Persona 4’s Protagonist Has Been Working Out

By Ishaan . June 6, 2014 . 8:30am

Atlus have revealed the box art for the Japanese version of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax. (Thanks, 4Gamer) Judging by the cover, it looks like Yu’s been working out—and judging by those scars, he isn’t afraid to rumble.



Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be available in North America this Fall for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A European release for the game has not been announced yet.

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  • kylehyde

    That abs

  • eincvajdraj

    Atlus needs to pull their head out of their asses and make a goddamn PC Steam release..

    • Come on guys, no port-begging. PC releases are awesome and, yes, more Japanese developers are developing for PC than ever before, but let’s try to keep things on track here.

      • IS | 桂木

        Port-begging will happen no matter what… unless sites start enforcing a no port-begging rule

        • MaximDualBlade

          this site has a rule against port-begging

          • IS | 桂木

            News to me, I never see it enforced

          • MaximDualBlade

            Oh believe me, it is enforced. You can check the rules on the Open Thread.

  • oh man…now, THATS a roster.

    • (even though it still feels odd without minato or at least minako.)

      • Brimfyre

        I picture him (or her) sitting alone under a spotlight watching all his (or her) friends have fun.

        • Satoshi Ookami

          Well… Minato is something like omnipotent existence… he would probably own even Liz… making him too OP, probably that’s why they did not Minato ex machina him.

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            But isn’t Minato chained up to keep the world in balance or something?

  • Brimfyre

    Rise is reachin’ for a piece.

  • Namuro

    Hot momma! I might be into yuri, but I’m not gonna go gar for you, Yu, dammit!

    Hnnnghh… Must resist your manly charm… My yuri doujins, save me…

  • ryne11


  • Tienron

    who’s hand is that at the top with the shining light :0 i can only imagine it being one person!

    • Aunna Terrell

      I was contemplating that too. But I think it’s Sho’s. Or is it Labyrs’?

  • That’s one sexy box art, for sure. Yum.

  • And… Fuuka gets no love.

    • She isn’t a playable character, everyone in that image is someone who fights now.

      • Leon_Tekashi

        She might come in as DLC. You never know.

  • Makoto Yuki

    Now we only need ‘him’.

    • DeathTurn

      You are guaranteed to see “him” before the end of the game. 4Gamer confirmed a character whose name they “couldn’t reveal” that “fans have certainly been hoping for” will appear in the story. Two weeks ago when Ken and Koromaru were announced in Famitsu, it also said we will see “that character” from Persona 3.

      The only question left is will “he” be playable.

      • Personally, sounds like “he’s” going to be like Baiken in the first Guilty Gear game. The final opponent to be fought provided with an in-game condition met or satisfied. (No continues, etc.)

        • DeathTurn

          I doubt it will be anything that restrictive. “He” is confirmed as an NPC so far, so meeting him is inevitable. I strongly suspect “he” will ultimately Malevolent Entity’s (Nyarlathotep’s) one true vessel.



          This would also make for a perfect final battle.

          • About the Entity’s or, The Crawling Chaos’ desire to inhibit “him..” Why do you think he recently chose with such plan?

            Did his last encounter and ultimate defeat at the hands of past Persona users (P2 Eternal Punishment) left him greatly weakened that he needs a powerful vessel to sustain him?

            Or, it is just inhibiting “him” would be very beneficial/useful to continue his goal to thrust mankind into destruction, whilst inhibiting a powerful vessel in case he’ll once again be facing formidable opposition in the form of strong Persona users just like the last time?

          • DeathTurn

             I am 100% certain Nyarlathotep is still weakened from “whoop-ass time” with Maya and Tatsuya. Remember how Philemon could not manifest physically after he was weakened after Innocent Sin? Nyarlathotep is currently in a similarly compromised and enervated state. This is why he needs the “one true vessel” to amplify his power. 

            Seeing as though “he” formerly was the vessel of the incarnation of Death itself for 10 years, he is the most viable option if the “vessel” is something already established in canon. Added to the fact he is the sole Persona user to evoke the power of The Universe, which not even Igor expected to lay eyes on: an arcana which has the power to bring about a “new beginning” or “ultimate end”, it just makes the most sense.

            …I personally cannot fathom what would constitute as a remotely comparable or more suitable “vessel” than “him.” It’s implications on the story would be the ultimate middle finger to the P3 cast. 

          • It is dreadful indeed should Nyarlathotep end up possessing “him.” If “he” was able to create a “miracle” back in P3 by sealing Nyx away from humanity’s collective nihilistic desires/Erebus, one would dread with horror if the Crawling Chaos end up possessing “him..” He could invoke a great calamity to end humanity. (Ultimate End)

            Yes, I too believe that after Nyarlatothep has lost much of his potency after his defeat in Eternal punishment. But alas, he’s an undeniable existence as long as humans are around; as if he can only be kept at bay or suppressed. (As he declares upon being defeated.)

          • Guest

            Also perhaps it is akin to pouring salt to the P3 gang’s hidden wound. It’s like the Crawling Chaos wanted to ruin “his” sacrifice to keep the hope of living alive in humanity in midst of their imperfections and fragile weaknesses— and perhaps in order for one day, as Philemon mentioned and believed, humans can ascend into a greater destiny/existence.

  • Hagaren

    Remember one of the early images where he gets suplexed by Aegis?
    He’s been hitting the gym ever since…

    • Tony

      I know, right? He must’ve seen how Ike looks now and decided to follow suit.

    • God

      Dude, he has always been ripped, Swag alone won’t get you a harem.

  • LordHyper

    Do you think this means that the roster is filled? All of the characters announced are up here, and this seems like definite official art that wouldn’t leave anyone out.

    • I feel there’s going to be at least one more DLC character. I could see them adding Marie as DLC to coincide with the P4 Golden anime.

      • Leon_Tekashi

        Or Fuuka. It’s still possible.

        • ArminJrpg

          but fuuka..fighting ? I mean fighter Rise is already Ridiculous enough XD

    • Emd23

      Minato is all but confirmed, but he’s not going to be put in the box art for obvious reasons.

      • Mikari✘

        What do you mean he’s confirmed? I so wish that’s true somehow.

        • ArminJrpg

          P4 ultimax has something to do space time travel….one can Wish

        • Emd23

          “All but.” Malevolent Entity’s desire is to gain the “One True Vessel” which is probably Minato, who Elizabeth is trying to free. Famitsu says that there’s “that character” from P3 that everyone wants but they’re not allowed to say his name. New World Fool and Burn My Dread were missing from the song list but New World Fool was added alongside Adachi.

          And Elizabeth said in her arcade mode that Minato is at the top of the Tartarus Sho raised. This adds with her realization that BONDS is what will free Minato, the fact every cast member of P3 is gathered in one place, and the fact that the first scene of Persona Q has Elizabeth and Minato discussing the P4 cast and the BONDS Minato formed with them.

          So all the signs are there that the final boss will be Malevolent Entity possessed Minato.

          • Aunna Terrell

            Interesting idea. But I guess we’ll see.

          • DeathTurn

            Spot on. However, I would like to add Elizabeth is referring to Sho in regards to her “reunion”, as she explicitly refers to him as “the boy without a Persona.” The translation of “reunion” led many of us to assume she was talking about Makoto.

            But as for Makoto being Malevolent Entity’s vessel and him being revived with BONDS: that’s exactly how I see this game ending.

          • Mikari✘

            Wow, thanks for telling me all that and giving me hope to see Minato in this game! I wish he appears! *o*

    • ArminJrpg


  • Vesperion

    This guy just can’t be contained

    • NeptuniasBeard

      Reaching for the truth, and staying alive!

    • ShawnOtakuSomething Yu can’t stop……can yu?

      • Yagami Mao

        WANT IT!

        • ShawnOtakuSomething

          people wants Yu, but can’t have Yu….

      • Benjamin Tyler


      • Rei

        F….. this sold me on getting P4 Dancing All Night… xD


    • That pose needs a disco ball!

    • Fainaru Luna

      Sex appeal over 9000

    • God

      Only beacuse Minato is busy with, you know, stoping mankind’s destruction and all.

      • Vesperion

        I blame it on God

        • God

          You mean, like you always do?

          • Ric Vazquez


    • Ibuki Mioda

      Yu didn’t choose the Thug Life. Thug Life chose Yu.

    • 657rod

      Just saying how about SMTXFireEmblem e.e

    • 657rod

      Perofella Arena Boxart

    • Ciphermask

      His is the swagger that shall pierce the heavens!

  • Rose Spinoza

    Ahahaha, well, alright then! Nice to see a little fanservice for the ladies every once in a while :) .

  • Dominic Adams-Sanchez

    Rise reaching out towards the truth…of dem abs.

  • NeptuniasBeard

    It is now canon that Yu Narukami is THE most badass character in the persona verse!

    • lesangpro .

      still waiting for Makoto to come back and kick his ass .

      • NeptuniasBeard

        Some puny kid going up against the man who can fight, cook, AND dance? He’ll lose that battle son. He’ll lose that battle 9 times out of 10.

        • Jedahaw

          It may be true that Yu can do all those things, but Makoto/Minato will always be the best to me.

          Have you seen the P3 movie? Can you imagine the steps?

          • Surgeon of Death


        • Mirai

          Sorry Yu fans but Minato is all-round more badass than Yu is. For starters in P3 and FES Minato can wield multiple weapons and use fusion skills like “Armageddon”. Minato can also cook and dance better than Yu can.

          • NeptuniasBeard

            That may be true. But Yu has the genius steps. Your argument is invalid.

          • Mirai

            And Minato has the moon-walking! I know which one I would prefer.

          • Rayhan PromisedGallery

            Minato/Makoto’s first night when he transfer is a city full of coffin. Yet he’s just walking, hearing music, and doesn’t give any shit like a true badass.

            The anime makes it more badass

          • NeptuniasBeard

            Not caring that a bunch of people are suddenly coffins isn’t really a sign of badassery. At best, he would have absolutely no sense of self-preservation. At worst, he’s a sociopath with a “**** you, got mine!” philosophy.

            Yu ain’t afraid to show feelings, he ain’t afraid to cry. And he STILL keeps fighting.

            Winner: Yu Narukami

          • Minato’s so badass he gave his life up for the sake of mankind.

            Gettin’ bitches, cooking and dancing is an afterthought to the SUPER SACRIFICE OF THE ONE AND ONLY PIMP JESUS.

          • DwillXXII

            P3MC never stops fighting either so that point is completely pointless. Yes Yu can cook and dance but that makes him more effeminate if anything. P3MC is a true badass and his legacy will always live on. P3MC was chosen as the wielder of the Universe Arcana not Yu. Without P3MC Yu wouldn’t even be alive, therefore P3MC’s life isn’t dependent on Yu but Yu and all of humanity’s is dependent on P3MC.

            Winner: Makoto Yuki

          • transferstudentx

            lol even here fan girls are fighting over him

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            You’re wrong both are terrible. Minako would kill everyone .

          • Mirai

            Sorry, but the fact that Minako has a romance option with a kid like Ken puts her below the other two.

          • Kumiko Akimoto

            That’s not fair, that’s playing dirty.

        • lesangpro .

          bitch please , the one who can shoot himself with a gun clearly the winner here .

          • NeptuniasBeard

            Any chump on the edge of despair can shoot himself. Yu doesn’t go for that crap!

          • Kami nii

            I know how you love Yu so much I understand that. Its your opinion but lets stop this stupid arguments on who’s the Best MC. Its plain stupid each represents different aspects of life Makoto-Death/Sacrifice , Yu-Truth.I for one like Makoto more because I believe in what he stands for but I won’t bash the other MC of the series for that. Why not accept that they are all great in they’re own way? is that hard to do? This arguments on who’s better is really pointless.

          • Revolver Jesus Super Pimp

            Finally somebody with some goddamn common sense

    • LightZero

      Nah Baofu and Tatsuya still got that crown. But Yu is up there.

      • NeptuniasBeard

        Oh really? Where’s their belt, huh?

        That’s what I thought

        • Emd23

          In all seriousness, Igor said in the EP remake that P1’s Maki Sonomura is the strongest Persona user lol

          • Jedahaw

            Well… SPOILERS(?)
            She was the reason why the whole P1 incident happened

    • Emd23

      Baofu outdamages guns by flicking coins and Tatsuya survived the universe exploding in his face. Yu is still a Padawan

      • NeptuniasBeard

        Good argument. Here’s my counter

        Ball’s in your court, friend

        • Emd23

          Tatsuya slept with his brother’s girlfriend across dimensions.

          And unlike Yu, who never got to sleep with Yosuke, Tatsuya also bangs his gay best friend.

          Yu is merely his disciple.

          Tatsuya does what Yu can’t.

          • NeptuniasBeard

            Whoa whoa whoa! He broke the bro code? That’s the exact opposite of awesome. Tatsuya’s out!

          • Emd23

            Yu slept with Kanji’s crush lol

            I think the only protagonist who didn’t break any codes is Naoya and that’s because he literally never talks to his group outside of giving them orders because they told him his singing sucks

          • NeptuniasBeard

            Yu sleeping with Naoto is up to, well… you! That king’s game though, that was all him!

          • Emd23

            My last statement will be that Tatsuya beat the main villain of the series twice and Yu’s never fought him (unless Malevolent Entity IS in fact Nyarlathotep, then everyone will fight him).

            But it doesn’t matter. Both Yu and Tatsuya fail in comparison to Baofu.

          • ArminJrpg

            lol yeah, Naoya is the Reall boss XD still, he looks so ugly XD minato is closest one to be Perfect lol

        • Spirit Macardi

          Did… Did Yu and Lelouch switch personalities or something there? XD

        • Rawindra

          Fits & Confirmed. His shadow appreciate this.

        • “The King’s Orders.”

          ROFL! xD

    • ArminJrpg

      lol man, Minato is Dead, Yu is Alive. how many cool heroes actually stay alive?! plus I think he looks uglier than before XD the cool, mysterious Yu is better :D

      • Minato isn’t dead. He’s Death.

        • Wodki

          no “Death” left his body

          • Never stopped it from coming back.

  • Schezo Wegey

    I really have no words for this.

  • Firion Hope

    Lol that looks really dumb. Didn’t really care for the “overly macho” version of Akihiko either. I know it’s a fighting game but I don’t think everyone needs to look like some badass with an attitude.

    • Shippoyasha

      I think you kind of answered yourself there. It IS a fighting game. I kind of think it’s due.

  • burnfist23

    ♪Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby Baby♪

  • xe7en

    For those wondering if Nurakami is ‘still’ strong in this iteration… He’s still jesus. (heck I’d even say he was buffed)

  • IS | 桂木

    Narukami’s incredibly good in this version. If Minato is Jesus, Narukami is God

  • Freakmasta

    That’s a sick box art. Arc should provide that belt to the winner of tournaments (such as EVO).

  • frogurts

    This is great, much better than Arena’s box art.

  • MaidKillua

    “A European release for the game has not been announced”. Well there’s a surprise. If anyone needs me i’ll be sobbing in the corner

    • Göran Isacson

      Let me join you. We can sit there in the corner and survive by drinking each others tears.

    • Demeanor

      Make some space, friend. Let’s sob together.

    • karldeck

      There is a reason why Megaten Reddit links the famous song from End of Evangelion on the Europe release list.

  • doubleO7

    This would look fine as a poster or promotional art, but I don’t really like it as box art. It’s way too busy and crowded for a cover.

    A lot of the smaller details will be very hard to see once its shrunken down, like Adachi, who’s already super tiny (also, spoiler on the cover? lol)

    I wouldn’t mind Atlus USA making this the manual cover and going with something else for the front of the box.

  • Stephen Mc Devitt

    Why is Adachi on the cover if he’s a DLC character?

    • Combo

      Same reason Terumi’s on the cover of CP, and Kokonoe’s on the cover of CP for Vita.

    • He’s free for First Print adopters. Adopt your Adachi NAO!

      • Stephen Mc Devitt

        Will this apply to Europe I wonder. Will Europe even get a physical version?

        • Anime10121

          Heh, you’re presuming Euro will actually get the game at all… (sorry Euro bros) :(

          • Stephen Mc Devitt

            It’s the same with BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma and Drakengard 3.

        • Aunna Terrell

          Since Atlus took over the first Arena just recently, we’ll see?

  • DesmaX

    That’s actually pretty sick. Hope Atlus keep this one in the western version

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Pretty sure that’s love scars

    • Savage Sui ♥

      I don’t normally Yu, but that’s a pretty sexy pic of him~

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        I aim to please :3

    • Whooaa Where did this come from? If it’s from an art book, I want it (o.o )

  • Jadfish

    That has got to be the hypest thing I have seen all day

  • Ni ~Algidus~

    the more perfect they make narukami to be the more I hate him

    • Mr_SP

      Really? I thought it was more of a parody, honestly.

  • Abysswalker90

    The way Yu is colored in this picture is very Megami Tensei-ish.

  • Holy Diver

    I liked more the old pic that was posted on Famitsu:

    • KoRLumen

      The crucifixes are probably too controversial lol

    • I smell Blazblue-esque cover. Sho can be pretty Terumi at times…

      • God

        A little dose of Terumi is just what Arena was missing.

    • Ibuki Mioda

      That would’ve been awesome

    • Sakota

      Isn’t that for the Newcomer’s Edition?

  • DesmaX

    “Are you frustrated by the consequences of my elaborate schemes?” (pic)

    • God

      Junpei is behind everything, i’m calling it.

    • Still DA MAN.

    • NuclearDucky .

      My sides are in orbit.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Apparently he took some tips from his voice actor and got Johnny Yong BUFF! x3

  • Arz

    People bitch that the main character now has official name and personality, but I for one welcome our new overlord Yu Narukami

    • God

      I don’t mind them giving him a personality, what i can’t stand is how generic his personality is, couldn’t he be more like his anime self?

  • Kornelious

    Wow, I hope that we get the same box art :D

    Also I’ve been wondering why they keep the name Persona 4, yes it revolves mostly around Persona 4’s story but the amount of character from the 3rd game appearing in this game rival the 4th. Makes me wonder why it’s just not called “Persona Arena”……but that’s just me :P

    • LordHyper

      Because P1/P2 has been forgotten and P4 has taken over.

      • Kornelious

        Fair enough :P

      • Sinful

        A black butterfly appears in Shadow Aigis’s winning animation. From what I remember, a black butterfly was present in Persona 2.

  • Yan Zhao

    All the Narukami fangirls in the world must be shrieking in delight right now.

  • Saphira

    Yu’s been hanging out with Akihiko I see

    • Bet he’s also increasing his intake of Protein.

  • ivanchu77

    Poor Fuuka

    • MrJechgo

      Well, she’s not playable, so…

  • The Watcher

    lol Adachi is so tiny

    • Julio D. Zulkarnain

      makes it harder for you to see what he’s secretly cooking!

  • Lloyd Christmas

    This is by the same folks doing Guilty Gear, right? I should probably pick this up to practice when Xrd comes out.

    • Freakmasta

      But this game and Xrd are two different kinds of games. Play Accent Core +R if you want to practice basic fundamentals of GG.


    Adachi in the cover despite being a DLC character? Atlus pls, stop the teasing

  • Pdugna

    We sure as hell better get this as our boxart also :D

  • Kenyah


  • James Reilly

    Old man Daidara would approve of those battle scars

    • God

      Daidara is Sho, calling it.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething


        • God

          Time traveling bitch, Daidara is Sho, already called it.

  • Morningstar

    Well, The whole gang seems to be here (well expect for Shinjiro, Metis and Minato/Makoto who are dead. Fuuka seems to be absent as well.)

    Now I’m stating t wonder if Rei and Zan from Q are gonna have horrible deaths (if the devs want to canonize Q). of if this game’s sequel will finally involve Persona 2 Charterers?

  • friendly neighborhood_dude

    The badass senpai to end all senpais!
    Now I need a 1080p version for my desktop. Really awesome box art!

  • Kuhile Brodeur

    Why is Adachi on the boxart if he’s DLC?

    • Skode

      He is on disc i believe, first print buyers get the code to access him day one.

    • Aspenharls

      It could be for story reasons. Outside of the special episode he gets, doesn’t he also have some sort of role in the story?

  • mike dickson

    This pic should a slogan say do you even lift ! That would be amazing

  • Strain42

    well it’s certainly better than the cover art for the first game, I can say that much.

  • mockturtle

    *dies from nosebleed blood loss*

  • chroma816


    Looks cool.

  • Demonspartanx20

    So judging from the cover, im guessing it’s decided Yu’s story line from P4 arena is the canon one they are continuing off of?

  • Jake_Indiman

    Damn….Judging by this box art. I guess Atlus introduced the whole entire roster. Oh well, it was a good run while it lasted. Sniff…Margaret….

  • Eilanzer
  • Kami nii

    Still waiting for Makoto’s return :D
    That motorcycle scene in the Movie was cool!!

  • Hinataharem

    I’d put him in an ultra hold if ya know what I mean

  • JustThisOne

    Ahaha, I was expecting a super bufff “GA-DOUUUGGGE” Yu when you said that. Get huge, Yu! Get huge!

  • One word: Swag.

  • Xmas Lopez

    I know it’s all about Persona and I’m supposed to be all about Narukami, but my heart still belongs to Kuzunoha Raidou.

    • Adam Robert Sherman

      You and Anastasia would get along great, then.

  • Ecchitori-san

    GET BENT!!

  • Maia Kasoya

    Dat belt.

  • Kroz

    and i thought the pic of Aigis suplexing Yu was hype

  • Kevin Lima Ferreira

    I wonder if he will be like that in some part in story mode!

  • Raze

    Working out wih all that dance moves he learn I think….

  • TrueDefault

    I hope P3 female protagonist is a DLC character, at least…

  • 657rod

    So many persona posers and SMT fails

  • Roses4Aria

    Whoa! *Fanning self* No wonder Yu gets all the girls…

  • Matt V

    would love this as a big poster X_X

  • Warboss Aohd

    of course he is, he is the Swag Master General.

    No Persona Character can outswag Yu.

    Well, Except Koromaru.

  • MSJ
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