Here’s How Konami’s Patriotic Version Of Pro Evo Soccer 2014 Did

By Ishaan . June 2, 2014 . 4:31pm

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014: Challenge of the Blue Samurai was released in Japan last week. The game is an expanded version of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, with additional modes that involve leading Japan to victory in the FIFA World Cup. It allows players to create a Japanese “Dream team” by choosing from all players of the J1 and J2 leagues, as well as Japanese players that play for foreign clubs.


2014: Challenge of the Blue Samurai sold approximately 60,000 copies across three platforms—the PS3, 3DS and PSP. First-week sales of the game were one-third of the previous instalment it is based on, Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, released this past November.


Japanese sales tracker Media Create reports that the release of 2014: Challenge of the Blue Samurai mirrors that of 2010: Challenge of the Blue Samurai, released in 2010 and also prior to the FIFA World Cup, similar to the new game. Like the 2014 version, the 2010 version sold one-third the amount of copies that its predecessor, Pro Evolution Soccer 2010, sold at launch.


2010: Challenge of the Blue Samurai did sell more than the 2014 version, though. The 2010 version sold around 100,000 copies across five platforms in its opening week, and the interesting thing is that the game went on to sell 488,000 copies in total.


Media Create says this is due to the fact that Japan’s national soccer team had made a great effort in 2010, which buoyed the sales of 2010: Challenge of the Blue Samurai. At 488,000 copies sold in total, the game has managed to sell more than half the amount that Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 did (837,000 copies).


With this in mind, Media Create hypothesizes that sales of 2014: Challenge of the Blue Samurai will depend on the activities of Japan’s national soccer team this time around as well. If all goes according to plan, the game should theoretically manage to sell around 250,000 copies—around half of Pro Evolution Soccer 2014, which has sold 495,000 copies to date since its November release.

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  • jengo

    2010 and earlier feel like such different times for this series…I hope a transition to PS4/Vita turns things around in the exact opposite way going from PS2 to PS3 did for them. I’d love to see a Seabass interview btw :D

    • ReidHershel

      I’m not sure 69 people have even looked at this article yet.

      • PreyMantis

        They’re called Sonybots, and they upvote almost anything said good about Sony and downvotes almost anything Nintendo (fortunately, downvoting is removed now).

        • $104230449

          I think that should be changed to Xbox. Whenever a Japanese game gets announced for an Xbox branded console the whining and complaining beings.

          Also, I did not know Siliconera removed down voting. I rarely use Disqus. Was there a reason for this?

          • PreyMantis

            Nope. Commentators praising anything Nintendo or mildly dismissing/joking anything Sony gets them all the time when the downvoting was still a feature. Many of them would get up to 100-200 downvotes just for commenting something good about Nintendo. In opposite, anything praising Sony (like the one above, for example) would get huge amount of upvotes just for praising anything Sony. This ridiculous downvoting is what led to the removal of downvoting.

          • jengo

            I’m confused…Where did the comment about 69 people come from? I have no idea what’s going on right now…I think I spent more time on Master League in WE 6-9 than on any other series of games ever. So I kinda feel bummed seeing the series as its turned out, regardless of platform.

          • revenent hell

            ….Less than an hour after your original post was made I assume it had 69 up votes , hence the comment about 69 people probably haven’t even looked at this article yet comment was made…. You can read the rest to understand.

          • jengo

            Oooohhh >_< Well I'll just take that as that many people are also PES/Winning Eleven fans yearning for the good ol days ;D

          • God

            Or, you know, bots.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            That’s actually a disqus-wide thing. Enough sites let them know that such was providing no benefits to discussions.

            Now only if they would get more proactive about spamming and scriptbots in general.

      • Evernal Sue

        is there a rule that says you must finish reading an article before you like it?

    • Monterossa

      I hope PES 2015 will finally has a proper Vita version. the PSP version of PES always suck. it’s not using the same engine or gameplay the PS3 version has.

  • gophinobi

    PES 2014 is actually really good, I’ve been playing it a lot at arcades since arriving in Japan. Since it uses the Fox Engine, I reckon that 2014 is the prototype for what Konami have planned for the PS4 and X1

  • leingod

    They just need Tsubasa Oozora and Kojiro Hyuga in their team.

    • God

      That would effectively break the world cup.

  • Land of Green Pasture

    Now japan will forever not be in FIFA….

  • fairysun

    Maybe the sales will be higher after Japanese team show some accomplishment in 2014 World Cup.

    • God

      Sadly, that did not come to be, even with pikachu’s support they where the last in their group… Somewhere right now, Tsubasa is crying.

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