Rock Out To An Awesome Guilty Gear Xrd –SIGN- Trailer

By Ishaan . June 11, 2014 . 12:46pm

Aksys have released a trailer for Guilty Gear Xrd –Sign- at E3, and you can watch it below.



Guilty Gear Xrd –Sign- is slated for release in North America this Fall. The game will be available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Owners of both platforms will be able to play together.

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  • Pdugna

    Already Pre-ordered for my PS4 and all paid off :D though it looks like the release date went from fall to just holiday 2014

  • Randy_Thompson

    Best part? That music (along with the ending) is available on Amazon MP3. Been rocking out to the music for the past week in the car. SOO amazing. Can’t wait for this game :)

  • I see like this 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)


  • konsama

    Damn this hype, seems getting a PS4 isn’t that bad idea anymore.

  • salazar547

    Why no xbox release?? :(

    • 하세요

      Sales, probably. Most fighting games are more popular on Xbox but anime fighting games draw in the Playstation crowd, for obvious reasons.

      • Brion Valkerion

        Capcom fighters you mean.

        For w/e reason MT Framework, the thing all capcom games ran on last gen for the most part, run about 1-2 frames slower on PS3. Every other fighter ran the same between consoles if not better on PS3 (in T6’s case)

  • Casey McMahon

    Man the music is terrible

    • Cazar

      It fits perfectly with the themes of GG actually, but I guess some people just can’t see past their own personal music tastes.

      • Ethan_Twain

        Wait, what? No, that’s not how music appreciation works. Just because Guilty Gear has a tradition of high energy metal theme songs with male vocalists does not mean that any high energy metal theme song with male vocalists is acceptable. It’s still possible to fit the formula and be bad.

        I don’t think the problem is that Casey was unable to look past his musical tastes to pass reasonable judgement on this song.

        I think the problem is that you are unable to look past the game to pass reasonable judgement on the song. Whether this song is similar to any others doesn’t make it better or worse. As a piece of music it stands on it’s own and should be criticized on it’s own.

        And lemme telly ya, “terrible” is the least of the criticism this song has coming to it.

        • aizen310

          Still better than generic chorus trailer BGM like in Xillia 2. Little stuffs like trailer music can make a difference about how well a trailer can stuck in your head. One might consider GGXrd’s trailer music bad, but it stays with you. I didn’t liked it at first. Now, I’m hyped whenever I hear it.

          Also, it’s still miles better than BlazBlue’s various Faylan openings. That woman has the most irritating japanese singing voice I’ve ever heard. Kotoko was so much better.

          • Fidelis

            “Better thanBlazBlue’s Faylan openings”
            Whoa there.
            Nobody wins in a fight about completely subjective things, but iconoclast was the bomb.

          • Richard N

            I dunno, personally I have a problem with every BB opening. They’re just too…. generic. Too much what I’d expect from a japanese anime fighter.

            Not criticizing on it and their musical merit, just stating my opinion before anyone kills me.

          • aizen310

            True. My bad ;)

        • Cazar

          Now you’re just being highly subjective. It was pretty obvious what Casey’s comment implied. You’re welcome to have you’re own opinion but what you’re trying to convey is very out there and very unlikely what he actually meant.

    • aizen310

      It IS perfect. Period. It’s not even open to debate O.O

      Guilty Gear always had heavy metal BGM’s. It’s just natural.

      Now, you wouldn’t use pop music in Star Wars, would you?

      • Steven Bambic
        • aizen310

          My braincells just commited a mass suicide.

        • darke

          That works surprisingly well. Wasn’t there a kineckt dane game planned that had star wars characters dancing to contemporary pop/rock/etc music as well?

    • Quan Chi

      i agree lol. they messed up the one hit kills too. I don’t like the art direction (old artist was better) but the ingame mechanics and camera angles are cool.

      • colorblindnightmare

        I have to super disagree on the IKs. Some of them are truly bad ass (sol’s, slayer’s and ky’s) and some hilarious ones (Faust’s, may’s and Potemkin’s)

    • Kroz

      It fits super well. guilty gear is pretty much what would happen if god happened to be listening to heavy metal while the universe was created

    • Death Metal

      You’re probably out of your mind.

  • urbanscholar


  • 하세요

    Very excited for this! Fantastic song I must say.

  • xe7en

    Did I just saw robo ky on the trailer? :o

  • Kornelious

    Man you just gotta love those animations! :D

    Can’t wait to have my first fighting game for the PS4 :)

  • revenent hell

    Hmm. This isn’t a bad trailer.
    Cant say I am down with the music for it but it does fit with what was shown so I don’t think its bad.

  • Nu Blitz

    Where’s ma Dizzy n Jam

    • Robert Kupper

      Off to a farm up north?

      Same place they told me A.B.A. went :(

      • midgard229

        And testament? Cliff? Order Sol!? Justice!, and Robo Ky! FUUUU

        • Robert Kupper

          On a more serious note: Now that the framework is down and they have a core cast working I am sure we will see a steady stream of characters. It just takes time to design, balance and implement them. I doubt our old favorites have disappeared.

          • carlospsp

            People still are so naive to think that Arc System is not going make millions of versions of this game, as they did to Blazblue and Guilty Gear?????

          • Robert Kupper

            Its slightly less than one a year for blazblue right now, but I am pretty fine with it, with the exception of Continuum Shift Extend, its always been a fair amount of new content, solid balance changes .etc

            Its kind of the only way to make money out of fighters. Small audience, big initial investment. The upside is people play them for years and years, so you can keep building on them without losing old content. I am not sure we will see a new GG within a year, but I expect one in 18 months or so?

  • DeAndre Atchison

    Anyone else like millias new outfit over the old?

    • I see like this 。゚+.ღ(ゝ◡ ⚈᷀᷁ღ)

      I personally do.

  • Prinnydoom

    Hmm never played guilty gear before but this is making a good case for it.

  • Weird Al Yankovic

    Fuck ya I-no gonna smash you in the face with a guitar. And don’t worry if your favorite character isn’t there yet. Arc/AK has already confirmed there’ll be more upon console release.

  • TheManWithPants

    Oh my God… I’ve never played a Guilty Gear game before, but dayum, I need this in my SOUL. Hnnnnnnnnnnnnng, so much hype. Looks like I’ll be getting a PS4 sooner than expected.

  • fairysun

    Waiting for Holiday Season 2014 … What a Heavy Day!!

  • Demeanor

    That was one of the most awesome trailers I have ever laid my eyes upon. :D

  • Crimson_Cloud

    There is a strange feeling deja vu just now. Like I’ve seen this EXACT trailer before…

    But anyway, it’s been a while. Can’t wait to get into GG again. ˇˇ

  • colorblindnightmare

    It’s just the arcade opening with askys’ logo on it at the beggining. Lame. I got excited because I thought it was a new trailer with * I hoped* new content. Oh well. Arc has my money still.

    • Robert Kupper

      Hopefully they are just spending their time and money on localization! :P

    • Brion Valkerion

      They announced new characters coming with the console release. I’d expect to see them soon since they will for sure be added to Arcades.

      • colorblindnightmare

        Oh I know. I just hope we learn who sooner than later. *crosses fingers for johnny*

  • midgard229

    No Dizzy, No Buy

  • TheBlackRabbit

    great song :D

  • DoctorButler
    • Richard N

      Their new Vs theme is not bad? It’s no Still in the Dark, but it’s a nice progression in terms of their story and relationship.

  • Professor_Icepick

    no pc, no care
    also, the video’s on private at this point

  • Why won’t the video play for me? ;___;

  • Go2hell66

    will aksys ever make their own trailers again. so lazy

  • “This movie is private”.

    Good work Youtube. Good bloody work…

  • WyattEpp

    “This video is private.” it says.

  • Norbert Gespenst

    Video is set on private

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