Sonic Boom Hands-On: Eggman Defeated By Sonic’s Electric Lasso

By Spencer . June 2, 2014 . 9:25am


Sonic Boom is a departure from both classic 2D Sonic the Hedgehog and the 3D games like Sonic Adventure. The Wii U version developed by Big Red Button plays more like a platformer where Sonic kicks robot butt.


Sonic still has his Spin Dash, but other than zipping up ramps designed specifically for Sonic it isn’t that useful on the field. I found the Spin Dash was best used to close distance between Sonic and robot attackers. Crashing into a robot counts as a hit and you can follow up with a combo by pressing the Y button to make Sonic unleash a flurry of kicks. Sonic is a speedy fighter in Sonic Boom and completely the opposite of Knuckles who was paired with Sonic. Knuckles is slow, but powerful. His three hit combo smashed all of the fodder enemies I came across in the demo level. Knuckles has some new attacks too like a breakdancing flare move which is good for crowd control and he can burrow.


Amy is armed with a hammer and a three hit combo. Although, she doesn’t hit nearly as hard as Knuckles. Amy also has a move where she lunges forward with her hammer and spins it. The biggest difference Amy has compared to the other characters is she is the only character with a triple jump. Tails stands out from the Sonic Boom team as the only ranged attacker. He can fire grenades by pressing X and this move can be charged too. Pressing Y makes Tails drop a robot that seeks out enemies.




All four of Sonic Boom’s heroes have a new item called the Enerbeam, which is kind of like an electric lasso. You can use the Enerbeam to yank off enemy shields and grab enemies. After you tie an enemy up, Sonic spins the enemy around with the Enerbeam until you toss it at another enemy. That’s the trick to defeating the Crab Driller mini-boss in the demo.


You can run fast if you want to in Sonic Boom, but it feels like Big Red Button rewards players for taking their time to search for items. Sonic Boom has a lot of collectables. You can find robot scrap parts, which are used for upgrades. I also found a Crown when I backtracked and kicked a moving trampoline into place. Players can also search for Shinies, buried treasure which you can only see by using the Wii U controller to light up a path to the item. Big Red Button wouldn’t give specifics on what players will earn from collecting all of these items other than some items unlock concept art.




Another demo had a boss fight with Eggman. This was the first time where all four Sonic Boom characters were together and you can switch between any of them during the fight. The computer controlled the other three characters. Eggman takes his egg shaped spaceship and merges it with a walker way out of of Sonic’s jumping reach. Just like the Crab Driller, I grabbed robots with the Enerbeam and toss them at Eggman. When Eggman is stunned you can use the Enerbeam and yank Eggman. This makes all of the other computer controlled characters pull out their Enerbeams too and together you can pull Eggman to the ground. Once grounded, you can mash the attack button to make the Sonic Boom team rush Eggman as a group, kind of like Persona’s all-out attacks.


Sonic Boom is slated for release later this year on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

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  • NightzeroAX

    No mention of the music. I’m assuming there was none during the demo?

  • Ooh Bee

    Still laughing at how ridiculous Knuckles looks.

    • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

      I prefer THIS knuckles than that overgrown fist of a mole

      • Shippoyasha

        But Knuckles was so cute!

        • Chris Evan Jonance Ingeniero

          yes he is~ and i liked that when i was watching and playing him… when i was little~ the main point of the change was to make his design grow up from his former scrawny size…his former design doesnt show where the hell is he getting that powerful punch~ for a mole who is supposed to be digging all the time he has such a small arms which can probably break when he punch that hard

          now if you look at his current design~ now THATS power~ you can easily see how he can punch anything and make it go boom

  • Gameplay sounds pretty interesting. I’m looking forward to giving the game a go.

  • subsamuel01

    The game looks amazing graphically, hopefully it plays well. Personally I don’t mind the redesign as long as the gameplay is fun.

    • Fidelis

      I’ve grown to love each one of the redesigns, I’m just worried about the character models.

  • T-Tails? What have they done to your wonderful flying abilities? QAQ
    Grenades are nice but-but I really enjoyed how he originally played ;w;

    • s07195

      To be honest, how did Tails even fly without getting his tails tangled together? :P

      • Mr_SP

        Yes, because the physics of tail tangling totally trumps the trouble in, uh… to… ta… in defying gravity with fluffy tails.

    • Hound

      At least he’s not strapped into a walking airplane?

  • colorblindnightmare

    Sounds like fun. BRB seems like they know what they’re doing. I wish them luck and cannot wait ti see what tjey have in store for us.

  • Jeffrey Thrash

    This sounds a lot of the individual developers’ previous work (Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, etc.). I’m especially looking forward to the “collectibles” part of the game. The “main” Sonic games are always light on stuff to do after the main game is finished.

  • Smooosh

    Cool, I was honestly getting tired of the Unleashed Daytime/Colors/Generations 3D type of stages. Speed-wise they probably have the greatest feeling of all, but I still liked the Adventure gameplay better with it’s mix of platforming, exploration and combat.

    • John Diamond

      Iunno why everyone hated the werehog so much imo. it was rough around the edges, but it wasn’t terrible

      • Smooosh

        I didn’t hate the Werehog stages myself, thought they were pretty fun and a nice break from the speed the Daytime stages introduced.

      • Christopher Nunes

        I think the reason why people didn’t like it as much was because the Werehog stages were LONGER than the Day Stages and it seemed like there were more Werehog stages than Sonic stages (more true on the Wii version) and the Werehog felt slow.

        Though I actually enjoyed the Werehog myself though I did wish he was more mobile like bouncing off the walls with his attacks and his attack animations more fluid and fast-paced so while he might not be Sonic with the speed but still pretty fast in his own right. His actions should be just as quick as Sonic’s speed and increase this Dash power as well! Way too slow in my opinion!

        • John Diamond

          iunno really. as i got better at the werehog stages, i cut down my 30 min playtimes to 15.

          but eggmanland.
          o gosh no

        • Hound

          Werehog while holding the run button was quite mobile and most of the enemies were optional in his stages (especially in places with switches or objects you toss/grab.)

          And once you got used to his skill-set, it’s rather easy to clean out a crowd in 10 seconds or so (about as fast as most other characters in action games.) The Wii version, however, was absolutely terrible and I can only imagine that it had the largest install base. *shudders*

    • Finally someone who agrees!! I seriously thought I was the only one who really preferred the 360-degree freedom of Adventure/Adventure2 (and even Heroes, to a lesser degree) over the Peel-out, boost-to-win ones that have made up this past generation of Sonic games.

  • French

    The game will be great I’m sure, and I’ll give it a try.

    I really do miss the old style and hope they don’t abandon it..

  • Ace

    Will Guile be first day DLC?

  • XiaomuArisu

    I´ve been waiting for this!

  • Joe Wright

    Sounds generic as hell

  • Kornelious

    From what I understand the big problem people had with the Sonic games was that it had too many characters. It seems that lately they’ve just been focusing on the original four. And while I do miss Shadow and Silver it does make the games fell more…Sonic-y, I liked past games like Sonic Adventure 2 time and even Sonic 06 because they had such an epic story and presentation…But overall they didn’t feel like a Sonic game.

    Now, while this is a big departure from the norm of Sonic it looks pretty interesting, And in the end it just feels like a Sonic-themed game. So I look forward to it :D

  • TheManWithPants

    Ehhh… I’ve seen gameplay footage on youtube, and, as a long time Sonic fan, I’m not really feeling this one. Looks too disjointed, separating the combat sections from the speed parts; with the speed parts looking too automated and over-reliant on 2D sections, something that has always irked me with the “boost formula”, and the enerbeam mechanic is basically a substitute for grinding, pole swinging, and the Werehog’s stretchy arm mechanics.

    The 3DS version looks like the Rivals series, more or less, but slower paced, with a few ‘dynamic’ on-rails 3D speed sections. Still irked that there’s no spin jump in the game, either (you can still use the homing attack, though). Everything about this sub-franchise seems really odd for Sonic to me. I’ll be skipping this one, hoping Sonic Team will come up with a better game next year or so.

    They don’t look terrible or anything, but they’re not my cup of tea.

    • Xeon2

      Well, usually in previews, there is no “transition” between sections of a game that has story elements. Thus these sections would appear more jarring than in-game.

  • Hinataharem

    This looks like it will be fun!

    • Ronldbx6

      lol your avatar Trixie, Timmy Turner’s crush. I almost forgot about her. Thinking about it, you arr the first person I’ve seen with a Trixie avatar.

      • Hinataharem

        I find her hilarious

  • Namuro

    Sounds like a Jak and Daxter, or Ratchet & Clank kinda game.

    Note* Ah, I just looked up the info about Big Red Button Entertainment. No wonder…

  • Shady Shariest

    I still don’t like the Sonic redesign… It just looks bad…

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