Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival Heads To The USA In September

By Spencer . May 14, 2014 . 5:18pm

imageKonami plans on releasing Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival in North America too. However, the card battling game won’t be available until September and the US version will only be a digital release via the Nintendo eShop. (Thanks for the tip VGAMER101!)


Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival was announced as a June 26 release for Europe and Australia where it will be a retail release.

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  • XYZ_JolteonZ980

    Digital only and september for a game already with english txt in it in europe this summer?! Well beggers cant be choosers, DAY 1 BABY!!!!

  • Digital only?? Aww… well at least we’re getting it.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Wow, no physical release in the US? The card game must not be doing so well, though by what I hear about its current state I’m not exactly surprised. I hear it’s devolved into a horribly unbalanced mess where if you play a dragon deck they might as well declare you the winner from the first turn.

    • XYZ_JolteonZ980

      There are people that dont use dragon decks?! With odd eyes dragon, blue eyes white dragon, and stardust dragon, there is no need to use non dragons.

      • Spirit Macardi

        Sounds like it limits your choices though and doesn’t exactly encourage variety. I mean, what the hell’s the point of a card game with a ton of different cards but only one “right” choice?

        • I think XYZ is over-exaggerating. There’s a lot of decks, and they’re really all viable– and generally, Konami stomps out anything that tries to make the game samey at this point.

          Now, Dragons are definitely a prominent thing. They’re tied deeply into the series and it’s elements, but it doesn’t mean there’s nothing else. Heck, one of my favorite archetypes is the Gusto ones! Wind-using psychics and birds who come together and use a strategy of recycling from the graveyard to use effects. I love them! And there’s 0 dragons in them, unless if you purposely ADD dragons to them. It’s great.

          • neocatzon

            How viable synchro deck this time? It’s been a long time since I played yugioh (last time.. tag force?)
            and I love rescue cat.

          • Synchros are still viable. XYZ has gotten better, sure, but some decks are just made for synchro, as some decks are made for XYZ. It really depends on what you want to do.

            I do have bad news though: Rescue Cat is banned. :( You should consider a Rescue Rabbit engine instead though, if you wanna play around with things. I tried it out recently in a Normal XYZ/Synchro deck, and it worked pretty well for me!

          • John Diamond

            no point in focusing.
            Rescue rabbit’s down to 1 ever since dino-rabbit became a thing

      • Hexodious

        I always use infernity deck whatever games gives that option, probably the only deck i’m good at.

      • ShinNeoGranzon

        I am using Mecha Phantom Beast and Evilswarm decks right now, though I do admittedly love my Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon. I used to have a dragon deck, but when I set it against all of my other decks, it lost, hard.

      • John Diamond

        haha… it’s funny cause there are no top tier dragon decks. They’re currently water based and fire/beast themed decks

    • What about Blackwings and Photons?

      • Spirit Macardi

        What about them? I only know what I’ve heard since my loved one is an avid player.

        I used to play, but that was a long time ago and I’ve since forgotten all the rules and metagame stuff.

        • Oh, my bad. I just heard that those two types of decks are kinda overpowered along with dragon decks.

    • From what I know, the card game is one of the best-selling ones in the states, so it’s not that the card game isn’t doing well. But it might be a different story for the video games, which might not do as well in comparison– also there’s been a big gap between releases, and Zexal is gonna be quickly considered the “old” series even over here. They probably don’t feel like risking things too much.

      Which is why people who like the series need to buy the game. Show them that it’s worth it to bring things sooner and make them physical everywhere!

  • luckgandor

    I’ll get it anyway, but I’m stunned that Yu-Gi-Oh isn’t popular enough in NA for a limited physical print. This will literally be my first time buying a Yu-Gi-Oh game that doesn’t come with 3 cards.

    • It… actually is surprising! The card game is one of the most popular ones in America, especially (which funnily in Japan, Vanguard has apparently been giving the card game a bit of a run for it’s money.)

      But maybe the video games don’t sell as much, or they’re worried it won’t catch on to the usual World Championship crowd since there’s no more official connection about it.

      • Zero_Destiny

        Perhaps it falls down to the new management over the series and wanting to approach it slowly. Have their been any phyiscal games since 4K Group took over the license? (seriously not too aware of it myself, I do know their was a digital PSN release, but that’s all I can think of in recent memory)

        • There hasn’t been a proper physical game in the series since Tag Force 6, and we didn’t even get that.

          My logic though is that since the 3DS (and the Vita) did so poorly when they started out, they’d been waiting for them to pick up before developing, which is why we had such a big gap between games on Nintendo handhelds. As for the Decade Duels and Millennium Duels games on 360/PS3, they’re actually made by a different group than the ones who do the portables, so they’re under a different standard.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Hhhhmmm it makes sense to me to an extent then. Here we have this big gap between releases. There’s essentially no real good data to read for them, so they probably played it safe. The last release looking to be way back in 2011 on DS/PSP,

            So we got a three year period of no data to go on, brand new consoles to consider, and 4K already has started to invest in Arc-V (seeing as this is September, ZeXal might be old news by the time it’s even out).

            Feels very much like they want to play this safe. Just my guess (which means nothing much xD) but I have a feeling Arc-V will probably get physical, and ZeXal is sadly a victim of its time frame & circumstance.

          • Pretty much! And I don’t entirely blame them, but it’s why I want people to pick up this game regardless. 4K and Konami need the data to show that the video games are still viable, especially in the West, and action is necessary for it. I’m just glad they listened!

          • Reki Honoo

            And hopefully if this does well enough, it will get the makers of the cardfight vanguard 3ds games to bring them over to the west. Cause everyone needs more card video games.

          • Haha, it would be interesting to see that! Hopefully whatever company that’d handle that would be looking hard at Konami.

          • Reki Honoo

            Well as far as I know, the company that made the vanguard 3ds game is furyu, who released unchained blades on the eshop, so they have some experience working with nintendo.

          • At least that’s something, but it’s more the question of the company that decides to bring the game in the first place.

          • PkmnChmp5

            If anyone wants to show XSEED that there is support for Cardfight!! Vanguard: Lock on Victory!! you could reply to the thread I started on their Localization suggestion forum: http://forum.marvelous-usa.com/index.php?showtopic=27535

          • Chon Pak

            Playing it safe is the biggest risk of all. Business involves entrepreneurship and you got take the risk. Not including a physical release is their worst choice especially with how important those promo cards can be. They lose out potential customers as a result. Instead of this option, they could’ve chosen to print limited copies and allow people to pre-order them. This way, they can gather data on whether people want physical releases or not. Right now, playing it safe by going with a digital release with just give them data only pertaining to that regard. They won’t understand how many customers would desire localization and base the results only on a single aspect. No offense but this is bad marketing.

            In my eyes, I see as it being offered dirty water. The business they decides whether there is a sufficient customer base to further continue the business (without improving the quality of the water). They tests this out by appealing to the poor people who would take any water as long as it is available for them (no offense to digital release lovers) and conclude that there is sufficient potential consumers. Rather than improving the quality (because the company would rather play it safe and not delve into another aspect of the product), they continue producing dirty water for poor people to drink. They lose consumers who would’ve bought the product had the water quality been at it’s best, but because the stupid *ahem sorry* firm wanted to make it as cost effective as possible, they totally disregarded the quality.

            If there isn’t enough data, they can actually do quota sampling and see how the market will respond. Then can I doubt they even allocated any marketing budget for this game. They just localized it, post it on their website and be like “meh, we did it so please buy it. Not gonna waste money doing market research or advertising.”

            Sorry, but this leaves a very poor taste in my mouth. I am not going to buy it. My recent experience with the 3DS eShop further justified my hatred for the system. The account system was great, but you can’t switch the account without deleting it. Deleting also does not give you the ability to keep the games you bought and accidents can lead to despair. Contacting Nintendo does not work, I have seen many problems related to this on Nintendo’s techforums and they don’t let you redownload the games and DLC you bought. This system is flawed in the first place and with many companies still going for it because it benefits them solely, it leaves a very bad impression.

          • I’ve been playing Tag Force 6 a LOT lately.

          • You’re incredibly lucky to have it. ;;

  • Gonna get this so fast once it comes out. I’ve been waiting so long for this to be announced for localization. I’m just so glad it’s finally coming, even if it is digital!

    Please, if anyone likes this series, the card game, anything, pick this up!

    • Zero_Destiny

      lol It was fun watching you get so hyped over it on Twitter. I’ll probably dip right into it too. Been ages since I’ve touched Yu-Gi-Oh (outside of the animes at least), so it should be pretty fun.

      • Hahah, I’m just really excited! I’ve been wanting this game for a long time, but I didn’t want to lose any hope about it coming over. Now I’m happy!

        I hope you decide to pick it up. The games, especially recently, have had tutorials on the game and mechanics built in, and a lot of it is automated– heck, one of the old GBA games was how I learned the game in the first place! I hope you have fun with it if you do.

        • Zero_Destiny

          Awesome. Never give up. It’s great when the game we want finally gets confirmed. ^^

          This generation has been real strange; things I thought would never get released have, things I thought were shoe-ins haven’t. lol This generation has certainly been interesting to watch at least.

          • It really has kinda been weird, but it shows that companies are becoming a lot more self-conscious about decisions– but are also trying to take more risks elsewhere. I mean, geeze, we sure didn’t expect Inazuma 3DS, now did we?

            I just hope that people can continue to show companies that these risks are worth it.

          • Zero_Destiny

            Level-5’s American branch has grown a lot over the years honestly. :) I think we can expect to see more from them!

            They’re still small, and mostly need other publishers to work in tandem with them to cover physical releases (such as Ni no Kuni) and have stuck with digital, but I see them going places in the near future, especially with their multimedia projects. Honestly, L5IA has a pretty great staff behind them, so I’m excited for their future.

  • Reki Honoo

    Just want to clear something up. Can you make your own character in this game?

    • You are Red Hat Guy in this game, from what I recall, from the Tag Force series. Since this isn’t like the World Championship games, I don’t think there is any character customization this time around.

  • Bob Slim

    Oh ok it is coming to NA, I should read before posting lol

  • LemonsArentForever

    even if it is digital only ill happily buy this. i loved the other yu gi oh games on ds. my next dream is tag force on vita.

    • stephane3012

      Yeah and i’m still salty that they didn’t brought over tag forces 6.

    • It’s like I said elsewhere, you might see a Vita game within the next year being announced, since sales have stabilized in Japan, especially.

      Who knows if it’ll be a Tag Force 7, though. This game, by what I’ve heard, is basically a spiritual successor to the Tag Force series’ way of showing off characters and being essentially a fanservice for people who love the shows, only without, you know, the forced tag dueling.

      Glad to hear though that you’ll be buying it!

      • LemonsArentForever

        yea i just they would have made some of the monsters have 3d models when you summon them like in the previous games. and in tag force some of the monsters had cg sequences. so i hope in the next game they incorporate a few of those.

  • a little sad no physical but huzzah! been awhile since i played yugioh

  • Makoto Yuki

    Hey guys, will this game have monster and main characters animation ? If not then I’m a little dissapointed

    • Ecchitori-san

      This is not Tag Force 7. This would be more or less in the spirit of World Championship games.

      • That’s… a little inaccurate to say.

        What’s more accurate to say is that this game is basically the merger/fusion of Tag Force’s fanservice in terms of the characters and related stories, and also transplanting the Red Hat Guy/Konami-kun (which is a Tag Force main character stand-in), with World Championship’s usual set-up and dueling. Heck, this game will also have anime-only cards programmed in… which used to just be a Tag Force-only feature.

        The game looks like it’ll be employing character art cut-ins and avatars constant through the duel, but also will be using dialogue unique to the characters themselves.

        • Ecchitori-san

          Seeing the video and being impressed by it, it would seem to be a merge of tag force and world championship. But sorry to be lonely one, but I wouldn’t like voice clips during in-duels. Makes the duel slower. I prefer my duels fast paced. Though if possible, Konami can make it optional to have the voice clips.

          • WELL, chances are, we’re not getting voice clips period. There tends to be a lot of weird issues with getting the contracts for it– though it’s too soon to say as a definite.

            Chances are there’s probably a built-in option to mute the audio in the original game, but we may never know.

          • Ecchitori-san

            Well, I’m looking forward on how this game would go. The last YGO video games I had were Tag Force 5 and Over the Nexus.

          • Yeah my last ones on handhelds were TF5 and WC2010 (I was too late to get 2011 affordably, but I’m hoping to find it at a con this weekend.). I did get Decade Duels Plus (please never get DDPlus it’s such a cash in) and Millennium Duels (A LOT BETTER, GET THIS INSTEAD if you have a 360/PS3), but I have definitely been missing the more developed handheld games for a long time.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52VD365Q4Bg

      I looked this up, and I think this might give you an idea of how the duels look in-game. Shame we probably will not get the voice clips.

      • ShinNeoGranzon

        While the voices are pretty cool, I would think that it would get annoying hearing the characters say something after every single command.

  • TheNobody

    I miss times when physical releases were the norms. I would always be excited to see my aligned world championship in order. I really hope digital release won’t be the norm with physical release becoming a special occasion. I mean c’mon some of my favorite games Ace Attorney, Soul Sacifice Delta, and now even Yu-Gi-Oh is getting digital only release. *sigh* this is one of the many problems of capitalism. It’s all about the profits.

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    I never learned to play YugiOh, I hope this will be my chance to finally learn.

    • You should give it a try, if you’ve never played before. The games, especially recently, have tutorials to help you learn how to play. Some of the games have puzzle duels too that give you an idea of how some of the combos work, too, and an automated game is a decent place to start.

      • TerrenceEncore Jones

        That is enough reason for me to buy it. I really am excited to play this. I really like the Zexal anime and manga and it really has me wanting to learn to play the game, but with no one around to play with it has been difficult. September cannot come soon enough.

        • Yeah, I can understand how that feels. I actually learned the game myself through one of the GBA games, and that was back when they didn’t put in tutorials or anything. I hope you’ll be able to understand things in this game, and enjoy it! (and it’s nice to see someone else who really liked Zexal, too!)

  • nonscpo

    Reluctantly ill be downloading this game in September, as much as id like to complain about a physical copy the reality is that its been 3-years since the last game got localized. At this point with a lousy ending for the third show and a joke of the fourth show, we’ve probably lost a lot of old school duelist and whatever fresh blood we were suppose to gain from these last seasons. Hopefully Konami will play it smart and price this accordingly, and god help us if this game is riddled with DLC.

    P.S. out of curiosiy what booster pack does this game end at?

    • Shadow Specters era, cause it came out in Japan in December. So far, as I know, there is no DLC for the game, so don’t worry!

      • Primal Link

        Pretty sure the game has all teh cards availible in free mode right off the bat, though i dont remember seeing any multiplayer options around which is a shame…

  • DeAndre Atchison

    What the mechanical hell, konami? The first game with 3 cards I REALLY REALLY wanted(machine related support, even with it being for high level xyz spam) and its frakkin digital. These cards better be in the game and we get to use everything up til the end of zexal.

  • Learii

    we just need Tag Force 7 for vita now

  • shadowind

    I’m not ashamed to say that for once I’m actually gloating at the fact that us Europeans are once again getting one up on North American gamers and getting a physical release as well as a eShop release. ^_^

  • CozyAndWarm

    *sigh* what is it with lazy American publishers and digital-only these days? (Although Konami are the kings of cheapskates, they made people pay for a demo, I shouldn’t be surprised.) Still happy we’re getting the game though.

  • bananaking123

    will there be any form of multiplayer?

  • [ Lilith ]

    Where are them Tour Guides? LOL I quit since the 200$ per TGU era hahaha

  • Chef Chef

    Awesome? can i have tag force 6 in english now? i’ll take a digital only release

  • DeAndre Atchison

    No multiplayer. No machine cards cause digital. Game is z tier bad

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