Soul Sacrifice Delta Slipped Onto PSN Today

By Spencer . May 13, 2014 . 10:46pm

While Soul Sacrifice was a major title for Sony Computer Entertainment, the sequel, Soul Sacrifice Delta, had a quiet launch in the West. The hunting game adds a new Grim faction with twisted versions of the Three Little Pigs, Cinderella, and the Town Musicians of Bremen.


Soul Sacrifice Delta is out now for $35.99 as a digital release for PlayStation Vita. For the first four weeks, you can get a Soulbinder Costume, Magic Helm, Wizard’s Hat, Golden Mask, Possessed Mask, and Slave Clothes as a bonus.

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  • Rishtopher

    Is the game only getting a digital release in North America?

    • Shinobikens


  • SHSL Big Bro

    I’m sad you can’t just pay extra and upgrade from the base game to this.

    • MaximDualBlade

      it’s more than an add-on

    • Dystopiq

      There is a ridiculously large amount of content. Huge graphical upgrade. They added combos. It’s worth it.

    • Skeptika Crediblus

      Careful, we just had a huge P4A blowup on that same subject. People are opposed to you simply upgrading your base game to an awesome game for some weird reason.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    There’s also a demo for XBlaze Code: Embryo. It’s pretty damn good as well.

  • neocatzon

    36$ huh? What a weird price. Now, with exams over I can grind with the Grims.

    • Shiki

      Sony’s price. Same price that Gravity Rush also launched with. Reason being is other companies generally charge the same for PSN versions and retail. Sony, on the other hand, wants to be reasonable and give you a few bucks off for the downloadable version. Makes sense.
      I would’ve preferred physical retail copy but I can’t complain. Sales were subpar for this game — I’m surprised Delta even got green lit.

      • nonscpo

        $36 bucks is an odd price, and its not that much cheaper. As a digital only release SSDelta shouldn’t exceed the $30 price tag.

  • Romancer Ecclesia

    “For the first four weeks, you can get a Soulbinder Costume, Magic Helm, Wizard’s Hat, Golden Mask, Possessed Mask, and Slave Clothes as a bonus.”

    For the first four weeks, they’re gonna wonder why fans are crying about lack of retail and not buying it.

    • Ric Vazquez


  • Raw

    No discount for original PSN owners. Sad early adopter :( I don’t know if there’s enough new content in it to warrant the same price as the first one.

    • Sail

      From what I’ve heard it has as about as much original content as the base game.

      • Kurizu208

        It is so much more. It really could have been called SS2

        • Histirea

          It’s not an actual sequel, so it can’t be called 2. It’s a massively updated rerelease of the original, much like Monster Hunter’s G versions.

    • Kumiko Akimoto

      Uhh it’s a complete sequel, why wouldn’t it need to be the same price?
      It’s not an addon or just an update.

      • Go2hell66

        so it doesn’t include any stoy from the 1st game?

        • neocatzon

          It does but the main difference is in the gameplay (no more arrow spam!) and quest content (totally different).

      • nonscpo

        It shouldn’t be the same price especially as it was digital only. The price for a license to play the game shouldn’t have been higher than $30.

        • Kumiko Akimoto

          Ohh so you work a game company?

        • xavier axol

          stop whining, delta offers about the same amount of content as the original (and it even includes the original game). the price for this game is fair, if you don’t like then don’t buy it.

  • DragKudo

    Thought this was coming out on the 20th, Why did NA get a digital release?

  • Jadfish

    I heard rumours on the internet that the graphics has been improved a little, making the ground textures look less bad. Also heard rumours about anti aliasing… Has anyone bought it and can they confirm or deny this?

    • SirTeffy

      Bought game, can confirm. Game looks even better and the new features are flashy, fun, and interesting! (Spell combos and stage environmental effects)

      • Jadfish

        Not that I needed an excuse for getting back into SS, but now I got one!

  • isotrex

    Waiting for reviews. :D

  • Armane

    Digital only, English dub only, exclusive early adopters DLC again.

    This game was my most anticipated Vita game, now I’m not even sure I’ll pick it up. Hopefully OreShika doesn’t suffer the same fate.

    Apparently the game is slightly discounted, after the first month is up, and the DLC is no longer included it’ll cost $39.99.

    • nonscpo

      WHAT…that’s a Major League Rip Off as a digital only release it shouldn’t be sold for any higher than $30.

      • darke

        Ha! I can’t believe that will ever happen. I’m looking at Conception II on the EU store and it’s sitting there nicely at nearly AUD60; If I bought the US version I’d be no more then around AUD45 in local currency. :(

      • Ferrick

        right, because you are the all knowing executive accountant who should make up the price decisions for a full game for them

        • revenent hell

          People equate digital with cheaper so they automatically think nothing should be expensive (over 30$) if its released without a “disc” of some type….

          I kind of get it since developers claim it is cheaper for them so by all rights it should be cheaper for all but …Eh, I don’t get to finicky about it yet because if I find the content quality and the price below 60$ I call it a win I suppose…

          Inwardly I think this is something I should be on the bandwagon with (ya’ know the whole “Digital Games should be CHEAP” thing) but overall I don’t mind the pricing of digital games if I enjoy them so… goes to the whole “happy to get a game I want to play by any distribution means” thing…

      • Lester Paredes

        Dood, I understand that it seems kind of expensive for a digital game, but it still cost a lot of money to make and they need to set a price point where they can (hoepfully) make that investment back. A disc/cartridge, a cheap, blue plastic box, and a piece of paper that says the game’s title don’t cost much to manufacture in large quantities… Just because a game is digital doesn’t mean that it’s automatically cheaper. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I surely do wish that were so, but if you want games, there are plenty of places to go to get cheaper ones. Otherwise, you are under no pressure to buy it and you can wait for a price drop.

        Frankly, it’s a good deal if you ask me. I grew up in the time that new SNES games were being released at 80 bucks. Like Final Fantasy 6, which was it’s price when it came out. Here’s an article that talks bout this sort of thing:

        • nonscpo

          I get what your saying, but i can’t justify paying that kind of money for a license not a game but a license. The reason I’m more frustrated with this game is because I skipped the first one because Delta was announced. This isn’t the only game I have a problem with I’m also debating whether or not to download SAO, I refuse to pay Sony the asking price for those memory cards. The idea with going digital was the same excuse decades ago publishers gave to consumers when they transitioned from cartridge to disc. They promised that cost would go down and games would be cheaper. That didn’t happen then and its not happening now. The only difference is we retained some degree of ownership over the game, something which we are losing this generation. Maybe I’m starting to show my age, but I don’t want to transition to a tottaly digital library. We should be offered both physical and digital options now and in the future.

          • Lester Paredes

            You have a very good point. We did use to own the game before all this license crap started and we could do what we wanted with the game. Sort of. We still weren’t “allowed” to alter SNES or PS1 games or we’d be considered pirates. Same thing with movies. The difference now is with digital, they control more of their product. And now with digital books, too. They want to lease us the game as an entertainment product. And, yeah, they did promise lower prices, but we certainly aren’t paying 60 bucks a pop on Vita. Already, we’re paying 20 dollars less than the consoles, somewhat on par with PC (but without those awesome Steam/GOG/Green Man Gaming sales). I’m not saying that digital is the way to go (because, honestly, I like physical copies more myself), I’m just saying that just because it’s digital doesn’t mean it’s not worth the money. You could be like me and have waited since Transformers: Fall of Cybertron released for it to finally go on sale (like, a week ago on Steam) and pick it up. Or, you could be like me and decide to pick up Atelier Rorona Plus on the day it releases. It all depends on how patient you are and how much you look forward to the game in question. And that answer is going to be different for everyone.
            I’m not trying to sway your point of view here, I’m just trying to talk about the subject with someone who has a different opinion than I. Thanks for not being the Usual Internet User and jumping off the deep end the second someone presented a different opinion. Lol

          • nonscpo

            Thanks man that was really mature on your part too. Well be dealing with these licensing issues for years to come so we all need to get comfortable with this argument/issue.

  • MagiusNecros

    For some reason Sony PR just did not want to really market this game or give a price point until it actually released. Meanwhile at Nintendo if I can know prices for even little e-shop games at the drop of a hat I think there is something wrong. Just goes to show they care very little about Vita releases and it’s ironic since SSD is a 1st party release. And apparently they couldn’t afford retail for NA and EUR regions, just Japan. Really disconcerting to me. Game is fun though.

    • nonscpo

      Agreed Sony should have done what Xseed and other localizing companies do and offer a short print limited eddition run.

      • MisterHoot

        If people actually bought the first SS in the west, they might’ve done that.
        But barely anyone did, despite the popularity ,at least not as much as in japan, because like now, people told other people to “hold off” because a “G” version was coming, or to wait for a sale, or to get it on plus. Hence the game is now considered niche by SCEA who found an excuse to not spend extra money on advertising and retail version.

        Although I’m afraid if people don’t buy SSD, we won’t even see the light of the originally planned SS2 Inafune wanted to make

        • nonscpo

          And that’s exactly why they should have made a short print or a limited eddition make the people who care about the cartridge happy. As it stands right now less people are going to buy it. There’s already a good number of people who don’t want to upgrade to it as they see delta as a definitive version and now there going to lose a major chunk of people who were willing to buy it due to no retail. The biggest problem comes back to those overpriced memory cards, I refuse to buy another memory card which in turn makes me pickier over which digital only release to support; I’m still debating picking up SAO Hollow Fragments cause of this.

          • revenent hell

            The problem is publishers don’t want to waste money on a “physical” release if they don’t see it pay off without wasted media.

            If the first Soul Sacrifice didn’t sell to standards, regardless of the reason, they wouldn’t have faith enough to do a physical release for the second version of the game since they would see it as a loss with wasted product hanging around even if it was on a limited run type of thing.

            At least by digital standards theres nothing hanging around to gather dust. And they see that as a loss, like I said regardless of the reason why.

  • MaximDualBlade

    Excited for this!

  • Tincho Kudos

    Hope it gets discounted to 20$ in the -near- future. Meanwhile, sorry but no buy for me.

    • Stephen

      Probably the same sort of mindset that made this a digital only release. :P

      • Tincho Kudos

        I ofter buy games at full price even when in my country a game is around 110 dollars.
        I just can’t pay that much for an enhanced upgrade, If I were in the US I would probably buy it a 40 dollars with no problem at all, but since I’m not there…

  • Chido55

    Once it hits the Asia, I’ll get it without a second wasted 8D

  • Earthjolly

    Bought right away. This game is just way too awesome

  • Dylan Anantha

    And, as usual, Sony forgot that lots of Asians can speak languages other than Japanese and only put the Japanese version on Asian PSN. How can you mess up this much with your target audience? Do they even realise that the Chinese, Korean and English speaking fanbase can’t understand Japanese?

    • Ferrick

      hasn’t it always been that way? like tales of xillia 2 for example, it’s asian version didn’t have any difference in languages, just control schemes

      and price

  • TheAnswerisback

    Is the west still going to get the hard copy? Because soul sacrifice isn’t a game I want to really download(space) . Plus $35 for digital i’d prefer it to be hard copy honestly

    • lordsofskulls

      Digital only no physical or hold ur breath

      • TheAnswerisback

        Well then I guess it must be done because soul sacrifice is one of my favorite games on vita. I end up just buying it

        • lordsofskulls

          been playing it since yesterday it awesome. Finally i get to play style i played before this game was even announced “Balanced” ;3

  • lordsofskulls

    Bought it second it went up on PSN. Awesome new content been playing for hours now and it totally worth it.
    You guys need to show support. This is one of best game to do it too so that in future we get more games like this and maybe in physical form

    • Lester Paredes

      Do you know if the soul Sacrifice’s DLC will work on Delta? I know it’s a pipe dream, so I don’t hold out much hope…

      • Kurizu208

        The dlc cross over costumes don’t seem to, but the preorder

        one does.

  • IshimaruKaito

    so does everything carry over? no limits?

    • Ferrick

      all black rites carry over except for angelus, most main storyline carry over, all of your spells carry over but limited to 10 of each, 10k lachryma is carried over, all sigils will carry over (but you won’t get access to them after you finish chapter 1 on both grimm and sanctum), i don’t think any of the LE and SEs carry over, and all of the raiments you collected carry over

  • Lester Paredes

    It sucks that it’s digital only. And that I don’t have enough money in my PSN wallet to instantly buy it. Otherwise, I would have. The first one was awesome. With all the improvements they’ve made to the original game, extra content and such, I’m really interested in getting it.
    Does it suck that it came so soon after the original’s release? Yeah. do I wish it were some sort of downloadable DLC upgrade? Yeah. Do I wish it were cheaper? Hell yeah. I guess I’ll just have to wait for it to drop (unless, I come across some extra moolah… I wonder how much I could get for hooking…?).
    I do wonder… would the original Soul Sacrifice’s DLC work with this? Someone, please answer me!

    • Kurizu208

      The first games dlc doesn’t really carry over. The dlc pacts are gone since there redid all the forgotten pacts and rebalanced them.
      The preorder costume from the first game is in delta but the crossover costumes are not as far as I can tell. (havn’t beat it yet.)

      Also shame you don’t have the money it is well worth the price in my opinion.

      • Lester Paredes

        I’m working on convincing my wife for 40 extra bucks, but the going is slow and arduous. I figured the DLC wouldn’t work, but I had to ask. Thanks for responding!

  • artemisthemp

    So happy to finally be able to play some Soul Sacrifice Delta :)

  • Ric Vazquez

    I’m planning on buying it this week but the digital only part is a letdown, hype killer.

  • Krystal Henderson

    I just bought this today. I don’t usually play Monster Hunter type games, but I played the Soul Sacrifice demo and it sucked me in! Luckily I checked before shelling out for the original game.

  • Mohd Ammar Zharif

    something wrong at Asia PSN , they have technical problem to release SSDelta :( ……..why why why why

  • Vash bane

    i know my comment is late but I was wondering was it a trailer or the whole game (was half asleep when I booted the system then) sucks that it isn’t physical (also one of the ppl who don’t have a mb with a lot of space) tho. since that whats I was expecting I guess the first game didn’t do too well?

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