Xbox One Without Kinect Coming This June For $399

By Ishaan . May 13, 2014 . 8:31am


Microsoft will release a version of Xbox One without the Kinect peripheral packed in this June, the company announced this morning.


The new package will be available on June 9th and will cost $399. The new, Kinectless version, according to Xbox chief Phil Spencer, will be available in all markets where the Xbox One is sold. For users that wish to later purchase a Kinect peripheral seperately, Microsoft will offer the device as a standalone purchase this Fall.


“To be clear, as we introduce this new Xbox One console option, Kinect remains an important part of our vision,” said Spencer. “Many of you are using Kinect for Xbox One every day. In fact, more than 80 percent of you are actively using Kinect, with an average of 120 voice commands per month on each console. Some of the most popular voice commands include ‘Xbox On,’ ‘Xbox Broadcast’ and ‘Xbox Record That’.”


“We will continue to offer a premium Xbox One with Kinect bundle to deliver voice and gesture controls, biometric sign-in, instant personalization, instant scanning of QR codes, and enhanced features only available with Kinect in games such as Kinect Sports Rivals, Just Dance 2014, Project Spark and more.”


Previously, The Xbox One cost $499. The new package without Kinect brings the system in line with Sony’s PlayStation 4 in terms of pricing.

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  • Wake

    We all saw this coming, but still, good for MS for finally doing it.

  • César H. Sandoval

    LOL Didn’t they say that it was impossible to remove the Kinect?

    MS, kings of backpedaling in the next gen…

    • To be honest, this just makes me imagine Microsoft embodied moonwalking into the next generation.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      It technically wasn’t a lie. They COULDNT remove the kinect if they didn’t want to put forth the effort.

  • Tiredman

    Bit on the late side. I have personally already written Microsoft off. They quit carrying games in genre’s I care about and every single game that might interest me on the console is also on PS 3/4. Plus I just plain can’t get over Microsoft’s own actions in the spying debacle that took place with the NSA. Lastly, I feel they have lost their way in regards to the actual gamers who they should be wooing but who they instead try to milk for cash as hard as they can. You don’t earn fans through milking, you offer them a worthwhile device, not a machine that gives them almost no control and leaves all that control in Microsoft’s hands. That is renting, not owning.

  • Guest

    I really wasn’t expecting that.

    The only differentiator left for Xbox One, and feasible theorical advantage, it’s the exclusives TV shows and to garner as many exclusive games as possible from all the spectrum of genres and styles.

    I wonder how Microsoft strategy will go on from here and why they seek to ‘detonate’ quickly the sales of the product without a clear vision for the future.

  • Stalemeat

    They should have did this in the first place.

  • TheManWithPants

    Took them long enough. Still more interested in the PS4 though.

    • The Watcher

      I’m not

      • TheManWithPants

        Okay then.

      • greeeed

        name = the watcher = no wonder you like Xbox ^^-

  • WolfDuo

    Such a pain for who bought it on launch, believing Kinect would be “impossible to remove”. Once again they have bought a completely useless periferic

    • Tiredman

      One reason I never buy out the gate. Too much backpedaling and bugs that need worked on with new tech, so wait until they fix it all then buy during the holidays to get bundles or discounts.

  • Raymond

    still dose not make me want an Xbox one. The only reason why i don’t want one is because i spent over $100 buying arcade games and i don’t want to just give those up for a xbox one.

    See if i buy a new system, im going to replace my old system to get the new one and if they don’t let me transfer my games onto the new system then there is still no reason to get a new system. I don’t really want 4 systems in my house and i have to keep switching between the two just to play older games.

  • Derek

    I wonder how will Sony respond to this?

    • persona_yuji

      Sony: “Damnit, Microsoft just the removed the Kinect what should we do?”
      Nintendo: “Dunno, I’m just chilling here, but if you’re really worried about it, why don’t you get rid of the fact that you have to pay to play online. Oh and those god awful network passes, seriously what were you thinking?”
      Sony: “Genius! Is what I would say if I had sonme sense, but no! We’ll just…huh…get rid of the Micro USB port and change it to the regular Mini Usb ones, oh and we’ll make a new controller, one that has a touch pad in the back!”

    • Guest

      No need to, this is about Microsoft trying to conquer the same market of the PS4.

    • Spirit Macardi

      Make a backwards compatible PS4 model?

      … A guy can dream.

      • César H. Sandoval

        Well, there are a lot of rumours about PS1 and PS2 backwards support….

    • GH56734

      Earlier, Sony said they designed the PS4 hardware-wise to be price-competitive/flexible.
      Meaning that, now, they could make this measure go for naught if they wanted to (PS4 PRICE DROP). An extremely douchey thing to do, but that’s the harsh world of business.

  • KingGunblader

    Better late than never. But unless Microsoft pulls some Tales of Vesperia BS, I’m still getting a PS4… later.

    • ZEROthefirst

      Hideo Baba’s stated that he has no plans to work on games for the next gen consoles at the moment and when he does it will be on the console that people have the most interest in. Being from Japan the Xbone’s already pretty much written off due to poor sales for each console so far and only really leaves Sony and Nintendo.

      • Aaron K Stone

        Does he mean interest in Japan or worldwide?

        • Tiredman

          Iirc, he talks about Japan only most of the time. He has even said he makes games for the Japanese first and foremost. It just so happens a bunch of us out West enjoy these games made for Japanese….enough that it is actually worth selling the games outside of Japan.

        • GH56734

          Hideo Baba loves Europe too. A lot. (lots of announcements made in French Japan Expo)
          Neither the X360 nor (at least so far) the Xbone have been that successful outside the US. And they’re out simply because they’re deader than dead in Japan, the main market for the series.

      • KingGunblader

        I wasn’t referring to a Tales game specifically. Just a similar situation ie. licensing an exclusive game in a Japanese franchise I like.

        • ZEROthefirst

          Ohhh ok. Only downside to that happening is if an expansion for the game comes later down the road with more story, content, etc. and we don’t get it because of a temporary deal like what happened with Vesperia.

  • persona_yuji

    That’s a good step forward Microsoft, but you still have a long way to go on the harsh and mischeviouly long road called “Redemption”.

    • Which is what? Releasing the PS4? A faster 360? MS needs to differentiate itself from the competition somehow. You’d figure it’d be with games, since neither Xbone or PS has any.

      • persona_yuji

        By redemption, I mean clear it’s name.
        In case you didn’t notice, in console terms, the Xbox One had a god awful reputation since it was first shown, and with all that Microsoft did, it literally cr*pped on its predecessors’ legacy.
        If Microsoft didn’t changed it’s plans for XB1, the console would have failed completly, but the sitgmata is there, NEVER FORGET.

        • ishyg

          I think you meant stigma.

    • 0nsen

      They should’ve just sticked with their vision. Sure, people see it’s different than last gen and hate it for being different and a couple of legitimate reasons.

      But you don’t exactly create trust by going back on your words.

      Yeah, people hated it but they shouldn’t bend over or even seek “redemption”. All they need is to prove that their vision was right and worthwhile. Same problem Nintendo has, actually. They have that vision and it’s they’re job do make us believe in that vision.

      Me? I think both Nintendo and Microsoft are full of crap. I don’t need kinect and I don’t need the stupid tablet. It’s new and I don’t get it. As far as I am concerned either they stick to their vision and convince me that they’re awesome or they just go away.

      Going back on their words won’t help them in the long run.

      • persona_yuji

        You’re absolutely right on the remark that going back on their word doens’t create trust.

        But this situation of mistrust really started with the DRM debacle, and upon seeing the tremendous backlash Microsoft became lost on the direction they wanted the XB1 to take.
        This how I see XB1, a console who’s lost in the midst of it’s own identity. Kinda like DmC Dante, the first time they showed him, he was COMPLETLY diferent of the Dante of the final product, because due to the backlash, NT tried to mix a liiiiittle bit if the original Dante in the formula aaaaand boom, you have a Dante that doens’t really fit in the game.

        All in all, what I want Microsoft to “redeem” themselves with is their policies. Your argument about their visions? Completly agree, and like you said they have to prove that they work. But with all the mistrust they have? Oh boy do they have a LONG way to go until someone says: “The Kinect was f*cking genius, I loved it, it made everything better.”

        • 0nsen

          Though personally I think the Kinect and an internet connection are mutually exclusive features. (I just don’t want to think about the level of privacy invasion made possible.) And I personally prefer the Kinect over an internet connection. That’s what my PC is for

        • darke

          Honestly they’ve 180’d on so much you can’t really take anything they say as inviolate truth anymore. So I don’t think this yet-another-180 will have any more negative repercussions then they’ve already had (with the exception of developer partners who were invested in the 100% Kinect feeling sudden betrayal and going elsewhere.)

  • malek86

    Harrison is hard at work trying to fix everything that was wrong with Mattrick’s vision, it seems.

    I wonder, five years from now, how many people will remember the X1 in its original incarnation.

    • ronin4life

      If this industry is good at anything, it is perperuating a long since passed reality.

      ONE will only ever be a DRM disc-less kinect required spying PoS in the Gamer’s commenting on their forums’ world, regardless of reality.

      • darke

        Pretty much. It’s the same reason you’ve still got bitter whiners complaining about sony’s CDs installing a drm-rootkit (so of course they can’t lower themselves to buy a PS4!) a decade after they got caught and spanked.

        Interestingly it’s rather rare for anyone to complain about the removal of PS3’s Other OS; so I guess that really wasn’t used all that much.

  • Okay yeah, I’ll admit it. I cackled. I have seen the Kinect as probably the most pointless thing to be pushing on their part, and they really should’ve done this a bit sooner since their previous intentions with the camera controller really left a bad taste in people’s mouths.

    I will say this though: Good on them. They’ve at least made me /willing/ to own an XBox One, but it’s another thing entirely that I might want to own one. Looking at the games for it, many of them are able to be purchased on a PS4 or a PC, and it’s exclusives… are less than stellar or interesting.

    But I at least appreciate them finally giving people the standard option. And, you know, getting rid of that utterly ridiculous policy of having to subscribe to Live Gold to use streaming services you’re paying for already.

  • Landale

    In fact, more than 80 percent of you are actively using Kinect, with an
    average of 120 voice commands per month on each console. Some of the
    most popular voice commands include ‘Xbox On,’ ‘Xbox Broadcast’ and
    ‘Xbox Record That’.”

    That’s an average for 4 commands a day. What’s the 4th, “Xbox Off”? I really do want to know. That doesn’t really sound like much of a thing to brag about as it is.

    • persona_yuji

      I can’t help it but here it goes the lame joke: “Xbox, go to Amazon and buy a PS4.”

    • Yeah it feels like half of the most popular commands would literally be the on/off commands.

      Also am I the only one a little creeped out that they’re apparently tracking the commands?

      • rurifan

        That’s … a good point. Hadn’t though about where these numbers come from.

      • DawnWolf

        Thats… actually really terrifying.

      • GH56734

        That’s actually part of the reason why people don’t buy XBONEs. It’s an uphill battle for them to shake off that first impression from that pre-E3 announcement (that the Kinect, and arguable the console itself, is a glorified spycam)

        • Yeah let’s be honest, it’s entirely why I didn’t want the thing in my house– and it’s why I’m glad they’re selling one without the Kinect attached to it.

          When they slip in stuff like that, it does make a person feel edgy. They’re not going to forget what they were trying to push just a year ago.

      • ishyg

        Not really creepy, if you think about how Siri works. They’re just commands, they probably just count how many times owners triggered it and pool it on an online database.

        But for whatever reasons, yeah it’s a bit creepy.

      • Suki

        Oh my goodness. I was thinking the same exact thing. I’ve always been privacy minded. I know Google tracks things so I block them within Firefox. I don’t use social networks at all. It’s just glorified stalking. Seeing this brings to mind, Why do you need to know what I or anyone else says to the system and report it no less! It’s creepy, invasive, weird.

        It’s not like I was going to get a Xbox One, I was burned enough with the 360 when they stopped releasing games I wanted to play on the system. However, I could kind of get behind their “vision” because they were dead set on it but now the go and backpedal on it? It’s very bizarre.

  • I really can’t get myself to trust MS.

  • I’m happy with my PS4 so no thanks.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    People kept saying it wouldn’t happen and how it was foolish for Sony to remove their camera. If MS had made the Kinect optional from the beginning when they backtracked on DRM, I’m sure their sales would be on par with the PS4s by now.

    • GH56734

      Those ‘people’ saying removing mandatory PS4 camera was foolish… who? (IGN?) Please do tell, I need it for a list of whom to trust.

      • darke

        As someone who voluntarily bought the camera with his PS4 I agree. We need to find these hacks and brand them with “complete and utter moron” on their forehead so that everyone will know to never trust a word they say again.

        Seriously, let people buy their non-standard peripherals: the racing wheels, the cameras, the tablets, the arcade-fighting controllers; and concentrate on making a good core system since if the peripherals really do give an edge or enable extra gameplay, they’ll be bought anyway.

        If Sony was stupid enough to pack a mandatory racing wheel with every PS4 they’d be run up the flag poll as idiots, and yet mandatory camera pack-in is considered a good thing? Utterly moronic.

  • DesmaX

    Well, took them long enough.

  • MrRobbyM

    Glad they got this out of the way before E3. That way, they have more time to focus on games.

    Still going to get a PS4 before anything else, but at least I can say that I’d get a One a little earlier than I originally planned, if at all.

  • pokeroi

    Sony increased the price of PS4 in Canada, so personally X1 is more attractive for me. But this is too damn big. Wait for a revision.

  • I’m still not buying one. Heck, I’d use it as a coaster for delicious drinks if I got one for free.

    • ShadowJetX

      No, you’d probably use it as intended if you got it for free.

      • As a wrecking ball? It looks sturdy enough to demolish architecture as well as sustain Miley’s weight.

  • rurifan

    Even though I’ve been harping on this idea, I am honestly shocked they really did it. Good job, Microsoft.

    They deserve credit for listening to consumers; even though they consistently do the right thing only under extreme duress…

  • AlphaSixNine


    Though I think this is good news and I’ll be more willing now to bet XBone. Still needs a game that I want. Unlike the PS4 that I know will be home for JRPGs in the future, XBone won’t so unless I find a game really want I will never get it.

    • CleruTesh

      Are you sure? (Regarding JRPGs) I’m pretty sure I remember reading something about them getting Mistwalker on board…
      Personally, the extra cost and spying implications of kinect were my main beefs with xbone. I’m seriously interested now.

      • rurifan

        They must have something in mind to even try launching in Japan. But it’s hard to imagine any japanese devs getting on this train to nowhere again…

        • ishyg

          They do have Japanese devs on their program. There’s a list here somewhere on Siliconera.

          • darke

            Wasn’t there a very similar list for the 360 though, and almost none of them seemed to produce anything for it?

          • ishyg

            Ah. Yes.

      • AlphaSixNine

        Pretty confident, I mean PS4 already started getting JRPGs in Japan. Natural Doctrine, Omega Quintet are my kind of games that I’m not confident XBOne will exclusively have. But like I said, I’ll wait and see what MS will offer and now that Kinect is gone I can jump ship no problem.

      • Heropon

        Who care about Mistwalker . Their games are average at best from last generation .

    • John Diamond
    • GH56734

      Kinect mandatory
      can’t be disabled
      24 hours
      Don’t like it? Get a XB360 then.

  • SaiyanJedi_Trunks

    I will add…this definitely must be a bit deflating to MS as well. Nintendo’s push for next gen was the Tablet and brining together it’s casual and core audience, PS4 was the gamer, social interaction and sharing…but MS it was all about the Kinect, DRM and the Cloud…with focus being squarely on the Kinect once they made their backtracks. Everything from seeing your blood flowing to how much accurate it had been fine-tuned.

    They state they will continue support, but since it is optional I am curious how many developers will put the extra time into it if it isn’t a Kinect only game?

    • rurifan

      And so we act shocked that the only strategy that worked for a game console was focusing on gamers?

      • M’iau M’iaut

        But the idea of taking the console beyond just games has been tried and played with in the industry since the PS1 and Saturn. Yes, things have always failed but — it was always just done with add-ons and before the days of an internet backbone which could support such things. Even Nintendo horsed around with expanding beyond the cartridge.

        So it should not be that big of a surprise that someone made the attempt to expand beyond just games with an entire console devoted to it. The result, however, was just the same.

      • ronin4life

        The only real difference betwee the launches and the months that followed though for all 3 systems was the price and names.

        And the commercials from Sony advertising games that don’t exsist and trumping paid-for online as a New feature.

        Which actually just ties into what you said I guess. They did focus on the gamers with their message, regardless of the reality of their product launch.

  • vault2049

    Hahaha! It’s amazing how long it took them to change their… vision.

  • rurifan

    So, in this new world of corporate sanity, might we hope that Nintendo will follow suit and sell a $200 WiiU Classic Controller Only bundle?

    • persona_yuji

      A Wii U for 200 for sounds very… enticing.

      • idrawrobots

        Without a gamepad?

        • rurifan

          Right, drop the price by losing the gimmick consumers don’t care about. Microsoft did it with Kinect. Nintendo did it with the 2DS.

          • idrawrobots

            I understand the comparison, but,
            The 2DS as we all understand now serves 2 purposes. 1 it allows a cheaper entry for 3DS games and it allows Nintendo to sell a system without having to pay that patent troll for so called stollen tech.

          • To me it seemed more like it was basically made for younger kids due to the design and lack of a clampshell, offering parents a less expensive choice when it comes to the system and making it more enticing to get in comparison.

          • ronin4life

            3ds sold just fine before 2ds, so that argument doesn’t fit.

            And the Kinect has been wanted gone for awhile now by gamers, while the Gamepad is still liked by many throughout the industry. They really aren’t equatable.

        • persona_yuji

          I was talking more of the price than it coming or not coming with a gamepad. :P

          • NeptuniasBeard

            But then the vita/3ds will have to go down to like, $100, which is practically giving it away… And I JUST spent $200 on my vita. I think the current prices are good enough

          • rurifan

            Except nobody is buying it. :)

          • Guest

            Take in consideration then a Wii U deluxe set, it comes with a Wiimote Plus and a physical copy of Mario Kart 8. And registering Mario Kart 8 gives you a free game. It’s $320 but still gives you a good value for your money with those games and the extra controller.

          • rurifan

            And nothing in the box appeals to a large part of the game market. Nobody likes forced bundles.

          • persona_yuji

            Not saying that the Wii U’s current price is bad or wrong, I was saying that the sound of it costing 200 was enticing. xD

          • Guest

            I know, just trying to give you a Wii U offer you couldn’t refuse :V

            Also there is this:

      • Guest
    • ZEROthefirst

      Not going to happen when the 3DS XL costs that much.

  • idrawrobots

    Why are all of you happy about this? I find it rather disappointing that the One is likely never getting any good uses for the Kinect. Now it will become like the PlayStation Eye or Kinect 1, an interesting idea that will never get anything good because no one will bother.

    • While this is a true point, and I’ll admit, seeing Microsoft’s more interesting intentions dying with it is a shame, the fact is, the Kinect never sat well with a lot of people.

      It personally never sat well with me, not only because I was not interested in the idea of tracking my motions or voice commands, but also because I did not like what else they intended to do with the controller, and given that they were still apparently tracking things like voice commands, it definitely still doesn’t sit well with me. I’m happier to know that they’ll be moving towards a more standard method of control and input.

      I can understand the feeling of disappointment though, and I’m sure Microsoft’s devs are feeling disappointment too.

    • lordsofskulls

      Only thing i am sad about is the data they wont be able to get towards future creation of VR. I dont care who those it or how…. I want to experience Sword Art Online/.hack Already.

      o.o and experience the best possible RPG experience in the world

      Too bad USA government doesnt want to dish out like 5-10 billion dollars for research on VR. >.< it improve humanity by so much + destroy it at same time. ;3 THE FUTURE IS FUN!!

      • rurifan

        They already waste our money in enough ways.

        • lordsofskulls

          O.o Exactly. Why not waste on something it be good for future of human kind.

          VR for Doctor’s training of a surgery? brain/muscle memory = good practice.

          VR for Colleges/for Student for more hands on experiance without risks

          • rurifan

            Your belief that government would actually stop wasting money on everything else is endearingly naive. :)

        • lordsofskulls

          They going to waste it any way so why not put it to some good use.

          Virtual Reality is the Education of Tomorrow.

          Hands On Experience, because education system is broken/unfair/over priced.

          Most of the time your degree is just foot in a door. But not the reason you get hired. It all base on Experience Not Education.

          Education is just General Knowledge now days unless you go to a specialize college. But most of the time is just waste of time and money.

          Most gaming developer schools are over priced, and useless. Replacing people in the field with the teachers fresh with a degree that know less than students in class rooms and charge you $60,0000 for your degree.

          Students who are most successful, unless it physical education, are better at teaching themselves with books than paying attention in classroom.

          Big reason why alot of successful people in today world are College Drop out

    • rurifan

      Some day there will be an xbone game I want to play, and I’ll be happy not being forced to pay for a camera I won’t ever use.

      Options are good for everybody except proponents of hardware nobody wants. :)

      • idrawrobots

        Well the original idea I believe was the Kinect WAS part of the One in the same way that the controller is. So your “options” were getting a One or getting a PS4 or getting a Wii U or a PC.
        And now that the Kinect is optional is will be supported as if it is.

    • Yeah, it’s a weird move, but all of MS’s decisions since E3 have been. I’m very glad that Nintendo, by comparison, has stuck to its guns with respect to its hardware. Now every xbone early adopter has an accessory devs are even less likely to take advantage of.

  • Zypharium

    They should have done so from the start. I do not need Kinect or the PlayStation Camera, so why do not you give the consumer the choice to make. Microsoft even told that it was impossible to sell the X1 without Kinect. Yeah, sure. Whatever.

  • ZEROthefirst

    While I have no plans to buy a PS4 or Xbone anytime soon I still have much more interest in the PS4 down the road. Unless MS gets their shit together this generation than the superior game library will be with Sony again because it has much better world-wide support and diversity in it’s games. When you go to the Xbox its library is mostly aimed at a Western audience, where as Sony and Nintendo (not so much Nintendo right now) have more games targeted to anyone rather than a specific demographic.

    • ronin4life

      Sony really has just the same demographics as MS with PS4.

      Because the developers that would cover different demos aren’t interested in Home Consoles. Aside from Indies-Which are heavily supporing WiiU as well.

  • John Lawson

    should have launched with this option. still, MS is really trying hard now, I can only give them that credit for now…. Still runs into the same problem with this entire gen at the moment, no games.

  • A little late, but yay I guess. Sorry MS, I already have my next gen system.

  • Shiki

    So, instead of a legitimate price cut, it’s cheaper because it’s missing something now? And for 400, PS4 is a better buy — at least make it 350 without Kinect.

    Microsoft will have to pay me to take a Xbox One. Hell, with their high horse attitude, I wouldn’t even buy it when it drops to 200. Might as well get a 3DS XL that I’ve been meaning to buy.

    • ronin4life

      Playstation is missing Eyetoy at 400$

      This is pretty much the same, and what Gamers have been calling for.

      • Shiki

        I understand your point. The PS4 does not include Eyetoy. However, it’s not “missing” it. This is the point; Microsoft packaged it in already and now they think it was a bad idea? Should’ve sold it separately from the get-go because now they just look cheap. It might not matter to individuals like you but for Microsoft, this move reflects bad marketing. Questionable launch package that included Kinect and to take it away now and offer it for a 100. (A guess but a logical one. If it was any cheaper, Microsoft wouldn’t be able to sell the Kinect included Xbox Ones since it would just be cheaper to buy console and Kinect separately.)

    • Aoshi00

      This is the same thing for early adopter of 3DS, I bought on day 1 for $250, not even 6 months it dropped $80 to $170 (I imported a Jpn one for $380). The PS3 I bought for $600 and good games didn’t come out until a year down the road. Same for XB1 now, 6 months later, Kinect-less XB1 is $100 cheaper than before, to be on equal footing w/ PS4 price-wise. It’s pointless to post about not wanting to buy it if you’re so adamant. Games-wise, there’s nothing on these next gen I need at this point at all. So I only got the XB1 because of Dead Rising 3, Ryse, and AC4 BF. I would be getting Watchdog on XB1 too of course. The point is good things always come to those who wait, games and consoles prices always drop quickly. And companies have to change to correct their paths if things are not working out (3DS from $250 -> $170 in 6 months).

      If given the choice at the beginning, I would’ve preferred the option of no Kinect and saving $100 as well. But at this point, there’s nothing on PS4 I want either (and I don’t play Infamous), maybe other than Dream Club Host Girls on Stage from Jpn PSN lol.. I got a XB1 because I enjoyed both Jpn & US games on the 360 (I don’t play FPS).

      So yeah, it is unfair to early adopters, like if I knew the 3DS would be $170 and $80 cheaper than launch I would’ve waited. keep in mind that’s a 32% decrease for the 3DS a handheld, right now XB1 dropped by 20%.

      And I have a feeling Spencer would do the right thing from now on. It’s like Iwata needs to do things different for Nintendo when things clearly aren’t working out for them.

  • subsamuel01

    I’ll buy an Xbox One when they redesign the console because the current one looks like a Giant brick. Looks worse than the Original PS3 which I still have.

  • SirRichard

    About honest to god time, frankly. Whatever merits it has were far outweighed by the increased cost, bad reputation and poor use of its features and tech. I’m miffed with how they talk about it as “delivering more choice for consumers” when really, it was clear that the majority of consumers never wanted the Kinect. PR talk is bugging me more and more, these days.

    The timing of this as a pre-E3 announcement is a little curious, I must say.

    • Shady Shariest

      The actual reason they did not take the kinect off earlier might have been with Ballmer. Him stepping down and this happening could be 50/50 both marketing and stopping to cling on old boss’ ideas :3

  • lordsofskulls

    Xbox One. I buy you when your $200 >.> and only get the exclusives.

  • Demeanor

    I have nothing against MS per se, but… really… I feel like facepaling when a company changes direction like a billion times in a few months, no matter how good they are at spinning the story. -_-
    In any case, competition is good, but for the time being I’m sticking to the eastern front, as long as I know I’ll have titles like Atelier, Neptunia, Disgaea, Project Diva and all the other series I know and love.
    For me, the niche titles make the difference.

    • lordsofskulls

      so far my Number 1 console this year is PS Vita o.o *hugs* *hoping for PS Vita TV announced this E3*

      • Let us pray and appeal to the Sony Heads that they finally bring the Vita TV over here.

        • Oxybelis

          They will bring Vita TV some time after Playstation Now launch.

          • lordsofskulls

            Hope so. I just really want to play my Ps vita games when at home on bigger screen….. neck hurts after staring down for 5 hours straight…

    • Shady Shariest

      The new CEO is most likely the cause of this change. Ballmer was said to have had some un-natural love for Kinect.

      • JuhRo

        There’s also a new leader in the Xbox department.

    • Tiredman

      Yeah, that is me in a nutshell as well. I have a Wii U which I am enjoying immensely, and I will be getting a ps4 next Christmas after they have had time to work new release issues and get some more games out for it.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    It’s about time. Funny how that thing was bumping up the price by $100. It would be pretty funny if Sony decided to announce that PS4 will now include the camera and still be at $399.

  • Eric Harris

    It would be one thing if it was the same price as PS4 and had the same power or slightly more. It could compete, I personally like it’s controller. However now it is just the same price as it’s competitor yet it has weaker specs. Why on earth would I pay $400 for it?

    • rurifan

      At least it’s not weaker *and* $100 more; that was an extremely hard sell.

      Now you can point to the features it has and maybe convince yourself it’s worth it. Or you may be more willing to buy both for exclusives at the more reasonable price. (Like me.)

      • Eric Harris

        It was recently on sale WITH kinnect for $450 + 1 year of gold + titanfall or Forza5. So it’s gonna have to be like $300 w/o kinnect before I buy it.

    • Tiredman

      It lacks the variety of games the PS 4 and Wii U has as well. Yes, it has games, but they are the exact same that we had on the Xbox 360. PS4 is still in this boat save for indies, but I know the PS4 will come around while Xbox has lost ground in interesting games over the last few years.

  • landlock

    Fair enough at least there willing to change and adapt to the sitiuation. At least there not totally stubborn about it like Nintendo with the WiiU.

    • Look at the comments on this thread – they all say ‘too little too late’ six months after release. Who is this move meant to placate? Those who have an unrelenting aversion to the brand?
      //posted from my gamepad

      • landlock

        It doesn’t matter when the games start coming out. People are fickle. Also a few internet comments don’t mean much. The negative comments are always the loudest.

    • AkuLord3

      Difference is that not really a lot or at all about people complaining about the WiiU Gamepad (which is actually a good controller) compare to the Kinect…so yeah : p

      • Honestly I love the Gamepad for what it gives me. I enjoy being able to just pick it up and play a game when I feel like it. I like not having to turn on the TV and everything to play around for a game I might spend all of 30 minutes on at a time (especially with the VC games.)

        I like that it gives me a constant inventory view or map view with a lot of games, and it feels comfortable in the hands. I like that Nintendo is still gonna try to show just what they can do with it, even if other people don’t catch on to it.

        I get sad when people feel like the Gamepad is the reason why the Wii U is falling behind, when it’s not exactly the Gamepad itself that’s the reason– it’s the misconception that the Gamepad was an add-on, not a controller for a new console. Which, really, was Nintendo’s own fault for focusing on. I’m hoping they fix this with the upcoming year.

        • rurifan

          You realize that you sound exactly like the minority who actually liked Kinect, right? As you note, it offers some fringe features and cute gimmick, but nothing to core gameplay.

          And like Kinect, the wiipad drives up the price and turns off consumers who don’t want it.

          • Maybe it comes off as that, but I still think there’s a major difference between them.

            I think a more accurate comparison would’ve been people who’d prefer a traditional controller set-up over say… The Wii Remotes, to the people who’d prefer to, say, use the XBox One controller over the Kinect. Like, boy, I sure wish there would’ve been a traditional controller option for Skyward Sword, but that just didn’t happen, now did it? Imagine your favorite game, only you need to use the Kinect.

            I should clarify too that I own the Pro Controller for the Wii U– and in fact bought it day one under the assumption that I would prefer to use it. But it turns out that I actually sorta enjoy the Gamepad for what it gave, even if others don’t agree. For me, it’s a convenient option, and I want to see what Nintendo does to try to make it more appealing. I mean, we sure didn’t think we’d like things like dual-screens or touch screens, but we’re not the ones laughing now, now are we?

    • seiya19

      What you call stubbornness, I call commitment. They’re sticking by the potential they saw for the gamepad in the first place, aiming for it to be an integral part of the platform by creating content tailored for it. I for one fully agree with them, and look forward to see what they come up with. The prospect of a new Fatal Frame that uses it is already promising enough…

      On the other hand, this move from Microsoft just downgraded Kinect to add-on status, fracturing its own market between Kinect users and non-Kinect ones. After this, how much incentive is there left to support it ? And what was the point for it to be there in the first place if the potential was going to be wasted ? It’s great for those who hated it of course, but in the end, it makes it all seem like a pointless endeavour from the start.

      It’s a different situation anyway though, as Xbox One is in a different price range than WiiU, not to mention the differences between Kinect and the gamepad.

  • Screwing over early adopters.

    • I wouldn’t say “screwed,” more like, the price you – not you particularly – pay for early acquisition – of anything.

      • Well, that’s true, I guess. I still feel sorry for them though.

        • Same. The early days of the 3DS were the dark days for me; never will I buy a games console too early in its life cycle unless there are games to justify it.

          • :/ And the odds are, there probably won’t be enough games to justify it. I was still satisfied with Vita’s launch line-up, but I know most people were not (I got the Vita at launch). Although, now would probably be the time to buy one, if there was not one before. Welp.

          • Xbox One is going to need some good exclusives. Seeing the names signed up to develop for the One in Japan should make it interesting to see if it is worth picking one up. With all the setbacks recently, they’re going to need all the help they can get.

            I got my Vita a little bit after the launch window, that, they still had the day one bonus item that I got with my Vita (lol). Gravity Rush was the one that made me initially pick it up then P4G, Tearaway, PSP and PS1 titles, etc followed soon after, so I was satisfied with that purchase.

            True that; looking at the titles being made available for it now (mainly Japanese titles), plus being region-free, makes it a worthwhile purchase.

          • That first point honestly makes me worry… I want as many Japanese games as I can get, and I will never buy an Xbox just for a few of them. It makes me kind of sad that I will miss out on a couple, but hey, can’t win everything.

            Still had the day one bonus after the launch window? Dayum. I guess it really didn’t do that well. xD Gravity Rush really was a great game though. I still have to replay it again, and I cannot wait for the sequel. P4G was one of my favorite games ever, and I still have to play Tearaway, though I have only heard good things about that. The PSP and PS1 titles are a bonus.

            Indeed. I am truly excited about all the Japanese titles that have been localized and are being localized. It gives me hope in the future of the system, and well, the future in the localization of Japanese games in general. So much happiness. Region-Free is a bonus. Definitely worthwhile. :D

          • Not just yourself – other gamers will be in that same predicament, too. If the games are good, I might have to pick one up. Otherwise, it’s a wait-and-see situation.

            Yep. I was surprised myself to see have received it. Loved Gravity Rush and can’t wait for that sequel either. P4G really grew on me (my only experience of the game was via the anime before getting the game). Tearaway uses the Vita’s functions so well and the soundtrack is great, imo (got the soundtrack via pre-order bonus). Considering I missed on some those titles being able to play them now is a great bonus.

            NA is getting Shinovi Versus (waiting for EU announcement); Freedom Wars and Oreshika: Tainted Bloodlines coming over just gets me excited. The future of the system does look bright, and hope to see more localisations in the future too. :D

    • KuroNathan
      • Hilarious. Thanks for bringing that to my attention.:P Not that I buy consoles at launch, anyway (with the exception of the Vita).

      • Anewme…Again

        Earlier buyers are important in many way though.
        First they test the consoles and report bugs, glitchs and other problem so that consoles makers can repair them for thoses who buy later.

        Second if no one buy a console at launch, developers will be quick to consider that console a failure and won’t develop games for that consoles which make even less peoples buy that console and then even less developers make games for console.
        WIIU is a damn good example of that, fortunatly Nintendo have a lot first party IP so the WIIU can survive for a while even without lot of third party support, but if this was happening with Sony and Microsoft consoles it would be almost an instant death since both of them have really few first party IP.

        Third they bring more money to consoles makers, if no one buy at launch, console makers won’t spend as much money upgrading their system after launch.
        And there’s more reason, but i’m too lazy to name them all.

  • Slickyslacker

    Finally. A reasonable move by Microsoft.

  • Kornelious

    Huh, so it was the Kinect that added that added the extra 100$……really? If anything I’d think it would take away from the price lol.
    To bad Xbox’s aren’t allowed in my house….but not really. (Not my rule but I don’t question it)

    • Attribule

      It’s been known since before launch that the Kinect was what was making the Xbox One $100 more expensive than PS4. It’s kind of like the Wii U’s gamepad – a solid chunk of the money you spend on the Wii U is paying for the gamepad, the system itself is closer to $200 in cost.

    • shuyai

      is your house ruled by a sony fanboy overlord?

      • Kornelious

        More like a family of Sony fanboy overlords………..

  • shuyai

    As someone waiting to buy a ps4, i wish MS stick with Kinect and see where it goes

  • Landale
    An interesting read on this matter, though some of it definitely makes me cringe.

    • DanielGearSolid

      So according to this guy… One of the reasons Ps4 is selling more is because Ppl have been satisfied with their 360 more than ps3… How the heck can anyone quantify that statement?

      • darke

        That’s easy: He’s the marketing chief. Which means his primary skill is lying from both sides of his mouth at the same while keeping a straight face.

  • Joshelplex

    I thought the system needed the Kinect to even function, but then again, it also used to need the cloud to function too

  • Freud_Hater

    Ah, now I might be interested… The Xbone doesn’t have any exclusives I’m interested in yet, but if it ever does, I might consider this. Well done :3

  • CptPokerface

    I really feel bad for Phil. He pretty much inherited a PR and marketing nightmare, thanks to Orth and Mattrick. He seriosuly has his work cut out for him, seeing as how man people are still pretty leery eyed of the system and company in general.

    But don’t forget people, last generation many of you felt the same most likely with the 600$”get a second job” PS3. There are no real saints in this. Sony could easily slip again when you least expect it.

  • Impressionnant

    Xbox Won.

  • Rafael Fracaroli Tolentino

    Finally!! Now I can consider buying the Xbox One too…..

    • lordsofskulls

      In 2020…

  • Kaetsu

    While people complain about Microsoft saying that this wasn’t possible(which is a valid complaint), I’d like to give props to Microsoft for finally doing something right. The Xbox One is now cheaper than the PS4 in Canada. I’m still not interested on the system but if Microsoft or a third party comes out with some insane exclusive, I’ll consider buying my first Microsoft system.

  • Death Saved

    Would be hilarious if Sony were to cut the PS4’s price by 20 to 50 $ just to keep that edge.

  • E.T.993

    Great move, Microsoft.However, I’ll buy either the PS4 or the Xbox One when either of these will have Blinx 3(XB1) or Ape Escape 4(PS4). Which means I’ll probably never buy either of these(unless I see a GOOD new IP that pushes either consoles’s potential and actually looks cartoony instead of realistic). Or JRPGS.

    • leingod

      I don’t even know what Blinx is :P

      • Haganeren

        Owww, Blinx, the time traveling cat ! Ok, i know, that sound silly…
        Even i which was quite on Nintendo at the time found it was the only games which interested me on Xbox. (Later, i found about Oddworld and Panzer Dragon)

  • leingod

    Wise move. Let’s hope Spencer keeps doing things well!

    Personally I own a XB0 and I don’t mind the Kinect, but it’s always nice to give people options.

  • Yan Zhao

    Lol ok. I know they’re trying to sell more XB1 units but at the same time it just goes to show they were full of shit with their original attempt to force Kinect and all its BS down our throats.

  • Ryo-kun

    My Japanese games are in PS4 so I’ll pass.

  • xzeldax3

    Way to split the Xbox fan base and screw devs (who ms probably asked) that are making games for kinect.

    • darke

      The Harmonix devs seemed none-too-pleased in a politely understated way in their tweets. Sounds like no-one outside of MS was notified this was going to happen.

      Wonder how fast their Fantasia will become a cross-platform game now they can’t even rely on trying to selling it to all of the third of the current-gen audience that has a XB1. :?

  • ishyg

    I’ll wait for the stand-alone Kinect for PC. I need it to revive one of my projects here in the company.

    As for the console, wherever the JRPGs are, niche and mainstream alike.

  • 0nsen

    You know you fucked up if the best marketing you can do is to appease people by removing stuff they hate.

    “Look, we’re so great, we don’t do things you hate anymore. Now like us already.”

    But their vision is still the same so it’s pretty hard to not hate them.

  • phayroent

    The one thing that they should get rid of -the parity clause- is the only thing they keep. E3 2014 is like the bizarre version of E3 2013 for MS. At least they FINALLY made a box that didn’t blow up 2 hours after someone bought it.

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