Xseed Will Publish The Latest Harvest Moon Game In North America

By Ishaan . May 28, 2014 . 7:04am

Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land is coming to North America, but the game won’t be titled “Harvest Moon”. Instead, the game will be titled Story of Seasons and will be published by Xseed Games. (Thanks, IGN.)


Xseed are owned by Marvelous, the developer of Harvest Moon in Japan, which might explain why the series has changed hands from Natsume to Xseed.


So, why the name change? Because Natsume Inc., who have been publishing Harvest Moon in North America from the very start of the series, owns the Harvest Moon name in the U.S., which means Xseed can’t use it themselves.


Story of Seasons will be available in North America later this year. As previously detailed, the game will feature fully customizable characters and a number of other features. You can catch up with our past coverage here.

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  • Namuro

    Damn! For a second there, I read that Xseed will publish the “LAST” Harvest Moon game. LOL

    • Trinity

      Me too. What a relief that it’s not the case.

  • FivePointedTheStar

    Man… not the first time that international IPs land a franchise in confusing waters, but geez. I can’t imagine how many people who don’t know this will say, “This looks like Harvest Moon, but probably isn’t.”

  • i wonder why Natsume not publish this themselves, not having Harvest Moon Name on the box probably going to confuse some people, after all harvest moon name is really popular to gamer

    • I’m sure Natsume would love to publish it themselves, had Marvelous not decided to give it to Xseed.

    • Taedirk

      Marvelous develops the games. Natsume was the NA publisher. Marvelous now owns XSEED. Better for them to publish with a company under the same umbrella than it is to ship it out to Natsume. I am surprised that Marvelous doesn’t have rights to the name though.

      • Natsume registered the Harvest Moon trademark in the U.S. long before Marvelous Entertainment was formed, heh. We’ll have a feature on the history of the series later today. :)

        • Taedirk

          Feature? History? I like all of these things!

        • Really? I’ve been wanting a feature like that!

  • Armane

    I wonder if they’ll be able to keep the Harvest Moon name in Europe.

    • Postnjam

      Don’t care for harvest moon, I just want Rune factory 4 ( which was cancelled) which is harvest moon and fighting monsters.thus better.

  • DAT Bird From DAT Cage

    The main draw of this game and Rune Factory is the dating aspects right…? Really wanna try this out but not sure about the farming aspect though… urgh… decisions! I mean… farming… and managing crops doesn’t… sound… … …

    • RajaNaga

      no, Harvest Moon has always been most about farming and building your farm, with a secondary focus on characters. Rune Factory focuses much more on the characters/an added RPG focus.

    • Anewme…Again

      While farming is a huge focus in Harvest Moon, there’s much more to do then just farming.

    • TheExile285

      The main draw of Rune Factory isn’t the dating aspects -__-

  • Anewme…Again

    They should let Natsume continue the localization then.
    It’s stupid to change the name of a series that have been localized with a certain name for like 15 years now and maybe more…

    • Certainly. A lot of HM fans frequented the Natsume forums too. I feel like most (hardcore) HM fans will know which title to pick up too, but for fans of the series that might not keep up as well, they may not realize that it’s the same series at first.

  • AlphaSixNine

    This is gonna take some getting used too. I’ve been using the name Harvest Moon for the past 15 years. D:

    Still got it’s finally confirmed for localisation. Worries me a little the name change will affect sales though. Harvest Moon is a pretty well known name already.

  • lunier

    Not sure how to feel about this. On one hand, XSeed will probably release a more polished localization than Natsume, on the other hand, Natsume had Harvest Moon for 15+ years and it’s not like they did a poor job at localizing it…

    • SirTeffy

      Uh… yes. They did. Gutting several relationships, leaving strings untranslated, putting gibberish in several strings, changing character dialog completely, and NUMEROUS grammatical errors, alongside tutorials that were flat wrong at times made Harvest Moon under Natsume the definition of “doing a poor job”

      • lunier

        Not really sure about dialogue changes since I’ve never really paid attention to the original dialogue, but the recent Harvest Moon games have a lot better quality control compared to GBA/GC days
        If Natsume localized this game and it was as good as New Beginning (I honestly don’t remember any errors aside from 2~3 spelling/grammar errors) then I wouldn’t really have a problem.

        If we’re talking about Natsume from early DS/GBA days, then yes, I would say they did a poor job at localizing, but IMO I don’t think there’s a lot to complain about with their recent games (feel free to prove me wrong, since I might’ve missed a lot of errors/changes)

        • The Demon

          I’d say Natsume did a pretty terrible job with A New Beginning on 3DS. Several parts of the dialogue were left completely untranslated and in some parts you could even see the coding. They also made a bunch of stupid translation mistakes, like calling a refrigerator a control box in the multiplayer

    • They did have a number of problems and had some minor, silly things going on. . . but I did enjoy HM in their hands for the most part. I suppose that I also just don’t care for Xseed (for whatever reason) and don’t feel like they’re the publisher for the job, regardless of parent company.

      • wyrdwad

        Hmm. I’m a little perturbed by your comment that you “just don’t care” for us. What games of ours have you played? Is there anything we could do to change your mind about us, or reassure you that we’re giving this our all?

        • Hehe, sorry. It’s probably really a combination of things over the last few years. Off the top of my head? Rune Factory: Frontier. Which I feel you guys did a great job with~!

          I think my “don’t care for,” stems from a mix of some things being said on the forums (by staff) and in a way, titles released. But don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike you guys, I’m just at a place where I’m very meh, but I’m also the same with Atlus (and NISA), and everyone loves them too.

          • wyrdwad

            If it’s stuff said on the forums, it was probably stuff said by me (unless you mean NeoGAF or something, in which case it was only PROBABLY said by me). ;) And I do have a rather big mouth sometimes, so if I said anything that offended you, I’m sincerely sorry.

            If you tell me what it was that rubbed you the wrong way, I might be able to clarify what I meant for you, as I’m guessing it was just a misunderstanding or something. It’s never been our intent to alienate any of our fans at all, potential or established.

            As for titles released, I think we’ve had a pretty good run lately! But if you tell me which titles made you lose interest in us, I might be able to help explain why we chose them. Because believe me, nothing we release is arbitrary!

          • On the Xseed forums~. I don’t know if I remember it being you (or if I can remember the username), but there is that possibility. Thank you for that, and I doubt you did, really. I mean, only one staff member ever offended me, and he was just being. . . stubborn? To be nice. x’D

            It was from way back when, when Senran Kagura was being discussed. As is the norm, discussions spiraled and some stuff was said.

            I was thinking that it’s probably “out of your guys’s hands” to some extent, but at the same time, I don’t think it’s bad that you guys choose the titles you do. I like your selection of JRPGs and such, but at the same time, it’s all somewhat neutral or kind of that “male-oriented” stuff, which is fine – but sometimes I like a break and want to enjoy an otome game or something. And I do like that you all went out of your way to include the ladies (and bi/pan/gay men) for Akiba a bit. I don’t think you guys have a bad selection, and I know female-aimed stuff is already scarce and then publishing it can be a risk~. Hence why I mentioned I feel the same about Atlus right now too.

            (I may be just a bit burned still that Earth Seeker was never nabbed by you guys! But I won’t be a baby about it, I promise. x’D)

            Thank you for being so considerate and taking the time to talk about all this! I like you guys in general because of things like this, but right now, I’m just very “tired,” lol.

            If I may ask two questions though. . . do you feel that having MMV as a parent company will influence what you localize much, if at all? And checking out the English screens for SoS, why is Elise introducing the MC to their home?

          • wyrdwad

            Having Marvelous as our parent company has been a huge boon for us title-wise, yeah. Senran Kagura, Killer Is Dead, Rune Factory 4 and Story of Seasons are all games we wouldn’t ever have been able to work on if not for Marvelous. So yes, our relationship with them has greatly increased the pool of available titles for us to localize — though we’re pretty much never “forced” into localizing anything, if that’s what you’re wondering. We may have games suggested to us every now and again, but we’re always free to say no (and in fact have done so several times). If a game isn’t a good fit for us, we won’t work on it.

            As for the concern regarding “male-oriented” games… we actually do share that concern, which is why we suggested the inclusion of male strip portraits in Akiba’s Trip. We’re also very acutely aware that a lot of the games we’ve been releasing lately have had risque elements that are primarily male-oriented.

            But one of the reasons I love working for XSEED is that we don’t ever really judge a game based on one single quality, but rather as an overall entity. In other words, there may be aspects of a game that we wish were more gender-balanced, and we may even try to suggest methods of making them more gender-balanced (as we did with Akiba’s Trip)… but ultimately, if it turns out nothing can be done to even things out, we’re not going to be like, “oh well, guess we’re not doing the game then!”, nor are we going to be like, “oh well, guess we’ll have to have the developers remove that!” If a game is worth playing, it’s worth playing, regardless of any objectionable content that may be present within it.

            If we were to start eyeing prospective localizations with only a firm political agenda in mind, you guys would miss out on a lot of really great games. And if we were to start meddling with our titles and having the developers strip content from them, we’d stop getting any games to release at all — no artist is ever going to accept having his/her work tampered with for very long, after all.

            Of course, if something were truly offensive on every level, and had no redeeming qualities to it whatsoever, we would absolutely shoot it down. But honestly, I’d be hard pressed to argue that any title we’ve ever released could possibly be the same without its risque elements intact — Killer Is Dead’s “Gigolo Mode,” for example, is a brilliant parody of the classic “Bond girl” trope, while Senran Kagura’s entire narrative is focused on the “coming of age” of its main cast, which partially manifests itself quite literally through an almost “sexual awakening” motif. Believe it or not, I consider both of these to be quite artfully done in their own ways, and believe the use of sexualization actually adds to the experience in both cases.

            Ideally, both games would include similar situations with the male characters (though in Senran Kagura’s defense, there are barely any male characters to speak of — it’s very much a game about women, featuring almost exclusively a cast of strong, independent women)… but it’s all about baby steps right now! We’re confident the industry will get better about equal representation over time, and until that day comes, we’ll just keep on releasing anything and everything we can get our hands on that we consider to be worth playing, and doing everything we can to bring out the best in those titles.

            Tl;dr version:

            We all have an uncle or a grandfather or someone who’s probably a little racist, maybe a little sexist, and often embarrassing to be seen with in public. But we don’t shun him for it as a person. We try to set him on the right path, but we know that if his mind’s made up, his mind’s made up — he’s a stubborn old coot, after all. And despite some of the seedier parts of his personality, he’s still got a lot of good advice to impart and is a good person deep down.

            And if that uncle, or that grandfather, were poised to give a speech that was genuinely well-thought-out and poignant, we would gladly introduce him to the crowd. Even knowing that he might say something embarrassing or politically incorrect, the strength of his overall message is enough that we’re willing to put our full support behind him. Because that uncle, or that grandfather, is not defined by his racism or sexism. He’s defined by his lifetime of experiences and the good things in his heart. And those shine brighter than any prejudices. (Plus, those prejudices can sometimes be kind of funny, as long as you don’t take them too seriously!) ;)

          • Oh okay, I’m really glad to hear that! That’s definitely a good relationship all the way around then.

            Yeahhh. ;u;
            I mean, I felt that you all were conscious of it now because of the male portraits, but for AS, and previously KiD (and of course SK), it felt like a very obvious. . . pattern? But I don’t begrudge that of you guys, and it’s not as though they were titles I wouldn’t play, but I get burnt out lol.

            But that’s mostly what it boils down to. I’m at the point where I accept the way the industry is (not that I won’t say anything or call something out), but I definitely am having levels of. . . tolerance, so to speak. It’s why I also appreciate Aksys a lot right now, because even if they’re not otome titles I’m not interested in, it’s pretty incredible that someone is even trying – and outside of male or female-oriented, there are titles I’d love to see and know it sometimes just won’t happen and have to suck it up, though I do kind of carry a bit of disappointment, lol.

            But again, I don’t dislike you guys, and I think you do pretty great translations, but I’m in a state for indulging myself right now~. >u<

          • wyrdwad

            Oh, believe me, there are a lot of games I really wish we could’ve worked on, so I know exactly what you mean. Basically, if there’s a game fans have been clamoring for — pretty much ever — then chances are, we pursued it. We may have even been really close to working on it! But ultimately, it didn’t happen, and I guarantee no one was more disappointed about that than we were.

            The reasons for games like that not happening are numerous — maybe there were legal disputes over who owned the rights to certain aspects of it, maybe the developers were asking too much money for it… heck, we’ve even had developers outright say to us, “No, we don’t want this game released in the English-speaking world.”

            The worst part of these situations, though, is the fact that we can never outright tell you guys about it — with NDAs as they are, doing so could be seen as hurting the brand image of the Japanese developer, and would at least get whoever leaked the info fired, would most likely hurt relations between the publisher and that developer in the future, and could even result in a lawsuit in extreme cases.

            Bureaucracy-wise, this industry kind of sucks that way. ;)

          • Shippoyasha

            I just want to thank you guys for not bending to political correctness pressures and just focus on releasing fun content in earnest and genuine localization efforts.

            I feel that the politicizing of games is becoming something that is making enemies out of the gaming industry, its workers and gamers and it’s great to see people stand up for it and the artistic integrity that goes with trying to preserve the creators’ wishes and artistic freedoms.

          • SatsukiYumizuka

            “We may have games suggested to us every now and again, but we’re always free to say no (and in fact have done so several times)” Marvelous asked you localize their games before and you guys said no? what are the name of these games >_>?

          • wyrdwad

            Oh! And I totally forgot about your second question.

            Elise is introducing the protagonist to his home in that screenshot because the screenshot is taken from a special demo version of the game that kind of skips over all the introductory stuff and just jumps players right into the thick of their farming experience.

            Consider this a portent of things to come for you E3 goers. ;)

            In the actual game, it’s an old woman named Edda who introduces the protagonist to his/her home and helps him/her settle in.

          • Ahh! Okay~. Is the demo going to be released for everyone, or just used at E3?
            Yeah, haha, I was wondering if Edda (and Veronica) weren’t going to appear or something.

          • wyrdwad

            Honestly, I’m not sure. I don’t think we’ve even thought that far ahead just yet. ;)

          • Oh okay, haha. That’s plenty fair~.

      • Shippoyasha

        That came out of left field. What makes Xseed a bad company? They’ve been nothing but stellar.

        • Oh, I never said they were a bad company~.

      • Raltrios

        That’s odd. Xseed’s been doing a fine job of localizing titles most people thought they’d never see, such as Project X-Zone, Senran Kagura, and Trails in the Sky SC (finally).
        Sure, the latter case took so long it left many people bitter, but I see no reason to distrust them at this point.

        • I don’t distrust them. x’D
          I just feel like HM (main series strictly) is a weird title for them. But if they have the parent company and want to branch out, more power to them~.

        • wyrdwad

          Er, Project X-Zone wasn’t us. But thanks for the kind words, either way! ;)

    • ShinStar
  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    ……..going by a new name? its like Changing Animal crossing to Child enslavement camps. It going to take time to get use too

  • Jesse

    I’ll probably just end up calling it Harvest Moon: Story of Seasons to avoid confusion. XD

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      moon of harvesting would work

  • I wonder how this will affect Natsume as a publisher, since the majority of their big titles over the year have been Harvest Moon.

  • I’ll miss the Harvest Moon name, it sounds more original than Story of Seasons, but it beats a literal translation of Farm Story.

    I hope Natsume is okay. They lost their money-maker and their upcoming game is from Kemco, and last few games are digital. It would be like Agetec all over again (ie from the days they lost From Software they are mainly eshop publishers now).

  • HershelLousyton

    Whether it has the name or not, it looks like one of the better Harvest Moon games in recent memory, so I’ll be buying it.

  • Takane Shijou

    Still looks like a great game, and looking forward to it quite a bit.

    It’ll be a tad weird without calling it Harvest Moon, I’m just happy we’re getting it in general.

  • KingGunblader

    I’d just like to point out that in the IGN article, the language was all jumbled and confusing about whether or not it was a Harvest Moon game. But here on Siliconera, it clearly says “Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land is coming to North America. But it’s not called that.”


    • I wouldn’t blame IGN too much. This isn’t the sort of thing they usually cover. To us it’s always been “Harvest Moon” and still is. To them, it looks like a related-but-not-HM game, since they haven’t been following Japanese coverage.

      • Guest

        I dunno, they may have edited it, but they seem pretty clear on it in their second paragraph now.

    • IGN is always trashy on info about japanese games anyway

      • Tarkovsky

        TBF most websites are, which is why we turn to sites like Siliconera. Still sad that andriasang got shut down but oh well.

  • PlatinumMad

    That’s kinda unexpected.
    I don’t mind the name change, it the same game anyway, though it might afect the sales, brand recognition and stuff.
    Elise best girl.

  • Virevolte

    Damn. I wanted to try it. Since Rune Factory didn’t come over Europe, I should probably not expect this one too…

  • Hinataharem

    Well it seems to be coming over faster than previous titles, so I’m okay with this

  • BillyMK

    I haven’t played Harvest Moon since Friends of Mineral Town and the first two Rune Factory on the DS. Should I give this one a try? Or should I just play Rune Factory 4?

    • Anewme…Again

      Rune Factory 4 all the way.

    • A lot of people will swear behind Rune Factory, but I personally love the mainline HMs a lot more. Give A New Beginning a try sometime! It’s very good.

      Friends of Mineral Town is always a classic, though. Great game.

    • It depends? I grew up with HM and live by it, so I would say HM. However, if you need action in your games, definitely RF.

      The newer HM games have their perks though~. (Fuller customization of character and home, for one.)

      • BillyMK

        I guess my favorite features in HM/RF games were the dating sim elements. I would speed throught the game to marry my favorite girl and get all her events as soon as possible (and plant a butload of sweet potatos).
        I wonder each of the two franchises hold the best marriage gameplay nowadays.

        • Hmm. I personally loved that aspect in AP/ToT, and I had only played Frontier at that time, and it was about equal. As of now though? I wonder~.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Not “Farm Story”? Huh.

    While I’m not a fan of the series, Natsume’s international branch, ESPECIALLY with Harvest Moon, is really really bad (Some of the worst translations ever. They’ve actually outright cut features in games!) but coasted by on Harvest Moon. Maybe this will force them to do something good for a change to survive.

    • I am… admittedly surprised they’re not calling it Farm Story.

      Edit: Oh hey, that’s a possibility: Maybe they’re gonna be going with the naming convention of “Story of X”? In a sense, that would fit in line with the original name of Farm Story!

      • wyrdwad

        “Farm Story” just sounds so generic — it calls upon Facebook or mobile gaming more than handheld. It lacks the “zing” of Story of Seasons.

        • theBridgeburner

          Both titles are horrid no matter how you slice it.

          • darke

            As does Harvest Moon, it makes no sense at all. You harvest crops and breed animals by the seasons, which are controlled by the sun, not the moon; the moon’s only important for fishing.

            When I was living out in the bush the only thing farmers would do when the moon was up was drink, complain about things, and sleep; definitely no harvesting was happening. :P

          • wyrdwad

            Awwww. I like Story of Seasons. :(

  • klkAlexar

    Wow, I feel sorry for Natsume. But XSEED will do a better job so I’m happy.

    • kappanjoe

      Yeah, I wonder what they’ll try to do to stay afloat? It’s hard to imagine they’ll be able to do much without the code supplied by Marvelous, but it’s also hard to imagine a world without Natsume. :(

  • malek86

    How will this affect an eventual european release? Harvest Moon was usually handled by Rising Star, even after MMV sold their stake in the company. Will they keep it? Or will it be handled by their own european branch from now on? Or maybe Zen United, like the last game?

    Kind of a mess that’s been going around Marvelous’ properties, lately.

    • All Fiction

      Since A New Beginning, Rising Star doesn’t handle Harvest Moon releases.
      Now it’s fucking Zen United, and that meant more than one year delay for A New Beginning, not translated in any european language other than English (contrary to Rising Star that used to translate them), and it was only sold at UK retailers, not France, not Germany, not Spain…only UK (once again Rising Star used to get them in every country)

      • Chim_era

        Hmm, about the release. HM: ANB was released in my country and sold at stores. The game stores had the game but also bookstores and etc.

        And on a personal note. I didn’t mind the fact they didn’t translate the game. I’ve been playing HM in english since I was ten. I didn’t get the first game, did stuff horribly wrong but it’s probably my most played HM game. In Europe, you can never please everybody. A faster release would be nice though, especially seeing that they don’t have to translate to french or spanish. Maybe Ghostlight would be a better fit? … but they already handle games like persona, Agarast and The Legend of Heroes.

  • SirRichard

    Natsume own the name? That’s unfortunate for Marvelous, did they try and buy it back or just decide it wasn’t worth it?

    • kappanjoe

      Natsume likely wouldn’t sell away rights to the name of the game basically keeping them in business.

      • Suicunesol

        But if Marvelous won’t give Natsume privileges to localizing HM games anymore, then the rights to the name are useless, no?

        Unless Natsume starts localizing farming games not developed by Marvelous, and starts calling those games Harvest Moon.

        • SatsukiYumizuka

          if they can make their own harvest moon games they can capitalize on the name or do a number of other things with it. They don’t really gain anything from giving it to marvelous when they built up the name.

  • rubin

    2016 in Europe

    • All Fiction

      You mean never ?
      I would actually be okay if Xseed just put it in the Euro E-shop, I couldn’t stand Zen United shitty release again.

  • Whoa! What? Whoa. I am very surprised! What happened Natsume? Too busy or??

    I mean I’m looking so forward to this but I’m genuinely really surprised!

    EDIT: OOOOOH I see, Marvelous owns XSeed! Well that explains it.

    Really sucks though that it can’t be called Harvest Moon!

  • Lemski07

    NOOO more harvest moon :(

  • Devin Devout

    Is that a penguin? I would totally play this just for the penguin.

    • wububu

      Yup! You can befriend and raise penguins and a bunch of other animals like monkeys,camels etc2 in a safari.

      • Devin Devout

        That’s awesome! Now they just need to make a Rune Factory version where you can ride your penguin into battle.

        • wububu

          They do have penguin cars if i’m not mistaken, and you can ride it by inserting coins. I know, not really the same thing…but that’s probably the furthest we might have in HM games. Or in this case, Story of Seasons.

  • Kuromadou

    i feel uncomfortable with this..

  • Anesia Hunter

    Story of Seasons: Harvest Moon

    • BillyMK

      They should go with something like this. That’s how Rune Factory got marketed in the west.

      Actualy, I did some research and the japanese title was like that as well… but it would work.

  • Yue D Andre

    Story of Season…SoS?? Quite good

  • For everyone asking about Europe, we got in touch with both Rising Star and Zen United/PQube to ask if either one would comment on EU release.

    Rising Star gave us a plain “no comment”.

    Zen said: “We don’t have anything to announce on Harvest Moon / Story of Seasons at the moment, I’m afraid – either in terms of its EU release or what it will be called in Europe.”

    I wouldn’t take this to mean that the game isn’t coming to Europe, but there are obviously some things going on with HM, and I expect we’ll see more pieces of the puzzle over the next few weeks, since Xseed are bringing the game to E3.

    • SirRichard

      Good job looking into it, Ishaan. The Zen response doesn’t sound like a denial, but it does sound like they’ve not gotten around to prepping it for release or anything yet.

      • I wouldn’t take either response to mean anything at the moment, to be honest. Even RSG’s… they could both be eyeing the new game, and who it ends up with could depend entirely on Marvelous. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    • klkAlexar

      Did XSEED confirmed they were bringing the game to E3? It seems kinda early.

      • wyrdwad

        Early? E3’s in like, two weeks! ;)

        And yes, it will be there, for sure!

        • klkAlexar

          For some reason I thought it would involve a demo, but now that I think about it I don’t think HM ever had a demo. Anyway, hopefully this means BB will list it early so I can preorder it with my other E3 orders. Day one anyway.

  • PersonaSpace

    Definitely looking forward to this, although you figure Natsume and Marvelous could have worked something out with the naming issue.

  • Ric Vazquez

    This could cause a storm of confusion.

  • Yindustries LLC

    Man, that name change is definitely something I’m gonna have to get used to. It’s funny too because I just picked up Animal Parade not too long ago.

    Xseed better do a plush pre-order bonus!

  • luckgandor

    The name change doesn’t sound so bad. Everyone in the niche will be aware of it, and the news will definitely spread through news sites (like this) and social media. Reviewers will probably mention that this is essentially an HM game too.

  • s07195

    Hmm, I really can’t get used to it. XD

  • Destiny13777

    Based XSeed, I look forward to E3 more and more.

  • Shame about the name, but glad we’re getting it. Havn’t gotten into a HM game since (would you believe it) the N64’s Harvest Moon. That game was by far one of my all time faves ^ ^

    Here’s to a new HM game and all the hours im about to spend on it… Looks quite good :)

  • GameTaco

    Interesting. Hopefully this doesn’t stir up any brand confusion and hurt potential sales.

    Losing the Harvest Moon part of a Harvest Moon title will naturally mean that “casual gamers” that don’t follow this sort of news will probably not know about the name change. The same goes for those that don’t understand the difference or connection between publisher and developer. I guess the debate there is whether those groups of people necessarily fall into the “niche” of people that would buy a Harvest Moon title based on name recognition in the first place.

    That said, I certainly won’t fault Xseed for taking the risks that need to be taken. For now, I’ll just assume this is a tongue in cheek payback for “Yumi’s Odd Odyssey.” >_>

  • CozyAndWarm

    Interesting about the name change. At least it’s for a good reason, unlike Umihara Kawase’s nonsensical name change in the US.

  • I’m not sure how I feel about any of this. . .
    Well, as far as the title goes, Xseed could always keep the Japanese title (the Bokujo Monogatari part).

    • darke

      Untranslated it sounds like one of those weird Japanese otaku games. :) Translated as “Farm Story” it seems a little facebookish.

      Farm Tales? Ranch Tales? Tales from the Station? None of them really feel right; I think they did their best with “Story of Seasons”; it has the ‘farming’ feel, whilst also sounding romantic.

      • Even though I disagree (mostly on the former), I know where you’re coming from.

        It sounds nice, but it sounds strictly related to the subtitle rather than representing the series as a whole and then this particular entry.

  • Learii

    I still don’t get it why they change the name tho is it Natsume too lazy to bring to the west?

  • waffles

    Wait, if Xseed is getting this, do we still get a plush pre-order bonus? Cos I recall that Rune Factory 4 didn’t have any kind of pre-order bonus. Other than that, I’m fine with Xseed getting Harvest Moon. As for the name change…That’s gonna take a lot of getting used to.

  • Phlo

    I’ve always wondered what a mainline Harvest Moon game would be like with a decent localization.Now I get to find out!

  • xanox

    To be honest I just want another Rune Factory game that I can pour hundreds of hours into :)

  • Asuna Ilano

    Too bad that they’re gonna change the title but it’s not that bad. Aslong as we get this localized, I’m good with that.

  • Suicunesol

    How about calling it “Harvest Sun: Passing of Seasons”? It could be a “new beginning”. *snigger*

    The title “Story of Seasons” might be reminiscent of another recent, critically-panned game known as “Hometown Story”.

    It’s a real shame for the Harvest Moon brand. Stupid copyright shenanigans. It’s such a beautiful name.

  • Gah! So happy~ I have been craving some Harvest Moon and I’m glad to see this one well be heading to the states!

  • Ty Arnold

    Hopefully for marketing, they can put “From the creators of Harvest Moon…” on the front of the box. Otherwise, it could be really confusing to consumers who don’t understand the issue with the changing publisher.

  • Kornelious

    Well…..This was unexpected. I doesn’t change how the game is or anything but it’s gonna be weird calling it something new……

  • celery

    I’m honestly just hoping this isn’t the “girl-oriented title” that one of the Xseed officials said would be revealed eventually. I’m a HM fan myself, but it’s too gender-neutral to really warrant that kind of description.

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