Shin Megami Tensei IV Going On Discount Sale Once More

By Ishaan . May 1, 2014 . 9:00am

Shin Megami Tensei IV is going on discount sale once more. The game will be available at the discounted rate of $29.99 via the Nintendo eShop from May 5th – May 12th.


Meanwhile, on Wii U, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Blacklist is having its price lowered starting May 5th, from $59.99 to $29.99.

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  • FullMetalAlcopop

    …Is it even worth saying at this point?

    • Son of a Smooosh

      SMT is my favorite franchise period, and I’ve already given up hope. Not to say that I don’t check on news regularly and get really excited everytime something about SMTIV shows up, but I’ve decided that it’d be healthy to just assume it wont happen anymore… :[

      • Prinnydoom

        Taking a trip to california over the summer if i see one game shop while I am there I am buying a US 3DS and SMT IV. Rash and stupid? Of course it is but I hate waiting >__<

        • Atwa

          Do it and get Rune Factory 4 as well.

  • Isaac Todd

  • RawrWata

    y u do dis atlus

    • shadowind

      Because they suck major ass?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        This post has nothing to do with anything related to Europe. We have made notice multiple times that the continued whining needs to stop.

  • persona_yuji

    *grumbles like solid snake*
    Nintendo, you little liar you… one year…one YEAR…

  • Ricky Wallis

    Awesome!…Oh wait…I live in Europe…

  • AnonymousNaruto2000

    I know this is good for americans, but for Europeans (and a lot happen to visit this website), this is just rubbing salt in our wound. ;_;

    • Son of a Smooosh

      Well, it’s not Siliconeras fault that we got promised a european release like 1 year ago though… :P

      • AnonymousNaruto2000

        I know. It’s still pretty much rubbing it in our faces that they keep getting discounts and sales of a popular game that we never got. Atlus are the ones that hate Europe
        (a good example is Persona 4 Arena: Constant Delays. Region Locked game on a Region Free Console. Crappy apology bonuses. etc.)

        TBH, I’m not holding my breath waiting for release dates for Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Devil Survivor 2 (3DS remake, the superior version), Persona Q and the other games they’re making.

        • decus

          Atlus doesn’t hate Europe so much as Europe as a market is a prime example of high cost, low returns for text heavy game localization. It’s not like Atlus doesn’t/hasn’t let other companies try their hand at localizing in the region (read: they have, every time, to whoever will take it save a few exceptions they did themselves).

          Most of the eurowhine I see directed at Atlus is better directed at ghostlight and similar that actually localize in Europe for not seeing value in the projects you want (they might be right in that) or, at this point, Sega even (they do have a european branch). Or NOE and Nintendo in general for region-lock if you only want english language.

          Bug NOE until they tell you what happened or bug Sega or ghostlight until they tell you why they won’t do it since I guarantee you that the problem doesn’t lie with Atlus. I’m fairly certain with SMTIV it’s entirely on NOE obtaining the publishing rights but then doing nothing with them, but I’ve yet to see anybody really press them for answers.

          To me eurowhine on these articles should be in the same category as whining about dual audio. We get it (you whine), you don’t get it (the business reasons), stop whining to the wrong people.

          • persona_yuji

            Wasn’t NIS America in some kid of deal with Atlus about localising their games in Europe? I thought that was the one of the reasons Ghostlight isn’t touching SMT IV. And didn’t Nintendo said that they were the one’s bringing the game to Europe, and thus no NIS announcement as well?

            To be honest, I wouldn’t put the “eurowhine” (as you say) problem on the same category as the dual-audio isue, since one thing is personal preference over voice acting and localising a game to a continent is another thing altoghether.

            In my honest opinion, the one with the most blame is Nintendo themselves, because, well, they announced the game and then…*puff*… it’s like the announcement never happened.

          • Haganeren

            You may be right about the fact whining is pretty much useless but… Well… European are human too and even if i didn’t post a comment here to whine, i did whine IRL about it even if it’s totally useless. I can totally understand some people which “let their feeling out” at this kind of article.

            Also, I wouldn’t say it’s as useless as M’iau M’iau said… Company can totally see those kind of comment if they try to search and the more we whine, the more chance they could think Europe is not as a bad market as you said. (Even if i personally think it is but shhhh…)

            But i understand it’s annoying for other people too…

          • Ninten

            It’s not Ghostlight, not NISA and not even NOE who is publishing the game (they confirmed this via email), so all the blame should go towards Atlus. I’m pretty sure they didn’t even start working on a PAL build of the game.

          • AnonymousNaruto2000

            I’m not complaining to you. I’ve pretty much accepted that this game isn’t going to be in Europe for a very long time. I’m just saying it’s kinda rubbing it in how Siliconera keep on posting about Sale after Sale of this game when they know a hell of a lot of Europeans have been waiting for this game for ages.

            And Eurowhine? Really? You say we’re wrong to complain about something we were promised and never got, but you would be exactly the same way if your country was promised a localisation and didn’t get one (Most people would be).

            Sorry for that mini rant, but that last paragraph of yours can be seen as quite offensive to Europeans and came off as quite rude. I understand the rest of the post though (Atlus may not be completely in charge of localisations of their own games, but they’re still at least partially at fault here).

    • arkane9

      European brothers and sisters, let the 3DS be a lesson to us to never ever again buy a handheld system from Nintendo in Europe.

      If you know someone who is planning to buy a 3DS, convince them to import a US 3DS instead.

      (with a little luck you can then borrow it and play SMTIV and RF4 :p )

  • Prinnydoom

    Meanwhile in europe pitchfork and torch sales continue to rise over an unknown reason.

    • Armane

      There’s probably just some legal dispute over publishing rights. That’s the only reason I can imagine for it to take this long.

      • Ninten

        I might get downvoted for this, but I seriously doubt negotiations over a single game can take this long. Maybe they just didn’t start working on the PAL build of the game.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Do remember that in the period since the announcement there are new owners. Who then divided things up differently.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Why not just drop the price permanently for the sake of convenience, it’s always on sale. Great game though

    • 하세요

      Price drops on lesser known titles can be a sign of “oh, it’s not selling well. I’ll just wait for another price drop at this rate.” By permanently dropping the price, folks will sit around and wait for yet another sale so it goes down even further. Giving sales here and there and keeping the base price the same is more of a haggle. “Look, this is as low as we’ll go. Take it now or never.”

  • NintendoPSXTheSecond

    Oh but Sega could publish it in Europe now! If they cared about RPG’s that is.

    • Thatguy

      If they cared about West in the first place.

    • shadowind

      The day that Sega gives a feck about the West is the day that cats and dogs will be mating with each other and people will be able to buy and create their own custom Chobits in the shops!

  • Vitonofrio del Rosso

    in the meanwhile, europe……

  • SMT

    “Shin Megami Tensei IV…”
    Me: “Could it be…? Could they finally announce the game for Europe?”
    “…Going on Discount…”

    …..My poor, poor heart just can’t take it anymore. ;_;
    At this point it feels like there will be peace in the middle east before we get this game.
    Come on Sega! This is your chance at redemption!

    • Cyrus

      Just do what I did, get a US 3DS for cheap (I got one for around £80) and import SMT IV. Done and done.

  • Perro

    Not too long ago, I got a $30 gift card on Amazon, and was waiting to use it on SMTIV. That game stays steady at $40-$50 range, but finally it dropped to $30 for like a week and I got it for free. I’ve locked in 16hrs on it so far, and to say the least, it’s amazing. If you haven’t already, buy it!

  • James Enk

    I say this every time but i can’t help it… Europe is still waiting Nintendo

  • Ninten

    I dunno, at least Atlus should say whether the PAL version of SMTIV is cancelled or not. The delay and utter complete silence around the game definitely won’t result in decent sales at all IF it eventually gets released here. People thought the P4A fiasco was bad? Sadly, this is even worse and with P4A at least people were informed frequently about the game’s status by Zen United.

    If the game is cancelled, then they better have a pretty darn good reason for it.

    • At this point the game is pretty much cancelled. Maybe they just thought SMTIV wasn’t for Nintendo of Europe demographic.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Guys — let’s come to some understanding here. The entire community recognizes the passion on the topic of games reaching Europe in a timely matter (if at all). Yet, these sameface rants across multiple threads are not going to solve the matter. By now, folks at these companies are well aware of your feelings. The same snarky comments are not going to cause the Earth to magically shift in its video game orbit.

    For the moment, can I at least ask you guys to think before posting and not say the same things again and again?

    • Phreakar

      Can I ask this you this? Since siliconera is a known site, can’t you guys ask atlus or nintendo what the problem is? They refuse to tell us. They are more likely to answer the press than people like me pestering them on twitter or facebook.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Sadly, that’s not something I would expect us to get any more word on. Rights issues seem to be quietly coming back on a number of matters. Especially in a case like Atlus, where there are both new owners and corporate reorganizations.

        Smaller things like a relatively minor game release don’t end up priorities with corporate is involved.

        • Phreakar

          “Sadly, that’s not something I would expect us to get any more word on” So basically, you guys didn’t ask and you’re not planning to ask? Come on guys, as least try for us!

    • persona_yuji

      Well, one year passed and not even a single news were given, the least they could is say “Hey! Don’t worry, there as been some trouble on *insert random thing here* but the game will reach Europe sometime in the future”.
      But uh… will try to make less comments about the subject.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        Recognized, but this is an article about the game going on sale in the States, nothing more. And it is not as if we don’t have an open thread where longer and deeper conversations regularly happen.

        All it takes is a moment to see far less fire is coming out of the threads below where some amount of time is taken to express thoughts. Rather than just spewing smoke causing folks to cough.

    • Prinnydoom

      Yep. Sorry bout that couldn’t help it.

    • arkane9

      Has the staff of Siliconera pressed Atlus, Nintendo of Europe or Sega for reasons why SMTIV hasn’t been released in Europe?

      You have some journalistic power. If you tried using it to get some answers, maybe we could get the reason and less people would whine about it and move on. They certainly don’t seem to listen to fans asking them directly, so it’s worth trying.

      Also, we know that many companies look at comment sections and forums to measure interest. If they see us stop asking for it and no longer complaining, they might start assuming that there isn’t much demand anymore.

  • vincent_vincent

    I never thought about this before but how well do you think Atlus games would do if they got a Steam release?

  • Kari

    $29.99 …Sony did it better with Golden week.

  • darkfox1

    Seriously man I can’t get enough of Megaten!

  • Quizler

    Dang, It’s hard to remember SMTIV ever NOT being on sale by now. I still don’t regret buying it for full price at 50 bucks for the sweet launch version.

  • Kamakuma

    Ah I remember that boss from the article pic… Man he beat the ship out of me the first few goes. And not gonna lie the overworld map get’s so darn confusing! :’o I HAD to consult the guidebook a few times as I was hella lost more than once. x..x

  • keithmaxx

    Grumble grumble 5+ languages to localize… Grumble grumble multiple national licensing issues… Grumble grumble region lock…

    Disclaimer: I live in Japan and grabbed an NA 3DS and copy of the game regardless.

  • arkane9

    A nice deal. Too bad you rarely see the biggest games go on sale on eShop.

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