.

          • Earthjolly

            Do I have to put /s all the time?

          • God


          • Earthjolly

            /s = Sarcasm

          • God

            So i can’t answer sarcasm with a joke? Why do people always assume since i’m god i’m always being serious, it’s seriously annoying…

          • Earthjolly

            Calm down god. You might cause the apocalypse by accident

          • God

            If i could i would have thousands of years ago, damn you and your free will! Oh, but i can still make your life a living hell if you piss me off :D.
            Edit: You never answered my inquiry, why exclusive to the west?

          • Earthjolly

            I mean exclusive vita game that will be localized to the west.

  • TheGioG

    Compile Heart are leaving their fans NO time to breath. They crank out the game announcements, I put em’ on my ever growing to-buy list, and my crying wallet’s just ready to spit its money their way.

    • God

      What are you complaining about? You get money by swinging your sword around cutting tall grass and breaking pots, hell, you can make $1000 un only a few hours…

  • almostautumn

    I suspect something with Otton, as that little guy sure can get ‘intense’ from time to time, if you catch my drift.

    • Landale

      I’d much rather some more games in the Agarest series. Or even better, the Neverland games, but that one is less likely given that it’s usually handled by the main portion of Idea Factory. Though Little Rain in the Noire game shows that they at least haven’t completely forgotten that series, so there’s some hope.

  • Duc PC-QB

    Intense Moe heart breaking

  • Alter

    my wallet is ready !!!

  • Zoozbuh

    Soooo any word on that Fairy Fencer F localization yet?? Or did I miss the announcement somewhere ;D I’m guessing this “intense announcement” is a Japanese one, so it will probably be an entirely new game (also a good thing, since Compile Heart gets better with every game they develop!)

    • Sapitntapit
      • Zoozbuh

        Oh, thanks! Looking forward to it. For some reason, I can never bring myself to replay Neptunia games without losing interest. But the first time round, man they’re entertaining. (And yes, I basically think this will be like a Neptunia game, but with a different set of characters)

    • God

      I don’t know about that, i’d say Agarest War Zero is WAY worse than the original.

  • Callonia

    I’m ready Compile Heart!
    My body is prepared.

  • Kami nii

    Where can I download the Thumbnail? :)

  • Joshua Myers

    Cant wait hoping for another neptunia or agarest game

  • Monterossa

    Fairy Fencer F, All Neptunia remakes for Vita, and Record of Agarest War 2 for Steam.

    • Tyler Beale

      None of those make sense. The former is handled by NISA, the middle has already happened, and the latter can’t happen because they’d have to totally redo it (Zero and 1’s ports were based on their Xbox 360 versions).

  • WhyWai

    wow wow wow! My body is ready!

  • Kornelious

    I’m calling it now “Fairy Fencer F 2!” JK lol (But hey, you never know)
    Unfortunately though I don’t think it will have anything to do with localizations or the like since complie Hearts don’t localize their own game. though it will still be awesome to see what it’s about (No rest for our wallets huh lol XD)

  • artemisthemp

    I really looking forward to see what, Compile Heart have to announce

  • Kai2591

    [The waiting intensifies]

  • Learii

    I just hope is come to the west whatever is it =D

  • KazukiNanbu

    more neptunia? or maybe something else?

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