Gundam Side Stories: Missing Link Vernier Bursts Out Two New Trailers

By Sato . May 1, 2014 . 2:01pm


Namco Bandai and B.B. Studio are currently working on Mobile Suit Gundam Side Stories: Missing Link, where players take on three-mech squads to fight on land and in space. The latest trailers show combat from two different units from the Zeon’s side and another from the Federation.



The “Slave Wraith” is an experimental unit from the Earth Federation Forces, consisting of Travis Kirkland, Fred Lieber, Marvin Heriot, Edward Lee, and Doris brandt. The footage gives us a look at some battle on land in all kinds of terrain.



Next up, is a video showing off the “Marchosias,” a special unit from the Zeon Army, featuring Dough Schneid, Riberio Linke, Guy Helmut, Severo OSwald, Albert Bell, and An’neroze Rosen Hein as the pilots. In this trailer, we get a good look at some space combat.


Mobile Suit Gundam: Side Stories will be released on May 29 for PlayStation 3.

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  • Jungo

    Those videos are surprisingly English, even for the Gundam games. Might be easier than usual for me to pick up.

    • Godmars

      English HUDs yes. But story and dialog?

      Would it be too much to how against hope that given the current retro craze and that the latest Gundam DW is getting a direct download that the same might happen here?

      • Jungo

        I’m happy with English HUDs so far, I’m not gonna hope for much with an English story on top. It’s a primarily Japanese game franchise, and I can live with that.

    • 永次

      Well, since 1980s, Gundam series have a lot of English things in the HUD and Menu, is not a surprise.
      Enjoy the game.

  • urbanscholar

    There’s a lot going in these videos : )

  • Kurt Wagner

    The Zeon video gives me more hope for this game. I really like the slower pace that the old zakus move at. Every other video makes the game look like a watered down ACE or Vs series game. Since this is a mostly Oyw game I personally like the mollasus feel.

  • TheDarkEmpress

    I love OYW stuff. MS Zeta and ZZ is when things really started to get nuts to an almost fantasy level as most of the mech in that game flew under their own power like nothing…I was so fond of the Zeon Zakus and original RX-78 II Gundam just bumbling around on land as it made them seem more like practical machines that could theoretically exist….the OYW just brought alot of “hey, this could happen…maybe” to the table, which is something big with me when it comes to war machines. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed every rendition of Gundam I’ve seen, except Seed, tooemo4me.

    • I love Zeta its my favorite series but Didn’t like ZZ too much

      And Zaku’s are awesome!!!!

  • Fox

    With so many disparate gameplay mechanics in this game, I have a hard time believing it will play very well.

    Granted, it’s not like there’s much risk of it being worse than any of the other Gundam games this generation, sans Senki.

    • 永次

      Have you ever played Gundam Extreme VS., Full Boost, Senki or Unicorn?

      “Granted, it’s not like there’s much risk of it being worse than any of the other Gundam games this generation, sans Senki.”

      You don’t know anything about Gundam videogames. Fact.

      • Fox

        And you have terrible reading comprehension, which is an actual fact. Please, look at my post–the one you went out of your way to paste-quote into your reply–and reread those last two words.

        Not only have I played every single Gundam game released this generation, I’ve actually written translation guides for about half of them. UC is a very flawed title, and I really don’t care for the GvG series.

        I could offer a nuanced and articulate defense of that opinion, but given your childish response it doesn’t seem worthwhile.

  • Looks fantastic to me

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