Shovel Knight Is One Step Closer To Release

By Ishaan . May 12, 2014 . 11:00am


Shovel Knight is a step closer to release, Yacht Club Games announced this past weekend. The testing and bug-fixing process is complete, and the platformer is in the process of being submitted to platform holders, where it will be screened one last time to ensure everything works as required.


Should no further issues be found, the game will be issued a release date soon. In the meantime, Yacht Club are waiting to hear back.


Shovel Knight is a 2D platformer being developed by a group of former WayForward employees. The game is inspired partly by Mega Man and partly by Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, among other titles.


Shovel Knight is in development for PC, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

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  • logginsmessina

    about damn time, waiting for this one to come out for a while now.

  • wyrdwad

    If I weren’t already sold on this game back when I first saw it, that delicious pun would surely do the trick. Good show, Yacht Club! Can’t wait. ;)

  • TheHolypopeofgaming

    This needs to be on non nintendo systems, ya know so people will actually play it. That’s not a knock on Nintendo. It’s just not many Wii Us in homes right now.

    • landlock

      Quite a few PC’s and 3DS though.

    • logginsmessina

      sadly the kickstarter goal was just that.

    • Stats have proven small indie games like these sell better on Nintendo systems (Mutant Mudds comes to mind).

      • Joshelplex

        Weren’t tons of indie developers coming out and saying it was always Steam and PSN that offered the best sales?

        • I understood Nintendo wasn’t the ideal partner for indies, but devs for like Steamworld Dig/Mutant Mudds and other games raved about them.

        • ishyg

          But this is a homage to gaming of the past, so they decided to put it on Nintendo’s console. It’s not about selling this time around, as I remember their pitch (I am a backer).

          • darke

            I do wonder why they’re on the PC then if they’re not about selling. I guess they have to make the profit somewhere though…

          • ishyg

            Well, the original project is on PC. Obviously what I meant is the decision to bring it to consoles and leaving out PSN and XBL. Nice one though.

          • darke

            Yeah, I was being a little cynical; but it just caused me to facepalm a little that they’re going to the effort of porting to WiiU/3ds, but not bothering to target at least the PS4/XB1, which should be a pretty simple rebuild target if they’ve done things portably (and they should have if they’re going things crossplatform already with win/mac/linux).

            There’s something to be said for doing something “because it’s right” (the homage by porting it to Wii U/3DS) but leaving free money in terms of marking from both MS and Sony (given they’re both desperate for new titles for their new console’s catalogue at the moment…) seems, well, lacking in common sense? :(

          • ishyg

            They did kickstart the game so I don’t think they badly need the cash as of the moment, but I see them porting the game to somewhere more lucrative. I can see it going to PSN, unless MS don’t have that parity clause anymore. I think they ditched it generally, but still have it as part of their [email protected] initiative.

            If I remember correctly, there’s a heavy push to get this to Vita. They have this to say (on their Kickstarter FAQ), so I think it’s very plausible.

            “Shovel Knight is currently announced for (Windows) PC,Wii U and 3DS! After that, the sky’s the limit and we want to put Shovel Knight on as many platforms as possible, depending on our time and resources. We all own Vitas, PS3’s, and Xboxes, and would love to see Shovel Knight on there too! As soon as we have something to announce, you will be the first to know”

    • CozyAndWarm

      Most indies have been praising the Wii U e-shop’s game sales.

    • ishyg

      “It’s just not many Wii Us in homes right now.”

      I’m pretty sure there’s a lot of 3DS around though.

  • landlock

    Looks good think I’ll be getting the 3DS version most likely.

  • Hagaren

    The sooner, the better! Really looking forward to play this game.

  • Really hoping it delivers. I’ve been hyping myself for so long.

  • AlteisenX

    My hype intensifies.

  • Yan Zhao

    Been waiting for this game for a very VERY long time.

    • Shippoyasha

      It is so surreal when long awaited games finally come out. It was like in another era of gaming when I first heard about this project.

  • HershelLousyton


  • ztype

    Just a little bit longer now…

  • Shane Guidaboni

    I feel like this game will never come out. It’s had so many different release dates. The last “confirmed” release date was end of April. I can wait no longer!

    • manowaffles

      I felt the same way for Cloudberry Kingdom last year. I was hoping it would be a launch game…and then the waiting started.

      Though at this point, I’m going to have to wait till after Mario Kart to pick it up. I think I should have enough for both with the DDP if I buy Mario Kart 1st.

  • Kelohmello

    Huh, with the amount of time this game had been taking, I had honestly thought by this point that Shovel Knight had become Shovel Ware.

    ….I’ll see myself out.

  • Nirvanes

    I want it so much… Just don’t know if I’m able to pay 15 euros for it right now…

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