Danganronpa 2 Gets A Trailer For The West, Showing Off Its Characters

By Ishaan . June 5, 2014 . 3:00pm

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair is coming to North America and Europe this September, and NIS America have released a debut trailer for the PlayStation Vita game.



Danganronpa 2 is set on Jabberwock Island. Monokuma returns once more as the antagonist, and kicks off his murder game on the island, forcing you and your classmates to uncover the island’s mystery in order to attempt an escape.

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  • Malon

    Do I even need to say I’m getting the game on day one?

  • revenent hell

    A while back I looked in to this game a bit and spoiled myself to …..well everything haha. Though I still look forward to playing it.

    • Shippoyasha

      It’s miraculous how I haven’t spoiled anything for myself, even clicking through some Danganronpa threads in 4chan’s /v/. I won’t make the same mistake of even bothering opening threads like that.

      • revenent hell

        Actually I did do it on accident in a way. I viewed the pre order up on amazon a long while back so went hunting to see if it was actually confirmed by NISA and well ended up on a wrong page and read quite a lot I probably shouldn’t have.

        I don’t really mind being spoiled for a game but one of this type I should have probably avoided more. The “mystery” is the majority of the fun after all.

    • NeptuniasBeard

      Yeah, I spoiled myself to the big reveal of the first game. I’m hoping to do better with this one. Now I only spoiled myself to one of the murdered characters

      • revenent hell

        Oh… I spoiled myself to the entire game.
        Just didn’t stop myself…
        For the first game I did well and knew absolutely nothing going in to it…..and then….. I have to admit for some comments its slightly hard not to answer them with what I know but I do.
        I can be a good dobee sometimes.

  • Darkwing7

    Pre-ordered yesterday the moment NISA added to the site :3
    (took precautions to not spoil self)
    Excitement level: OFF THE CHARTS

  • Spirit Macardi

    Hi, Brian Beacock :D

  • Julio D. Zulkarnain

    Can’t wait to experience the despair all over again!

  • Pdugna

    Got the LE for the first game but sadly have no money for the second one =/. Sucks because this one has Sunglasses >.<

  • Ric Vazquez


  • Otoya

    Byakuya becomes fat already? What happen lol. Cant wait to play and find out.

  • Wilder

    Thank you, pre-ordered the Limited Edition.

  • http://keiserone.tumblr.com/ KeiserOne

    I couldn’t get into the anime, but purchased the game anyways, and now I’m so glad I did. Looking forward to this, especially since I heard the gameplay is a bit harder than the first.

  • lel

    so monokuma got a girlfriend now? also ugh, dem voices lol

    • http://linkapics.tumblr.com/ Linka

      Nah, he got a little sister.

    • MSJ

      nah, she’s more like a little sister who he likes to troll haha

  • RichyGaming

    Wow I like the choice in dub! The only ones I don’t like are Hinata and Nagito.

  • Landale

    If you have something to say about things being dubbed, please try to be at least a little bit serious about it. We don’t need people being dramatic for the sake of being dramatic, nor do we need people trying to start up a fight over which is better when they can’t clearly voice their opinion in the first place.
    Thank you.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    I heard that JYB is in this one. Awesome sauce (I can’t see the video yet)

    • TheExile285

      Sounds like he is voicing the main character

      • Tiramii

        Actually, it’s Todd Haberkorn. He confirmed it on his twitter.

        • TheExile285

          Wow. Either my ears are failing me or he sounds a lot like Bosch.

          • Tiramii

            Same. I watched the trailer twice and I still can’t hear Todd at all. It’s weird.

  • Jesse

    Wow, Gundham’s voice is REALLY deep. =O So far I like what few voices we hear in this video. ^^

  • Kumiko Akimoto

    At least try to make it look like it’s not them.

    • revenent hell

      Do you mean for the old characters?

  • Mirai

    UPUPUPUPUPU! Monokuma has returned to bring even more despair. Now let the field trip of mutual killing begin!!

    • JohnNiles

      More despair? Can’t we switch things up, settle for mild discomfort or something? :(

  • Mc-kun

    Man that was fast! I didn’t believe this would come to the west at all! I don’t care about DA or whatever; I’m happy that its here!

  • TheExile285

    Danganronpa 2 LE is on NISA Store and is already at 75% stock. Grab it while you can.


    *Hopes that its still available when payday comes*

    • JohnNiles

      Payday had better be today, because the listed stock has dropped below 50 percent.

  • DeathDias71

    Can not wait…the first one I bought on a whim…and now I am definitely a fan for this series.

  • Chris

    Whichever one you hear first will affect your opinion always. No need to argue about a language. >_>

    Although admittedly, all languages have some terrible voices.

  • MSJ

    Great, loving the dub cast from that trailer so far, looking forward to hearing more voices, especially Peko and Ibuki <3

  • byakuran

    our we seriously arguing about voices in English ? …. okay i am going to wake up and pretend that anyone that said that was having brain damage and that they fixed it okay? okay

  • http://hanzoadam.tumblr.com/ Hanzoadam

    I can’t wait for this

  • Kornelious

    Y’know I never got the Limited Edition For the first Danganronpa….So that was a mistake :(
    And while I hate getting sequels before the original, but I will be pre-ordering the LE this time around. it looks realy good so far though, and The Englisg dubbing sounds decent.
    If you need me I will be on ebay looking for the lowest priced version of the Danganronpa LE -_-

  • Mugiwara

    The only problem is that I will have to buy a PSVita. But it is Dangan Ronpa so it’s worth it. :D

  • Yan Zhao

    Looks like I actually get to enjoy this one, since I didnt watch no anime ahead of time and spoilered everything like the first lol

  • Lissomia

    Okay so I’ve admittedly been avoiding info on DanganRonpa 2 ever since I had the killer to the first game spoiled for me… so, this is my first seeing anything from it and uh.. um… I’m trying to be nice here, but uhm,

    Uh, Togami… Togami, hey buddy, what happened?

  • Sergio Macellaro

    That game no have a option to set language to japanese?
    That suck…

  • Mugiwara

    Soo, did you guys saw the new trailer for the Danganronpa Spin Off game?

    • れいか

      I don’t know what to feel of it… It’s nice actually but I have a feeling I might get bored in the middle of it… I’ll probably wait for more reviews if I want to pre-order.. If not, I will wait for a review and may get it in a later date.

      • Mugiwara

        Well, I’m actually looking forward for the story-wise side. I mean, since we’re going to play as Naegi’s sister we may see the things in her perspective and we may also get to know the Danganronpa world better. :D

        • れいか

          I agree, that’s a strong point for a purchase but :( If I get bored halfway, I might feel like I’m wasting my money. I am one of those rare gamers who is warry about their purchases and refused to spend them on half-ass games. Or maybe not rare? lol

  • れいか

    I’m pretty excited for this!

    …and why are people complaining about the dub? If it’s like anything on the first entry to this sequel, it would be dual dub. If not, I don’t really see any reason to complain – I think the voice actors in the game are actually good. I actually played the game in english on my first run and, really, no complains there.

  • revenent hell

    I happen to think the English voices are fine and fit rather well.

  • Mika Moreno

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that hates those voices. I prefer to play games in Japanese anyway, English is kind of distracting and annoying for me.

  • Spirit Macardi

    You don’t know bad dubbing unless you’ve heard Streamline’s dub of the Fist of the North Star movie.

  • revenent hell

    With all do respect this is being localized for the English speakers and readers, because ya’ know most people who will be buying this version cant understand its original language , if you really don’t like it you can import the version with the language you prefer.

  • Balalaika

    The thing is that a lot of people rather listen to the original voice cast as the game was intended to have instead of doing a voice where the voice doesn’t match the art style or characters, Hence why a lot of great Foreign movies keep the original audio be it Amélie (French), Pan’s Labyrinth (Spanish), or any anime from japan (Japanese). These movies got localized with english subtitles and keeping their native language, same thing can be said about this game keeping its original voice cast and have an option for the English cast.

  • Ferrick

    nice try troll

  • DanijoEX ♬ the Cosmic Owl

    How that’s an health…? that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard.

    Lack of common sense and stupidity is an health issue.

  • revenent hell

    You can pretend its a real medical issue for you all you like that doesn’t negate the fact you can mute it, turn down the volume or import the version you want.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/kaishou Kaishou

    Health issue? does listening to English dub comes with some sort of disease? if not then really..stop it with your nonsense because right now you sound like a spoiled child.

    [edit: ugh]

  • http://twitter.com/#!/kaishou Kaishou

    I disagree. I liked the dubbed Jackie Chan films along with all those really old martial arts films.

  • persona_yuji

    Old dubbed martial arts films are freaking hilarious. I love them!

  • revenent hell

    I understand completely, I just prefer not to be treated like I am an idiot for having an opinion that I happen to think the voices match up well.

    Also Videogames are kind of different as far as localizing goes. They aren’t actual people and frankly for this style of game lip synching isn’t really an issue.

    Small arguable things aside I tend to prefer the natural VO’s but as I said above I don’t really appreciate someone giving their opinion but not liking another’s.

    It irks me.

  • Chris

    This is the cast intended for English speakers. I’m fairly sure the first game had dual audio as well, so I don’t see why this needs to be the discussion.

  • darke

    So-bad-it’s-good dubs aren’t necessarily something that should be held up as examples of good dubs though. :)

  • darke

    (aside since I have no opinion on danganronpa in specific) That’s often the problem; you often can’t. My latest irritation is Conception II’s voices, I’ve got the volume set to ‘off’ for them (because I played the JP demo due to the stupidity of the month-delayed EU release, the EN voices don’t match the JP ones in my mind), yet I still get slapped with them in the animated videos. Tales of Graces F is another I recall having this failure as well.

    “You can just mute the voices” isn’t an option for a lot of games.

  • Balalaika

    It was obvious that 0sen was making troll post but he did bring up a valid subject (being that some people loath the bad English voice dubbing) that a lot of people debate about in the importing of Japanese games or anime. Personally I like watching anime in its native language, and reading the translated subs or playing a game with Japanese voices and reading English text like SAO: Hollow coming to the U.S.

  • revenent hell

    A bad dub job in a persons view is hardly anything that will actually incur harm upon said person and the fact of the matter is people don’t have to listen to it if they don’t want to because there is a volume control on whatever device the game is on.

    Personally I listen to very few games because I don’t have a long enough cord for my home console hookups to plug in my earphones to the TV and while in general I think the original Japanese VO’s tend to “act” the part better in most cases I find more of the female voices exceedingly irritating because I hate high pitched sounding people.

    Anyhoo, if a person doesn’t want to hear a part of a game in this day and age there are options to have to not listen to the offending sounds.

  • darke

    The only option when you don’t want to hear the voices in this instance is to mute everything. This is not, not hearing “part of a game” this is not hearing “everything”. This is my complaint when people say “oh, you can just mute the voices”; you often can’t.

  • revenent hell

    Yes you can because when they are done talking you can turn it up again.

  • revenent hell

    For movies (as in with human beings) I prefer the subtitles but for games and anime it depends.

    If I am listening to something I want to understand it so I want it in my language. The “original” speakers may sound and do the job better, in my opinion at least for the most part, but as far as games go when one is localized I think most people do expect it, if it has voice acting, to be in the language they are localizing it for. It is a localization after all.

    Granted back in the day, and even some currently, do have bad dub jobs but so many people take this elitist stand that is just comical. Currently most games I have played are actually quite decent in its dub job and given that they put all the effort in to actually giving these games the voices that they could have cheeped out and not bothered to do I have to say I prefer to have a game fully localized in the language I understand rather than not.

  • Ritsuioko23

    And I hate the Japanese voices. Not as bad as Askys Japanese voices though.

  • Mika Moreno

    You hate the Japanese voices? They’re the original voices for the game, and haven’t been butchered by translation… To each his own i guess

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