Pokémon Omega Ruby And Alpha Sapphire Teaser Shows Groudon And Kyogre

By Ishaan . May 10, 2014 . 4:32pm

Teaser footage of Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Nintendo 3DS remakes of Pokémon Ruby/Sapphire, is available for viewing. It isn’t much, and just provides a brief glimpse of Groudon and Kyogre, the games’ mascot legendaries.



Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire will be available worldwide this November.

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  • in TFS Frieza’s voice “I’ve waited over an hour for this!?”
    Oh well can’t complain though looks sweet enough.

  • Otoya

    They better dont show it, waste of time

  • Heisst

    I had to endure seeing a little child poke an adult man’s naked ass and this is all they show.

    • I imagine the response was slightly similar for that ATLUS announcement.

      You know, suffering through stripping for arguably underwhelming footage.

    • Kango234

      Wow between this and having to endure two guys humping each other and molesting Teddie, only to hear they’re making an anime of something that already had an anime I think I’m done with japan only reveals.

  • ZnTxn

    Not surprising at all.

    • luckgandor

      Yep. Pokemon TV does this all the time. Let this be a lesson to you all – never set high expectations for this variety show ever again.

  • MrTyrant

    Should I wait for Omega esmerald?

    • Smooosh

      There was neither a remake of yellow, nor a remake of crystal. HG/SS actually were more like remakes of crystal with a few edition-specific exclusives thrown in.

      So yeah, the chance of an emerald “remake” are pretty slim. Just get one of the two if you are interested.

      • MrTyrant

        You are right about that. Kyougre or Goudron?

        • Smooosh

          Kyougre all the way….le.

          Get it?

          Yeah I’ll leave now…

  • Desk

    that was super disappointing

    • Harvey Tejada Loto


  • Guest

    “Sound effect not in game”
    Then what was it!? xD

  • Sakurazaki

    I spend half an hour watching Japanese TV for this!?

    Worth it.

  • DarkRoxas


    … Well, I hope that CoroCoro save us.

  • Darkwing7

    They didn’t put sound inside on purpose so we wouldn’t have eargasms from the epic horns.

  • Ricardo C

    This is the part where Rayquaza comes down to shut them up right? Jk, but that would be cool. I do wonder if that cutscene would be included since its unlikely they’ll remake Emerald.

    • Lynx

      Normally, the remakes include stuff found in the third versions. HGSS had Eusine and the Suicuine quest line which was Crystal only and never happened in the original games.

      It wouldn’t surprise me if this was a Emerald tier rewrite though.

      • Ricardo C

        Oh thats right!
        Though I wouldn’t be surprised if they merged the spirit of Emerald into these games including some new goods.

        • Steven Higgins

          I hope so. I never got to play Emerald so I hope these retain any changes to the story that were present in that game. The only thing that gives me pause and causes any doubt that this may not be the case is the teams, Since they’re doing two versions they may want to go with the separate Aqua and Magma stories from the original since they’re still the only games to have different antagonists depending on the version, unlike B2/W2 where Ghestis’s Plasma was bad and N’s Plasma was good in both versions. But I hope not.

          • Ricardo C

            Im with you on that. I haven’t played it ether. Thats what gives me any doubt too. I guess they could be rewriting the whole story and mixing everything in a blender (not literally).

    • NintendoPSXTheSecond

      This is the moment they emerge from the water and cause their respective environmental hazards.

  • aw yeah shits gettin real

  • Jonah Paley

    godammit. I was looking forwards to being able to say “trumpets confirmed”

  • Buitronthecrazy .

    i am so disappointed…

  • SlickRoach

    Hope there’s move tutors in this one, I want a Skuntank with Sucker Punch so bad it hurts.

  • Senshin

    I just hope the emerald battle frontier is in. Or maybe a mega-rayquaza

    • DragKudo

      I believe their is a Rayqyaza, groudon, kyorge fusion thing

      • Senshin

        Fusion? lol can’t imagine

        • DragKudo

          This may be fake.

          • Senshin


          • That’s gonna look ridiculous.. so I kinda hope it’s fake, but then again those screens look interesting…

          • Senshin

            It’s not that impossible considering the kyurem-black/white thing. But i hope it’s fake

          • Krisi92

            But Kyurem, Reshiram, and Zekrom were once one Pokémon. Kyogre, Groudon, and Rayquaza are just rival-thingies.

          • Senshin

            I don’t played the black/white 2, so i didn’t know D:

          • Steven Higgins

            Plus they all have dragon body types. It would be harder to make a coherent amalgamation of a whale, a dinosaur and a serpent and the result would likely look completely ridiculous.

          • AuraGuyChris

            Multiple times, it has been confirmed as a fake. Serebii would have reported it as such otherwise.

          • DragKudo

            I don’t go to serebii, so i wouldn’t know.

          • LexKitteh

            Fake, says the name Blaze Ruby and I can’t really make sense of the Sapphire one..

          • ZnTxn

            It says “Tostorm” Sapphire.

          • LexKitteh

            Yeah exactly. That doesnt even mean anything lol

          • Blaz

            I know the fucking Mega Evolutions better not be fake.

          • Renaldi Saputra

            So what it will be called? Pokexros?

          • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

            Black and White 3

          • Ni ~Algidus~


          • That’s fake for certain. It uses old artwork.

          • dante

            O shit 2 new mega evolutions..jus look at blaziken

          • Tsurugi

            This can be fake, but it would be nice if this really happen in the game….

  • XypherCode

    There’s a reason why they’re called teasers people. :

    • AuraGuyChris

      I didn’t feel teased one bit, that’s why!

  • Michael

    DANG IT. Wanteed to see the 3d models of the trainers.

  • AuraGuyChris

    The trailer has thus confirmed to us that the cover legendaries are in the game!

    And water! A-and a rock! Who doesn’t love rocks?!

    • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

      I think that’s Sootopolis, given the scene.

  • Kaetsu

    It’s sublime! I can’t wait for the gameplay we’ll see tomorrow.

  • PlatinumMad

    At least the commercials were funny

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Why did my heart jump? for a teaser?!

  • Fallen_Persona

    Can there be an Epsilon Emerald? Kidding, kidding. I know they don’t do that.

  • Evil-Antho

    To be fair, those cutscenes look pretty boss. (though the hardcore kyogre fan in me is also talking) and E3 is just a couple of weeks away.


    Hmm….If Anything, the clip while showcasing both Legendary pokemon in teasing manners, also showcased their special abilities in action when they appeared onto the battlefield: Drought and Drizzle

    Both shows were quite enticing to me, then again, I just waited for the footage to show online than to sit and watch Japanese TV lol For me at least, it was satisfying.

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    I was expecting much less…

  • spyro20

    took them long enough, tch!

  • Paul Rodriguez

    Teaser is right. I need more.

  • Vash bane

    i’m guessing they are also going to get a new screech (you know….the sound they make lol if they didn’t already)? “gameplay not final” surprise me make want it :)

  • Quizler

    That definitely looks like Alpha footage LOL
    Seriously though, this should have just been the initial announcement.

  • Jadfish

    Watching ANYTHING involving Gen 3 pokemon without trumpets is a dry task

  • I liek Mudkipz.

  • Spider-Man

    I spent an hour watching the damn stream. Only for these short clips. Seeing Groudon popping out of water bothers me. Maybe from a volcano or under ground would be better. But cool still.

    • s07195

      It probably has to do with the scene it awakens from an underwater cave- the mountain-like thing in the background is most likely Sootopolis City.

      Which also kinda confirms that Emerald’s plot isn’t going to be folded in a la Heartgold and Soulsilver with Crystal’s plot.

      • Lynx

        It’s a battle cinematic though, hence Drought and Drizzle activating shortly after the appearance of the respective mons.

        So it doesn’t confirm anything.

        • s07195

          I’m not too sure about the animation being for drought/drizzle as well, because drought and drizzle did occur in-universe thanks to Groudon and Kyogre with abnormal weather patterns iirc… That may just be showing the start of it. I also doubt that battle cinematics look that advanced from X/Y…

          • Ehren Rivers

            It is perhaps an in-game scene rather than a battle scene, but it looks like it would be a heavy step down from the graphics of the X/Y opening screens. Also, those effects are definitely Drought and Drizzle. If this is an in-game cut scene, that means that it is absolutely brand new. In original Ruby and Sapphire, you are brought up from the place Kyogre/Groudon awaken and their weather effect is already taking place. You don’t see your respective legendary again at all after they awaken until you meet them in the Cave of Origins.

            Therefore, I’d say absolutely nothing is confirmed so far by this footage. It’s even possible that with the addition of new scenes, Kygore and Groudon start off on opposite sides of the Sootopolis Crater and will meet in the middle for their clash. There didn’t appear to be a place large enough for them to enter the basin in Emerald from below the waves, and they were simply THERE when you arrived.

            Basically, let’s not rule out anything just yet, till we get more information.

          • s07195


          • Ehren Rivers

            For the record I think it’ll be fucking awesome either way. The Emerald storyline was sweet, but personally I wonder if they could create something out of it that still focuses on the legendary of the version. Such as, perhaps, the version legendary becoming awakened somehow, causing them to change forme to the appearance seen on the cover and tipping the balance between the pair dramatically in their favor.

      • AuraGuyChris

        But it’s illogical anyway. It’s like Charizard rising out from the water. They could have made Groudon rise up from an island where there’s ground it can walk on. Though yes, I do believe Ground-types as strong as Groudon don’t mind walking in water…maybe.

      • LastationLover5000

        The chances of the Emerald plot being reused is rather high; HGSS did it with Crystal, and Emerald outstripped Ruby and Sapphire as the genuine Hoenn game. Updates; a la Emerald, Platinum, Crystal, and Blue, are generally considered the canon material — i.e. Cyrus summoned both Dialga and Palkia, and was kidnapped by Giratina — so it would be very odd indeed not to reuse Emerald’s superior plotline and mechanics. My theory is they will reuse the Emerald plot, expand on it, but give OR and AS their own unique features that make the playthrough of each game something different.

  • Anesia Hunter

    I thought we were supposed to be seeing some actual gameplay footage…

    • LastationLover5000

      Nope; the words used were “world exclusive” footage, not “gameplay”. Nintendo is deliberately jerking us off until E3 and next month’s CoroCoro, both of which will reveal new information.

  • s07195

    So yeah, as I mentioned down in another comment, from both Pokemon rising up to underneath the ocean, this is probably a scene from right after they awaken from the undersea cavern, with the background mountain-like thing being Sootopolis City, a city in the middle of a volcano crater.
    Which means that since Groudon is here and not in the Team Magma hideout, Emerald’s plot is probably not going to be fit in the same way they did so for Crystal’s Suicune subplot. Still hoping all three will be catchable, though.

  • DarkRoxas

    Not even CoroCoro managed to save us…

  • Kevin

    I waited a week for this…all that hype for nothing.

  • Zoozbuh

    Is it me or have the graphics actually taken a step backwards since X and Y? I know it’s not final footage but wow, dem stretched/blurry textures and basic models… Just remember Pokedex 3D, the 3DS can clearly do better (and shinier and smoother)

    • Pereb

      The Kyogre and Groudon models look the exact same as in XY.

  • Steven Higgins

    EMERALD REMAKE! Hold on, hold on, I know they don’t usually remake updates but hear me out. IF these follow the original Ruby and Sapphire, with Magma begin the bad guys in one and Aqua in the other, then that may give them a reason to remake Emerald because of the changes that made both teams equally antagonistic. I mean, that seems like a pretty major change doesn’t it?

    • LastationLover5000

      Remakes of Pokemon games always include features of the third version; FireRed and LeafGreen had something specific from Blue that I can’t remember, but that’s irrelevant; it was used in all games since Blue. HGSS also retained the Crystal subplot. I believe ORAS will keep the Emerald plot, but give each game something to make it a unique playthrough that will leave us satisfied, because trust me, there will be no Emerald remake when Ruby and Sapphire are being remade and they can re-use and expand on Emerald’s plotline instead.

  • Ryker

    never trust a teaser about a teaser especially when it comes to pokemon games. they actually showed more than i thought they would. I was expecting like.. some 2d cut outs of the starter pokemon and lots of text, overly enthusiastic japanese voice overs and some typical drum and trumpet-laden introduction music

  • dante

    Ill share this

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