Elder Scrolls Online Up to 50% Off: That Didn’t Take Long?

By Viet Do . June 4, 2014 . 5:00pm


Only 2 months after its April 4th release The Elder Scrolls Online has dropped up to 50% at main stream digital retailers. Today GameStop dropped the digital download price (non-box copy) from $59.99 to $29.99. They do not have a similar discount on the upgraded “Imperial Edition” however, the UK based digital retailer Green Man Gaming did a 33% off instant price drop on the Imperial Edition and you can use a 20% off coupon for additional savings (a total of 46% Off).




The Imperial Edition’s price break is set to end first on Friday, June 6th at 9am Pacific. The end date for GameStop’s Standard Edition’s discount is speculation: based on typical sale dates GameStop has run in the past the best guess is that it will go through Tuesday, June 10th – however, GameStop is notorious for running 1-day flash sales and not announcing them as such. The discount could be over quick.


Coincidentally(?) this is only 1-day after its MMO competition WildStar released for PC. Price breaks on big ticket PC games 2 months after release are not unheard of, though when they reach in the 50% range they are relatively rare. For comparison in AAA-level releases, both Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts saw similar percentage price breaks about 2 months after their respective releases but the exception is that this was during the season Winter Sales period.


It’ll be interesting to see how well ESO’s base price will hold up as we approach the holiday season for 2014. While I personally don’t see the subscription price or model going away anytime soon for ESO even with all the eventual F2P talk, a 50% price drop (calculated or not) must be some indication of the type of competition MMOs such as ESO are under.

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  • Crevox

    This image feels like it’s 3D, the dragon is coming right at me!

    • Urgh talk about bad cropping. Woops!

      I just loaded the page and it was HUGE too. haha…

    • tick tack

      I would like to know where the Dragon is. All I see is a Daedroth, there are no Dragons in this game or in the time period the game takes place in. Daedroths are part of the Daedra creachers that inhabit Oblivion, they have always been part of the lore.

      I suggest you go look up the lore for this series. The first game was released in 1994 plenty of time for you to know what a Daedroth is.

  • Yoshinatsu

    This is how you pay the price for being greedy.

  • I see like this 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)

    I wouldn’t even bother getting being a huge ES fan when I bought it i’ve had nothing but regret I’ve put an odd 100 hours in an just quit only reason I went that far into it was because of friends but in the long run we lost a lot of respect for the series because of it hoping ES6 is amazing an FO4 are simply a huge jump up.

    • What was your reason for quitting after 100+ hrs? Friends stopped playing? No end-game content?

      Not sure how they’ll keep the model up if people stop playing month to month.

  • FivePointedTheStar

    Totally off topic, but whatever that reptile/dragon thing is… I think it’s kind of cute.

  • DesmaX

    Yeah, this might just become F2P

  • Learii

    50% off not enough I think lol

  • Warboss Aohd

    This is what you get for trying to compete with WoW and Free to Play MMOs.

    ………also Wild Star Apparently (since people seem to like it.)

  • Callonia

    Considering that Bethseda games is all about modding and becoming a demigod if you feel like this which MMORPGS isn’t all about.

    And plus for lazy people if they tried to give themselves infinite gold they will get hit with banhammer where it won’t happen if it was a single player game xD I’m not lazy though cuz its really ez to make gold in skyrim,, 600k and increasing. Someday i will reach 1m from selling stuff in skyrim!11

    You cannot even mod your own house if ingame houses is not to your own liking plus only one player can become TEH EMPEROR oh and the imperial race is pay only ;)

    Nor even give yourself a harem.

    Neither type in tgm and go all godmode on a town or don’t do it and play as a necromancer then summon an undead horde and wipe out a town on your own. Used to play as an terrorizing necromancer on one of my characters for lols in oblivion.

    I did laugh my ass off when I first learned of this mmorpg but withheld my judgement. But in my opinion a mmorpg of bethseda stuff = removing the best parts of the Bethesda games.

    • Spirit Macardi

      That’s a pretty valid point; how many people play Elder Scrolls games vanilla? Even just community patches for the bugs that Bethesda doesn’t feel like dealing with themselves. By its very nature, an Online game can’t be modified to a player’s liking.

  • NeoAthanasius

    I wonder how many copies they are going to be able to sell on PS4 and Xbox One when it finally releases? There are already two other MMORPG’s on the PS4.

  • Adam Zaorski

    Well they didn’t really care about the game while making it,than they shouldn’t be suprised that people aren’t thrilled to play that bugfest.

    I love Elder Scrolls series since I’ve played Daggerfall, but ESO is just horrible.

  • Masa

    Still not worth the cash, the games animations are like something you’d see in a 1999 game.The beta was enough for me.

  • mmodev

    Is the EU server in the EU yet?
    Are there still bot trains?
    Are there still node-farming bots in all the starter zones?

    Are any of the following automatically detected yet?
    – speed-hacking
    – flying
    – noclipping
    – players in soul shriven rags farming bosses or doing quests in zones
    where any normal player would obviously have equipped some gear by that stage.

    Does their subscription payment system still lock up the subscription fee as well as take a payment of the same amount?

    I would need to know the answers to these questions before I would ever consider going back to ESO… even with a reduced price (because really they make their money on the subscription)

    I left ESO because of major flaws, the servers being extremely vulnerable to exploitation, the unbridled gold-seller spam, the sheer volume of bots
    running rampant blatantly abusing the game and ZOS’s inability to implement effective and intelligent solutions to the many problems they faced during that month.

    I’d like to try ESO again… but I need some assurance that the game is being managed properly and that some key technical issues are actually resolved (not just “being worked on”)

    A price reduction is fine… but if the platform/service is in the state it was last month… then it still means the game is not worth buying.

  • LustEnvy

    PC gaming rules of thumb; Never buy games within the first few months of release, and always check the Dealzon PC games page. They keep up to date with the sales from Steam, GMG, Gamefly, Origin, etc. unless a game is at least 66% off ($20), I can wait until the price goes down even further.

    • kliskur

      But… But.. But.. Dragon Age Inquisition hooked me… Right in the eyeball… Help…

  • Zborno

    The digital version of ESO at Gamestop is still showing $60, but the boxed copy is $30. The boxed version is also $30 at Amazon and Best Buy. The only sales I see for the digital version are at Greenman Gaming ($40.19) and Gamefly PC ($40). Gamefly usually has coupon codes, so you could probably get another 15-20% off the $40.

  • Daru Titor

    The download’s not half off, the box version is.

  • Terr

    The world of TES does not translate well in to MMO. Just single player please!

    • Obama’s Son

      This could have been an easy slam dunk but the people making it made horrid decisions and went in the complete opposite direction of feed back except for terrible ideas like VR quest grinding.

  • theoriginaled

    Is anyone surprised really? Their entire development model was “Ride the TES coattails until we fall off” Their entire website leading up to release was an exercise in name dropping. They gave a brand new, unproven studio a popular license and told them to make money no matter the cost. They had no idea what they were doing and were blinded by the hubris that a AAA license brings.

  • Jeremy

    This game is clearly not ready for the big leagues, all the F2P talk and price breaks are because of that fact. If you enjoy the game and the lore of Tamriel then this a bonus but if you are looking for that next great mmo experience, keep looking… Theres not much you havent seen in this game from other games and even some of the basic systems aren’t properly functional, such as partying. Yes, I repeat, the party system is broken. Sharing quests doesn’t work like other games and party XP and drops don’t function properly either.

  • Crayven

    The game is SHIT. I wouldn’t even play it even F2P.
    Also lol “hurry or the discount may end” <— no fucks were given xD

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