PlayStation Now Game Rentals Priced Between $2.99 And $19.99

By Spencer . June 9, 2014 . 10:32pm

image Sony Computer Entertainment plans to start an open beta for PlayStation Now in the mainland USA (i.e. excluding Alaska and Hawaii) and parts of Canada on July 31. PlayStation 4 owners will be able to play over 100 PS3 games including God of War: Ascension, Dead Space 3, and Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes which were confirmed during SCEA’s press conference.


How much will the PS Now game rentals cost? Sony says between $2.99 for shorter rental periods and as much as $19.99. Pricing is ultimately decided by publishers a developers. Sony Computer Entertainment plans on offering subscription plans for PlayStation Now, but have not announced a price point.

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  • Looking forward to the sub price, at least. I think more people will be getting mileage out of that.

    • andref

      Just a matter of how long such subscriptions will last. If reasonable, this service can be a success but if 19.99 winds up being a month or two, that might not sit well with a bunch of people.

      • Let’s see, if it were $20 a month, yeah, that’d be unreasonable.

        12 months a year x $20 a month = $240. Not a good price!

        But what if it was $70-$100 a year instead? Would you be able to swallow that for what would essentially be unlimited rentals from a fairly wide library of games?

        • Tiredman

          Honestly, I wouldn’t want to. That may sound like a sensible offer, but these services are going wayyyy overboard. This, netflix, hulu, cell phone, bills, and far more things I just don’t feel like trying to remember at this moment. We are getting way too many services that seem cheap but that all add up and keep eating cash on a regular basis. A once a year fee of the same price at PS+ would be what I would want.

      • Suzaku

        $20 a month for unlimited games is too much to you? Are you nuts? That’s pretty reasonable, I think. Possibly more reasonable than the actual fee will be.

        Hell, man, I’m already paying $30 a month just to play two MMORPGs.

        • andref

          Since when was it mentioned that the service would allow for unlimited games. The article mentions prices vary for a game rental based on the developer

  • Pedro Rosas

    well that’s good for people who rather rent the games, I for one rather buy my games, hard copy if possible

  • Gotta wait what it offers for PS Now subscribers.

    :-D Excited for this. Catherine on Vita? Yes please!

  • Shady Shariest

    Depending… This might actually be good for some games.

    edit: Ridiculousness of how little i wrote hit immediately. So: This will most likely encourage people to buying the games themselves :x

  • Shiki

    Sounds good but…
    I’m confused, you mean someone would play the inferior PS3 version of Ground Zeroes…on their PS4, instead of playing the 60fps, 1080p version?
    I’m not judging but that’s just really weird to me.

    • doubleO7

      Well, better to at least have the option than not, right?

    • sunK1D

      You can’t rent the PS4 version digitally so your point is invalid…
      If you’re talking physical rentals then this service is obviously not for you.

    • Raw

      You could play it in a Vita that way.

    • Daru Titor

      Or they could play infamous 2 on the PS4, for example.

  • Firion Hope

    That’s really expensive, $20 for a rental? Better be a brand new game and be at least a months worth of time you get to keep it. I’ll hold out for the subscription plan, but really I’d rather just buy it outright once and keep it.

  • notentirelythere

    I’d hope they’d give publishers an option for rental sales contributing to digital discounts on the full game in addition to all this.

  • Raymond

    If i want to rent my games, i would just do it at the video store down the street. Im not going to pay for this.

    • Bio438

      Yeah go ahead rent those ps3 games and play them on ps4 or Vita. Oh wait that’s not possible, the point is this is the only way for backward compatibility. I don’t necessarily agree with it but come on they are obviously not targeting ps3 owners with this, they are only an extension of the audience.

      • Raymond

        They could have added backwards compatibility but they just didn’t, now they want you to pay for it. Let’s not forget they are streaming it as well and that makes it worse.

        • Bio438

          Please explain how they could of added backwards compatibility.

          • Raymond

            you tell me.

          • Bio438

            Wait what? How does that make any sense? You implied you understood how they could add the feature, this was never implied in my comment so I don’t understand how you came to the conclusion that I should tell you. It truly baffles me. How can anybody think that make sense in any context? Are you somehow reading my mind so you know that I know how to add it? But that doesn’t make sense because then you wouldn’t be asking me to tell you.

          • Raymond

            im asking you to tell me because i’m stupid and i may not know what the hell i’m talking about. If you know why they could have added it then please tell me.

          • Pereb

            For PS3 BC on PS4, they would have to have added PS3 hardware in the PS4. Simply not worth it.

          • DawnWolf

            Nah, they could emulate it without having the hardware, it’d just take a ton of resources and time that they don’t want to invest in it. The time and money needed to get a reasonable emulator by sony’s standards up and running on the PS4 far outweigh the pluses (a few happier consumers). Especially when they can just charge $20 for a game you already own… on a timed basis.

          • Pereb

            No they couldn’t. The PS4 is not nearly powerful enough to emulate the PS3. Even if Sony engineers had all the time in the world to code an emulator, it simply isn’t feasible with the PS4’s hardware. To emulate the PS3 properly, you’d need a device more powerful than what will be available to the average consumer for many years.

          • Suzaku

            Exactly. Sony doesn’t have a software emulator in its PS3 devkit, meaning even developers can’t emulate it on PCs. The PS4 is based on PC architecture and, honestly, isn’t even close to using the best components on the market.

        • Mir Teiwaz

          The only way they could have added PS3 backwards compatibility would have made the console bulkier and more expensive, because they would have had to basically strap the PS3 hardware to it to make it work.

  • Monterossa

    I really hate cloud gaming. why should we pay for something we can’t really own? no collectible value and doesn’t make sense. Isn’t it bad enough to have digital gaming that everything will be gone after the company pull the plug? our ancestors gave their treasures to us and tons of books in libraries for the next gens. now what are we going to give to our kids? a thumbdrive and a Steam account, I guess.

    • sunK1D

      This is a rental service…
      The cloud is just the means of delivery.

    • Guest

      ‘our ancestors’ (??) gave us heaps of PC games we have to wait for digital GOG releases of to get working properly without crazy unreliable workarounds and expected back compatible console hardware. maybe they should’ve tried emulating stuff they’ve already owned when the time came instead of retreating into catacombs lined with old Windows 3 desktops and FMV game jewel cases for their early deaths, or being crushed under their toppling entertainment set ups accomodating 3 gens of consoles simultaneously, haunting the internet and dismissing new and potentially consumer friendly ways to distribute media (media which’ll be archived on some internet annal to emulate in the future guaranteed)

      • Göran Isacson

        You are a shining beacon of hope for our species and while I respect your anonymity it saddens me that I can’t put a face to the victory dripping from your words (and also the excellent way you built on a silly metaphor). Just wanted you to know that.

      • ishyg

        Why do you have to be a guest?
        Anyways you win. On many levels.

    • Tiredman

      I agree with you. I doubt I will ever touch this service. Its amazing how the gaming industry can turn the word “service” into a bad word thanks to the advent of digital.

    • Suzaku

      You’re looking at this wrong.

      PlayStation Now is like Netflix. It’s a service for people who want to experience games, not own them.

  • darke

    Not interested unless there’s some all-you-can-eat subscription or I can play the games I bought on the PSN for free. :?

    Dealing with PS3+game time-to-title-screen delay is annoying; but it’s not worth paying that sort of silly amount of cash for.

  • Shippoyasha

    Oh boy.

    I think I’ll stick to hunting for old games in thrift stores.

    Not only is the lack of ownership deeply disturbing, but it’s emulation. I usually can’t trust it over the actual game in an actual hardware. And the price. Oh god that price. I’m not a billionaire here. I’d think that price is obscene even if I had a million dollars in my account.

    • JCTXS

      No, this isn’t emulation. You’re playing legacy hardware streamed via video feed to your system.
      The problem with this service, is obviously: lack of ownership; lines; and latency. I guess we can add price as another problem.

      • Shippoyasha

        Yeah, that’s a more accurate descriptor of the service.

        I just don’t think most internet infrastructures are ready for this. Maybe a few generations of technology later (which are already being used in Eastern Asia and in test markets), it may be more viable. Even then, the lack of ownership just nags as an issue.

        • Tiredman

          Lack of ownership will always be a problem on games that cost more than $10. Even at $10, if the game isn’t good, and doesn’t offer enough value, which honestly most don’t, then it leaves a bad taste in the mouths of consumers.

  • Momo

    excluding Alaska, and Hawaii, for a digital service may i ask why? living in Hawaii and applying for the Beta i can see why i wasnt excepted in the first place, but that doesnt seem right.

    • Suzaku

      What kind of internet speeds do you get over there? To stream games in real time from the Cloud without issue, you really can’t have any latency.

  • CozyAndWarm

    …you don’t even get to keep the games? You have to rent them from Sony? And shouldn’t this be the kind of thing that’s included for free since PS4 online is paid now? I’m not sure I like this.

    • neocatzon

      As much I don’t like not owning a game, this is a rental service.
      The pricing is still on expensive side, I agree, but this is a different service. One that spans on their multiple products including their Bravia TV line. I would compare it to cable tv service.

    • Suzaku

      PS+ will probably get some sort of discount or limited access, and there will probably be some sort of subscription model where you can get unlimited access to games for a flat monthly rate.

  • dragoon_slayer12

    $20 for a rental is a joke. Even if that was monthly, it’s still too much…. Sony has a good idea, and their just trying to kill it before it can even launch…. Should have just made a backward compatible version for a little extra $$$$ and let people decide if they want a ps4 or a ps”all”

  • Kornelious

    Don’t really see the point in this….I can just buy the full game for my PS3….Though I never understood game rentals :P

    • Suzaku

      Buying new games often costs $40-60.

      Game rentals average about $3.

      There are a lot of games you can beat within the span of a single rental.

      • ronin4life

        Buying a new-used game can be as cheap as $5-20 though depending on the title. Gamefly and other places are also pretty cheap.

        Plus, when you buy it you get to keep it forever.

        • Kornelious

          It likely is cheaper….Though I was born with the collectors jean (and/or Curse) meaning I HAVE to OWN what I play……..But that’s just me, I’m sure you guys have the most profitable method X(

        • Suzaku

          Well, it obviously depends on how much you game, and how much you care about owning the games.

          People will also be able to use the service through PlayStation TV, which only costs $100 and also doubles as a Netflix/Hulu box.

          Oh, and of course the Vita and select Sony televisions that you can just hook a Dual Shock up to.

  • Yan Zhao

    Thats stupid, why rental? Just let us buy and play.

  • sharkync

    If rentals start at 30 days – I’m in. If not – I’m not.

  • Kari

    publishers a developers. —- and developers

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