• Xmas Lopez

    The title got me. Here I thought it was about a new Zero Escape game, but alas.

    • Otoya

      LOL, same!

  • Kaiju_King

    I thought this was another entry to 999

  • http://resettears.wordpress.com/ Reset Tears

    I was intrigued when this was called an old gem. But after clicking, the article says it’s a cell phone game? ._. Is it a port of a game from a couple decades back, or something? Like back in the Clock Tower days?

    • NoWayOut

      I think he just means it’s old for a cellphone game. As in, it came out in 2012.

      • http://resettears.wordpress.com/ Reset Tears

        mfw I still don’t have a cell phone that can play games, and there’s already “old gems” for them

  • http://mewisthebest.deviantart.com/ AnotherDeadArtist


    You thought it was a serial killer, but….

    • Smooosh

      Isn’t he kind of a serial killer though? :c

      • http://mewisthebest.deviantart.com/ AnotherDeadArtist

        You THOUGHT Dio was a serial killer, but it was him, Dio! :V

        • Smooosh

          You see, that’s where you are wrong. You just thought Dio was Dio, but in reality it was him, Dio.

          • http://mewisthebest.deviantart.com/ AnotherDeadArtist

            I should have known…

  • Smooosh

    Downloading this right now, sounds like something I’d enjoy. It’s just starting to get dark as well. :B

    • Smooosh

      WELP blackscreen. :d

      EDIT: Nevermind, I got a black screen 2 times and just gave up, exiting to the home screen. Then, after a few minutes, I got a pop-up saying that Murder room has stopped functioning. Booted it up again and tadah, it worked! And I got greeted with a pretty chainsaw. :V

  • Mugiwara

    I came here all excited and then it is just a smartphone game. ¬.¬

  • exclaire

    woohoo thanks for the recommendation! i love this kind of game…same genre with zero escape series and danganronpa

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