The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Out On Wii U In North America

By Ishaan . June 5, 2014 . 12:55pm

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap is available on the Wii U Virtual Console today. The game costs $7.99.


The Minish Cap is already available in Europe for €6.99/£6.29.

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  • Spirit Macardi

    And Klonoa: Empire of Dreams remains the only 3rd party game on the GBA Virtual Console in the US.

    When you then consider that most of the GBA games on the US VC are series that have been or will be represented in Smash Bros… I’m thinking we may be hearing someone shout “Thunder Hurricane” during a Final Smash ;3

    • kylehyde

      I hope Castlevania Aria of sorrow comes soon

    • Yeah 3rd party is likely going to be small even on Virtual Console unfortunately. GBA had some interesting titles when they weren’t SNES ports but nobody wants to release anything on Wii U. =/

    • Hmm, I’m trying to remember what were some notable third party games on the GBA. I know Castlevania, of course. I know the Astro Boy GBA game was supposed to be really good. Harvest Moon, all of those FF games…

      What’re some good third-party games you remember?

      • Armane

        Are you kidding? There are loads. Advanced Guardian Heroes, Boktai, Chu Chu Rocket, Final Fight One, Fire Pro Wrestling, Gradius Galaxies, Gunstar Super Heroes, Iridion II, Konami Krazy Racers, Medabots AX, Megaman Battle Network series, Megaman Zero series, Metal Slug Advance, Ninja Five-O, River City Ransom EX, Sonic Advance, Spider-Man Mysterio’s Menace, Summon Night, Super Dodgeball Advance, and probably many more I’m forgetting.

        • Funnily, out of ALL of those… The only ones I’ve played out of your list are Boktai, Krazy Racers, and Sonic Advance. XD I had a lot of GBA games! But like any system (especially at the age I was where I didn’t have the freedom of buying things myself), a lot of things fell through the cracks.

          At least I had Golden Sun, though.

  • I have SO much nostalgia from this game

  • Brimfyre

    My most hated Zelda game.

    That still means I love it though. The ending is worth the ride.

  • Captain Genius

    Why is this not on the 3ds?


    • kylehyde

      Actually it is, but only for the ambassador program.

    • Ambassador status represent B)

      • Captain Genius


  • Trinity

    I don’t think I’ve ever bought something so fast

  • Again, I already have this on the console it should be on. The 3DS. So thank you again, Ambassador Program. xD

  • An excellent game. I really hope people enjoy it!

  • Landale

    Please try to keep things civil next time guys. And don’t be suggesting people go pirate the game either. We don’t need that here.

    • 0nsen

      Why not. Every moral person can handle the reference without going down the wrong path. Or is everything that keeps people from pirating the missing knowledge about an admittedly very easy process?

      • Landale

        Because, we’re not here to be promoting piracy. If you don’t like it, go somewhere else. If you can’t follow the rules, you will have to go somewhere else. Drop it.

        • 0nsen

          I guess I will drop it, thanks for the answer.

          Censorship is a beautiful thing if you have to deal with unpopular opinions, indeed.

          • Ferrick

            >breaks the rules
            >gets mad because comment got erased by claiming that unpopular opinions gets censored

            do you know on how ridiculous you are right now?

          • Solomon_Kano

            You seem to be misunderstanding something here, so allow me to make this perfectly clear: you aren’t being “censored” because your opinion isn’t in line with “popular opinion,” you are being told that we do not encourage discussion promoting piracy.

            If you disagree with the policy, you are more than welcome to take your discussion elsewhere. There are are any number of places on the internet where such discussion is permissible, if not openly encouraged, but this is not one of them and you are being made aware.

            If you would llke to continue this further, I’ll have to ask that you do so elsewhere.

  • Himei

    I still got my original gba game but will d/l this right away when it comes to 3DS store, love this game.

  • CozyAndWarm

    Ha! One of the only GBA games I actually DO have on 3DS.

  • I got it with the 3DS ambassadors programme

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