Square Enix’s Next Smartphone Game Stars A Delinquent

By Eugene . May 31, 2014 . 3:30pm


Are you fans of manly games done beating each other to death? GOOD. Because there’s a new enemy in town and you’re needed to stop them in Sprint, Yankee Soul.



While all we’ve got so far is a CGI trailer from Square Enix, the amount of MANLINESS oozing from our main hero isn’t to be denied. Even if the final game is intended this July on smartphones.


Yankee, for those not in the know, isn’t a Japanese term for Americans. Instead, the term means more like a school delinquent. Think Harima Kenji from School Rumble or pretty much everyone in Be a Man! Samurai School: Japan. Wear it as a badge of pride my friends.



It appears that your character, one such yankee himself with a heart of gold who’s forced to face off against tons of enemies from rival schools. You’ll also clearly be able to channel some mystically powerful inner force as well. The game doesn’t seem to be taking itself too seriously, as there are spots of humor if you’re watching closely.


There’s also a not-so-subtle suggestion that this boss is channeling the spirit of Oda Nobunaga himself. Though admittedly his rad ride is more in line with Sengoku Basara’s Date Masamune.


Now stop sniveling and MAN UP! There’s a war coming and only the MANLIEST MEN (and women. We don’t discriminate) will make it.


Sprint, Yankee Soul will be out on iOS and Android in July.

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  • Digidyne017

    Someone laughed at Josuke’s hair…

  • Shady Shariest

    The true delinquent = Raspberyl

  • Serge

    Ok, guys, what kind of smartphone do you have? Mine with luck can handle 2048 without overheating.

    • GameTaco

      The ol’ iPhone 4. The number of new apps that it can run at all is drastically dwindling. I won’t be surprised if before long we start to see the 4s and those like it becoming a rarity in lists of supported devices. :/

      Not that I’m against it at all. If anything, killer apps (that aren’t Infinity Blade) to encourage upgrading to newer devices should be a must. It’s just that phone/tablet tech advances so rapidly that even a project as ambitious as The Shadow Sun will somehow manage to be outdated by the time it gets released.

      That said, this one also supports the 4s at a minimum, so I suppose that’s another intriguing app to mark off my watch list. One day I will have a device manly enough to run it.

  • There’d better be a bunch of references to Josuke in it.

  • Adrián Alucard


    sorry, It’s in spanish, but…


    Almost had a Kuwabara flashback from that hair-style. None the less, sweet looking game.

    • Aoshi00

      yeah, pompadour haircut, uniform, bikes, used to love this kind of Jpn delinquent culture.. Yusuke, Sakuragi all combed their hair back too. I don’t like the new hairstyle shaving the side that’s popular now :P all the guys have it..

      wow, this is a crazy good CGI trailer for a cellphone game, the beginning w/ the rain reminds me of the Pixar Umbrella short, w/ photo realistic background. The nobunaga boss was a nice touch :)

      Alas, it’s mobage again :(

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Damn, that trailer is some crazy shiz….
    I like it. *_*

  • DarkRoxas

    I don’t know why, but this trailer reminded me of Kill la Kill…

    • Thought the exact same thing.

    • Arz

      but there’s no slutty clothing though

      • Arz

        I’m prepare for downvotes

      • Elliot Roman

        i think he means the fact that the one dude was looking down at the main dude on top of a school.

      • yomachaser

        Hey now! There were no “sluts” in KLK!!

  • I’d like an animated series, even if its just an OVA.

    • Anime10121

      Forget animated! How about SE CG series :D

      • That’s what I meant, I just didn’t explicitly say “CG”! :D

        • Anime10121

          Gotcha, but yeah SE GET TO IT NAOW! XD

          • It’s a shame Gyrozetter was doing that great for them, but this looks like it can give them something worthwhile.

  • Göran Isacson

    … You know what?

    I don’t want to see a game-play trailer for this. I don’t want to know the gameplay, or even what else the game does. It won’t live up to the trailer. It can’t live up to the trailer. So I’m just going to spare myself the heartache and accept this wonderful video as something stand-alone that SE did just because they wanted to, and the legacy of this amazing dude with his amazing pompadour and his amazing puppy will live on in my heart, untainted by cruel reality.

    Also, Oda-Yankee Cross Counter. That is amazing as well.

  • logginsmessina

    im gettin’ a nekettsu riki kunio vibe.

  • It’s a new Kunio-Kun game! – my first thought.

  • ChuChu

    Square Enix’s habit is showing again.
    Show CGI to get hyped,but no gameplay.
    I swear, if they do this at e3…

  • Death Metal

    That was a nice theme in the 90s.

  • [S]unjay

    Delinquents as protagonists has gotten quite generic for me.

    • Saint_Stahn

      what about sword using fashion pretty boys?

      • darke

        That was the previous generic. :)

  • CureMarine

    Square-Enix… you guys might win me back with this.

  • TerrenceEncore Jones

    There has got a movie with a theme/vibe very similar to this!

  • $104230449

    Wow, watching that trailer, the high level of CGI and the musou-like combat that this was going to be a XO and/or PS4 game – not a droid game.

    While slightly disappointed I look forward to see what the gameplay will be like.

  • James Reilly

    The question is…the delinquent a mans man man?

  • Ethan_Twain

    I feel like there’s an argument to made that the vast majority of Square Enix Japan’s games star delinquents.

  • TheManWithPants

    Even though there’s no actual gameplay to get me hyped for the game itself, I can’t deny that this trailer was freakin’ AMAZING.

    I want a series, movie, OVA or whatever for this. It’s too good to be just a trailer for some smartphone game.

  • TheGameTagerZ

    Ugh not remind me of that terrible PS3 Be A Man game…

    Worst purchase of my life.

    That said though this game looks like it could be a cool IP for consoles but since it’s mobile I might pass.

  • harmonyworld


    • God

      And since it probably stopped burning a long time ago, let me pee on the ashes, after 5 months it still impossible to find anything related to this game on the internet, except for the news about a crossover.

      • harmonyworld

        Well, it’s a phone game, so I stopped burning 5 minutes after~

  • Callonia

    Will give credit where its due. This is one good trailer!

  • wahyudil

    sprint … sprint??? … sprint!!!

    is this another runner game?

  • NimbusStev

    No delinquent game will ever be as manly as Kenka Bancho: Badass Rumble!

    • DanielGearSolid

      I wish that game got more love internationally

  • Kornelious

    Well….that was a thing :P

  • Namuro

    My only regret was not watching this in full-screen…

    Ahh… the good old golden-heart yankee… They’re nothing but a legend, left in films, video games, and manga now.

  • Zerousen

    aw yiss, mothafuckin pompadour.

  • Kynbros

    lol he looks like Knuckle from HunterxHunter

  • leingod

    It’s like Kenka Bancho, or the older Kunio games… awesome! What a waste it’s on smartphones :/

  • Demeanor

    Watching Toradora atm and I must say it’s a hell of a coincidence to hear the word Yankee! Ryuuji ftw! XD
    OMG the video was awesome in a manly kind of way! XD it really gives you a strange effect, I wonder how it feels if you’re a girl? XD

  • sanjitps


  • shuyai

    what hell with the Yankee saving a puppy in the rain scenario? thats as cliche as runing into someone with a toast in the mouth.

    and yea Square Enix totally riped off Dynasty warrior video style to the point i keep expecting the Yankee warrior logo to come up at the end.

    and lastly what the hell is with the balding old man with moustache doing in a school? lol he must be born as a old man

  • God

    I wonder if the guys from samurai school are gonna appear as some sort of baal-level ultimate secret manly boss…

  • WolfDuo

    Thought it was JOJO bizarre adventure at first… This would make a great mainstream game.

  • Anime10121

    Ok…that was FUKN AMAZESOME!!!

  • icup ✔️

    who doesn’t love pompadour

    • yomachaser

      What game is that from?

  • クロ。カイト

    So this is where dynasty Warriors x Tekken style and do some riders kick game.. SE well done..well done..

  • Harvey Tejada Loto

    this elvis impersinator is awesome

  • Guest

    So this is where dynasty Warriors x Tekken style and do some riders kick game.. SE well done..well done..

  • aizen310

    This has some serious Kunio-kun Nekketsu vibe.

    How I wish for an HD Nekketsu game :(

  • J_Joestar

    First thing that popped into my mind
    “Kunio-kun Musou”

  • Rolling Guy

    I wish this was for the Vita or PS3 instead. I’ve been itching for another Kenka Bancho game I’ve finished KB Bros. for like what? Ten times already?

    It’s Yankii actually because Yankee either means the baseball team or foreigners. It’s a slang of the word Yankee because of their pomps that they got from the greaser era in the US. Also because they used to dye their hair blonde or wear bomber jackets and suicide coats. But those are already considered as bosozoku now. :)

  • Vash bane

    I don’t know why but something about this guy just hit with a lot nostalgia

    I’m reminded a lot of kuwabara XD

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