Duke Nukem Lawsuit Gives Rise To Action RPG Bombshell

By Ishaan . May 15, 2014 . 10:02am


3D Realms and Interceptor Entertainment have announced a top-down action RPG, titled Bombshell, slated for release on PC and PlayStation 4 in Q1 2015.


The game has you playing as Shelly “Bombshell” Harrison, a former bomb disposal expert who is now a freelance mercenary with a cybernetic arm, who travels across planets to rescue the president.


It will feature experience points, upgrades, side quests, and non-linear levels. Shelly herself will have access to over 10 weaponized arm modifications that you’ll be able to use. Additionally, Interceptor Entertainment say that modding tools will be made available for the game as well (presumably on PC).


Interceptor Entertainment acquired 3D Realms back in March. At the time, the developer was working on a Duke Nukem RPG, titled Duke Nukem: Mass Destruction. Unfortunately, a lawsuit filed against 3D Realms by Gearbox Software over the ownership of the Duke Nukem I.P. has made the future of that title uncertain.


Interceptor say that the opportunity to create the Bombshell I.P. came from the lawsuit against 3D Realms.


“Lawsuits take time, and are often a long, drawn-out process,” they say on the game’s website. “Meanwhile, we wanted to be productive—our creative team couldn’t wait around for the issue to be resolved. Ultimately, we saw it as the opportunity to create our own intellectual property, and Bombshell was born.”


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  • Sapitntapit

    The screenshots look alright, but that trailer was pretty bad…

    • Godman

      Lol yeah it looked amateur
      But I get it if they just made it up on the fly to meet the count down

    • Arrngrim

      Don’t even need to watch any of it, we can expect a release 10 years hence.

    • Fox

      The whole premise feels likes 80s schlock.

    • Nicholas Perry

      Trailer wasn’t so bad as much as the character animation was bad and it told us nothing about the game or the character really.

  • Godman

    *sigh* Everyone wants a piece of the Duke
    I’m not going to say I’m mad about this, but I’m not going to say I’m happy either. I will support this in hope that it will help them gain more power to create a Duke Nukem game.

  • Godmars

    Why can’t the PS4 version have mod options? When the PS3 first launched one thing that was talked about was modding options. Unreal Tournament 3 even allowed for mod porting from the PC.

    • Firekitty

      Because I’m sure Sony’s terrified that if they allowed for any sort of open access to programming or development tools, the hacking community would crack the system wide open lickety-split.

      Not that that wouldn’t happen, but things would be better all around if they’d stop being SO terrified of *potential* pirates that they end up with *actual* dissatisfied customers…

      • Godmars

        Not talking about providing access to the OS, which caused no end of problems, just building in tools into a game engine.

        You wouldn’t be able to improve things like graphics and textures, but anything else would be up for grabs. Like custom levels and mini games.

  • ronin4life

    “So, we can’t use Duke. Let’s try something different…

    And what is more different than Duke, a chauvinistic badass with attitude, than a WOMAN. Eh, eh?”

    “Yeah, you’re right! Plus, there is no way ANYONE can sue us for IP infringement over a character type no one else would bother to invest in! You get a promotion, Bill!”


    • Firekitty

      Actually, a heroine with a similar personality to Duke would be pretty awesome, as long as they went whole-hog with it.

      • Time Sage

        So a woman that treats men like dirt?

        • Firekitty

          Exactly! We have enough male jerks as heroes…it would be beyond refreshing to see a woman who wasn’t automatically nicer just because she’s female.

          I want to see a lady who curses up a storm, actually dresses appropriately for the type of fighting she does (bare midriffs just scream ‘stab me in the squishy bits!!) and pinches the cute bartender’s ass and calls him ‘babe’. Give her a cute geeky male sidekick to torment/hit on and you’ve got gold.

      • darke

        Would be pretty fun; they’d need to make sure it was appropriately over the top, since this is the style of comedy/parody where failure results in ‘asshole’ not ‘unfunny’. :P

  • revenent hell

    Oh, golly……
    I give them credit for continuing on with a project and while I am a mite unimpressed with the trailer I kind of hope they alter her appearance a bit with time.
    Im fine with the hair but if a person is going to roll with that type of look/style I kind of think the rest of the face and body should match it….

    And the mechanical arm……If the age has advanced to the point people can planet jump around I should think the technology would have advanced beyond the point of badly done Terminator arms……I’m cool with it not being “human” like and looking all screws and metal but it just kind of feels out of place in terms of the obvious advancement of scientific abilities here.

  • Firekitty


    You know, I loved Duke Nukem as a kid, and the idea of a female version of Duke is pretty awesome…

    But if this trailer is any indication, it’s just gonna be another ‘lol, here’s a scantily-clad babe for you to stare at while you blow crap up’ game. And that VOICE, ugh (assuming that audio-only bit was supposed to be her voice actor?). I want a real badass heroine who can kick ass, chew bubblegum and objectify the hell out of any good-looking guy who crosses her path.

  • carlospsp

    I liked it

  • Even though I think the name and concept tied to it is clever, it would be so much funnier and cuter if it were a guy, with a svelte figure and in the same outfit.

    • revenent hell

      I was thinking that myself lol!

    • darke

      Yeah, but you’d only get that style of male figure from a Japanese game developer; who’d then censor the bared midriff for the western release. :?

      • 古戸ヱリカ

        But after much consideration, they would decide to keep the braided hair.

      • Lol, good point. x’D

  • shuyai

    God that hair is hideous! is like a horse penis with pubes attached to a bald head

  • glasssoldier

    Bombshell: Judgement Day? It even says “NO FATE” on her arm.

  • Paul Rodriguez

    I haven’t played an isometric game in a while. I used to have a blast playing games like Project Overkill, Crusader: No Remorse, Loaded, Reloaded, Skeleton Krew, and Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Yeah it has been that long. I hope the game has local multiplayer. Bombshell feels straight out of the 90s and I’m ok with that.

    • darke

      The two ‘shadowgrounds’ games from frozenbyte were good too.

  • doubleO7

    Wow, they actually resurrected Bombshell and she’s getting her own game. Back in the late 90’s she was planned to be in Duke Nukem Forever, but since she wasn’t included in the final game I suppose Gearbox doesn’t own her.

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